Argentina line-up from training, LO CELSO, DYBALA, ICARDI, CORREA


Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI set up an eleven in training which is rumored to be the one which will start against Brazil.

Many of those who started in the 4-0 win against Iraq were not part of the “main” team in training. Here were the 10 outfield players from training:


The other 10 players they played against in training were:


Per a report from Ole, only Paulo DYBALA and Maxi MEZA who started against Iraq are expected to start against Brazil. The goalkeeper to start against Brazil is set be Sergio ROMERO.


  1. Would like to see the same CB pairing of Pezzella and Funes Mori. Not that I like Funes Mori(he shouldn’t be even in the squad imo) but it’s the best option we have right now. Kannemann can also can be tried. Don’t even have 1% faith in Otamendi. His experience brings nothing but chaos. If you want experience, then the right man is Garay not Otamendi. He has been the best Argentina defender since Ayala (Samuel for some) and still is. In the games against Brazil, Otamendi looked clueless and was chasing shadows most of the time. He could’nt cope with the 1 touch football and quick transitions. He was always out of position leaving big holes in the defence. So enough of him.

    In the midfield I wish Scaloni plays Battaglia-Ascacibar-Lo Celso/Paredes. We have to match Brazil’s physicality in that department. It’s better to play both Battaglia and Ascacibar and either of Lo Celso or Paredes. This adds more steel to the mid making it hard for Brazil to play through their quick 1-2s.

    As far as the attack is concerned, would prefer Pereyra on the left and Pavon on the right to assist Icardi. Don’t think this is the right match to pair Icardi and Dybala. Dybala starting this game would make Argentina imbalanced and toothless going forward(unfortunately).

  2. Don’t get the weird obsession with Meza, how has this buy become undroppable from the NT? Is it possible that you can have an international career based on a good 20 minutes in a 6-1 defeat?? Lamela should be given a chance

    • Meza is undropable and undisputed starter as he excels on coaches bedroom, lo celso might be dropped against Brazil if parades starts but not meza prove my words true

  3. Lamela:
    1. 2011 Friendly Local team vs Paraguay – 56 minutes
    2. 15/06/2013 Friendly vs Guatamala – 45 minutes
    3. 14/08/2013 Friendly vs Italy 45 minutes then subbed – assist.
    4. 12/10/2013 Qualifiers vs Peru – 10 minutes
    5. 16/10/2013 qualifiers vs Colombia – 76 minutes with the B-team after we qualified.
    6. 19/11/2013 Friendly vs Bosnia – 13 minutes
    7. 03/09/2014 Friendly vs Germany – 68 minutes and 1 goal.
    8. 11/10/2014 Friendly vs Brazil – 61 minutes
    9.12/11/2014 Friendly vs Croatia – 13 minutes
    10. 18/11/2014 Friendly vs Portugal – 29 minutes
    11. 07/06/2015 Friendly vs Bolovia – 30 minutes
    12. 20/06/2015 Copa America vs Jamaica – 8 minutes
    13. 05/09/2015 Friendly vs Bolivia 7-0 – 77 minutes
    14. 14/10/2015 Qualifier vs Paraguay – 22 minutes
    15. 14/11/2015 Qualifier vs Brazil – 9 minutes
    16. 28/05/2016 Friendly vs Honduras 68 minutes
    17. 07/06/2016 Copa America vs Chile – 10 minutes
    18. 11/06/2016 Copa America vs Panama – sub 47 minutes
    19. 15/06/2016 Copa America vs Bolovia – 90 minutes and 1 goal
    20. 19/06/2016 Copa America vs Venezuela – 23 minutes and 1 goal
    21. 22/06/2016 Copa America vs USA – 23 minutes
    22. 27/06/2016 Copa America Final vs Chile – 9 minutes
    23. 07/09/2016 Qualifiers vs Venezuela – 23 minutes

    I wouldn’t say he really got his chance. At Copa America 2016 he played quite well.
    This reminds me of Aimar.
    He is one of our most talented players without a doubt.
    I think he must become an undisputed starter at Tottenham first and prove his fitness then if he does that he should be part of the team.
    What I always criticized about him was his lack of right foot.

  4. Sunday practice saw Pezella , Parades, Salvio instead of Kanneman,Dybala, LoCelso.
    Lautaro and DePaul also got some time in place of Salvio and Correa later.
    All per tyc and ole.

    So basically right now we just wait and see. Everything is a guess at the moment.

  5. You know, I am SICK of Ottamendi. He is too aggresive and he wastes time wiht mistakes and fouls. If you put in MAMMANA, you will get SPEED, DEFENSIVE PROWESS, and LESS FOULS! I don’t know why Scaloni is not putting him in, Ottamendi will screw things up! Meza?! WTF was Scaloni thinking? HE sucks! Beter of putting Pavon!

