Alan FRANCO of Independiente out of Argentina team


Independiente’s Alan FRANCO has broken his metatarsal.

It goes from bad to worse for Lionel SCALONI. After having lost both Exequiel PALACIOS and Gonzalo MARTINEZ to injuries, the Argentina coach has now lost defender Alan FRANCO. His club Independiente confirmed the injury.

No word yet on if a replacement will be announced or not.


  1. Imp goal by corea .this guy is best & most techiclly after messi. Hope our managers dnt waist his talent .I think he is more suited in central box to box rather thn wide winger…

  2. Garay stopped an almost certain goal by Messi today……..too late for him now but he should have had the sky-blue and white on in the summer.

  3. Lo celso getting better and better….he is some talent….
    wonderful goal by correa …..I don’t understand why can’t correa and lamela play regularly for their club…is it because thier respective club hv Argentine manager ?

    • What i can’t understand is how correa lost his place in starting eleven because of Lemar since this guy hasn’t done anything to justify all of this hype even from some people in here. Lo celso was quite good today, he is a skillfull and fast midfielder with good defending attributes as well, he has good shooting abilities and he is also good in set pieces. At last it seems that we have quite plenty of choices in midfield right now.

      • Mate angel correa plays more oven
        But team like atletico he has to
        Be playing 100% all the time
        Otherwise he will see himself on the bench.
        especially under chole who is
        Demanding manager… for me
        Has to start next friendly games
        Again he never had a real chance .
        In argentina shirt what I like about him
        He is versatile play he can play left
        Right and behind the main striker

  4. AC-Milan finally got the missing piece in their puzzle in Higuain. As much as I want Higuain to stay away from the national team, you gotta admit Higuain is playing really good for Milan. He is more of a league type of striker than a cup striker. Milan has the option for making his deal a permanent one and 32 million euros is a bargain price. The only drawback Mr Higuain has is when it matters the most he will Panic and blow the most crucial chances!!! Anyways , it seems like Milan will finally make it to the top four this season.

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