Paulo DYBALA and Lionel SCALONI post Argentina match comments


Paulo DYBALA and Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI spoke following the team’s 0-0 draw against Colombia.

Lionel SCALONI was being interviewed by TyC Sports where he called over Juventus star Paulo DYBALA. After Exequiel PALACIOS started the match in favor of DYBALA, there were rumors that SCALONI had problems or didn’t like DYBALA. The coach quickly put an end to those rumors.

While being interviewed, he called DYBALA over and had this to say:

“You think I have a problem with him? He’s a phenomenon, he’s a great but he didn’t train during the week. Stop talking nonesense, we need Argentina to take a step forward, not back.”

As for the match itself, SCALONI said this:

“Our best moments were in the first half. The kids did well. They were up against one of the best teams, a team that went far at the World Cup.”

Paulo DYBALA had this to say about the team:

“This is a beautiful group. We need the support of the people. We are all young players with a lot of eagerness. We have to keep working in the same way. One always wants to be with the National Team.”


  1. Many steps in the right direction with this guy. I eat my words about him. Now, let him try a few more matches to sort out his starting 11 and top 15 players. In one year, he will have it. Just one observation looks like there are better options than Icardi and Scaloni is right to experiment.

    Who knew after all these years it would be Lionel to lead us to a trophy…Just a different Lionel.

  2. When is Mammana returning, the guy may be our solution for Pezzella partner, No way on earth Mori as our CB? No no no.Kanneman looks gud though.

    • Agree, Mammana and Pezzella should be playing side by side. He is very good at intercepting and pressing the opponents. I expect these 2 guys to be the permanent solution to our defensive weakness for the next 5 years

  3. The best thing about this team is the equality of players. No stars or superstars that make the team unbalanced by monopolisation of play or by their ego, or being paper stars, sometimes looking spoiled by big money of big clubs and guaranteed place in starting eleven. There’s reset, theres eager, passion. Players fight about their place and at the same time I don’t see any egoism or glory hunters. It’s more like Argentina is back to Pre-Messi Era with more balanced team like that in 2006.

    Really the only player of old generation to consider including is Messi (though not before Copa, maybe better later).

    • And lacking real cutting edge even in a friendly game, friendly…with millions of spaces…its worrying, the Brazil match will show this players talent level is sadly capped atm…and don’t really see the world class potential except of Lautaro Martinez, Dybala if he stops to be a cry baby and maybe in Lo Celso (but his sending away from PSG is not a good sign)

    • Riquelme was the alpha and the omega, every attack flow through his legs, more dominant than Messi had ever been. Our goal is to find at least 3 Riquelme or Messi caliber dominant world class players to play together in the same team and win a WC, then voila balance is there. Neymar-Suarez-Messi, Xavi-Iniesta-Messi, Pogba-Griezmann-Mbappe, Modric-Kroos-Isco-(CR) and so on without superstars its mission impossible

    • Fuck off troll

      According to your none of the players from last games should be NT material. hahaha. And they have played much more attractive football than your oldies. Playing together FOR THE FIRST/SECOND TIMES!!!!!! What about Palacios, Pity, Talgliafico, Saravia, Bustos, Battaglia, Armani, Ascacibar, Paredes, Pezzella, Funes Mori, Simeone, RUlli ? According to your standards they are not NT material becuase either local league farmers or small European clubs players and that means for you mediocree.

      Moreover you were always hating also Dybala and Icardi.

      And now, all you have left is frustration because you see how they are great material looking better after 2 games than beloved old generation most of games within last years.

    • Can’t say much about the team right now…..we hv to wait until coppa America… u guyz know team is now in rebuilding phase so it wouldn’t be fair to judge them right now……btw Gonzalo and csabalala u both are made for each other ….u both compliment each other well😂😂

  4. Tagliafico needs real LB back up. Fabrizio Angileri from Godoy yet to test. Angileri, Leo Godoy RB from Talleres (though I’m ok with Saravia and Bustos now) , Pereyra instead of Vazquez, Nico Dominguez from Velez, Lanzini instead of Meza and J.Correa probably instead A.Correa – the only players I could consider yet to include.

    I doubt Ocampos, Lamela, A.Correa are players that may do us better. Just my observation and opinion.

    • Here’s my two cents after the games..
      Idk if it’s because of the coach request or them wanted to sweat for the shirt , they all look like ready for the next stage in my opinion .this may sound crazy but if I’m AFA right now I will take them to the Copa .do you guys remember what Bielsa did at the last Olympic we won after we lost the Copa America to Brazil ? I would do the exact samething for the Copa bare any injuries I would add pereyra instead of mexa and Angel Correa from atl. Madrid
      No MESSI .no aguero .no otamendi or di Maria and I guarantee you guys we will have a great tournament cause I feel like the problem with our beloved argentine its always that expectation we have to win any tournament that we participate in and that’s what killing us. Let those guys develop game by game and for the Copa .and built a solid team for the qualifier
      Again it’s only my opinion so feel free to agree or disagree

  5. This young team would probably made it to this year World Cup final that was the easiest World Cup that any team could of won I wish it was this coach who took Argentina to the World Cup

  6. After almost a decade it looks like we will have a midfield in our team. Since the beginning of the Mascherano Biglia partnership I detested it because its not a midfield, it was just part of the defense which ironically was protecting a 4 men backline consisting of four center backs.

