Mauro ICARDI, Lautaro MARTINEZ of Inter expected to be included in Argentina list


The Argentina team will be announced on Friday as a rumored list has been circulating which includes both Mauro ICARDI and Lautaro MARTINEZ.

Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI was initially going to announce his team last Sunday but due to injuries to a few players, the coach decided to wait before released the list. The official Argentina Twitter account confirmed that the list for next month’s matches against Iraq and Brazil will be announced on Friday.

However, there is already a list circulating as to who will be called-up. Here it is:

Geronimo RULLI

Fabricio BUSTOS
Marcos ACUNA

Giovani LO CELSO
Eduardo SALVIO
Franco CERVI

Cristian PAVON
Giovanni SIMEONE


  1. id agree coco needs to be added, hes in very special form indeed.

    rulli needs to go as atm hes really not up to the task and I feel hes not at all progressed from the promise he once had, enfact id say hes gone back wards.

    id give this guy a chance as 3rd g.k-Paulo Gazzaniga of Tottenham and at 26 and 6 ft 5 has promise.

    meza again grrrrrr why? he simply is not good enough and is keeping some one like lamela (who should be their any way) or even maybe another chance for d.paul

  2. Big injury at late 20’s or early 30’s destroyed a footballer career the best example was Zlatan who is the one of the top striker career finished after injury, same for Brazilian ronaldo, Higuain Dimaria now Romero

  3. Now aregentina should not think about 2022 WC or 2026 WC they should concentrate on copa 2019 , it will not be easy to win it on brazilian soil.
    Some of the oldies are must to win the cup.
    Argentina will be kicked out by brazil and uruguay with this all youngesters team.

  4. Romero is done, already declined after 2016 but finished after post injury. Argentina future superstar protao(u20) GK should be selected

      • Another arrogant statement as we see Armani might be good competitor here. Romero should be there no doubt but wheter as starter time will tell.

          • what Romero did for Argentina hardly matter else he will trun mache of 2028 in copa. Armani looks clear favorites for no1 because of playing time in river even i want Rulli or Pourtau considering 2022, if Gallardo became Argentina coach which is 99% certain as before Sampaoli Gallardo almost become Argentina coach then no chance for Romero, Armani will be undisputed starer

    • What evidence do you have to claim that Romero is “done”? If past performance is any indication, he should definitely start. However, If he’s performing better than Armani or 3rd mystery choice, he should start for copa. If not, the other 2 should start

  5. a lot of people here speaking about “the future of the team” .

    what future exactly you talking about?

    The world cup in 4 years?

    Exist Copa america next summer.
    Maybe will be and second Copa america till then.

    after next summer we can start speak about squad of 2022 world cup.
    All the Argentinians we want lift the cup inside Brasil.
    we will not make it gift to the Brasilians shits.

    so the future is that for now.

    • After next summer we will hear for sure it’s not the time for changes as qualifiers are just ahead. Fact is that now we must do 2 things in the same time: do generall reform and make our team competitive for Copa. There will be no better time within the 4 years for overhaul. The more we have already started with that. We can’t draw back now.

      • after summer is the perfect time to do the overhaul you are talking about.
        i will not agree with those that will say something like that about bad timing.

        Quakifiers will be 18 games inside 3 years.
        if not then then when?

        plus this year till Copa we will already had add few young tools to the team to be able to be ready for qualifiers.

    • Hit the nail on the head!! I read too many people focusing on 4 years instead of Copa. 4 years is so long and too much uncertainty. We need to focus NOW on Copa and do everything in our power to win on Brazilian soil!

  6. I m with gonzalo on this…..
    he is logical…..
    for past 10 years this old players played together….
    but this young team played only two games and everyone wants old players already….
    if we keep changing squad every week and week out we wont achieve anything….
    we need change…..we need those hungry youngsters….
    ego of all those oldies is huge…..
    they wont listen to scaloni they will do what they want to…
    like they did in the WC…
    last month we saw that scaloni was not only a coach….he dined with them went to visit many places….
    there was a discipline and respect…..
    they enjoyed both the games….
    btw he can call 100 players but he cant use more than 11 players….
    lamela de paul will be called if they keep doing what they are doing…..

    • “we need those hungry youngsters鈥.
      ego of all those oldies is huge鈥..
      they wont listen to scaloni they will do what they want to鈥”

      This is most important. It’s most important than ‘who is biggest star on paper or in club’. People rarely take the factor into account: ego of old guard, their incorrigible habits and status. We need young ones that will do not feel as stars and are more flexible and plastic to form of them cohesive structure.

      Scaloni is young coach. I’m not sure it’s good to give him the high and mighty players that will likely look down for others or being takens as stars to get autograph from. That are two different worlds to some degree.

