Two Argentina line-ups from training sessions ahead matches, DYBALA, ICARDI, more


Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI has tried out two different formations in training with a possibility that we see both in this week’s friendly matches.

With SCALONI having most of the players available, he tried out two formations while training in Saudi Arabia. The first one, per Ole, is rumored to start against Brazil.


Argentina Brazil
Possible Argentina line-up against Brazil.

Ole does note that Manchester City’s Nicolas OTAMENDI is not yet with the team and he might feature in that eleven. The second formation, which could start against Iraq is the following:


Argentina Iraq
Possible Argentina line-up against Iraq.

It is being rumored that SCALONI would use two different sets of players for the two matches.


  1. IMO against Brazil should start:



    ………………Lo Celso…….Paredes


    Maybe Kannemann should start. He is not only semifinalist of CL, not only defender of CL title with Gremio but he is on daily basis with Brazilians playing in their league.

    Battaglia, Lo Celso, Paredes are matter of course

    Why Pereyra? We forgot he had played against Brazil under Martino (0:2) and was probably our best player of that game/ or one of the best. Didn’t show any fear. Was active all over the pitch. Why not give him the chance again, even on the LM/LW position?

    Why Lautaro over Icardi? He just is not so much dependent on midfileders passing feeding as Icardi.

    • The team is very good but Where’s Funes Mori? Your favourite defender… And your logic about Kannemann is irrelevant because only 2-3 players from the Brazilian league are selected in the Brazil National Team.
      Though I have to say the rest of the team is the strongest we have, except Correa instead of Pereyra

  2. The result is not that important this time. The new squad needs time together. Rather a loss now and a win in Copa 2019 than the other way around.

  3. So it seems we can never see the pair Dybala Icardi in the sametime. Such a shame. It’s not that necessary to have 2 wingers. Many teams today has a half 9 playmaker, 1 winger and 1 forward, like France and Atletico.

    • I’m going to start disliking scaloni if he doesn’t play Icardi and Dybala together. I get that he’s testing the players so it’s ok but these two should definitely play together for more important matches. I want to see them play as much as possible together

      • It’s nothing more that your liking.

        To be honest: if the same standards were applied to less famous player than Dybala (except Meza) he could have been dropped after 2 starts without delivering. The only thing that let us to belive Dybala will start to impress finally are his club performances. He got more chances than other young players. I also think he should start but you can’t take that for granted because he did nothing so far.
        THe same with Icardi with the difference he had not enough starts yet IMO. Still for me Martinez over Icardi.

    • Players born ’97 and younger. A lot of even more interesting names than on the list: Ascacibar, Lautaro Martinez, Palacios, Vargas, Foyth, Nico Gonzalez, Nicolas Dominguez, Montiel, Pourtau, Almendra, Lovera, Almada, Barreal, Balerdi, Lisandro Martinez, Maroni, Gaich, Ayala, Barco, MacAllister, De La Vega, Togni.

  4. Off the topic we all know maradona is nutcase
    But sometimes he tells the truth ..
    He said maschareno let Messi down
    It’s funny that is exactly what I have been thinking
    Long time. ..

  5. Even under bouza in the presence of Leo Messi and our so-called superstars we conceded 3 goals against Brazil. And this Brazil is far better than that team. Our team is going through transition. I think irrespective of the result we should stand by our beloved team. I think scaloni should play a counter attacking game. We should be more than happy if we manage to held a draw against Brazil. I like tite a lot, but I think scaloni has the ability to outsmart tite.

    • That was WCQ and Brazil was playing in home ground and poor GK by romero. This is in neutral ground and we know messi single handily destroyed Brazil in usa

      • So you are giving more importance to that friendly match over qualifier.
        A win in friendly match is nothing much to boost about. Germans often loss friendly.
        And what u mean by Messi single handedly destroyed Brazil. It was a very close match. We were also lucky .coutinjho willian and jesus missed easy chances.

  6. Looks like Meza has a contract with afa that whatever the situations he will get chance. Once again salvio & acuna used in defense , where was taglafico back up ? Very disappointed both line up…

  7. Finally time for internationals! Boo to boring club ball!

    Having said these formations look trippy and I don’t think they reflect what we will end up seeing. For starters a big challenge is how to integrate LoCelso, Icardi,Dybala at the same time? In a trident? a 4-4-2? these two formations don’t answer that and we must see those three at same time sooner or later, since they are 3 of our biggest future hope.

    Having said which there are some things I like. The first rumored formation against Brazil seems similar to what Inter uses to maximize Icardi: two wide wingers to lump crosses into him, while gumming the middle with Ascacibar/Parades/LoCelso vs Arthur/Coutinho/Casemiro. Marcelo is not playing but I see the validity of putting Meza here to pin the fast Brazilian fullbacks though I am not at all a Meza fan. This also will allow not having to commit our full backs knowing the threat of Costa and Coutinho wider. In any case I expect to see muscular european style ball in play for this game and forecast that this will be Scaloni’s blueprint. I wonder how fans of ‘Argentinean style’ will react to this.

    Similarly I am quite sure Dybala works best in a 1-2 or at least as a nine half. So seeing Scaloni think of using him behind Martinez and Simeone who have the ability to pull lines apart is encouraging. Now if only he can come up with a way to combine the two approaches.

    However there are some head scratchers. The CB pairings seems mixed up you would expect FunesMori and Pezella vs brazil with the other two vs the weaker opponent.
    I see Rulli’s opportunity as nothing more than a confidence builder right now as he shouldnt be expected to see much against Iraq. Finally I imagine Acuna/Salvia/Vazquez opportunities will just be game opportunities of the playing-time-for-backups variety.

    In any case we will see if these formations hold true.

    • The only way I see it working if he plays 4 2 3 1 , (since we don’t have Martinez or Povon) Acuna, Lo Celso, Dybala behind a lone striker (Icradi/Martinez). I am still not convinced to use Acuna as a full back(wing back) since his natural position is a left winger.

      • Yes I am surprised he still hasn’t called up a proper backup at LB. When you cut down to 23 it makes sense to bring a back up who can fill two spots – a reason I have never been against a Mercado call up for copa – but its too early to not test a real LB back up in a 30-35 team.
        However I have never liked the idea of putting la joya on the outside and think he’s better with more room through the middle, especially in a team where the fullbacks are suspect. But I really want to see LoCelso+Dybala in a creative way. Hopefully at least in the Iraq game we can see this for a few minutes.

  8. Against Brazil: Rulli – Saravia Pazella Otamendi Tagliafico – Lo celso Parades Pareyra – Dybala Icardi(c) corera

  9. That defense vs Brazil OMG…imo this is not true, and Meza, Cervi are you kiddin me? 😀 And Meza on the right again 😀 We will score ofc zero, without a single good chance just like vs Columbia, and concede at least 3 if this lineup will start…Dybala and Correa no brainer vs Brazil, just like Pezzella-Otamendi.

  10. Why is Salvio still considered an option at right-back? That’s a bit odd. Also Foyth against Brazil is a brave move since he hasn’t played at all lately. I doubt we are actually going to have a Foyth & Kannemann combo vs Brazil, I think Pezzella & Otamendi makes more sense but who knows. At least Ascacibar, Paredes and Lo Celso midfield is there.

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