Gerardo “Tata” MARTINO of Atlanta United: “I’m willing to return to coach Argentina”


Former Argentina National Team and current coach of Atlanta United Gerardo “Tata” MARTINO spoke with Alargue CARACOL about all the rumors concerning his future.

The former Newell’s Old Boys manager spoke about a number of topics, from coaching Argentina again to being linked to the Colombian National Team job and how he once turned them down. A big thank you to @Juan G. ARANGO for these quotes. Here’s what he had to say about his current contract with Atlanta United in MLS and being linked to the Colombian team:

“They say here that it is very difficult in the first couple of seasons to do big things in MLS. We’ve been able to evolve greatly this season. We do have an obligation to at least fight for the title until the end.

“I am flattered that I am being considered for the Colombian National Team job. I am very happy and calm with Atlanta United but I have a contract right now. But after it expires, I will look at the situation.

“I have not been contacted by anyone at the Colombian FA. I have to have a discussion with the brass here with Atlanta United… I have a date of October 1 to define the future of the team and mine as well.”

Tata MARTINO praised former Argentina and Colombia coach Jose PEKERMAN while also stating that he was one time close to coaching Colombia:

“After what PEKERMAN has done, Colombia is one of the most attractive jobs in the world and one of the biggest national team around. It would be very attractive. It is very difficult for anyone at the Colombian FA to contact my agent, I do not have one.

“Colombia would be an attractive job for any top coach. I was close to coaching the Colombian National Team once, but my heart tugged towards the club that I adore (Newell’s). The Colombian FA did everything to have me sign, my lawyer and accountant were in Bogota were ready to sign, but something had me go to Newell’s Old Boys.

“Destiny prevented me from being with a national team as big as Colombia, but in the end things went well for them the past eight years. I also helped in Newell’s winning the league and avoiding relegation.

“My heart for Newell’s Old Boys was much greater than anything else. The papers were ready and all I had to do was sign, but things were different.”

On the topic of the Argentina job, MARTINO said he would return to coach the team:

“What I said about Colombia, it also applies to Argentina. I still have a contractual situation to resolve in Atlanta. I don’t have much else to add. I haven’t given an interview to the Argentine press in two years, but I will clear it up. I have not been contacted.

“I am willing to return to coach Argentina… but it is difficult to talk about things that are not concrete. It is also about respect, especially for the team I currently work for. Respect has to focus on truth and I have not been in contact with Colombia or Argentina.

“So for me to say that I would love to coach a team would be like I am offering myself for a situation I have not created. I would prefer to solve first my sporting situation and then the contractual one. I have to see if we are together two more years or we part ways.

“Many speculations have been made with Argentina when there has been no contact. I just have to laugh. Right now, we are talking about thing that are up in the air. The only thing that is solid is my current job with Atlanta United.”

On receiving praise by AFA president Claudio TAPIA and his history with the Argentina National Team:

“I do feel the same way as Claudio TAPIA (AFA president) as he’s been a person that has been by my side in the worst moments, especially at the institutional level. He was always there at the sporting level when we lost the finals and that could have ended up as if we did nothing.

“I accept those ‘failures’ because I know that Argentina are obligated to win. It is also true that we had some difficult moments at the institutional level when it came to planning travel, financial situations and organizing an Olympic team.

“It was important to establish the foundations for the turnover that Argentina was inevitably going to undergo and have not been able to do so because we do not have the support of the teams abroad. But what was more amazing is that the teams in Argentina didn’t either.

“For all of those reasons, I decided to resign as coach of Argentina. If there was one person that did not leave our side then it was Claudio TAPIA and that is why I consider him a friend.”

Gerardo MARTINO on his relationship with Lionel MESSI:

“My relationship with MESSI is normal. When I coached him at FC Barcelona and Argentina was like any other relationship between a coach and a player. I do not have anything to fix with MESSI or any player. What occurred with Argentina is purely institutional and disorganization within an FA and team as big as Argentina.

On rumors of him going to coach Nacional in Colombia:

“Wow. It is news to me, i did not know I was a candidate to be the next coach of Nacional… it is news to me.”

Once more, thank you to Juan G. ARANGO for translating these quotes.


  1. All this talk about Martino and other coaches.
    It is clear that Simeone and Pochettino are way too expensive for AFA and both prefer to work with players every day. Scaloni, Aimar and Samuel should be given a fair chance, at least the next four friendlies or maybe even until March. If results are okay, they can stay. All this talk about former coaches is sending those three the wrong message.

    • put messi and Aguero against Colombia, Argentina easily won the match by huge, do you really want Argentina humiliated against Brazil like Spain, yes money is another matter. Mache Biglia Benega are the real reason not messi or Aguero where Dimaria higuain rojo otamendi cabarello cost, I’m certain messi not come but Aguero available so i don’t mind if kun called up because Aguero is needed against Brazil

    • Even I don’t Understand why the Old Guards are required again. Let this group play together for another 4-5 matches and we will have an idea as to what can we expect from them.
      We already know what can we expect and get from the oldies, so why drag them again when there is a rebuilding that has started already.

