Carlos TEVEZ comments on Lionel MESSI’s absence from Argentina team


Carlos Tevez commented on seeing his friend Lionel MESSI as well as the captain’s absence from the Argentina team.

Boca Juniors are presently in Spain to play Barcelona at the Camp Nou for the Joan Gamper trophy. While there, former Argentina man Carlos TEVEZ spoke about seeing MESSI and Lionel’s decision of not wanting to go back to the Argentina National Team. Speaking with TNT Sports, here’s what TEVEZ had to say:

“It’s nice to meet MESSI again. To greet him again, say a few words. Watching him play and going up against him is very nice.

“I believe it’s a personal decision. It’s understandable if MESSI doesn’t come back to the Argentina National Team. I was in his spot and the truth is that with so much criticism, sometimes, I didn’t want to go.”

TEVEZ was under heavy criticism himself several years back by fans and media. He showed up overweight and didn’t particularly play very well at the 2011 Copa America where he ultimately missed a deciding penalty against Uruguay where Argentina got eliminated. He was then not selected from the team during all of Alejandro SABELLA’s reign as coach up until Gerardo “Tata” MARTINO recalled him to the team over three years later.


  1. it doesn’t matter messi plays or not for Argentina…..he has left his best days behind him now….I think Paulo dybala deserves a chance to show his talent in NT…..
    PS– I m not anti messi….but la albicileste is first for me

    • Messi is not showing any sign of stopping now, the guy is a machine whether scoring or play making. Why would you retire your best player, wait and see him in 2022 leading a superb Argentina team destroying everything in its way.

  2. Boca is not my favourite club in argentine league but tonight am rooting for BocaJuniors…..want to watch how Andrada and Pavon fare against the mighty Barca.

    • Boca buys more and more Colombians and Uruguayans while at the same time promote less young players. If not Andrada who just joined the club from Lanus it would be probably only one promising young player to watch in starting eleven. They have many interesting youngsters on loan all over the league (Maroni, Pochettino, Molina, Cubas, Vadala, Messidoro and more) and few other in reserves rather than working with first team: Balerdi, Roffo, Chicco. Rossi on the bench. Apart Pavon only Almendra/Reynoso with chances to play today. Hope one of them will play instead one of veterans or foreigners.

      All that makes the current Boca team one of most unattractive from the point of view someone who want to get positive impressions about Argentina future. River established their youngsters in first team, while Boca bet on buying.

      Moreover Ole and Tyc Sports pay too much attention on the 2 clubs. It’s boring often the more I’ve never been perceived the league as similar to Spain where 2 (3) clubs dominate so much. 10 clubs – Boca, River, Independiente, Racing, Estudiantes, Lanus, Newell’s, Argentinos, Velez, San Lorenzo – all the clubs won a international titles. It’s Lanus has reached Copa Libertadores final last season and not one of River/Boca.

      • And I find the Boca lost something eye-catching in play after Benedetto injury. The cooperation between Pavon – Benedetto was pleasure to watch.

      • 100% true, very less player promoted to the 1st teams now a days by Boca. I also noticed Argentines clubs tendency to buy defender from Colombia, Uruguay etc even some of them are inferior quality than Argentine player. What is your view in that ?

        • Boca is leading in this. They like so much Uruguayos and Colombians. Generally I see more and more fullbacks from the countries in league. Boca gave up on Silva in favour of Fabra. In other teams it’s not that bad. River had not long ago 3/4 players from Uruguay now none foreigner in starting eleven. It’s good. There’s few foreigners in Independiente but still the principal role should play Argentines.

  3. Carlitos did not contribute much to N/T, being selected by Tata during his off days and not selected by Sabella during on fire days. Only Maradona admire him but failed to raise him high.

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