Nicolas TAGLIAFICO on Argentina: “It’s weird to come and MESSI isn’t there”


Nicolas TAGLIAFICO’s Argentina career will have a new chapter with the two friendly matches later this month against Guatemala and Colombia.

One of the players called-up to the Argentina team during the World Cup and someone who started all four of Argentina’s matches at the tournament, Nicolas TAGLIAFICO, is presently with the squad in the United States. Speaking with TyC Sports, the Ajax man had this to say about the Argentina National Team beginning with Lionel MESSI.

“It’s weird to come (to the Argentina National Team) and that MESSI isn’t there.”

Nicolas TAGLIAFICO spoke about the 2019 Copa America and the new cycle with the team.

“The most important competition we have is next year (the 2019 Copa America), so it’s important to know your new team mates.

“I’ll bring what I always bring… I was at the World Cup but I don’t have that many matches either (played with Argentina), so I’m just one more name and I have to continue to do what I have been doing.

“Even I have to take advantage of every opportunity because no one has won their spot (in the team).”


  1. For me this guy can evolve into a Captain material for us. We don’t have that many choices in left back compared to Right back . So he can stamp his place if he performs consistently. Long years ahead.

  2. it’s the problem. they come thinking about individual glory and taking the spot obssessed with the narrative and so on and not play as a unit. same with messi teammates did not have the mind to help him anyways i don’t know if taglifico is good choice defender because netherland league is trash these days…. will he defend neyfall and co,, belgium defenders were all 190cm+

    it’s not secret argentina defense is also problem, i would first find good back 4 and midfielders reliable at defense, and who is dedicated to national team and enjoy it it’s shame mercado is old already tho he was always fit and strong unlike fatty higuains i’d prefer someone of that physique in midfield

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