      • how old are you??? 60?? what is the meaning of oldies, respect their long successful career, I’m not against any senior player, I’m against those players whose time already done but in the squad due to past but not selecting inform players is just foolishness, Aguero is better than icardi or simeone and will be bigger threats for Brazil no reason for not selecting him

        • playing against top teams like Spain France Germany or Brazil who is a rival team with young inexperience squad can’t teach anything to the kids on other hand humiliation can affect moral of the team forever just like 7-1 for Brazil, so transition can happened no need to drop player still in prime for those who can become good player in future, A strong team has players at Peck in every position become world champion like France 2018 or Germany 2014

          • Dropping all infrom players for transition and playing against strong opponent is just Fooliness as humiliation like Spain is knocking against Brazil

          • again i misunderstood me, when i said higuain rojo otamendi Dimaria whom already done, it is called Fooliness to drop players still in prime for immature player to be humiliated

    • Dadir,

      This is crazy AFA want back once again to the oldies. They know our youngsters are great talents but still money greed is destroing every good move that could happen to Argentina.


  2. if someone said we can’t get pochettino or simeone as coach then it can be understandable but Gallardo??? man Gallardo is coaching in South America not Europe, Simeone will coach Inter before Argentina and pochettino will coach real Madrid 1st

  3. Gallardo will leave River after copa Lebaroties i think either Gallardo or simeone as both Argentinia and Atletico can be the next coach

  4. Today Lo Celso is going to be unveiled as Real Betis player, in my view this is not only a significant moment for his career but for Argentina national team too. Argentina’s future depends on the proper developments of these young CM like Lo Celso, Paredes and palacios . If we see past world champions , every team had world best CMs, This year French had Pogba, Kante , Matuidi, In 2014 Germany had Ozil, Kross, Khedira , Spain had Xavi , Inesta , Alonso in South Africa. Even most undeserving champon ltaly had CM like Pirlo, Di Rossi . It is Argentina’s coaches who think They can win without CM , Because we have world’s best forwards . Cant blame Sabella for this because we did not have much but in 2010 and this year what they did is just madness. Even if we could not win this year it could be a great learning chance for our young CMs like Ozil and Kross benefitted by the experience of 2010 and Pogba & Matuidi by world cup 2014. Where for Argentina this world cup is total waste. But with the emergence of these new playmakers i am really hopeful we will get success in next decade. Everyone related to Argentina should get behind these young boys. Maybe success is coming.

  5. With all due respect to everyone’s comment here’s my observations.

    1. The Coach:- I have always said that if Scaloni puts up a good show keep him till the Copa’s and only hire a permanent manager before the start of the qualifiers. And how was Scaloni?? He was good and if I consider the Samapoli and Bauza era he was great. Yes, Brazil would be a good test for him with this young kids but my heart tells he will again put up a good show. It is also evident from these two matches that younger players are playing freely without any pressure and with lot more passion and hunger which is refreshing to watch and Scaloni’s contribution can’t be ignored.

    2. The Players:- No matter how some trolls degrade our young guys but boy it was really fun to watch them play. Palacios, Pity, Ascacibar, Battaglia, Paredes,Celso, Saravia all caught my eyes. They will all be ready within another 1-2 years. Special mention for Palacios. Hope this kid find a goods club where he can develop. The “cutting edge” will eventually come once this guys plays together for few more matches.

    3. The Future Manager:- As much as we all may crib, Tata Martino and Peckerman is our best options if AFA is to appoint someone from January 2019 onwards. If I can recall correctly Tata is the only Manger after WC 2014 to win matches without Messi. Plus Argentina played good football under him in the 2016 copa. Tata has also given chance to youngsters so all the drums beating about ” he will call back the friends club…bla bla” should stop. In regard to other options, well, I have vouched not to talk about “The Elites” In London and Madrid. Let them sleep with their Fat wallets shoved up their asses. They don’t care about Argentina any more.

  6. Scaloni’s position should be decided after October friendly. If he can be competitive against Brazil and beat/outplay the USA. He should be given the permanent post.
    He has passed the initial test and showed he can do the job. Currently, I am thinking only about Scaloni, Aimar, and Walter.

  7. We should start an online petition to notify AFA that we are impressed with Scaloni(and his team of coaches) and would want him to remain being our national team manager. Im sure other administrators and many mundo members here would support that decision. Perhaps this is the only way we could retain Scaloni.

    What do you guys think?

  8. All the stars are aligning beautifully towards Tata, Pekerman is probably chased by Mexico and (All other nations who want to build a team, isn’t it strange) Almeida is gone(Costa Rica coach probably) Last thing I wanna hear is Pochettino as England coach rumour(Kidding)

    Whatever we say there is something beautiful in between all this chaos, which only happens in Argentina. “There is never a dull moment in Argentine football” Teams which r set is boring. But a rebuilding team is motivational.

      • Pochettino is overratted money minded manager. That fatass will be next sampoli. Totthenam has world class squad still didn’t win a single trophy. I think marcelo gallardo will be best option for argentina.

