Gonzalo MARTINEZ out of Argentina squad!


Hey everyone,

Interim coach SCALONI has lost another player due to injury and that is River Plate’s midfielder Gonzalo “Pity” MARTINEZ. He was injured in the superclasico vs Boca Juniors. There hasn’t been any word if coach SCALONI will be calling up any other players due to the loss of Pity MARTINEZ and Exequiel PALACIOS (as was previously posted).

Who would you guys call up to replace these two players? I know I would love to see Erik LAMELA called up. He has been playing well recently and is someone with experience and versatility.

Here’s again the players who will be playing vs Iraq and Brazil in the FIFA friendlies:


Sergio Romero (Manchester United), Gerónimo Rulli (Real Sociedad) & Franco Armani (River).


Renzo Saravia (Racing), Fabricio Bustos (Independiente), Ramiro Funes Mori (Villarreal), Germán Pezzella (Fiorentina), Walter Kannemann (Gremio), Alan Franco (Independiente), Nicolás Tagliafico (Ajax), Marcos Acuña (Sporting de Lisboa), Nicolás Otamendi (Manchester City), Juan Foyth (Tottenham).


Rodrigo Battaglia (Sporting de Lisboa), Santiago Ascacibar (Stuttgart), Giovani Lo Celso (Real Betis), Leandro Paredes (Zenit), Franco Vázquez (Sevilla), Eduardo Salvio (Benfica), Franco Cervi (Benfica), Exequiel Palacios (River), Maximiliano Meza (Independiente), Gonzalo Martínez (River), Rodrigo De Paul (Udinese) & Roberto Pereyra (Watford).


Cristian Pavón (Boca), Paulo Dybala (Juventus), Giovanni Simeone (Fiorentina), Lautaro Martínez (Inter), Mauro Icardi (Inter) & Ángel Correa (Atlético Madrid).

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    • It’s good to hear. I always thought he is more like player who will work for others goals than score by himself. Worth following.

      • Today we have Atletico vs Betis : Correa vs Lo Celso. Will be a interesting match.

        Vietto is technically sound player, agile. I’d rather have him as winger/creative force than a striker. We have strikers, our strikers need service. Shame he scored 20+ goals for Villareal, then the Atletico spell. His Atletico spell was horrible, but he learned the physical sides of the game there which is now evident. PL suits his style.

          • Well, I’m still rather far to believe Correa is the winger who should start for us against Brazil (on LW rather Pavon/Acuna, on RW Dybala), though it’s still good to see he is some option.

          • At least we have clear situation in central midfield: Lo Celso, Battaglia, Paredes.

            As for Lo Celso.

            I think he would be for us one of those happy and rare in last years players that will do better rather in NT than in club.

          • “Still he scored .
            Angel correa >> j coreaa”

            You are such a stupid man. It’s not that simple. If it was only about goals, so 2 weeks ago:

            J.Correa >>A.Correa because the first scored and the second not

            “It doesnt make a difference u believe or not correa deserve to start against brazil”.

            Because he has the start for sure?
            You’ve said that as if he has guaranteed start. You need to use brain more, man.

          • Keep ypur opinion, I have my own. One game doesn’t tell nothing. Time will tell which Correa will more usefull for us.

  1. Alan Franco is 100% out.

    Jeez. Scaloni was asked about which players surprised him most positively on trainings and he named 3 names: Pity, Palacios, Franco.

    And all they are out now…

  2. In fact i was thinking, How many times Di maria played for the NT on the Right side?? Not many times right. One of the few matches he played there he wrecked havoc against Germany in first match under Tata. Messi owns that position for us, May be that’s why Di Maria couldn’t full fill his full potential while playing for the NT. There was nothing which could have done by the way.

    On right side he usually plays better while playing for Club. Coincidence may be??

  3. Before the Left Footed Wingers used to play on the Left side, And Right footed Players used to play on the Right side. Their main purpose was to put in solid crosses for the Tall Number 9. But that’s it. Technically and Logically their chances of scoring Goals r very less because of the Angle they r creating. But now Voila the Right footed when playing on Left side can cut inside and Score easily same goes for Left footed players too.
    I don’t know who brought that idea. I think Philip Lahm was one of the first players who switched sides for Germany in 2006 WC. I may be wrong(May be in the olden days also players used to play like that, Zanetti used to play on both sides). Messi and Guardiola of course revolutionized it. Brilliant, Had Messi played on the left side he would have ended up like so and so. Now there is a Plethora of Players who play on both sides.

