Paulo DYBALA of Argentina: “Hopefully Qatar can be my World Cup”, talks Lionel MESSI


Paulo DYBALA is hoping to make a name for himself with the Argentina national team at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

Ahead of the friendly match against Brazil on Tuesday, Paulo DYBALA spoke to ESPN and gave his thoughts on Argentina and Lionel MESSI. Here’s what he had to say:

“When you put on the shirt of the Argentina national team, you defend it until the death. Hopefully Qatar can be my World Cup but there’s still a long way to go.”

In regards to Lionel MESSI, here’s what DYBALA said:

“Everyone knows what Leo signifies, what he is on the pitch and it’s obvious that he can help us. But it’s his decision. We wait for him and we know what is most important for us.”


  1. Argentina u 20 drew 1-1 with Ecuador. So both matches drawn.
    Barcelona are looking for long term replacement for Suarez and the latest to join their short list is Gaston Veron.

  2. @Roy
    Off Topic. (Need Serious Attention)
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  3. It has to be Team Effort, No One can win the Damn World Cup alone, No body. its as simple as that, If we build a solid team then there might be a chance to win it. Otherwise its near to impossible. Its really getting Tougher.

  4. I feel it is too hilarious when someone from India or our continent taking that game called cricket and mixing politics with it. I used to love that game before. Not even know what is going on in those games now a days. But people are you serious ?
    India hate Bangladesh because some guys do something during that stupid game ? 😂😂😂.

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    If someone who is not aware about the so called Legendary game cricket.

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    We call tournament with 6-7 good teams as WORLD CUP.

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    • I dont know about Cricket that much nor i care but you should always stay humble and especially not calling names to a country. A countries people can be bad or good but naming a country as a whole is over the limits.

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      • No one cares about cricket here. It does not matter what India did in Cricket. Good for India and they may win 100 more world cups. What I care is this is La Albiceleste forum for football and we are all mates. Please do not disrespect each other by calling names to their nationality or country. That is low life. And I am afraid if we dont stop now this place will become one too.

  5. Full name Paulo Bruno Exequiel Dybala
    Playing position Forward / Attacking midfielder
    Club information
    Current team
    Number 10
    Youth career
    2003–2011 Instituto
    Senior career*
    Years Team Apps (Gls)
    2011–2012 Instituto 38 (17)
    2012–2015 Palermo 89 (21)
    2015– Juventus 105 (53)
    National team‡
    2015– Argentina 15 (0)


    • you accept it or not only Icardi and Dybala are superstar player outside messi generation, once they start scoring will not stop, on the other side Messi Aguero Dybala Icardi are remaining available world class players from Argentina and rest of all either past their best or still raw or farmers, its coach duty to produce best from world class player

      • Hey stop your nonsense here.and stop insulting other poor nations and don’t forget you are also poor in the case of wealth and sense.lazy cricket and useless fight on that.

    • Oh…we never knew about it! Such a great research!! And how many games out of 15 Dybala started under Tata, Bauza and Sampa mr. Genius?

      Such a lame post! No wonder, Old Mundo members are leaving one by one….

      Give Dybala, Icardi atleast 10 consecutive starts before make any bold judgement like this. Even Ayala disagree with you!

  6. Why in this site someone is discussing about politics, Bangladesh .. & all… Please stop guys.

    In daily life most of Indians suffer because of the illegal immigrants from Bangladesh. That’s a different issue. But please don’t bring that here King Khan. What is your point in bringing that here.

    • @ Indian, with all respect, India is not that wealthy country where any one choose to go illegally for livelihood, Even Bangladesh is accommodated thousand of Myanmar immigrants. Actually I respect India more than any other country of world because of your kindness for us throughout history, but as I said, no one can abuse my country. You are right, this site is no political site, but you know, country come always first

      • I also love Bangladesh. Bangla Language, culture everything. India n Bangladesh throughout their history has been Friendly nations.

        Let’s stop this here. If someone insulted your country here, that’s not right. But let’s not escalate. I think my usage of words were also not in good state. I only wanted to point out the proven statistics of Immigrants here. I am aware of the Rohingya issue. In India also illegal Rohingyas are there. And I know India is a poor country. That is why affording immigration is a problem for India at the first place.
        Said that Bangla n India are friendly nations. They will remain so.
        Let’s stop it on that.

        • @Indian you don’t know why we hate Bangladesh so much, Indians hate Pakistan not Bangladesh but now India can afford Pakistan win but can’t tolerate Bangladesh nagin dance celebration, insulting cricketing power house, A born minnow team don’t have sports man sprit. You might not remember these kangaldeshi fans insulted our GOD Dhoni doing Photoshop and MSD slapped them hitting six in Asia cup 2016 final and India raped beggerdesh in front of their home ground but as always randi rona adat hai inn kangali ki, India won aisa cup on Bangladesh but Bangladesh won in Photoshop

  7. It never seems that Dybala is as influential as Messi….
    But now we have a fine midfield
    Playing against top side Brazil will surely a challenge for this squad
    Hope we can understand if we loss
    We should appreciate if we drew
    And we will dance if we can beat them