        • Agree with u, There is only 1 coach who is elite that’s Simone no matter what style he plays, the man has brought success wherever he goes. His playing style is not eye-pleasing but it will earn u trophies. Actually Pochettino hasn’t won anything. I would rather have Gallardo than having Pochettino, but still having Pochettino is better than having TATA any day.

          Well we all can whine all day those 3 won’t come, The destiny will arrive anyway

  9. Scaloni aimar Samuel trio will work brilliantly …just give them time to rebuild the squad because they were best player at their time,they played for Argentina and they have passion for Argentina to win for Argentina. They know the best way how to build the team with young star…only Messi and aguero should be included but not at just now..dosent want Simi me pochettino gallardo..we will come back like lion under these AFA and Argentine supporters just wait and hold your passion patient …we will come back surely with our brilliant young star..and am saying you Brazil will felt the heat from our young stars..just wait and watch..don’t call any senior player against Brazil sticker with the young blood and see the result..we played against Colombia brilliantly with micro time period if these guy gets more time to involve with each other then we will beat Brazil at any don’t loose hope from our young stars..we will beat Brazil with this young squad..

  10. I would give Scaloni a chance, I liked what I saw. He’s the only coach in recent memory that had the huevos to bring 95% change to the team. Plus seeing young faces in charge (Scaloni, Aimar, Samuel) is very refreshing.

  11. Barcelona and Real Madrid probably the biggest clubs in the World both hired rookie coaches (Guardiola and Zidane) and both conquered the World.
    We think that we are above everybody high nosed looking down on everybody and too good to select a rookie coach as our coach.
    If we can hire Simeone or Pochettino as coaches then do it but we know it will not happen, so what’s the alternative?
    Let’s bring Basile.
    This reminds me of our midfield problem!
    It doesn’t work so let’s try
    I doesn’t work so let’;s try
    It doesn’t work so let’s try
    — Banega-biglia—
    I got an idea to fix our midfield problem!!!!!
    Let’s try all of them!
    No maybe putting gago instead of Biglia would work.
    No Let’s try the never done before duo
    because I have a short attention span and cant’t remember that they were shit the last time they played together.
    It would be so damn wrong you know trying a new midfield like
    Lo Celso, Paredes,….
    I forgot that Martino was shit so let’s hire him again
    Ohhh I forgot the last time Romero made a mistake in the last 4 years.
    He seems to be a chameleon and shapeshifter always transforming as De Gea when playing for UTD.

    All those coaches and players had their chances and they didn’t use them so forget them!
    Scaloni can be a failure but can also be a success while Martino is a proven failure, rather give Scaloni a chance than a Martino.

    As far as the old players is concerned!
    In my opinion Messi has always a place in this team as long as he doesn’t come with baggage!
    Baggage(friends and attitude)
    He must believe in the players the coach chooses and must be play with them according to the plan.
    No demands.
    If an older player shows the willingness for disciple and is in form and fully fit and the best we have on that position then he must be in the squad.
    But if not, rather stay at home, we don’t need half hearted players.
    If a youngster and an older player are on the same level then choose the youngster because he will get better with each match while the older one will get worse.
    Time waits for no man!

    • If these assholes can’t recognize Scaloni is a very good tactician, then they shouldn’t be running football in Argentina. It is clear as daylight. Did you see the movement and pressing yesterday? Damn… after just a week of practice those are the results. And these fuckers want us to get Tata Martino again. The same Martino who sat on his arse when Chile was outplaying us in two fucking finals. He is clueless as a tactician.

      I remember yesterday when Dybala came on and we lost control of the game, Scaloni promptly adjusted the team. He subbed Paredes and we gained control again. On the first half Bustos was getting turned left and right by Cuadrado, but on the second half Bustos learnt to stay close to him, and he was alright. If you are alright Against him, you gonna be alright Against anybody. These are the things a tactician does, not subbing one number 9 for another on 70 minutes. SMH.

      I absolutely don’t want Tata. I know what we get from him. He is very average compared to the top tactician.

      And I don’t mind 2/3 old guys in the team. Generally teams needs experience if most of them are this young.

      May be Otamendi, as he’s clearly better than Funes Mori, and some of our CB prospects are really really young. Mercado as well, as he plays RCB and sometimes RB. Salvio if we need to play 4-4-2 in any match. And Messi probably. Thats about it.

      No Romero, no Di Maria, no Biglia, no Banega, no Mascherano, no Fazio, No Higuain.

      I just dont want the clueless fat dude again. He was a cancer last time, and I think he’s going to be the same again.

      • @Istiaque I’ve started joining the bandwagon for Scaloni too. I was against the idea of him at first. But Tata isn’t a bad opinion too. He got us playing some balanced football. What he’s created the young talent at Atlanta he deserves credit. The 2 finals vs Chile yes he should have done better then sitting on his deck chair. I want to see how Scaloni handles managing the yellow in a different country under high intense pressure. That’s where you’ll know fully if he’s ready for the big stage or not.

