Maxi MEZA talks the Argentina National Team and Lionel MESSI


Maxi MEZA has landed in the United States with the rest of the Argentina National Team ahead of the two friendly matches.

Just like Nicolas TAGLIAFICO did when he landed, Maxi MEZA spoke to the media and was asked about captain Lionel MESSI’s absence as well as the Argentina team. Here’s what MEZA had to say about Lionel MESSI.

“He’s a very important player, beyond just being a footballer but as a person as well for what he transmits. Personally, I believe he’s taken a well deserved break. Let’s hope he returns.

“He loves Argentina a lot and is the first one who wants to win something important with the Argentina National Team. Let’s hope he comes back for the good of the National Team and for everyone.”

MEZA, who was part of Argentina’s World Cup squad, spoke about the future of the team.

“Now we have to adapt to what the new coach says, if he comes with changes or not. We have to work and get Argentina as high up as possible. It’s a shame what happened at the World Cup.

There are a lot of players that are important with their clubs and will be here with the National Team.”


  1. What sort of formation did Scaloni chose at the COTIF? Want to see a 4-4-2 diamond with Icardi/Lautaro/Giovani and Dybala as the 2 upfront with Vazquez at the tip of the diamond as the playmaker.

    Is Romero still in the squad? He wasn’t there in the squad for the Burnley match. Why are our coaches keep constantly calling injured players into the squad? And that too a Romero who hasn’t played a game for either club or country for ages!

    Apart from Funes Mori, Romero and Salvio(injured) the squad looks so refreshing and good.

  2. FIFA & UEFA is a joke already. Why say that FIFA is a world organization just rename it as ‘European’.
    The way FIFA treated Messi all along tells their motive. FIFA is everything European.
    Argentina and Messi has always been treated shamefully.
    Football would have turned into a boring game had not Lionel Messi entered the picture decades ago. Argentina beautified the beautiful game. Argentina and Lionel deserve their crown.
    Football will never be the same the day Lionel Messi retires… FIFA & UEFA will realize then. (unless a Diego Maradona appears again)

    • Messi world cup performance destroy messi last season, highest goals,assist, in top5 legs. If Croatia or Liverpool not played final then Messi and Neymar will be in top3

    • Messi was 9th in the FIFA top 10 players this year….even that shit mbappe was ahead of him …..for me modric is rightly there as he perform good for both club Nd country …..I think Mo salah shouldn’t be there in top 3 … bruyne did superb for English champion and Belgium……ronaldo score 15 goals in champions league and 4 goals at WC ….so I think he should be there…..but he doesn’t deserve to win ballon dor….modric should win it TBH…..but I m furious why in the hell messi was 9th …..ballon dor is just all about UCL

      • balloon is just about UCL unless a world cup year or Real/barca player. Ronaldo could have won if stayed in Real now modric is going to win

    • I’m pro-Seleccion and anti-Euro (coz I think the latter are just are arrogant – sterotyping I’m sorry) but one has to admit that UEFA is indeed very efficient in scaling up and building up the overall level of soccer in Euro area – hate to say it but the level of play of the top European leagues, the marketing and advertising, the money slushing around and now the Nations League with the groups and promotion and demotion. Hands down but they have indeed gotten their act together. 🙁

  3. Argentina National Team and the Press needs to stop with the MESSI OBSESSION. Its not that easy A Generational Player who comes in every 30 Years. But we have to Leave him alone.

    By the way Messi wont be in the Top 3 players WTF… Champions League is the Bar in World Football. Well its an Award for the Best player of the Year Its okay. We all know who the GOAT is. But Still I hate to see the top 3 this time, never liked Modric (I haven’t seen anything special in him, Its my opinion, Seeing him praised makes me sad that players like Veron, Riquelme, Aimar, Ortega, Redondo never achieved greatness) Salah naaahhh (An Okey player he reached the Champions league final so he is there). CR Sh** (We r seeing his true colors in Italian Serie A, I am loving his bloopers)

    • True. Not Seeing Messi in top 3 is a real joke. FIFA is turning this event to a comedy show with its dirty agenda driven politics. I wouldn’t mind seeing Antonio Griezzman in the top 3 but Mo Salah????? Really??? I hope Modric wins it or we are again going to see some PR driven orgasms in the upcoming days.

        • (With all due respect to Salah)If the yardstick is UCL then I agree. I f the yard stick is Club Games in domestic league Messi is ahead. If its trophy won for club messi is ahead. If its Goal scored messi is ahead. If its Assists then also I think messi is ahead. I don’t think WC performance matters here.

          The opinions are my personal

    • @Mik, yes sad to see Riquelme, Aimar, Ortega, Redondo not scale such heights in world football given the talent they possessed and the crowns at their disposal. Argentines are the standard in football even if they win or not. We can keep talking about these lovely players endlessly… such is their mark in our hearts. I just love Riquelme and Aimar so much… would love them to be born again.

    • Ha, ha, ha, other players can have seasons of playing well and still not get selected for the NT (Icardi), Meza has a good 30 minutes in a 6-1 defeat and he’s undroppable, what a joke.

  4. Whether its fair or unfair but I will always associate ARGENTINA’S failure in the world cup with Meza!
    The BOSS will be back when the time is right.

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