      • no player is bigger than argentina shirt every youngsters deserves their chance…..i have seen some people want players who plays for big clubs….
        playing for better team doesnt make him good..
        that is the worst thing someone can ask for…..

    • I never changed my opinion about J.Correa, no matter how he performed. One of our biggest talents.

      Correa to Messi?
      Sorry, but… actually I don’t see anyone here but you who made the comparison.

  7. really that thing to fight every day with every single subject between
    Gonzalo and Chabalala is not funny anymore.

    The one wants all the team change and be like U20 team and the other look like he hates every young player we have.

    well it is not my business to interfere to your fights but really you should stop because this will not arrive to anywhere.

    we have very talented young players which they should work hard to prove that they worth.
    for now the are just talented young promising players. NOTHING MORE.

    As about the so called old guard exist players that we need them and they should stay like Messi , Romero and Otamendi and exist players that they should say goodbye like Di maria ,Higuain etc.

    2 things last.

    1. Pavon Meza and Tagliafico they are not “old” because they play in world cup.
    the age matters not if you play in one tournament.

    like all the Brasilians.

    • cox4

      “The one wants all the team change and be like U20 team”

      May I ask you why you think it’s my idea for our team? Please do not make ridicule my ideas

      Facts are:

      1. The only U-20 player I want to see in team now is Palacios (Foyth should be tried).

      2. Most of the players from last friendlies starting line up should start again because they looked really good and that’s the minimum of consistence, continuity and consequence we need now. Isn’t it?

      3. I don’t understand people who are talking about Aguero, Di Maria, Banega still as if they tottaly ignored the last 2 friendlies and good impressions we had. Some people have just their favourites year by year and will hype their club performances even if:

      a. The players never shined in NT as in club

      b. The current team of youngsters needn’t the oldies now for several reasons

      “As about the so called old guard exist players that we need them and they should stay like Messi , Romero and Otamendi and exist players that they should say goodbye like Di maria ,Higuain etc”.

      This is really arbitrary statement. It’s hard to say which of the old players we will need. For sure we do not need them now.

      • 1. i mention it little extreme way as example how opposite opinions you have with Chabalala.
        i don t want and i don t intend to ridicule your ideas.
        actually i agree with the most of your opinions about your vision for the future of our national team.

        2. i agree with that so no reason to say something.

        3. a and b it is true.

        let me now tell you about what i don t agree with you.
        i want next summer win the copa america.
        today that we are speaking i don t care about 2022 world cup.

        i want to lift the cup inside Brasil.
        we don t have the time to start from zero.

        we need young blood together with old blood.
        i want Messi Romero and Otamendi from old guard and i will add in this 3
        Aguero and Mercado ONLY IF till next April i don t have ready to use better from them.

        i want Romero in squad because he is the best Argentine goalkeeper by far.
        you know that i am River plate fan but i choose Romero instead of Armani for starter in copa america.

        i want Otamendi because he is the best CB we have and i want him beside the young CB we have and

        i want Messi because he is the best in the world.

        that is why i want those 3 from old guard.
        The rest from the experienced players i don t think we need them anymore.

        MAYBE i will add as i said earlier Aguero and Mercado ONLY IF….

        Pavon Meza and Tagliafico are not old.
        i don t mean that you say that they are old.
        i mention it only you don t think i put them to the old list for players we don t need them to the team.

    • Armani, Pezzella, Tagliafico, LoCelso, Paredes/Battaglia, Palacios, Pity – there’s no reason not to start again with this players. This is what I insist on still. So where is the whole U-20 team?

      We have question mark on:

      RB – wheter it will be Montiel, Saravia, Bustos (Mercado) – for me it’s time to try Montiel

      LCB – FM or Foyth, Franco (Otamendi too many mistakes in NT to think about him as saviour on the position he should back only if the current will disappoint)

      RW- Dybala, Pavon…. My favourites J.Correa, De Paul

      CF – several options. My Favourite ATM Lautaro Martinez

      I don’t see here players U-20

      • @ganzalo I granteee you won’t see
        Anytime soon j correa and Rodrigo
        De pual in the national the reason been j correa doesn’t play regular for his club plus scolani knew him in
        Sevilla.. de Pual is not better than the
        Players scolani already called them

          • Where from you know that?

            Are you soothsayer? One such statement and you can’t be taken seriously anymore. It’s arrogant kidulthoodism and that always is punished by history.

            No problem for you as you are probably one of those ephemeral members here that never bother to take responsibility for what they say.