    • Yes, they conquered the WORLD with great players…Messi with Barcelona and Ronaldo with Real Madrid. Who are those players you can point to in this crop of players. This is fantasy football talk…

      • Guardiola said Ronaldinho, Etoo and Deco were not needed and he handed the keys to Messi and conquered the world.
        Messi was not the best player back then.
        Thankfully for Barcelona that it doesn’t listen to biased fans who were crying for Ronaldinho like you do over your “SILVER” generation of friends club but are concerned for with what best for the club.
        Why didn’t Mourinho, Benitez, or your Tata win the champions league if Guardiola and Zidane were so bad?
        I am not against Messi, he should be in the team but we must not depend on him but on the team.
        Just because we want Messi doesn’t mean we want the others. Messi shouldn’t come in a package deal!

  12. Something out of football.
    for the people like volleyball.

    i watched the game with Belgium that end little before about world championship that began.

    our team is so poor 🙁 🙁
    for not say it is shit from first game 🙁

    i miss players we use to have in past like Marcos Milinkovic , Jorge Elgeta , Hugo Conte , Raul Quiroga
    and others.

    aaaaah aaaah old good times 🙁

  13. Icardi full game record for Argentina:
    3 games, 3 draws –
    0-0 Peru
    1-1 Venezuela
    0-0 Colombia.

    Simeone isn’t ready either but he nearly got us a goal in his first two touches but the keeper fouled him. He tries, that’s all you can ask.

    Unless our manager or future manager finds a system for Icardi expert 0-0, 1-1, 1-0 wins, 1-0 loses results. We need L. Martinez/Aguero for that role. I don’t enjoy watching Icardi play for Argentina, for Inter Milan he’s fun to watch. For us he’s so boring. If he scored or created goals I ain’t complaining.

    Trust me having Icardi on the team we might as well play with 10 men.

    • I would like to see Benedetto back. Icardi clearly lacks aggression. Simeone, Lautaro Martinez and Kun are way more aggressive. A good striker does not need to wait to be served always, he has to be really aggressive to win the ball in the box.

      • Ebo Yeah the Di Maria-Messi-Benedetto combo is what got us to the World Cup. Obviously Di Maria has done his time and gone.

        I don’t want to sound arrogant but as a fan of Argentina NT I want what’s best and Icardi is an issue that needs to be amended as soon as. I noticed even though Dybala wasn’t on long his passing and touches weren’t over the top like previous for Argentina which was good news.

  14. People on here are going on like Messi and Ota weren’t called to these friendlies.

    Messi and Ota WERE called to these friendlies they all said no.

    The guys who weren’t called were Di Maria, Higuain etc. You know Di Maria wasn’t called because they way he was speaking the other day about expecting to be called for next years Copa.

    This WC has made Argentinian fans from Argentina, India, Bangladesh and other nations lose their brain cells LOL what water have you been drinking? You don’t start a team with no experienced players, no nation has done it except for Netherlands and they had to call back some old guarding because it doesn’t work!

    We need Romero in the squad for Rulli believe me Rulli is mistake prone. Armani doesn’t play in Europe but he’s world class or you telling me 29 clean sheets in 51 games is erm an average goalkeeper ok? Cannot judge Armani from the World Cup when he made his debut in a joke management and player squad.

    We need Ota in the squad increase morale hopefully like a Godin type from Uruguay. Gives that experience, controls the defensive. Unless you want Funes Mori to take the crown as he’s the oldest and experienced guy in the defence.

    Messi – do I have to any more. I don’t think he has to play every game no way but having him in the squad yes all the way.

    Aguero maybe.

    • Only in Argentina will you have spoiled entitled brats complaining about Messi. If Messi weren’t Argentine, can you imagine their countries supporters talking shit and blaming him? Hell no.

      I don’t think he should return right now though, let the youngsters get in and project solidify first and then join for copa next year.

      Regardless, of course Messi should be added and it’s up to Scaloni, Tata, etc to fix “messidependencia” issue. The answer isn’t too leave Messi out, it’s to find a good coach.

      • Argentines should be proud that most of the best players in history were Argentines.
        the 2 top ones in history being Maradona and Messi who are far better than the rest.
        there are 2 very well nations that were able to produce exceptional players throughout history, Argentina and Brazil, Argentina will always be first in my books.

      • If Messi is smart enough, He should stay away till March at least.
        But As I said, expect some of the old squad to come back, even if Messi does not come back at all. The coach will have to call some of them who are ONLY in top Form. They might not last till 2022, but they are needed for the transition. Young players always need some experienced players at their side, even if they just set at the bench. Any player who refuses a call to the NT because he will set at the bench- including Messi- is not good enough to wear the shirt.

        • This is not about Messi.
          They will try to convince him play even if he will not want
          because the Dollars of Saudis is many
          and AFA don t intend to lose them.

          • Can’t entirely blame the AFA too, economic stability is needed to run any organization. Even the rich organization like WWE is doing weird stuffs to please Saudi to earn money.