    • No, I think the 1st winger who did that was Chris Waddle with Marseille in the early 90s. Then it was Marc Overmas with Arsenal and then Pires after the Dutch left and so on.

      • Wow, I didn’t know that. Pires i have seen as player for Arsenal. He used to score goals for fun, That Arsenal team was something, They kept winning for fun. Now, they r chasing.

  4. @ Mrinal1235,

    With all due respect, you have no idea what you are talking about. Argentina 2014 squad did have Superliga players: Gago, Orion (Boca), Maxi Rodriguez (Newel’s Old Boys). In fact Maxi scored a winning penalty for us in semi-final against Holland.

    2018 squad had only four Superlina players: Pavon (Boca), Enzo Perez, Armani (River) and Meza (Independiente), so just one more than 2014. So, what’s your point exactly? Against Iceland for example, Caballero, Biglia, Rojo and Otamendi did not play well at all. A team like Argentina should have beaten Iceland.

    • bro its hard to talk to you, gago played in real madrid and valencia , he learned more about football there then he returned to boca same with maxi rodriguez and you know and both was selected for his past , he has played for big clubs.
      Dont talk like gonzalo, like staircase.

        • No is blaming armani who was the worst player on the pitch against france, who could have easily saved those 2 goals from mbappe and even penalty from griezmann.
          Whole tournament it looked like argentina is playing without goalkeeper.

          • “many times u described messi generation failure”

            Examples? Find a quotations.

            I’m claiming most of this generation players should leave after Copa 2015 because they are threadbare and burned out in NT.
            Whatever happend later (tournaments, qualifiers, friendlies, different coaches) proved I was rather not wrong. Descension of the generation since 2 years is evident.

  5. Total shit from Velez side this time. 1:3 against San Martin and red card for Vargas (playing queer false No.9 position). Nicolas Domingez still keeps very good form though. Has scored the only for Velez. Almada not many minutes.

    • Young Nico is certainly an interesting player. I still can’t quite classify him though, is he a box-to-box, a dynamic number 5 (a la Battaglia) or a deep-lying playmaker? He himself thinks its the latter: “Mis características son el toque, pensar y organizar el juego. Trabajo para mejorar el quite. Mis referentes del puesto son Marco Verratti, Luka Modric y Toni Kroos”.

      Do we have another Paredes in the making? Anyways, still young enough to evolve…

      • Yeah he seems to be a cross between a 5 and a regista, the same goes for Caseres.
        Dominguez (along with Pity, Palacios, Angeleri, Barboza and maybe Abecasis) should be in the NT.
        As for Velez, well they really seem to be up and down but like Defensa, Estuadiantes and Godoy they’re exciting to watch due to all the potential young players who could end up being something.

        • If Barboza, Dominguez and Angileri played for Boca, River or at least Independiente, they would have been more likely to be called up. That’s why the fact that Saravia was called instead of Montiel is a bit surprising. Maybe it’s an exception that proves the rule…Who knows. Scaloni is the most likely manager to call those up, previously it would have been unthinkable.

          Alan Franco is injured too, I wonder if Scaloni will consider a replacement if Franco can’t recover. Enter Barboza?

          • “If Barboza, Dominguez and Angileri played for Boca, River or at least Independiente, they would have been more likely to be called up”

            That’s always true, Enganche.

            I feel Montiel soon may be long term RB in NT. I don’t know wheter starter but he will be called up.

          • “Who knows. Scaloni is the most likely manager to call those up, previously it would have been unthinkable”

            I like that. Now talking about those players in NT we are not far from reality…

          • We are talking about possibility of call up under Scaloni, not under Bauza. Gallardo prefers oldies on CB. He not only benched Barboza but also Martinez Quarta who was starter and really good (close to NT) before Pinola even joined River.

        • To be honest, Barboza is impressing since he played for Atletico Rafaela yet. His attacking contribution is incredible.

      • Nico Dominguez is just unusually versatile player. In this season he have played No.5 role in some games (having countless tackles and inteceptions), in most he looks like box-to-box. Recently I see him taking more playmaking duties than it was initially. Before I didn’t thought he is type of passerr but what I see from him now is the fact kid is learning new things very quickly. Whatever position and role he play – always with attacking contribution. He has the habit to go forward along with action.

