Mauro ICARDI on Argentina: “MESSI has to come back”


Mauro ICARDI spoke about the Argentina National Team and more specifically about Lionel MESSI.

It’s been a pretty fine season for the Inter captain. He has scored in his first two appearances in the Champions League and has found himself back in the Argentina National Team. Following his goal against PSV, ICARDI spoke to ESPN about MESSI and Argentina. Here’s what he had to say:

“MESSI has to come back. We will be playing in the Copa America next year and he surely has to come back.”

In regards to the Argentina National Team:

“I’m very happy to come back to the Argentina National Team. I was in the last squad and now I have another opportunity. Just like I do here with my club, with the Argentina National Team, I will try and do what is asked of my coaches. To do my best and to give my best to our country.”


  1. Argentina has an amazing offensive line with Messi, Aguero, Di Maria, Icardi, Lamela, Correa, Joaquin Correa etc. Argentina’s problem has never been the forward line. It has always been the midfield, defense line and the right and left backs. The last time I loved Argentina as a full squad was the 2007 Copa America. Maradona then threw Riquelme out and killed Argentine Midfield and Defence in the 2010 World Cup. And by the time of 2014 World Cup, what was Mascherano, Biglia and Gago doing? Mascherano is a great Central defender and he played in that position for Barcelona all the time but him playing the defensive midfield role was the worst for Argentina in 2014 and 2018. I can’t remember a single through pass or defense splitting run by any of Argentina’s midfield line. Argentina’s problem is midfield, we don’t have a Burruchaga or a Riquelme anymore. No matter how many Maradonas or Messis Argentina produce, it won’t matter unless Argentina figure out a more stable defense and attacking midfield line. A holding midfielder controls the game, tell me one good No.5 or No.6 or No.8 produced by Argentina in the last ten years. And the only two coaches who could work with this bad defensive and midfield line was Sabella and Tata Martino, and the only reason these teams went to all these finals is because of the forwards like Messi, Di Maria, Lavezzi, Aguero and Higuain. Argentina midfield and defense is pathetic, and there are few like Ever Banega, Manuel Lanzini and Giovanni Lo Celso who look promising but tell me, did anyone expect a midfield line of Mascherano, Perez, Meza and Biglia win the World Cup? Sabella, Martino, Bauza, Sampaoli, four coaches in four years and people expect Argentina to win World Cup? Germany were knocked out in the group stages, did they throw away their coach? I feel Sabella or Tata Martino should have stayed with the team more, they were making Argentina work even when Argentina was pathetic with their midfield line. Tell me one good player who has the quality of Riquelme in the midfield. Forget Riquelme, is there anyone who break the midfield like Kante, Pogba, Iniesta, Xavi, Busquets, Modric. Argentina is not producing anymore good midfield or defensive players. All Argentina has is good forwards like Messi, Aguero and Di Maria. That is all. Don’t blame Messi for lack of midfield talent, defensive talent and for not having a good goal keeper.

  2. The unluckiest Golden generation of players has always been Argentina. The Era of Riquelme, Aimar, Crespo etc etc and the Messi Era both didn’t win a Single Trophy for us. Its by far the Unluckiest, Some of the best Players ever to play football on various positions. Its disaster to think that we have only Olympic Gold to our name and Some Copa Finals and 1 WC final in between all these players of 2 Eras. Even we didn’t win Confederations too. Copa was suppose to be our Favorite hunting ground. Well that too looks way tougher now.

    The Batistuta generation at least Won a Copa America in 1993. Trophies matter. Winning matters. It defines eachs legacy.

  3. More than Messi, I think I think first finalizing a coach is more important as per me. Without fixing that issue we wont go any where on long term basis. Even if there is Messi.

  4. Icardi Dybala Aguero Messi are the only world class players from Argentina rest of all either past their best or still developing to be the next superstar or average or farmers

    • You are too much optimist – I think all the rest are farmers rather. Moreover the Scaloni crop is probably already past his best. Real Farmgentina.

      • I’m Argentina fan and i want maximum number of world class players from Argentina, since this century every world Cup winning team has majority of world class players, no team win world cup with farmers and this is the reason after Maradona generation Argentina was considered as just a simple opponent like Colombia until messi generation came unfortunately messi generation players are over expect Aguero but we can relay on him upto 2019 therefore i want Argentina produce maximum number of world class players to win 2022 world cup as winning copa is to beat just Brazil but in world cup have to beat top Erupean teams

        • First you have to be calm. Giving birth to world class players is in God’s hands.atleast we got messi maradona other country got that. And we got another super class players also.sadly we didn’t got some expected cups.sometimes it happens. You have to agree on fate.who knows this Youngblood combines with messi and bring the don’t blame any one due to this unfortunate sitauations.and don’t use word farmers for degrading anyone because they are also humans and they are working in muds to feed everyone including you.everyone has dignity. So don’t cry like babies saying we don’t have world class like so. Then you go and play.can you.everyone can comment that’s easy.but going out and play according to likes of others is not that chupraho.don’t repeat same comments

          • yarr this Gonzalo guys wants instant transition, i just wanted to say Argentina squad should have filled with word class players playing at best label as much as possible no matter young or old guards and don’t want Argentina players playing outside league from England Spain Italy Germany because rest of all are farmers league

        • Argentina after Maradona’s generation was just an opponent like Colombia????