          • AS much as I love to watch this little man wear the shirt again as soon as possible, I think he should not accept to come back, as he said:
            He wants to see a project started and a permanent coach in place before he rethinks his options. Imagine what goes on his mind and the rest of the old squad after all the shit that was mentioned among the fans and in the media about the NT after those 3 finals and the failure at the last WC?

    • without knowing something more i will tell you something my friend.

      AFA will use and make everything in his power to return and play for Brasil friendly game
      Messi Aguero and all the big names.

      even if the players don t want AFA will try to convince them.
      for one simple reason.

      DOLLARS !!!
      they didn t arrange one prestige friendly game like this with Brasil in Jeddah of Saudi Arabia
      just for our young kids.

      Saudis want NAMES. They want MESSI and they pay big money for that.

      So what you expect from AFA to do?
      we like it or not against Brasil we will see our superstars.
      from November again the our young players.

      i don t say i agree with that. just from what i understand myself this will happened.

      • I’ve seen that at the stadium yesterday, Colombian fans were 10 times more than Argentina fans, why? becuase Messi and the other stars were not there, I felt very sad that there were not much Argentina fans or Barca fans (Who usually go to Argentina games because of Messi) even two girls asked me, where is Messi? is he playing today?
        I told them : You just missed him, he just left(Funny).
        I don’t think Messi will come back soon and allow the team to rebuild. Let the haters, Tapia and the Media go f.. themselves.

        • This is sad true.
          unfortunately things is like this my friend.

          Messi maybe will play just only one game in Saudi Arabia with Brasil.
          They will try to convince him be sure till October.

          if they will succeed or not time will show us.
          Now nobody knows.

  15. Okay….the majority here do not want Martino and I concur.
    Many here do not want Pekerman but I do because of how ARG played under him and how he transformed Colombia into a highly competitive team almost as soon as he coached them. His old age is worrisome to be honest!

    None of the Argentinians coaching in Europe will leave their posh jobs to come coach ARGENTINA no matter what they say in the media and that was before Sam was dragged along public square and hung upside down like Mussolini was!

    So who is seriously left?

      • Well, then this is what I would do: Keep Scaloni on for the rest of this year and very possibly through Copa. He proves his worth then he stays, if not then AFA has 3 years til the next WC.

  16. Well Columbia FA can save Argentina, By selecting Tata ASAP. Hijack Tata before Tapia. That would be great.

    Well it’s like this “The Coconut which is destined to fall in our head will defenitly fall in our head only, No matter where ever we hide”In our case it looks like the coconut is TATA.

  17. No for tata
    Some how i plame him for this Chaos …. after 2014 in that first game he said that the players who reach the final should be honored…no problem with that…. BUT..
    2015 (same names)
    2016 Two years later ( same names)
    2017 three years later ( that big foot small brain pauza play it safe and call the same names )
    2018 Four years later ( my blood pressure is asking me to skip this one)
    On the other hand do you really think that tata can teach young or experienced players to play with confident he him self does not have …. look at this guy always scared face and uncomfortable body language .
    For me i prefer to stick with scaloni , aimar, and walter for the next 2 years and see what they have and pray they dont go crazy like the previous coaches .

  18. Scaloni have coach the team for 2 games.
    2 friendly games.

    the team was good. i like the team and sure the future look bright for us.

    But despite those things Scaloni is not coach yet.
    or to say correct he is “student” coach.

    well the national team is not club and there is no space for experiments with junior coaches.
    1 club maybe can waste 1 season for invest to one junior coach.

    But we are Argentina not one club. there is no space to waste opportunity for Copa america.
    1 club maybe can say ” i will not win championship this year. i will target next year “.

    But in national teams and especially to ARGENTINA it can not work that way.
    we are not school.

    I want Scaloni to continue in U20 team. not to first team more than January. .
    we have u20 world cup next summer. exist much and important work to do there.

    i believe he can be like Simeone and Pochetino level coach.
    i want to see his work in u20 team.
    after if things go well and he prove how good we believe he is
    after we can make him first coach. not now.

    As about Martino i can t feel exited to the possibility he return.
    i prefer something different to be honest but i am not too from the people that i believe he fail or he is bad coach.

    but i am very sceptical about him.

    we will see.

    • Just notice: all the training session Andres Ayala, our U-20 No.5 from Cotif trained with senior team playing the spar games as well. Hope he learn a lot before Sudamericano.

      • This is very good. from this thing only to win things have the kid never opposite.

        very good move from Scaloni.
        this means that he give attention and for his u20 work in same time which
        make me like Scaloni even more than i already like him.

        20 January the Sudamericano beginning.
        After November friendly games in my opinion AFA should have find the new coach about the big team and let Scaloni return and concentrate to his u20 work.