        • Giving what Vazquez and Meza showed in last friendlies De Paul and J.Correa could be there. Correa may be starter in a moment in Lazio

          “I granteee you won鈥檛 see
          Anytime soon j correa and Rodrigo
          De pual in the national ”

          I’m m not sure about that though I like and respect the current Scaloni choices.

  8. With due respect you guys keep mentioning names some
    Has been there already except from the historicalis
    few has been there Like lamela j correa one thing we must know is
    Names is not important or player having one good seasons
    What we need is the continuity we have respect the coaching staff’s
    Decisions plus we have so many good reasonably wingers
    We can’t fit all of them everyone has thier opinion but
    We have be logic we can’t have more than 27 players
    In each roster .Personally they ‘re some players
    not happy to see in there is not because .
    I dislike them but I think they will not fit our system
    Or the way scolani wants to play.. examples icardi dybala
    Start together will make our team not press hard.
    But l martinez povon a correa will suit our suit our
    Way of play right now Argentina need a collecttive team
    Not individual stars we had that before and we know
    How our team were unbalance that is the way I see it
    Everyone had thier opinion at end of the day
    I’m proud Argentina national team supporter.
    Any player who wears sky and blue shirt I will support
    I don’t care which league or clubs they play .

  9. There are 7 oldies that will be in list… Messi, Aguero, otamendi, Banega, Lamela, Dimaria mercado…plus 3 goalkeepers so out of this list there are 13 spots out of the 27 names … basically half will not be on Copa America list..
    tagliafico, dybala, Icardi, loCelso, Funes Mori, Pavon, parcedes are 7 certain names so now there are 6 left…

    • I think none should be included at this moment. Let’s build the base of the future team and see who can be incorporated into the group at a later stage. I think the kids need more time playing together

      • for some reason Scaloni might not drop even players that didn’t impressed in last friendlies like Vazquez or Meza.
        I think the reason might be will to keep the atmosphere Armani was talking about. The excitement and enthousiasm that previous team lacked. It’s important.

        • “I think the reason might be will to keep the atmosphere Armani was talking about. The excitement and enthousiasm that previous team lacked. It鈥檚 important.”

          Apples and oranges.

          Who could have possibly been excited with Sampa at the helm creating chaos, uncertainty, nervousness, constantly changing tactics..completely different circumstances from today’s locker room

  10. Meza has been given enough chances to prove himself and he has disappointed every time he was came on the filed. Beside his subpar performance, he doesn’t seem to handle pressure situations, looks very nervous and he is 26 years of age. It will be a big surprise to not have Lamela in the team for next 2 matches. Another player who has not impressed is Mr Pavon!!Normally at the age of 22 most players are already developed , but in his case we are still reiterating “has great potential to become… “

  11. Only player missing ,lamela,pereyra but A great list . Beside Mexa I still don鈥檛 know why he keep getting the call maybe they see something in him I don鈥檛 know about

  12. we need Joaquin correa,roberto pereyra,lucas ocampos,lamela,rodrigo de paul , lucas alario ,santiago colombatto, bebelo reynoso ,I pusseto ,Rigoni,alexis soto , damian martinez

  13. Only lamela is missing, IMO.
    Let Scaloni continue what he started, I still think old squad names should not be called, because the young players deserve their chance to play more together.

  14. I don’t think it’s the list. I doubt Vazquez and 1-2 other players will be there.

    Though it’s good generally as there’s continuity. Some players still should be there: De Paul, J.Correa.

    • j correa is not good enough you cannot estimate a player by one wonder goal , a winger is useless without speed argentina doesnt require another turtle like j correa , argentina already lacking fast counter attaking players.

      • LOL

        I’m following J.Correa since his Estudiantes times. It’s you who seems to have really superficial knowledge about players.

        How J.Correa is slow?! Thanks to his long legs, long pace he is actually faster than A.Correa.

      • “argentina already lacking fast counter attaking players”

        What do you know actually about Argentina players?
        of the players above:
        Pavon, Salvio, Pity Martinez, Correa, Cervi are all players of good speed.

        What is the difference to the previous Argentina?

        Oh, I know, I know the answer. Di Maria is not there.

        • Lol lets see what does these so called fast counter attacking players do against brazil, dont even compare these players with di maria in prime he almost single handedly outplayed germany and brazil in 2015.
          i have also watched almost every match j correa in sevilla and if you would have watched it , he is not fast at all.
          if you are comparing him with angel correa, he doesnt have that technical abilities.

          • Ok, keep your own opinion A.Correa better than J.Correa. I think exactly the opposite. We will see sooner or later who was closer the truth.

            Since your first post you sounds for me like another embodiment of this troll Csabalala. The same thoughts. Is this coincidence you emerged in the time he become here unpopular person?