          Are you really aware of what you are saying?? With all due respect but players such as (Batistuta, the greatest 9 ever, Caniggia the fastest and gifted with suberb technical skills, Redondo while played with diego in wc 94 where he was 34 years old were all after his generation. Later on legends of world football like Crespo, Zanetti, Claudio Lopez, Riquelme, Aimar, Killy Gonzalez, Veron, Ayala, Saviola were players that cannot be found to other teams.

          I know that you are a fellow Argentina fan but it would be good to be aware of our beloved team’s great history.

          Besides, what is your problem with farmers??

          • “after Maradona generation Argentina was considered as just a simple opponent like Colombia until messi generation came”

            For somr of those who started their Argentina supporter career along with Messi career start it’s hard to comprehend before him Argentina was competitive as always and most likely the situation will continue invariably in future.

            Actually Argentina won all their senior titles (WC, Copas) without Messi.

          • Argentina was trophy less since 1993 and at best quarter final material at world cup, until the arrival of messi generation Argentina was a competitive team like Colombia but now favorite because of messi. After Maradona generation and before messi generation there was no superstar footballer in Argentina at top clubs

          • Argentina was trophy less since 1993 and at best quarter final material at world cup, until the arrival of messi generation Argentina was a competitive team like Colombia but now favorite because of messi. After Maradona generation and before messi generation there was no superstar footballer in Argentina at top clubs

            This has to be read… carefully… because it’s mind-blowing.

  5. A lot of players that was called up injured now. Heard last night the commentator saying Battaglia is injured.
    So any possibility of replacements called up or will Scaloni stick to the what he has right now?

    That’s not the point tho. They need to learn to adapt with him. They can’t play for shit with Messi

  7. No offence to anyone…
    Why almost everyone in here
    Crying for lamela to be in the Nt
    I don’t see anything especial about him
    Than the players we have right now .

    • I can see your point and agree to it if it were last season. This season we’re seeing a completely different Lamela(for me I suppose as I haven’t seen him in his River days). He has changed a lot. I mean a lot. Up until last season he was like a headless chicken, with all the running and strange dribbling and ball control. The only thing that caught my eye was his setpieces and occasional sublime through-passes. He was becoming one of the overrated players in the premier league.
      It’s still early in this season but Lamela is certainly proving the “Best River product of the last decade” tag.

      • Exactly he improved a lot lately
        That is right but we have to try
        The youngsters more and more .
        That is the point I’m trying to
        Every realy arg fan to see..

        • Lamela is young maybe not that young, but I get what you’re implying. Personally I would’nt be be over the moon if he gets called up right now and I would’nt be fuming if he’s ingored. He certainly isn’t a Lanzini like player we are missing.Let’s wait and see if he can continue this uprisal for Spurs in the coming months.

          • “lanzini developed himself only after he joined premire league”.

            another typical Csabalala argument. Just like in Lo Celso case I heard previously.

            Such things should not say someone who never watched him in River to have point of reference. All that is campaign to depreciation of players from local league as if any our player that do well in Europe or NT had never any things in common with local league. Talent is talent. Of course He developed in Premier league but it’s not crucial condition.

            Our players are getting more tactical understanding in Europe but still some of our youth team coaches in not far past were able to do out off local league boys tactically superb teams.

          • Argentina future haters first will say all possible things against local league youngsters. “They are farmers”, “underdogs”.

            If the youngsters will go to Europe and do well there, then the people say “they do well just because developed in Europe”.

            Don’t even try such manipulation, don’t even try to cut talent roots of our players.

          • “The best River product of the last decade” wasn’t my quote exactly. Someone wrote here years ago quoting someone from River. But anyway I messed up that last sentence. All I wanted to say was he’s actually looking good, atm anyway.
            Yeah I know Lanzini is a River product too.

  8. Mache is responsible for icardi exclusion, messi is always a soft target. If messi has strong personality higuain never called up and Aguero starts always for Argentina all thanks to crybabies mache-biglia towards higuain

  9. My team against brazil match
    …………………Lo Celso……………
    …Dybala……………………..Pity martinez

  10. Messi isn’t going anywhere he is just waiting for us to actually have a permanent coach…. he knows this is a tryout period for younger players and the coaches as well

    • Really hope so.