  19. Next calls up for October matches will be vital my hope is
    We don’t see di maria is there or anyone from old guard
    Including Messi aguero otamendi.
    It’s my humble opinion we really need to move away
    From old guard that team was superstars not team unite
    Argentina need team work not stars anymore
    We had that for years it didn’t take us anywhere

  20. I don’t want Tata.
    sub Higuain or Aguero for each other at the 70th minute no matter what.
    They could have been playing their best game and Tata would sub them at the 70th minute so both play.
    Horrible subs.
    Calling Demichelis for babysitting 30 year olds.
    Slugish and a PUPPET.
    After he failed badly he wanted to build a new team
    Leave the past be the past, the only past I would want would be Pekerman working with youth.
    Let Scaloni lead the team.

    I don’t like Funes Mori and I don’t like Otamendi.
    Both of them are clumsy and the latter reckless and a dangerous diver when losing the ball or an dual.
    Hope Juan Foyth comes and makes a great partnership with Pezzella.
    Palacios, Battaglia, Lo Celso, Ascacibar and Paredes all have a place in our team.
    I’m a Paredes fan since he was 15!
    Gonzalo Martinez also played great.
    I think this is not a closed group of players and there is always places to be earned.
    I also support Ocampos! and Lamela if he gets fully fit on a constant basis.
    Dybala had a great season for Palermo playing main striker but Juventus wants to make him playmaker or trequarista and so do we, maybe playing him upfront should be tried after he overcomes his problems.
    I must say also I like Matias Vargas a lot and am a big supporter of Maxi Romero.
    Maybe not many remember him when he was 14-16 he was probably the biggest talent but he broke his foot or something like that and his progress was stalled, not a good start at PSV with his injuries and personal problems but I am sure we will rise again.
    Pavon is Jesus Navas type of player, but better.

    • Ghost,

      I read you mentioned Maxi Romero. I assume you start to afraid about our future striker. Do I understand correctly?

      I think I know where from the thoughts as in the friendlies situation looked opposite to our senior NT last years (there we had outstanding strikers and not that good defence, midfield). This time defence and midfield looked really good. Forwards rather disappointing.

      Maxi Romero is now on good track. I believe sooner or later will emerge in PSV A team. I hope the club will release him for U-20 Sudamericano in January/February.

    • Somehow since beginnings I take the Scaloni so called “interim” as trial during which he has the chance to prove be the right man. ATM I’m all with heart and body after Scaloni.

      • I was at the game yesterday, setting exactly behind the Argentina bench, I seen things that the cameras did not show, This guy really cares about his players and the project as a whole. He seems to have built a good relationship between them.

        • Wow, I envy you.

          “This guy really cares about his players and the project as a whole. He seems to have built a good relationship between them”.

          And he looks like someone who know how to work with U-20 team and senior players at the same time making transfer of players from youth level to senior more logic, clear and predictable.

          • You know, I think that when next tournament comes around, The coach will find it almost impossible to not call on players that are in good form, and that includes some of the old squad, I find it to be very difficult for the NT to go ahead without a smooth transition from old to new squad. Regardless of who the coach will be. What I think is that 70% of the NT in Copa2019 will be new players from the group we have now, the rest would be older squad such as (Kun, Messi,Otamendi,Romero). WE still have some players that are not in this group(Lanzini,Lamela,Mammana,kranevitter). We are looking for bringing all the talent together to form a strong team. Argentina problem is not finding the talent, but bringing this talent together. I think Scaloni can do that.

    • I think scaloni will stay either way even if Tata comes back
      Scaloni already is under 20s coach if I’m not wrong
      I think tapia like him the guy.
      I really hope him a long aimar and Samuel stays on .

  21. Does anyone may tell what’s this from Csabalala if not trolling again. He is always waiting for every our youngsters fail. So was on COTIF tournament, before Guatemala game, Colombia and now waits for lost to
    Brazil. He is posting about every bad thing that happend to our young players:

    His last comment:

    after Guatemala game:

    “100% true troll gonzalo and his folks lost their mind again, a win against Columbia will mean something. A lot of fouls, it seems the guys cant even stop even a very weak team without fouls (25+)”

    “Armenia!!!-Guatemala 7:1”

    after Colombia game:

    “And lacking real cutting edge even in a friendly game, friendly…with millions of spaces…its worrying, the Brazil match will show this players talent level is sadly capped atm…and don’t really see the world class potential except of Lautaro Martinez, Dybala if he stops to be a cry baby and maybe in Lo Celso (but his sending away from PSG is not a good sign)”

    What’s this if not trolling?

    Really? Palacios have not potentiall…

    This team is not world beater yet but there’s a lot of potentiall in most of the players. If someone want to deny that is deluding himself spreading false propaganda at the same time.

    • I don’t understand some members who expect a brand new group of players to have a ‘cutting edge’ in a matter of 2 weeks. It’s clear you can not compare the old squad( who played together for at least 8 years) with this new squad who played together(2 weeks). It’s obvious that the old squad played better football, but this group is just new and they are not at the level of what we are used to. even if they lose 5-0 against Brazil next month, it’s understood. The coach needs at least 3 more matches to settle on the 11 players who will act as the backbone of this team.

