Argentina rumored to play friendly match against Brazil in Miami this year


Despite the fact that the AFA have yet to name a new coach, the Argentina National Team will reportedly play a friendly match against Brazil later this year.

With two matches against Guatemala and Colombia confirmed for next month, the AFA have received an invitation from the Brazilian federation to play two friendly matches. Per a report by TyC Sports, one would involve the senior side while the other would be an U20 match.

The matches against Brazil will either be in October or in November.


  1. If Aimar-Scaloni Pair can get some decent results in the upcoming friendlies and can set up a proper formation and team without the help from any of the old Guards ( including messi) then they should Continue until Copa. We can have 8 friendly matches until Copa 19 which is good enough to form a team with young guns.

    Meanwhile let AFA formulate a project for the youth and continue their pursuit for Poch/cholo/Gallardo or someone else who can take charge after copa for the Conmebol qualifiers( and Copa 2020 if it happens) enroute till WC 2022 followed by COPA 2024 and WC 2026.

  2. If aimer and scaloni duo clicks it will work as a huge boost for argentina,aimer is a good strategist and motivator and scaloni has bold personality and technical tricks under his belt,i would say lets add cambiaso and we are good to go , the football argentina playing currently in spain is good to watch and more importantly they are winning.

  3. Gonzalo Maroni to Talleras on loan, now someone come save Almendra too. Boca is for Colombians, Uruguayans and Argentine veterans.
    River are now after Angeleri. If they sign him and Gallardo uses him regularly, along with Palacios, Pity Martinez, Montiel, Quarta Martinez it will be great.

    • If there’s any new youngster that have a chances for minutes in Boca dream team it is Almendra. He had impressive preaseason but still ATM is not starter. Maroni had no chances, Almendra much more though still it could be better for him to join smaller club and be starter. Another chance is to have good A’lcudia tournament and Sudamericano then he will go to Europe soon (I want him to stay more in Argentina though)

  4. Cr 7 kicked higuain after joining Juventus because he knows with this choker can’t win anything, real won champion league after selling higuain but messi supports higuain even after three final loses reason messi failed to win international title. If messi had a strong personality higuain will be no where near nation team 2year ago and Aguero and Icardi will be the main striker

  5. A blind space Monkey living on the surface of Pluto knows that ARGENTINA has been dependent on Messi from before 2010 WC til this day and whose fault is that? Many say it’s Messi’s and I say Horseshit! Michael Jordan the greatest basketball player ever and that is coming from a Knicks fan, I hated the F***ker but nobody can deny him that, had Pippen, Rodman, Tony etc etc ETC and they ALL CONTRIBUTED to all the championships the Bulls won. He didn’t play alone, sure there were many games where he took over but noway they would have won anything if they all stood around and watched him play instead of helping. Weakass coaches are MAIN reason why ARG hasn’t won a damn thing except Sabella who had his tough moments and should have won if it wasn’t for ridiculous voodoo shitty luck that seems to have been following ARGENTINA since what seems FOREVER.

    I had a shitty day and I am fucking pissed off, they better get their crap together before they play brazil because I don’t want to see the Albiceleste lose to these cocksuckers and watch that dipshit neymar celebrate.

  6. Good news! South American football is declining, their strength on the individual talents players can not compete with the european teamwork spirit and pragmatic approach. Start Building on the naturally original playing style combine with modern and systematic way to win the game. Messi,James R,Neymar, Paulinho,Suarez,Cavani including Tite, Pekerman,Gareca all had a disappointing WC

    One of the things is that there did not have a much time to play together, all were focus on their clubs rather than N/T.

  7. Conmebol teams should play at least 2 friendly matches against eachother every month with mix of local and under 23 players. Its been 16 years since a South American team won a world cup and in those 16 years only Argentina have managed to reach the final.

  8. well you can’t fault Veron for saying that because argnetina IS too dependent on Messi.
    A match against Brazil would be quite a good test for ScAimar, infact they should just cancel the junior game and get the 2 senior teams to play 2 games.

  9. Clearly trying to raise money to hire a manager. And my favorite is Veron’s comments that Argentina are too dependent on Messi.
    Where was this mentality by the bald beagle when he played with Messi two world cups ago. I feel sorry for Messi. These parasites will say anything with the word Messi in it to remain relevant.

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