        At the and of the day I think he is sui generis and would be interesting card in the deck of NT coach.

  6. Armani – Bustos Otamendi Pazella Tagliafico – lo celso Ascaliber Parades – Dybala icardi corera , Argentina will beat Brazil

    • @batigol let me tell you story about your
      Profia picture do know you first time i watched football game were fiorentina vs inter milan i think bati scored couple goals
      Since than i liked batigol also in seria A
      That time were a lot Argentinean players
      Like simeone zanatti inter Milan
      Veron crespo sensini in Parma
      Almayda lazio ortiaga samadoria
      Ayala and chamot ac milan
      That leads to me to be arg fan which
      I’m so proud of it

  7. my lineup against brazil
    saravia pezella otamendi tagliafico
    paredes batagllia
    lo celso pavon
    icardi needs good crosses from pavon, tagliafico,saravia nice decisive passes from dybala and lo celso otherwise he will again isolated in the game.

  8. Yes you are right my freind. We have to place inverted wingers on both left and right and create space on flanks so that our fullbacks and lm and rm can exploit it in best possible way. Dybala on right and pacon or correa on left. More shots hence more chances to score goals

  9. People here always talk about this talent that talent in superliga, no is telling that there are no talented players in superliga ovibiously there are lots of young talents in superliga but never a problem for argentina , the problem is always the way they organise themselves in which small league players lacks in big matches as you see pavon and meza was good in friendlies but failed in WC same with armani. Big club palyers knows how to handle themselves in big tournament as they manage these thins in Champions League matches.

    • “the problem is always the way they organise themselves in which small league players lacks in big matches as you see pavon and meza was good in friendlies but failed in WC same with armani. Big club palyers knows how to handle themselves in big tournament as they manage these thins in Champions League matches”.

      I hear again and again Sampaoli is to blame for our WC disaster. But when it comes to local league players they just failed by themselves… And the others like Otamendi, Banega or Di Maria, Higuain failed because of Sampaoli? Is that the logic? They are big clubs players so what’s wrong with them?

      …you are not really smart guy.

          • No one gets many chances if they fail to impress in some starting matches but i still believe pavon is a talent but he will become a NT material only when he will move some big leagues and get some regular playing time.

          • “No one gets many chances if they fail to impress in some starting matches”

            according to the logic we should never continue with Dybala, Icardi, Lo Celso and thousand current and past players (like Zabaleta, Otamendi) as they had/have poor beginnings

          • “Lo celso was not bad in whatever chances he got and dybala and icardi are hugely sucessful in their big clubs”.

            Your argumentation is totall mish-mash. We are talking about NT beginnings so no matter about Dybala and Icardi in club. And Lo Celso was not really good in his first 2 games. Especially against Nigeria.

            Excluding Meza local league players are usually not getting so many chances to deliver as Dybala, Icardi, despite they still didn’t deliver. I’m for another chances for them but it should work on both sides.

        • Copa America and Olimpic Games 2004 had such players. Lucho, Tevez, Mascherano, Rosales, Delgado from Mexico league. Sorin, Samuel, Riquelme, were good on 1999 Copa.

          In last 10 years local league and small European club players rarely got enough chances. Our team since 2007 was dominated by Messi generation.

          • gonzalo you are hypocrite, you are telling these players sucessful for 1999 good copa and calling messi generation a failure for reaching 3 finals in a row and they almost won 2014 WC.

          • Man, what you are talking about?

            “you are telling these players sucessful for 1999 good copa”

            where I wrote the Copa 1999 was succesfull?!
            Man, you asked me about INDIVIDUAL performances of local league players in NT not whole team performance. So I named few.

          • “and calling messi generation a failure for reaching 3 finals”

            Now, show me where I wrote such things. Where I called the team failed. We were talking about 2018 WC and your double standard in judging locals and Europeans of the team:

    • @ Mrinal1235

      [Big club palyers knows how to handle themselves in big tournament as they manage these thins in Champions League matches]

      You talk about Armani, Pavon and Meza like they’re the only ones that failed but Messi, Dimaria, Banega, Higuain, Rojo and Otamendi were all ‘ big club players’ that failed just as much. Besides Armani did well against Nigeria but was left totally exposed by that idiot Sampaoli’s asinine tactics against France. Fazio handled himself superbly in the champions league (for the most part) but thanks to baldie’s highline tactical nightmare he looked like a total amateur.
      Pavon, the superliga player, did more in his 20 min appearance against Iceland that Maria did in the previous 70mins and he continued to do so throughout the opening games. As for Meza, well he really was a flop so I’ll give you that.
      For me the following primera players should be given a chance with the NT:

      -Dominguez (velez) 20yrs
      -Barboza (Defensa) 23yrs
      -Angeleri (Godoy) 24yrs
      -Abecasis(Godoy) 28yrs

      Apart from Abecasis all these players have a good few years to develop and maybe, just maybe they’ll turn out to be great players.
      You have a 23 man squad and I see no prob if maybe 5 or 6 of those are younger players from the primera who are given a chance to prove themselves and given the motivation to IMprove themselves by being included in the NT.

        • This statement is factually wrong on both points. Argentina 2014 squad did have Superliga players: Gago, Orion (Boca), Maxi Rodriguez (Newel’s Old Boys). In fact Maxi scored a winning penalty for us in semi-final against Holland.

          2018 squad had only four Superlina players: Pavon (Boca), Enzo Perez, Armani (River) and Meza (Independiente), so just one more than 2014. So, what’s your point exactly? Against Iceland for example, Caballero, Biglia, Rojo and Otamendi did not play well at all. A team like Argentina should have beaten Iceland.

          • What are u talking about bro? Orion and maxi rodriguez didnt play a single minute and gago , he played for real madrid.
            Match against iceland it was aguero argentina drawn the match , if was pratto or benedetto argentina would have lost.
            With those players we would not have qualified for round 16 .
            Dimaria almost saved us in match against france if that fucker sampoli would have started aguero instead of pavon argentina would have defeated he looked effective in last minutes also besides flawlities in defence.

  10. ……………………….armani……………………………



    Dybala………………lo celso………………………salvio……


    • Most of us agree on this formation and players with the exception LAM, LCM ,LW.

      I personally think lamela is the key but he isn’t called up yet. Pity out so leaves Ceevi, Correa, Pavon, Acuna, Salvio.

      RB still a mystery and Ascacibar could swap with Batta

      • Just saw udinese juve match. Nothing special in DePaul. One good deadball, 1 or 2 decent touches. That summarized his game. Not pacy or strong , wasteful side passing , zero defensive contribution was most of his game today. While salvio is not left wing/ midfield , I don’t think DePaul is our solution or backup to pity martinez. Maybe cervi or acuna

  11. @choripan you may right my friend
    I agree with you messi aguero otamandi but still i won’t call them
    First we all want to see Arg to be
    A collective unit side not depend on
    The great man so heavily..
    That is the reason messi didn’t
    Say nothing about nt he become so angry that the nt so rely on him
    I gaurnteee you mate you won’t see
    Messi anytime soon unless he sees
    Proper team out there cos he cares
    His country… anyway I respect your opinion at the end of the day we Argentina supporters not a particular
    Player and i like the health discussion

    • Yeah, I don’t care to see Messi return for these friendlies . Now is the time to build an identity and strengthen our core. Now is the time to see what other players can do without him. Once we patched the holes, midield is KEY, Messi should return for Copa.

  12. Well There r ample players on left side, Acuna, Cervi, De Paul all fight for same spot, Pity for me is the front runner on Left side. Hope Pity and Palacios can carry on their club connection for us too for long time to come.

      • Is it me that Apart from Pavon our right wing looks weak. Angel Correa is actually a second forward some one who cuts inside from Left side, So as Dybala who cuts inside from the Right side they both cant play as a Winger, Rigoni and Salvio hasn’t impressed that much. We are already stacked in Midfiled, Attacking Midfield and Forwards, Second Forwards , Left Wing positions. If Lamela could adapt then he could be vital even though he don’t play in that position nowadays, He could be useful in that position.

    • Angel Correa or Pavon, their best positon is LWF, ARG need quick inverted attackers/wingers on the wings to score goals, Cervi, Acuna on left, Meza, Salvio, Pavon on right will result very few goals. Or will we wait the miracle alone from Icardi again? Dybala on the right, Pavon or Correa on the left. (vs Brazil). Against weak Iraq doesnt matter who plays.

      • I am a huge fan of inverted winger strategy. Because it disrupts the oppenent’s full backs, and expose their weakness. It results of more shots on goal, therefore, more chances to score.

  13. Those peole who are overhyping superliga players they should know that argentina cant win a trophy without big clup and star players. History is evidence.

