Gerardo “Tata” MARTINO of Atlanta United reportedly held two talks with Argentina FA


Gerardo “Tata” MARTINO has reportedly met with the AFA twice in regards to becoming the Argentina coach.

Per a report by Fox Sports, the Atlanta United manager has held two talks with the AFA for him to come back and coach the Argentina National Team. As we reported earlier, MARTINO’s contract with the MLS club terminates in December and he could take over as Argentina manager in January.


  1. Martino sucks when it comes to performing in finals. Didn’t get the best out of a great Barca squad when he had the chance. Bottled it clean and simple in the Copa too. That man sits on the bench and does nothing like a dead statue and doesn’t even motivate his players.
    Ex Players like Scaloni and Aimar know how it is to bleed blue and white plus looking at those two friendlies Scaloni kinda seems to know the right team selection too and is finally bringing some tactics to Argentina, not seen in a long time

  2. I think Lionel Scaloni should give more chance.. 1st of all he have guts to picked up a fresh kids and then he make a draw with colombia where playes like falcao and cuadraddo is playing… i think he has potential of making Argentina a superpower of Football once again.. dont bring tata he will bring noghing positive with him.. Lets give a chance to Scaloni.. i don’t think anyone will agree with me or not but it’s my personnel view… Vamos Argentina

  3. Well that’s fast.Meahhh. Whenever bad things happens it usually happens faster I guess. I think it was perfect time for a 90’s generation player to coach us now. Never mind. We will see. No point in whining I guess.

  4. I’m here for it..with him we played beautiful football and we were scoring without any problem . Only request I have is that he built with what SCALONI already started even add SCALONI into his team will be even better

  5. No………….. why him????? He is a proven garbage……………….

    let me predict – In 2021, Tata and our team is struggling in WC Qualifier, so we decide to fire him. At the same time, Sampaoli is doing pretty well in one fucking team. Then Sampaoli will come back because some stupid assholes still believe he is “best choice for now” or still useful????

  6. Hope that something positive will happen this time in shaa Allah! Tata may be the good decision overall this time. Hope that we will win a cup with new generation including Messi by buliding an energatic team!
    Vamos Argentina! Always with Argentine football team!
    A huge big love from Bangladesh!

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