    But this squad ,Scaloni must not be thrown away
    We must give more time

  8. Do you guyz remember world cup 90, how the fifa officials made Argentina lose the final. The whole management was against us. Referee was unfair, the western along with the Brazilian bitch was controlling with whole process by money. The exact same thing happening here…
    I am a big fan of indian cricket team, actually some great cricketer like Sachin sourav dravid kumble made me fan of the game. But now indian cricket lost his all pride, they prefer winning the game by support from the umpire rather playing. Recent Asia cup is big example of that.
    This is a football site, no use of saying this, but that booty sucking mother fucker Romance abusing my country for no reason and giving some lame excuse. You mother fucker don’t even dare to abuse my country next

    • Those who never wins makes a story about opponent…there was Sachin Ganguly Dravid Kumble

      Now they have Virat Kohli,Rohit Sharma , Dhoni,Bumrah etc etc

      • Than why we always complaining about 90’s. Unfair is and always unfair. I have no hate about Indian Cricket team, actually I was a fan of them, still I am, But if we lost some match unfortunately, It was Indian team’s credit to do so, but you cant abuse a country for loosing a match. Romance done the exactly same thing, and no one can abuse my country. As simple as that

        • A team can’t score 1run in 3balls or can’t defend 5run in 1ball is umpire fault, many times umpire decision goes wrong against India but we are not crybabies. Toder moton amra Photoshop nagin dance kori na tai amra champion, 17year prirthvi Shaw is alone enough to beat Bangladesh but kothai bole asol moja tarpiye hariye paba jai that’s why India brutally beat Bangladesh in group stage but need last ball to beat Bangladesh in knockout stage also need umpire to beat minnows not Australia,South Africa or England

          • Bangladesh playing odi since 1988 and Test from 2000. India is one of the oldest nation to play the game. Bangladesh is sort of new boy in this game and already recognized as most promising country. with the history and players you have that is pathetic of yours that you need umpire to beat any nation. Such a shame.

            Its good that not all the inidan or indian supporters tor moto bolod na bokachoda

          • Afghanistan stats playing after Bangladesh but they are far superior than kangaldeshi, if India is sher in home then what’s wrong Australia England South Africa also lion on home and tie tie fish in subcontinent then why this double standard arguments. Did you follow oversees performance of India and Australia, at least India give tough fight in tests against England or South Africa but when they came on subcontinent whitewashed by us, India beat south Africa in ODI 5-1 , t20 England 2-1 where they failed to win a single match against India in India, India is lion at home but Bangladesh is minnow everywhere but India needs umpire and last ball thriller to beat kangalies karon tarpiye haranor moja tor bujhar baire

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        • @crazyARG sorry bro, if i hurt you. I’m not insulted Bangladesh country because Bangladesh is Muslim country as well and Bengali people living even many of my relatives lived there thought i did not visit Bangladesh till now wish i can in future because Bangladesh girls are most beautiful and i love them. ai only bad mouthing those crybabies who don’t know ABCD of cricket and doing fake Photoshop fans, sorry if i hurt you because i have no intention to insult any country specialty my neighbor but I can’t tolerate those are jealous of my country, India is the best team in the world accept or die

        • And forgive as your little bro and if you know any girl from Bangladesh please tell about me, i can do everything for her i love you kkkk…

          • Its Okay Bro, That is what i wanted to heard, You come to visit bro, I am sure you will find the one. And me too sorry for abusing you, truly I am

        • thanks bro no need for any clarification it can happened, but if you know any girl from Bangladesh please tell me i will be grateful for this forever

      • This is not the place to speak about India and Bangladesh and spcly Cricket. That too in Bengali Language. There are enough pages in internet about cricket. Go there and take out abuses at each other.

  9. Paulo I can understand why you think that, but it should be ARGENTINA’s world cup.At the rate of the way you are currently playing for Argentina, that doesn’t look great. Please bring back your form from 2016 season and show the world just how good you are! As usual, VAMOSARGENTINA!!!

  10. I have to disagree here with Dybala.
    WC2022 or any other World cup should not be looked at this player’s or that player’s WC. Again making certain players the focal point of the competition, same mistake all over again.
    Don’t say that you wait for Messi or any other player. Play as a team with or without him. Act as if he does not exist, consider him retired. That’s how you help him and help Argentina. It’s amazing how they keep putting pressure on players.

    • I feel sorry for messi I’m sure
      Got sick of tired his name keep
      Mentioned again and again
      One day it will finish this obsession
      With messi honestly it’s boring now
      They supposed leave the man alone
      If he come bk he come bk
      If he quit he deserves huge respect
      From every Argentina fan
      It will be better if they move on
      From messi .

    • Why are you taking it in a negative way, first of all if messi the goat and was not able to win the WC alone, with all due respect dybala won’t, but what he probably meant is for him to be the star of the WC maybe

      • lets not critique him like that, honestly its people like you who made messi mad. so either you try to help him get better by offering him ways to improve, or you just keep quiet! He is by far the most promising player we have, so lets help him reach his potential rather than putting him down even before he learns how to stand.

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