      • This is it. Only someone full of ill will may want to convince us they must beat at once since their very beginnings Colombia, Brazil…

        • It’s clear that We are still at the trying out phase of the rebuilding process, These matches are simply try outs, that’s why they are called ‘friendlies’. It’s true that players should treat these matches as if they were competitive matches, but We should not deny the fact that most players will play with a little more aggression and with different mentality in competitive matches. I expect this group of players to be much more effective in a competitive tournament.

      • While I don’t hope for emerging super stars from this group, I do expect a competitive team in the making. I am still happy with a 0-3 loss to Brazil if we continue show the progress and start having our team identity.
        Too many super stars and no team last decade. Time to hope for a real team plus 1 super star or 2. That’s the winning formula.

  22. Please do not change any more menager keep scalioni. If u keep changing manager the team will go mess and I think scaloni is a good telented menager and he can make the argentina team strong and better and now he is making the young players more active. This is the time to grow up the team with scaloni and the young players please keep scaloni..

  23. If the “transfer of project” between the managers will be smooth, that is, there won’t be much drastic changes comes with the new manager, I’m all for a change in January.

    I don’t think Scaloni is good enough to manage Argentina team. He has been good in team selection. That has to give it to him. But these boys are our best options, a bit obvious fact. And i don’t think any other manager would have called Huguain Banega n co.

    But other than the selection, i believe an experienced manager with class, is a must for the development of these new group of players.

  24. In my Humble opinion, Tata is better than most of the available managers with Argentina blood.

    It’s true, He failed Barcelona in UCL & LA Liga.
    Lost a knockout kind of match against Athletico in liga & knocked out by them in UCL quarter. Lost 2 finals against another rough team, Chile- with Argentina.
    But all these make him a failed manager ? I don’t think so. He came to Barcelona as a successful manager. From there he had certain bad moments which cost his team titles. But still he has enough reputation & proven track record to take over the job of Argentina manager.

    He is known for building team with youngsters.
    He is known for Beautiful Attacking football, with good midfield play & decent ball playing defence.

    And what happened between 2014 & 2016.

    It was not possible to change the eleven which almost won the World Cup a year ago. He had no options but to keep the same guys. Because all of them were in a mode to play for another 4 years and the 2018 World Cup.
    Still, he could bring positive changes. He strengthened the defence with Otamendi & Funes Mori. A huge upgradation from Demichellis n Federico. He tried many fresh legs during his time. The maximum possible he could.

    Can we say his team was poor in those 2 Tournaments ? They were fantastic throughout. There were great midfield play with Pastore. He tried Augusto Fernandez. And many solid team players.

    But now the situation is totally different. He or whoever come has to use the youngsters. There’s no going back to Mascherano era..

    so i will definitely welcome a Manager with a good history, especially someone like Tata, who made his name for long term projects (in Paraguay & with Newell’s) with Youngsters..

    I have two reasons to support him.

    1. TINA – There Is Not so many Alternatives
    2. He’s not as bad as we like to believe he is (because of barca chapter & Copa finals).

    • Man I’m 100%Agree with you no matter what they say about Tata martino
      He Was our best manager in wrong time in the NT
      When Afa were Mess… the man deserve big cridet

  25. Let’s assume for a second if Tata returns he will stick to the stuff that he’s used over the years. What does this mean:
    Lot more balls will be played out through the middle of the back line- the CB’s and keeper. However if you noticed in the Colombia game most of the goal kicks were just punted straight over the half by Armani. I believe this was a Scaloni tactic to avoid the ball-at-feet weakness of the heart of the Argentine backline of Armani/Pezella/Mori. They are serviceable in bringing the ball out but this is not this groups strength. If Tata comes will he recognize this? Will he try to improve this? Will he avoid this part of his game and stay with the overhead balls? Remember this adamance in playing out the back was crucial in Sampaoli’s downfall. And Funes Mori is no better than a calmer version of Otamendi and Armani is also no Alisson.

    Tata’s system is reliant on press from the forwards. However the best press work in the front is done by Pity/Palacios/LoCelso. How does Icardi figure in this? We know and love that Icardi is a one shot-one kill assassin type of player, but he leaves a lot to be desired as a press man. Honestly that seems more of Gio Simeone’s cup of tea, but will fans accept this? So how will Tata adapt his press style if its not in the nature of his best #9?

    Then there is the question of how Tata uses his wide players, both wing backs and wingers to build with vertical diagonal balls. However the wide part of the team is still in question with a large part of the right side still mostly unsettled and technically challenged.

    Interesting questions but for now Scaloni has a good thing going and the better bet would be to stick with him and see how far this goes. However so far we have only seen Scaloni the coach and not Scaloni the strategist. Does he have the ability to play mental chess with the best international managers? To make move for move, counter for counter? While Tata may not be the best here he is someone who has handled that in his career.

    The big test for Scaloni will come in October against Tite. I’m looking forward to it.

  26. I won’t blame Tata for Higuaíns misses, I won’t blame Tata for the penalty misses. The manager can only do so much outside of kicking the ball into the net himself…Would like to see Scaloni for a bit longer however.