      • Messi Aguero are super liga players before become superstar, I’m with super liga players who are bellow 21-22 and above 23 super liga players are farmers

      • Senior players aka Old gaurd are not finished, at all.

        Messi, Aguero, Otamendi, and Romeo are still better and are capable of have having a have much bigger positive impact on the national team. No one comes close to Messi. Aguero still much better than Icardi and Martinez (Simeone doesn’t belong in the same sentence as these guys, laughable to include him ). Ota still best defender (pezz and mamma future) and Romero hasn’t done anything to cast doubt.

        • You are leader of repeating baseless statements like “Ota still best defender”. Once again on what base you’ve said he is best? He didn’t show yet the club level in NT. So it’s just supposition he is our best. Best is the one who will turns out to be best in NT. CLub performances doesn’t matter.

          • I’m repeating because the same baseless comments keep getting said. Perfect example “what has ota done”.

            Hmmmm, let’s see ….what possible evidence do we have? Well, let’s look at the ONLY EVIDENCE – WC14 and both copas ota was absolute rock. You couldn’t have watched any of those games if you don’t think he did well. Ota played like dogshit for WC18 but everyone agrees that’s was due to Bald fraud not the players. But go ahead, keep saying “what has ota done” and I’ll keep reminding you

          • Jeeezz, what are you talkin about? He even didn’t go for 2014 WC. And on the other place I brought here examples of how he was not that solid on Copas. Not bad but really nothing special with mistakes that really does not make him BEtter than Funes Mori was on Copa 2016.

            WC 2018?

            “everyone agrees that’s was due to Bald fraud not the players”

            Really? Do not go seek easy excuses. Bald is not the only guilty. Otamendi didn’t looked wall solid under both Bauza and Sampaoli.

          • Lol yeah, I fucked up with WC14.

            Now back to praising our great wonderful mangers.

            Bauza was absolute dogshit. No identity, no direction, clueless on attack and defense.. We looked lathargic. Those few months were the most painful to watch in decades. He was such trash, nothing but national embarrassment. Don’t even get me started on Sampa and his monumental poor decision making. Theres a plethora of evidence to support my claim. If youre incapable of acknowledging how terrible he was, then we are at a stalemate.

            Bauza and Sampa were absolute garbage yet youre so quick to blame players. Look, everyone is at fault but if i were to arbitrarrly assign %s, id say vast majority goes to managers, like 90%.

          • Really not. It’s not really 90% of Sampaolis fault. He was total shit but I’m not really sure under better coach Otamendi would be markedly better. I just see similar his mistakes since long time in NT no matter on what coach he is serving.

          • But now you’re completely speculating.

            What we KNOW is that Sampa was garbage, we KNOW Bauza was garbage. Sampa really really fucked up, we had no identity, changed formations every fucking game, changed tactics, changed players every fucking game, played high backline leaving our defense completely exposed. The list goes on and on yet you finish by saying “well, i know he fucked up but….”. Again, we KNOW he was garbage so that’s where I lay blame. Vast majority of the poor performance is soley on Sampa and not the players

        • Says you. Who don’t even know what happened before the Bauza era. Calling other respected members(not me) stupid,irrational,deluded and whatever that came to your mind. Nice job Kid. You certainly proved that you are not merely a popular player(s) fanboy!.

    • Your problem is that you are man of narrow horizons who knows just few most popular players from Europe. Still it’s not the worst thing though. The worst thing is to preach such views – that it’s better to stay with such limited knowledge instead discover Argentina potentiall all over the world (it’s not only about local league). In other words the worst thing is not to have limited horizons, the worst is promote such ignorance.

      Ignorance and arrogance go hand in hand when someone approach is:

      1. I don’t know nothin about the local players and I don’t want to know (ignorance)
      2. Still I will judge the players despite lack of knowledge about them and say to other people “it’s not really worth of following” (arrogance).

      No one is overhyping local league but there’s no other origin of our past and future talents than the league. YES, WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT THE PLAYERS TO SEE THEM BEING CALLED UP EARLIER THAN IT WAS IN PAST FEW YEARS.

      There will be only positives of the early call ups even if some of the players will not click at once.

    • Hello sir.
      Those people are here sharing information of situation in Superliga mostly. Nit over hyping anything.
      It’s true players playing out of Europe are mostly under covered n obviously underrated. These forums are a good opportunity to get informations about these out of focus players. Most of them are very young. 17_20 category. Who are not just the future of Argentina National team.