          • “he almost single handedly outplayed germany and Brazil in 2015”

            what Germany and what Brazil?

            2014 Germany WC final or just the Germany of September being still hang-over after winning WC. Don’t be naive.

          • Angel correa another inconsistent player like banega. He sometimes very good sometimes very bad . j.correa much better than angel correa. J.correa physically strong , tall can play various positions in team.

          • Exactly i may have different opinions than you, may be its coincidence that some of my opinions same as csabalala but dont tell me that i am csabalala or someone else , i have also always backed young players also like tagliafico, paredes, lo celso, pezella, angel correa,asacicabar,palacios.

        • Gonzalo,
          When everybody was criticizing Meza because of his slow speed you were like “He is very fast. We saw that vs Spain.” But actually Meza is a super fraud & I advise you to don’t become like Meza.

          • 1. liar
            2. football blind

            maybe 50-50%, Meza is one of the slowest guys who”ve ever played in NT, and current Gonzalo Martinez is far from to be really fast, average

          • Fernandez,

            Fraud here, maybe you. I don’t trust these new members that emerged along with Csabalala getting unpopular fame and giving the twin like opinions.

            I know these fraud Csabalala has more accounts. The guy is proven to be troll here. Now just wait to see Argentina losing to Brazil.

            Meza is dissapointment in NT but yes, he is fast. I saw him much more than you.

            I anyone saw our last friendlies connot to say Gonzalo Martinez is not fast unless he is… fraud.

        • I like Joaquin Correa but I think he should be used as a sub wide forward instead of winger or attacking midfielder. If I remember correctly he did well in his very first call up in that role (under Sampaoli)

    • Do you really think de Pual is better than
      The wingers we have. the most important
      Thing in football is continuity especially
      The national teams .especially Argentina
      Scolani doesn’t need to call every Argentinean who had good one or two games . If scolani call same players
      He called last I will be 100%happy.

      • Godin,

        Generally I agree with you. I’m happy with the list even without De Paul and J.Correa.

        Most important is the step ahead insted being fixated on old names.

  15. argentina should sign permanent coach as gallardo asap , scaloni doesnt know what is he doing. what salvio, vargas, meza, vazquez , simeone is doing here .
    he sould have called silva, de paul, banega , aguero even he shoud give chance to rigoni, he is better than simeone.

    • Yeah, another hype of Banega have started. As if he didn’t proved to be star only on clubs level. Poor WC with only one momet of briliance on Messi goal. We don’t need this loser mentality more. He had his chances. He was on Copa 2011, He was no Copa 2015 missing final penalty. “He generaled the midfiled of Sevilla” I heard such things about him many times before and always it turned out to be false trail to believe he will be usefull in NT.

      No doubt better than Vazquez but doesn’t mean we need him.

      • it wasnt just one moment of brilliance , he was the best player on the pitch in the game againt nigeria and he was not bad either in the match against france , he didnt play againt croatia.
        But anyway we have some potentially good young midfielders paredes, lo celso, palacios so its better for argentina to move on.

        • Gonzalo is only a troll, youngster cocksucker, he made from every mediocre guys a world class superstar, simply a liar when tells about old and young players performances, in his book Tagliafico, who cost us 4 goals against France was the best, and Banega who helped us survive the group was the worst, LOL absurd thinking idiot, every times he opens his mouth lies lies lies

          • You may do whatever you want to discredit our youngsters but you are already loser taking the side. Argentina has too much potential not to be competitive in future, as was always in past. You will eat your own shit.

  16. De Paul, Erik Lamela, Jonathan Silva, Walter Benitez, Ever Banega are inform, actually most inform among Argentinian players. Apart from Banega, rest are 24-26 years old. Vasquez is 29, Banega is 30. Banega is better player , also in better form with 2 goals and 3 assists. He outclassed whole Real team last night. If Banega is not there, I don’t know what Vasquez is doing!

  17. Mammana returns, Hope he picks up his form by this year end to partner Pezzella, Vazquez is not that much of a player as per me. But still its okay, No list can be perfect. The important thing is that the Core remains same.

    Would like to see what Matias Vargas can bring to the Table. Brazil will be fun, A stern test.

  18. Mercado and Salvio are strange selections. De Paul would any day be better than Salvio. Even Lamela is better. But every coach has some strange selections and I should say Scaloni’s is the least. It’s ok with me as long as he doesn’t take Banega Ota Aguero Pastore.

  19. Heard Scaloni is still waiting for Mercado to be fit to be included in the list. I wonder what he sees special in him that warrants a call up. I really liked how Saravia played in the RB position. I think he should be retained in the starting lineup while Tagliafico’s position on the other side is indisputable.

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