    Now we have a real midfield which defends and starts attack from the deep with passing and movement. We have at least three guys ready to start and another two who will be ready in 2022.

    Paredes, Battaglia and Lo Celso are absolutely ready to start against anybody. Palacios and Ascacibar will be ready pretty quickly.

    Funes Mori needs to play regularly and get back his form, but Pazzella is okay. He’s not elite, but he can absolutely partner Otamendi to be a very reliable pair of centerbacks. Tagliafico is a lock on the left, Bustos needs work but he is promising. He was poor in the first half but improved his positioning in the second half. He learn yesterday that he has to stay very close to a pacy winger at all time, otherwise he will be spunned back n forth and get destroyed. He will be alright.

    On the matter of coach, I have just one thing to say. Please no Tata Martino. Let Scaloni stay and do what he is doing. He has four more matches. Keep him beyond that and hire someone like him for the u20 team. Just not the fat guy!

    • IMO all Lo Celso, Paredes, Battaglia, Pity, Ascacibar, Palacios are ready. Just two games together and they make Argentina team attractive again after years of mostly poor shows.

      No need for Otamendi. He is doing often stupid things in NT, never so solid as in club. Funes Mori is already ok despite he just came back after injury and played with Pezzella only 2 games. FUnes Mori is not worse than Otamendi and already has some understanding with Pezzella. We don’t need the spoiled stars like Otamendi.

      I believe whole the young group may show good chemistry within some time and build special kind of brotherhood with few friendlies more. They know they are young, they know they are begins of something new, part of something fresh. A lot of them debuted now together. The rest also is at the beginnings. It’s better to leave them together with the fresh mentality of pioneers, NEW WAVE and they will understand each other best. No need to mix them with mentality of players like Otamendi or Aguero, players that lost too much with NT. It’s better not to spoil the youngsters showing them players who are feeling as if they had guaranteed place in NT. We need fighting group with new spirit.

      The only player that should be considered are Romero and Messi. But Messi not sooner than on Copa.

      • @Gonzalo
        For me I felt like Otamendi is more solid and also better with feet than Funes mori.
        I dont know why but when I see Funes mori or Rojo it feels like they are time bomb waiting to explode. They recklessly foul and concede a penalty or do error leading to goal.

        There are also other options besides Otamendi and F.mori like kannemann who is decent I think, Alan franco or Mammana for future.

        • Rhaelyn,

          I think we really should think about 2022 as aim. Otamendi will be colse 35 (WC is in December).

          We should invest with Pezzella, Funes Mori, Franco, Foyth and others.

      • Aguero and Messi are a must.

        Simeone is rubbish, Aguero miles ahead, absolutely no comparison

        Pavon looking more and more like a cheap worse version of Di Maria and no one can replicate what Messi has done for the NT.

        Otamendi + RFM were fantastic during copa and ota was a rock during WC14. Pezella doing great but RFM seems a bit too shaky. Hopefully he’ll regain form.

  7. There are rumors about Tata is going to be the next Argentina coach then sadly messi Argentina career is officially over as messi don’t like Tata reason fired from barca as well as retired from Argentina until AFA sacked Tata and appoint a new coach, So Tata or bauza or even sabela can’t seduce messi to play again

  8. In this two friendlies Argentina defense and midfield looks so compact and effective which was the weak link during the world cup cost Argentina. only disappointed with attack, just put messi and Aguero in the team wining copa America will be the cup of tea for Argentina

  9. This Core group should be kept in tact, A few twitching like knocking out Mori, Meza, and Romero ASAP. no need to add any of the historicals which in turn will effect the Groups mentality. We have 4 more friendlies this year Huh?

    • I feel sorry for Leonel Di Placido. He was first called up of the RBs and the only player (without injury?) who had not any minute.

      However I believe Saravia and Bustos are better options. More than Di Placido I’m interested with Leonardo Godoy from Talleres.

  10. I put my thoughts about players in the other thread so I want to talk strategy next.
    Scaloni put forward his 4-1-2-3 like the previous game and man were the Columbians pressured from the beginning. I guess some call it 4-1-4-1 but I like the previous numbering because 4-1-4-1 just sounds odd to me haha! But it doesn’t matter, he basically used a pure defensive midfielder and relied on 2 box to box guys playing close together to absolutely smash the Columbian center circle. LoCelso and Palacios were absolute hunters wining the ball at the half and giving no chance for opponents to develop things.