      They are also the players who will go to “Your” big clubs. Big clubs are not cooking Argentina Players in their factory, they all cone from this league which “you” labels as farmer’s.

      • Indian,

        “They are also the players who will go to “Your” big clubs. Big clubs are not cooking Argentina Players in their factory, they all come from this league which “you” labels as farmer’s”

        Talking about Superliga and the players situation is taken by some people as mere hype. For them the league will not be overhyped if Mundo will keep silence about the league as it was in past. But this is OUR league. More OUR than any other on the world. Yet some people want to cut us off the roots as if it was something extraneous, deprive us of the thing that is most Argentine of any other in club fotball.

        ‘MUNDO’ albiceleste rarely inform us about any thing from beyond European mainstream of players (the players from smaller European clubs are ignored too, not only from local league). So if poeple who manage the site have not enough time or will to do that let other bring the news about MUNDO albicelestes because Messi, Aguero, Di Maria, Banega, Icardi, Lamela it’s way too little to give us full perspective.

    • No one is over-hyping anybody, non of us said that Pity or palacios or whoever are world beaters but one shouldn’t deny that they are talented players that could really benefit the national team.
      Yes you’re right the NT cannot win without big stars, nor can it win with JUST big stars, a balance has to be struck and that can only happen by giving everyone (big stars or not) a chance.

  14. While 16 years old Matias Palacios from San Lorenzo seems to be all front soldier. First participated in U-20 Argentina COTIF tournament. Week ago he had played for San Lorenzo in Superliga. Now he is with U-17 Argentina in USA for FOUR NATIONS TOURNAMENT.

    Argentina won first game against USA 2:1 (Palacios scored one)

    Yesterday they beat Chile 1:0.

    The last game is against Mexico, tomorrow.

  15. The continuity of Argentina – Brazil wars after NT friendly will be semifinals of Copa Libertadores one week later:

    23 ostober:

    River Plate vs Gremio (We have also our Kannemann in Gremio)

    24 october:

    Boca Juniors vs Palmeiras

      • I think Velez will be rich very soon
        If all those players reach thier potential
        Some definitely will cross Atlantic ocean.

        As arg fan Velez become my favourite coze
        They ‘re producing young Argentina players
        Who will eventually will be playing for the NT
        If the coaching staff follow them closely.

        • Vargas, Dominguez are already around NT level.

          Barreal, Almada, Robertone, Ortega, De La Fuente, Delgadillo – pletifull of talent

    • Pedro De La Vega Keep an eye on him, hopefully the Next big thing (I mean really big like Messi). If he keeps himself grounded and work hard.

      Well there is only 1 Maradona and 1 Messi which we know. But there r other 1000’s who may be more talented but they couldn’t keep themselves grounded.

      • I watched Tottenham – Barcelona few days ago. Messi is best player in history on club level (Maradona on NTs level). It’s even hard to imagine how one player may have such colossal influence on game being engaged on every good thing that happen to his team.

        So I didn’t expect De La Vega will be next Messi. He has something in movement from him even but I do not expectate.
        It will be still blessing for us if De La Vega will show his full potentiall because he has massive talent. Such players make us really optimistic about Argentina future. He impressed me a lot since first minutes as I’ve luckily watched every of his 3 performances and I’m going to keep it on.

        • To the MEssi thread:

          watching the Messi domination in club the more I’m convinced he need to keeps himself off from NT till Copa since our youngsters will quickly wither in his shadow, having him around now. They need to depend on themselves only for some time yet.

        • If I Was arg manager won’t call
          Messi.. people must understand
          That man will come with a package
          Plus those guys who will play with
          Him will give the ball to him
          And that was main problem Arg
          Had long time .. I can’t understand country like arg become so independent with one play there is must be something
          Fundamental wrong…. I like messi
          But i’m arg supporter.. we have to have team before we talk about messi a lot people here re messi supporters and they won’t accept the truth..

          • “If I Was arg manager won’t call
            Messi.. people must understand”

            I agree with you often but this statement Is a sigh of relief that you’re not the manager then.
            No one in their right mind would sacrifice the best players in history to address your concerns.

            Bottom line: You get a coach that will reduce the dependence.

            It’s not Messis fault his teammates turned to idiots, that’s their fault not Messi. It’s not Messis fault we’ve had a dogshit midield for so long. It’s not Messis fault Sampa destroyed the team. It’s not Messis fault Bauza was freaking awful.