      But it doesn’t help when we have very vocal minority of thankless toxic entitled supporters and the toxic Argentine media blaming him for everything and calling him to quit.

  11. Paraguayo Miguel Almiron is forging a new paths to Europe. From Lanus of Argentina to MLS and in January to Arsenal London.

  12. @Dadir,

    You must to know @Mrinal is alter ego of Csabalala. The same gut under other accounts. He is making another accounts because of his unpopularity here. The guy really should not be here. He just waits for our youngsters defeat against Brazil.

    the same squalid, low, offensive, boorish, vulgar style of being. And the same hostility to Argentina youngsters and local league. The same worship to big clubs only. Mrinal statements:

    “Only those players who are playing in champions leauge should called to NT because they are able to handle the pressure of high intensity game, others are just farmers”.

    “you better leave watching football watch kid’s football in superliga or somewhere else in the some shit league.
    you will get to know when brazil with tear the ass your shit players thebn you will suck your own cock”.

        • @Gonzalo, you right! His ignorance about football is way beyond my imagination. Whenever I come here I see some bulshit comments from him that are nonsense and useless. The other thing That surprises me is the way he contradicts himself all the time. He is as inconsistent as Banega and Higuain.

          He is taking the same path as KidultHood! At the end of the day you will hear him insulting Argentina and switching position as Kid did before him.

          • Yup,

            I don’t know what the guy is doing here. He is doomed to be wrong because Argentina has future . His only aim is to tell us Argentina has no future and hating every younger, from small club or local league. With still new youngsters emerging here and there he is looking ridiculous again and again.

      • Tell me when did say that lo celso failed at psg.
        I always told about him he will improve if he gets regular playing time, and just he has to bring maturity in his game and not to loose possesion in dangerous area.

    • Keep calling me fake account of csabalala because my opinions differ from yours and you are not able to handle my words.
      my account is not new you can check it i left posting here after WC.

      • @Mrinal, you are such a wanker git gormless minger prat. For you, Messi generation are the only ones who deserve to represent Argentina and that sums up the length of time you have been supporting Argentina. I watched and supported Argentina way before Messi emerged and I will continue supporting this great team. Stick to your flops but never ever try to tell us that Banega, Di Maria, and Higuan are irreplaceable. You are a fucking coward who only knows how to underestimate Argentina football future and youngsters.

        Isn’t Higuain the one who let’s down in three finals? How do you compare him to Icardi who we all know that he is the best and most clinical striker in Europe?

        Lo Celso, Paredes, Pity, Battaglia, Ascacibar, and Palacios are the corner stones of this new Argentina team. I’m sorry Banega’s time is over so deal with it you little airy-fairy.

        • Flops ?? your idiot’s brain has gone to eat grass.
          they played 3 finals which is not easy , lets see how many finals icardi will play without messi, aguero and romero.
          keep your useless thoughts in your ass.

          • Yeah they are flops coz they failed to win a single trophy and messed up the team by favoring some players and keeping others away from the team (Dictators). I know this causes you huge headache, you tosser cretin dipstick fuckwit idiot.

    • Gonzalo,
      How can you say that every guy who has a different opinion than yours is Csabalala under different accounts. I mean it’s pure stupidity to classify like that.

      Let me tell you one thing mate. A LOT of people have different opinions than yours. Maybe not in this blog, because we are Argentina fans and even I agree to some of your points ( not every). But even life exists outside this blog and there exists many people who are football fans/ specific club fans or say specific fanboys who have much different opinions than yours. When the latest Argentina team sheet came all of my friends were like, “Hahahaha wtf is this?? All the players are unknown from some unknown/ local teams & mind you they are big football fans who even discuss tactics and stuff. The whole world watches big teams European leagues and they don’t watch any other league. Remember when Messi praised Pavon, whole football world came to know about Pavon and paid close attention to him. I was like, so what Argentina has even better players/ wingers than Pavon. But what can we do… when players like Cristiano Ronaldo are compared to Messi you know what it is, it’s the WORLD OF MARKETING.

  13. It looks like Pity is out too, more reasons to call up Lamela.

    As for Messi, he’ll likely come back for Copa America, so calm down everybody. Let’s just hope we have a functioning team by then.

  14. Dear Tabloid Senior Haters, Icardis wish for Messi return goes against the narrative, doesn’t it? After all these years of blaming club de amigos for “banning Icardi”, I hope you see you were fed absolute bullshit. Argentine media told you a lie and you were gullible enough to beflieve it. I hope you see how effin wrong you were. You should spend the next month publicly apologizing for the bullshit lies you helped to spread.

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