Roberto AYALA talks about the Argentina national team, 2002, 2006 World Cup, more


Argentina legend Roberto AYALA spoke about the current state of the Argentina national team, who should coach moving forward and Lionel SCALONI.

One of the most capped players for his country, Roberto AYALA played over 100 matches for Argentina. In 2006, he even played alongside current Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI at the World Cup when the two started and played against Mexico. However, when speaking with Infobae, AYALA confirmed that he didn’t really speak football with SCALONI. Here’s what he had to say:

“I haven’t spoken football with him. If he was working with SAMPAOLI, he should have similar ideas in regards to the style of play. Taking into account the new players being brought in, it appears to me something which should have been done a long time ago.”

In regards to his generation and the 2006 World Cup, AYALA had this to say:

“On an individual level, it was a successful generation but as a team, it cost us. Some will wonder if we didn’t get along but no, on the contrary. It was a very good group. I don’t know if it was all down to bad luck, it could be that at certain times, we weren’t up to the level.

“At the World Cups, luck plays a factor but at a minimum percentage. There were teams that qualified to the Round of 16 with 4 points and we (in 2002) didn’t. Against Germany, we weren’t able to maintain our advantage and we missed on penalties. It was on us and to a lesser extent, on luck.”

AYALA also spoke about the number of missing domestic based players in the current Argentina squad to play in Saudi Arabia:

“Did they lose the hunger? I don’t know, I imagine that a player from the Argentine primera would want to wear the shirt of his national team and compete. If that’s lost, it’s the fault of those that came before for not having been able to transmit (the feeling).”

When asked about who should coach the Argentina team, here’s what he had to say:

“SIMEONE, ALMEYDA, GALLARDO and POCHETTINO are coaches that need to work on a daily basis and that would be complicated for them. It has to be a name with more trajectory and baggage but I don’t know if there is one.”


  1. “SIMEONE, ALMEYDA, GALLARDO and POCHETTINO are coaches that need to work on a daily basis and that would be complicated for them. It has to be a name with more trajectory and baggage but I don’t know if there is one.”

    This can only lead towards Tata Martino i guess.

    Its not good the atitude of young argentine players .

  3. Stand out performance against Brazil may be seen from —

    Dybala Locelso Icardi Paredes Tagliafico Pezella etc etc

    Don’t underestimate Otamendi

  4. Would like to see the same CB pairing of Pezzella and Funes Mori. Not that I like Funes Mori(he shouldn’t be even in the squad imo) but it’s the best option we have right now. Kannemann can also can be tried. Don’t even have 1% faith in Otamendi. His experience brings nothing but chaos. If you want experience, then the right man is Garay not Otamendi. He has been the best Argentina defender since Ayala (Samuel for some) and still is. In the games against Brazil, Otamendi looked clueless and was chasing shadows most of the time. He could’nt cope with the 1 touch football and quick transitions. He was always out of position leaving big holes in the defence. So enough of him.

    In the midfield I wish Scaloni plays Battaglia-Ascacibar-Lo Celso/Paredes. We have to match Brazil’s physicality in that department. It’s better to play both Battaglia and Ascacibar and either of Lo Celso or Paredes. This adds more steel to the mid making it hard for Brazil to play through their quick 1-2s.

    As far as the attack is concerned, would prefer Pereyra on the left and Pavon on the right to assist Icardi. Don’t think this is the right match to pair Icardi and Dybala. Dybala starting this game would make Argentina imbalanced and toothless going forward(unfortunately).

    • Mate i absolutely I agree with you most
      Of your points mate .. especially icardi
      And dybala they 100% make the team
      Unbalance… about otamandi personally
      I believe he is 100% better than funes mori
      He should partner with pezzela instead
      Of rfm otamandi already proved a lot
      Critics wrong… gaurdiola trusted him
      More than stones and kompany…
      When he plays the NT is one of those
      Who perform well.. i agree with you again
      Funes mori shouldn’t in the squad
      Onice mammana start playing regular
      He will partner with pezzela… to me
      The future back four will look like this
      Montiel mammana pezzela taglafiaco

        • Bro i don’t get it why people downgraded otamandi to me
          He very good defender but i get it
          Why they saying this cos in epl.
          If not english and you makes small
          Mistakes the media will destroy them
          Otamandi was on those players they
          Were always was easy target…

  5. Messi generation is very unlucky, they played with worst midfielder and defender in the history of Argentina generation, had 2002 and 2006 team had fab4 messi Aguero dimaria higuain or 2014 team had roman ayala zenetti Samuel etc Argentina would have won 3 world cup

    • now moving from the past, 2014 fab4 is over only Messi and Aguero are world class after copa Aguero also gone and Messi will not carry Argentina in 2022 like he did from 2010,2014,2018. But Messi will remain best Argentina player by a distance in 2022 and top3 best player in world in a worst case in 2022 and noone even comes close to Messi in next 2year. U20 world cup 2019 and Olympic after that will very crucial for Argentina and decide next generation. Messi generation starts winning u20 2005,2007 and Olympic 2008 and playing for senior team since 2011

    • Messi generation couldnt win anything because they’re mentallity weak when it really matters. Its a fact. Higuain off course the main culprit on those 3 finals 2014-2016. It cant be conincidence.

      Notice that players like Cryuff or George Best constantly being considered as all time great despite never win anything for their country. Cryuff was rated highly for being runner up in 1974, I mean he’s runner up not champion. Now compare that to Messi who won U20, Olympic, 3 x runner up at Copa, a runner up at World cup, won golden ball ,that’s being considered a failure… why? because when it comes to Messi people use triple or quardruple standard to judge him.

      • if Messi generation mentality week then could have not won Olympic 2008. Main problem was team selection, Argentina could not go with Olympic winning playing XI in 2010 world cup left Zenetti, Tevez was missed in 2014 and icardi and parades not in Russia was disaster, 2014-2016 final lost is just a bad luck, injuries and playing 120min before final cost Argentina next two final lost on penalties is just bad luck nothing more than that

        • Higuain is only mentally week, forget NT or Final even he can’t score crucial goals in deciding league matches latter stage. Cr7 realize this and kicked from real and now Juventus where continuously playing with Argentina ahead of Aguero who is Messi best friend is just surprised me and they say Messi choose team but the real face masche biglia were crybabies when higuain not part with NT

  6. Simeone is the best option but will not be happening therefore Gallardo is the best possible option, still I would like a foreign coach like conte or mourhinho

  7. “Taking into account the new players being brought in, it appears to me something which should have been done a long time ago.”

    Yep, most of us have been saying this for a while (excluding the likes of Kidulthood et al of course)

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