    This combined with some pretty triangle passing between Tagliafico, Pity and Palacios on the left created most of the good chances in the first. When Cervi was introduced for Pity this triangle was still effective for about 10 minutes in the second until the structure of the game changed. This is good because it allows us to have interchangeable parts in Pity and Cervi.Unfortunately, the most skilled Columbian, Cuadrado was able to expose the weakest technical player on the pitch, Meza, simply beat him mano a mano and leak out and create good opportunities for Los Cafeteros. This put unnecessary pressure on Bustos which was not relieved till Pavon’s introduction and Cuadrado having to be more careful on the flank.

    Around the 55th Dybala came in for Palacios and they tried the same structure for about 5 minutes. Then Scaloni transitioned to something new. Parades for LoCelso and a very uneven 4-2-3-1. Or maybe call it a 4-2—1-3 with Dybala creating for the forwards from behind. With the introduction of the new double pivot of Battaglia and Parades, and removing the two ball hunters, acres of space opened up in the middle and the game turned faster. The Columbians could attack more now and Argentina had more counters going with Cervi/Icardi/Pavon/Dybala playing really away from the midfield 2. We’ve seen this before! Almost like Scaloni trying to create a new counter attacking ‘Fearsome Foursome’. Finally now we see deeper into Scaloni’s mind. How he would like to control the match and how he would like to counter. He schemed confidently and used this game against strong opponent to try things.

    But frankly I prefer the first. I like to see the ball won in the middle circle and not by the double pivot just outside our own box. I like to see the midfield absolutely choked. Like the Croatians at the WC. Also while the open 4-2–1-3 may work in South America, in Europe it will be exposed.

    Now when you go the first route the line of 4 have to be absolute ball players which leads to next question. Pity/Palacios/Cervi/LoCelso are capable it would seem. What’s going on on the right. Meza doesn’t work here (and he’s probably played his last NT game) and its not really Pavon’s style. Dybala absolutely needs to be able to play on that right side because you know the greatest player in the world when he comes back absolutely can.

    Can’t wait for Brazil game now!

  11. I wish Scaloni was the coach instead of the bald fraud in the World Cup. Man really knows how to play those youngsters well and have the balls to drop the nonperforming oldies as well

  12. I’m back STITCHES!!!!!

    Just like I was saying over summer a complete Overhaul is needed! And we’re getting it!

    I hope Tapia/AFA Do NOTtake a step backwards and bring TATA….FFS!

    I was in out of the match today and I realize I shouldn’t be to critical as things are just kicking off…. but I still see the trend in a offense with no direction per say…not to cohesive…yet, and reminds me of Messi era offense.

    Defense and Mid were good for the most part,

    This is a dream come true, youngs bloods with a new project it seems inspiring.

    wings seemed a bit lacking today, Pity didnt have the same match as he did against Guatemala, and ppl are praising Lo Celso…but I didn’t see it today unfortunately…he seemed a bit tired, there were sparks but…I’m choosing to chalk it up to “every player has his off days” , he could be a tired is all.

    Not sold on Pavon just yet but it seems he was very much needed today, And very unfortunately it seems as if Meza is the dead weight of this current squad.

    Icardi again and to my liking didn’t do much, I think I saw him drop to help defense a few times but seems lost…. some of that is the midfield though and as I said I didnt see Lo Celso have a good match today.

    Gio Sineone seems promising as does Lautaro ( he could have really made a difference) but it’s ok…this is just the beginning.

    few over all concerns… ARGENTINA IS STILL NOT STRIKING FROM OUTSIDE THE BOX OR FURTHER AWAY FROM THE GOAL… look at that beautiful Lo Celso goal against Gaut….it was from OUTSIDE!! THIS has to be incorporated in to our futbol….. It’s something we’ve been lacking for YEARS.

    I’ should say I seem a little concerned we could end up becoming to defensive / midfield driven and not so much attacking….I hope that’s not the case, maybe a

    4.4.2 formation with two strikers up front

    anyway….still early to tell…and very happy with these first two matches, with the players and Scaloni!!

    I’ll end with this…hope the media doesn’t crucify and come after players, I love that Lo Celso or Dybala aren’t under all that BS pressure Messi was under…so fucking refreshing!


  13. I just wonder how a player like lo celso cemented his place in the starting xi for years to come ,and player of dybala ‘s caliber still struggling , strange enough …….
    But I hope , he really find his place , considering the problem is with his position . but he is the only one after messi who can be the real force for argentina for years to come.

  14. Scaloni needs to be given more time. He’s a clever meticulous young coach and I believe the NT can go far with him. Only two games and he’s proving he can swim in the ocean. AFA give him more time….

  15. I want to see battaglia , ascaciber and lo celso in the mid field . Before that I want Meza to be removed from the squad. He is the weak point .Not only he is technically weak but also he doesn’t have any tenacity and passion .

  16. That’s a great gesture from Scaloni! Argentina media already trying to making nonsense instead of helping this team. Like the way coach calm down things & support the players!!

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