  27. Regarding the last 2 games, many fans here said Pavon and Meza under-performed the rest. Yes I agree but let’s be fair, they were not put in their best position. Pavon is not a right winger but a left winger who cut inside as 2nd striker. Meza is more a left attacking midfielder than right winger. I think Scaloni is looking for a fast player who can operate as winger or as 2nd striker, with either Pity or Dybala. Pity’s performance was convincing and he should be more than a sub in the future. I can see 2 possible options: either Pity + a right winger(Angel Correa, Rigoni) or Dybala + a left winger(Cervi, Pavon, Ocampos).

  28. Martino is a good coach who likes attacking football. But really I don’t see any added value comparing to Scaloni, who deserves to continue his work for building the new team. What annoys me the most is time wasting and we need to restart the whole process again with the new coach. So unless the guy can bring some added value, we should keep Scaloni. I think currently there is only 1 coach who is eligible and accessible: Burgos. Forget about Simeone and Pochettino, hard for them to give up their job. Burgos can bring his solid experience of high-level to the team. But again, I prefer to see more games with Scaloni, his football style seems to be closed to Sarri’s one and I am a big fan.

  29. Mistake of taking coaches who don’t want to take youngsters . Tata Bauza and Sampa refused to drop the older generation players even when they were out of form . Even Sabella is guilty of this
    . Scaloni is the first manager to have brought in a truck load of youngsters and they are doing well. He has also success in the cotif tournament. Why make changes now when things seem to be going in the right direction?

  30. I would take Tata at the moment .But more that that i absolutely want want Scaloni with the under 20/18 teams . He seems to be a guy who has the heart to try out new players and get better players up to the senior level. I want Scaloni to succeed and in a few years time take charge of the NT.

  31. I want MESSI to come back, we as fans deserve to see him back and playing within an organized and well-coached team, is that too much to ask??
    I love what I saw in the last two games, team playing as one, rushing and hustling to the ball where ever it went…..Armani played well and I want to see more of it, so how will this change if Tata comes back??

    • Not a lot.

      Tata is famous for his attacking football and balance of defence and midfield. So it’ll be pretty much the same apart from he’ll sort out the attacking area. You saw Icardi in that game? Terrible! I’d prefer L. Martinez but he was injured.

      Saying that Icardi is a poacher finisher.

      Personally Aguero/L Martinez/Messi/G Martinez and hopefully Pavon will be our attacking force. Even Simeone ran more then Icardi did in the few minutes he was on..

    • If you want to see progress going on still keep Messi now out. Lo Celso do well Messi job without abusing dribling. Just one quatation of some Mundo member:

      “When or If Messi comes back every one will turn from Manual Mode to Auto Mode.That will again happen no matter who all r selected. Cant blame them too they r going for the easier option, Which is Just pass to Messi, Rest he will do”.

      • We tried pass the ball to messi and watch him but it is the coach’s job to make him part of the team like he plays for his club. It is not impossible providing the coach makes it so.

      • As much as we want Messi… for me is better to move on
        I believe that generation had thier time
        Now it’s all about the new era .
        Off the topic
        I know palacios pity Martinez, gio lo celso did very well
        Really impressive .but we must not over praise them
        Let them enjoy is fresh air .same goes pezzela parades
        I geneouly believe we can win something with this lot …
        We must give them time and be patient with them

        • “I know palacios pity Martinez, gio lo celso did very well
          Really impressive .but we must not over praise them’

          Of course they just left best impressions and seems to be perfect material

  32. Tata coaches Atlanta FC and he created a team full of youngsters at the top of their game.

    His record with us is W19 D7 L3.

    He and Sabella are our best coaches in the like few years.

    Most people think he’ll bring Mache, Biglia out of retirement, Higuain, Di Maria back. Some of these people on the other hand don’t mind welcoming crappy Peckerman back haha.

      • His team played better football than Sabella.
        He tried to bring in youngsters even though the seniors were in their peak n the then world cup finalists.
        He was good for Argentina in my opinion. Argentina played their best football after 2006 under him for 1_2 years.

        Barcelona matter is different. That was simply the year of Athletico in spain n Europe (though they lost UCL final). And Barcelona team was on a transition. Xavi’s decline, entry of Neymar it was a totally chaotic team.

          • After Sampaoli, I make sure I patiently watch every Argentine coach and don’t keep too high expectations on them. We just have to look in the moments where it matters and they can be judged accordingly there

    • He is a proven manager with argentina…..remember his time…..he tried to build a strong team…..he brought lamela kranevietter funes mori and others into the mix….he brought back otamendi…….and don’t forget all our oldies were of 26 approx ages except biglia Nd mascherano….he should hv build are midfield after the 2 coppa America’s….don’t forget we lost wc final then and fans were desperate for a trophy….I really believe Tata Martino is good …he has never had a proper chanceu

      • He had enough chances. Although I do agree if he had stayed longer and had stuck with the team instead of the piece of rubbish Bauza, the team would be in better shape and confidence for the World Cup

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