Lionel MESSI awarded as UEFA Champions League player of the week


Lionel MESSI has been awarded as the UEFA Champions League’s player of the week.

The FC Barcelona and Argentina captain scored a hat trick in his club’s 4-0 win against PSV. One of MESSI’s goals was a lovely free kick but unfortunately it was not nominated for the goal of the week which was ultimately won by Mauro ICARDI.

MESSI beat out James MILNER of Liverpool, Nabil FEKIR of Lyon and Paul POGBA of Manchester United.


  1. Argentina started the first 2 Copa games in 2016 without Messi and they won those games. Granted Messi scored hattrick when he came in in second game, but we already leading at that point. Argentina also got 4 points in qualifier against Colombia and Brazil when Messi was banned. Its ridiculous that these days people think Argentina couldnt win without Messi.

    • I know what you’re implying. Yes Argentina can win without Messi. No doubt. But it’s completely wrong to point out the games of the Tata regime. It’s completely down to that imbecile and not “Messi’s absence” that we had a horrible time(and are having). You smartely taken out the first 2 games where we lost to Ecuador and drew to Paraguay(?). Then was the game against Brasil which we should have won comfortably when we take into account what deep hole Brasil was a that time. We played well in the first half against that terrible Brasil side of all time and only had a 1nil lead. In the 2nd half when we’re slowly drifting out of the game the imbecile Tata did nothing that allowed Brasil to get back into the game.

    • “Its ridiculous that these days people think Argentina couldnt win without Messi”.

      Those are people without historical knowledge of Argentine football. Young People who joined supporteng Argentina along with Messi emerging and will leave along with him. People like Romance who said few times before Messi era Argentina was team like Colombia.

      • Exactly, they’re not Argentina supporters, they’re Messi supporters, big difference. The same goes with Maradona fans.

        Argentina had won WC before Maradona and his fans seems to think as he’s the only one that led Argentina to WC glory. Also, Argentina had won Copa America before and after 78 & 86 WC, no Maradona or Kempes or Messi in those victories.

        The last time Argentina scored in major tourament final was in 2004, yes they lost in shootout but they’re not toothless and didnt play with fear like Messi generation of players. Since Messi era, Argentina never score in a final. 1 WC & 3 Copa, 0 goal.

        Scolani did the right thing by completely fielding new team instead of bringing Messi and his friends. We tied Colombia despite them playing with so many veterans including Opsina & Falcao.

        • You may see how much decline number of mundo members recently when Messi and co are not in NT. Even during last friendlies there was not many comments and mostly the same members. If it was Argentina with Messi and other famous it would have been 200-300 comments there under one news.

  2. Messi had a goal and 2 assists in last 2 matches at WC, the team however conceided 9 goals in 4 games. 1 player cant win the game. Maradona had 1 assist against Brazil in 1990 but Argentina won because they didnt conceided.

  3. Messi is the best player ever seen in the game… I wish he could won something
    With the NT.. but as fan I want Argentina
    To move on from messi era..
    I believe it’s time for the NT to build
    Young solid team play collectively
    Gel each other .. not relying on any individual star.. it’s my opinion…
    I’m not still convince yet those guyz
    Icardi dybala .. it’s just names like before .
    Without overhyping any player …
    The players I more convince are those ones who plays local league or small leagues in Europe mid table clubs..
    Bataglia. Parades lo celso pezzela
    Simeone taglafiaco Armani palacios.
    Pity Martinez and I have no doubt
    Povon will become good ..
    My point is we don’t big name stars
    Argentina can win copa and World cup
    Without have so call big name stars.
    All we need is to give time scaloni…

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