            Besides, with this new mid Palacios, lamela, battaglia, Paredes, lo celso with Messi up top, we would absolutely dominate Copa!

        • On club level, without ranking the best are Di Stefano, Puskás, Cruyff, Messi, CR. (Pele and Zico hard to judge), maybe Platini, maybe…

          Btw another hungarian Kubala László (Ladislao) was elected the best player of the Barcelona history in 1999. And that guy was cca. the 5-6th most talented hungarian player in that era, after Puskás, Kocsis, Hidegkuti, Bozsik plus Nyers István several times Seria A top goalscorer, Deák Ferenc one of the best goalscorer ever (most goal in a season ever), Szusza Ferenc the best player in Újpest history, they couldnt even play because the abundance of geniuses. Most talented national team ever, but Germany cheated the final after their joke route, plus dopping scandal.

          On NT level: Puskás, Pelé, Garrincha, Beckenbauer, Maradona, brazilian Ronaldo, Zidane…Riquelme (imo best player in south american club football ever, at least in modern era)

  16. I think the team would be like this
    G.Pezella. R.F. Mori. N.Tagliafico
    S.Ascacibar. G. Lo Celso. L. Paredes
    C.Pavon. P. Dybala. G. Simione
    M. Icardi
    Coach Marcelo Gallardo.

  17. Ys it is very badluck always. Our main players getting injured when imp matches ahead. Now pity and palacio lookingvery effective players. Wht will do?
    Team sadly avoid injury pron players. Fitness is very important. When a player cant keep your fitness continuously , tht type of players need to be dropped sadly..

  18. Call me crazy, But Acuna can occupy the left wing, successfully. Why use Acuna as a full back (i.e wing back)? when his natural position is left winger?

    • Mate acuna are of those victims who never had proper
      Chance in the team he was back up for di Maria long time
      When sampoali put him in the team he played out of position
      My friend you know what is like here .. they will mention
      Names after names which is unreal acuna can play in
      Middle too sometimes him a long with battaglia they
      Play double five for sporting… he versatile so I see
      Why scolani called him…

  19. WHERE IS MAMMANA?! We need a fast defender, at least one! Mascherano was able to go pretty fast, but the rest of the defense was slow. We need someone able to handle counter attacks based on speed and long balls. mammana can do that! THIS IS WHY FRANCE WERE ABLE TO USE MBAPPE THE MOST!! IF WE HAD A FAST DEFENSE, WE WOULD HAVE WON 3-2!!!!!

    • I am desperate for Mammana to partner with Pezzella, but he is injured.
      Exactly, Slow defenders can not play high defense line. Ask Sampaoli why he had them play high back line, knowing that they are slow!

      • Manmmna is back now I can’t wait to see him
        Playing a long side pezzela there ‘re players
        Who never let you down and his on of them
        Lanzini goes the list too lo celso paredes
        Taglafigio pezzela lautro battaglia those have
        Football knowledge you can rely on 100 %
        I know what I’m saying you will see them
        When the play first the NT…

      • Mammana will be called up sooner or later. His destination is play for NT. We need a bit patients as he must first regain his form after long injury.

        Mammana is another farmer (league) player who I believe will do a lot of good things for NT in future.
        Both have similar defensive mistakes but Mammana is young and shall improve that. He is future, Otamendi is not.

        • “Both have similar defensive mistakes but Mammana is young and shall improve that”

          I thought here about Mammana and Otamendi.

          • Otamendi is underrated isn’t easy to win over gaurdiola that is exactly what otamendi did it .. But no made mistake
            About mammana is real deal he will
            Be our main defender years to come.

          • Otamendi may be usefull for uin Copa (may be or not). But he never impressed in NT as in club and it’s hard to say about him he is guarantee of good defending in NT or he is our best.

        • I don’t think he will be back within this year for us. He may need to get back in form and get some playing time. But definitely the partner for Pezzella.

    • football 101, when your defenders are slow, and you can not outrun your opponent, What you do?
      Simple. block the road.
      Playing high defense line with slow defenders and having fast opponent make you prone to counter attacks which would create havoc on your defenders and leave them exposed. Argentina conceded 7 goals in the last WC as a result of counter attacks.

  20. This is really bad luck to we lost the players that were our left lung of NT two friendlies. It’s always some advantage when 2 players may continue their club cooperation in club.

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