Franco ARMANI out, Guido HERRERA in for Argentina


The injuries just keep coming for the Argentina National Team.

Five injuries for the Argentina National Team and all five coming from the Superliga. In addition to Exequiel PALACIOS, Gonzalo MARTINEZ, Alan FRANCO and Cristian PAVON, River Plate goalkeeper Franco ARMANI has had to pull out due to injury.

Per the official Argentina Twitter account, Guido HERRERA of Talleres has been announced as his replacement.


  1. I certainly think that this group has the potential to give Brazil a tough fight. Brazilian team is a little overrated. If they’ll be mentally strong then they can win too. But if they break down, then a humiliation is also possible, because experience is in the hands of Brazil. Tite will definitely put his strongest 11, not in terms of strategy, but big names. Tite’s tactics look simple. He simply puts the best 11 in a 4-3-3 formation and plays some balanced football with quick counter attacking. He has managed to convert Coutinho as a Midfielder without giving excuses that “Neymar and Coutinho play at the same position” He has exactly different style compared to Sampaoli’s. Sampaoli is still a good coach, a better tactician than Tite, but looks a little mentally disturbed. He couldn’t keep the things simple.

  2. Alan Franco’s injury is the saddening one….we want defenders right now ….a good team have 4 world class central defenders in their team.
    We hv otamendi who is in his last legs
    Then we hv Juan foyth and mammana both of their fitness level are not good
    Kanneman is not special
    Funes mori isn’t trustworthy
    Pezella is the only world class central defender we hv right now
    I hv a high hopes from Alan Franco

    • “World class” is a term that varies person by person but I’ve read most use it as top 10 in the world. I tend to define it as they can get into the starting squad of most clubs and right now, no one is close but Otamendi (not even sure he fits).

      your definition may vary and that’s ok but that how I see is being used the most.

  3. Guido Herrera is deserved call up. His name was mentioned as possibility yet under Sampaoli or even Bauza.

    What about his club Talleres. Yesterday they crashed Belgrano in Cordoba derby (3:0) playing with 8 more or less young players (most mentioned here before): Herrera, Godoy (possible RB call up), Komar (Boca product, someone brought here analysis of him), Medina (few times called up by Scaloni to U-20 team), Pochettino (Boca product, once close to Juventus), well known Maroni, Ramirez (maybe one of better AM in league) and Nahuel Bustos (new discovery of ’98 category, 4 goals in last 3 games).

    Plus Cubas and Valiente (2001 category) coming of the bench.

      • I don’t think so. At least I didn’t thought about the injuries in this way. I think it’s just really rare coincidence.

    • I’ve said that not once: best way to draw attention of Big clubs for our local league players is to call them up early. Almendra (Real/Barcelona), Balerdi (Barcelona), Palacios (Atletico), Vargas (Real), Pavon (Barcelona, Asenal) – all that interest comes thanks to youth or senior NT performances/call ups.

      And that ‘s also one of the reasons why the big clubs were not often interested in our players in recent years:
      because our NT was blocked mostly by one generation players.

        • He has great potentiall. Need to work on his shots and play more to boost his stamina (sometimes he apparently lacks of energy in defence, the things I didn’t saw on COTIF tournaments where he pressed opponents a lot).

      • Gonzalo
        Although I agree that NT call ups increases chances for young players to attract European clubs, but its not the only problem for us. Currently young Brazilian players are overrated in the media. They get attention due to that “Brazilian” tag. Take a recent example, Were Malcom, Arthur, Jesus, Fabinho etc. We’re called up in the National team before they arrived at big European clubs? NO! They were called after purchased by Barcelona, Man City etc. Currently, I think that Pity Martinez is much better than Malcom, but unfortunately he doesn’t have that “Brazilian” tag.

        • Vietto Atletico, Kranevitter Atletico, Correa Atletico, 17 years old Ocampos Monaco, Lamela Roma, Lo Celso PSG, Paredes Roma, Ponce Roma, Lautaro Martinez Inter, Dybala, Icardi…big clubs are scouting every talented player all over the world, a Martin Benitez too (Real Madrid, even if the player million miles below their standards, no exception), Barco too one year ago (Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atletico, MU and so on) etc, these interests mean nothing, if the player dont perform consequently, and improve day by day, big clubs never will buy them.

    • Well I hope he won’t go there. He will be in competition with Isco or being his backup….. If any young talents move to Europe, I hope they will do it step by step unless they are really exceptional

      • Agree, of course. Club like Betis would be good for him at thr beginning. ATM he needs still more form stability in Velez. As it was in second half of last season when every game had assist or goal.

  4. I don’t know how many of you noticed..! Otamendi is our top scorer in this team…! He leads with 4 goals..!
    Rest either one or zero goal..!
    Hope some goal scorers emerge this time…Icard, Dybala, Lautaro….!

  5. Wow the primera is cursed this month! Now that Pity, Pavon, Palacios, Franco and Armani are out I would love it if Sceloni would call Lamela, Ocampos, Dominguez, Barboza and Walter Bentinez as replacements and yes I know that Dominguez and palacios aren’t like for like players but I just want to see Dominguez called up. The good news is that even if Scaloni doesn’t call up any replacements the squad list has more than enough players to make up for the missing players.

    I would like to see this line up against Brazil:






  6. Armani’s injury is a big blow.
    In Pavon case , most of you might disagree here with me, but so far C.Pavon hasn’t impressed a bit playing for national team. He is 22 years old and at this age most top players are already developed but he is still a young player with good potential. It was a big mistake by Fraud Baldy to take him to the world cup ahead of Perotti , Lamela and A.Correa . We paid a heavy price because of these two (so-far) overrated players Pavon and Meza.

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