Argentina starting eleven confirmed, Mauro ICARDI starts, DYBALA out


The Argentina starting line-up for the match against Colombia has been confirmed as Mauro ICARDI starts and Paulo DYBALA is on the bench.

As we reported earlier during the day, the Juventus forward is set to start from the bench and confirmation from that coming through the official Argentina Twitter account. Here’s the starting eleven:


Argentina Colombia
Argentina’s starting eleven.


  1. My impression:
    The central midfield has decent bite. Its mostly because of Palacios. This kid is becoming my favorite. While we all wanted Parades, LoCelso,Ascacibar, this guy is becoming the first choice ahead of them. Him and Pity (the second best player on the pitch)seem to have good understanding, probably from their time together, especially when they connect up on the left.

    However this team has absolutely no width. I’m not sure if this is due to scheme or player limitation. I’m not sure if Scaloni is holding back the full backs or its because they are not that capable going up. I’m ok with Tagliafico as he offers other qualities than ball skills, but what is Bustos bringing. Saravia is a better option here. Cuadrado has basically taken over the left (our right) as he is facing almost no defensive responsibility against Meza/Bustos. This is also putting more pressure on LoCelso, pulling him out.
    Argentina started well but Columbia taking over once they recognized they have to just kill the ball through the center as there is no width either side.

    Other thoughts:
    -Good that Battaglia got his debut but he is only injury reserve with Ascacibar and Parades available.
    -I guess Meza brings some defensive responsibility over Pavon/Dybala. He had almost a 80 yard recovery when Cuadrado/Quintero went 2 on 1 against Bustos. But nothing else. I guess people want more patience with him. Fine. But I stated this before. These width players Pavon/Meza are a problem.
    -Icardi is making me angry. Always the same reason, just standing forward with no hard work. Heck you see Palacios go up and press the CB Icardi is supposed to press!
    -Funes Mori kicking the ball forward makes you seriously nervous.

  2. So we still can’t find room in our starting line up for one of the best players in the world, Dybala, but Meza does get a start. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

    • Dybala is not same as some people think of. Not just in Argentina, he is benched in Juventus also. Dybala should focus on one aspect of game than try to copy Messi. Dybala should be goal scorer rather than no. 10 to be a star.

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