    • Mammana has been out of action due to Injury. I am also excited to watch Mammana and Pezzela together but for the transition we need Otamendi with them. You cannot just throw Otamendi out and Bring in Mammana. Mammana and Pezzela is our future and Otamendi is important atleast untill Copa. Same with Dybala and Icardi and Latauro. They are the future but we still need Messi and Aguero to play around them untill Copa.

      • I agree with the Aguero point but do you really think any player from Argentina become better than messi after copa or any player in the world comes close to messi till 2020, after that only mbappe Neymar or Hazard can come close but messi remain top3 the best in the world in 2022 world cup if not best

  6. What a disgrace. Mundo was not like this before. Kavindrs— that was the most racist thing that u could have said. Whats your problem with India? Not only India, any country? No place in the world has room for Racists mate. Think twice before you talk about someone’s race, country or Religion. At Romance King—- WTF you mean by Beggerdesh??? I usually liked your comments but now I am disgusted by your behavior. You are no different than Kavindr. Please talk about football ONLY like civilized people. We have no room for trash talkers here.

    • i told beggerdesh because he seems more interested in cricket more than football, a country who can’t score 1run in 3balls or can’t depend 5run in 1ball deserve abuses

      • I am not interested in cricket but calling a country by names is very low and lame of you. It is disrespectful and you are also putting yourself down. It does not matter which country but based on a performance you cannot disrespect a country, race or religion. No country deserve abuses regarding sports or an individual. Hope your respected country taught u that. If not Please learn that. And you should be sorry for disrespecting another country.

        • It’s not good to disrespect naming the particular country in terms of sports performance. Let’s respect each other regardless of the Country, Race or Religion and express the honest opinion.
          I hope Argentina will perform well against Brazil but regardless of the result, I am always supporting Argentina in every up and down.

          • Exactly, Just Imagine some people like that calling Argentina by names because we could not win 3 finals back to back and 2 in Tie Breakers. Some people takes sports to such an extend that it becomes dirty. This is disgusting.

          • Argentina chokes in final before losing back to back 3finals too reason trophy less since 1993 but whatever haters say i don’t care as I see Argentina will dominate like India in cricket as India also faced this situation after 2007 disaster world cup then all senior players dropped and gave youngsters chance to play together and made core group thereafter mixing core team with few senior players like Sachine Zaaheer and India won the world cup in 2011 after 1983 and now dominating in world cricket

      • @romance
        You clearly went way over the line this time. You need to give respect, in order to get respect.
        being derogatory is not a good thing to do, no one here condone such behavior.
        This site is for all Argentina fans around the globe, regardless of race,religion or origin.
        You should apologize to the members here if you want to be part of this family. I am just gonna ignore your comments from now on until you do so and others might do the same. This site is about Argentina football and not about cricket,or about side fights between this country and that. I don’t think any one is interested in talking or hearing about cricket here.

        • I’m not taking about cricket, that loser from Bangladesh was started, Indian football team is far superior, Sunil Chetri is 3rd top goal scorer after cr7 and Messi also Indian u20 beat Argentina in cotif tournament

      • @romance king ..Don’t disrespect a nation here and don’t compare Argentina football team to your country’s team.your comments may reflect your knowledge, personality and people of your don’t harm the image of your country by idiotic comments and disrespecting other nations here.

        • okk bro and thanks, i like Bangladesh just hate their cricket fans who did fake Photoshop. By the way Bangladesh girls are very beautiful and i love them and want gf from Bangladesh

          • Next time think twice before naming a country. You and your silly idiology is not bigger than a country. No one cares about cricket. Here, we belong to one Family and that is ❤️LA ALBICELESTE. everyone is proud of their own country even all the Indians here. You have let down your own country and all the fellow (Good) Indians here. You even let down your Albiceleste Cules. You owe an Apology. Most of us will ignore your comments here if you dont come to act. That loser (whoever) from Bangladesh may be stupid but did not name your country wrong and you have proven the same just like him. Loser from India. But you can be better than that.

  7. kavindrs you should admit that you make mistake
    about you was rude to people in this forum and end this subject.

    everybody have place in this forum. whatever country are from
    whatever religion they have
    whatever sport they like more
    everybody that have even one good feeling about Argentina
    are welcome.

    if you are not from Argentina then something in past attract you and make you Argentina fan.
    the same is for everyone.

    so don t judge the people here how big or less they love Argentina.

    Maradona , Messi , Juan Peron , Evita Peron , Manu Ginobili , Andres Nocioni , Juan Martin del Potro , Che Guevara , Jorge luis Borges , Jose de San Martin or even coronel Mohamed Alí Seineldín

    I DON T CARE who or what make people like Argentina.

    for me is enough that they support Argentina.

    • You know my friend, I like to read your wise words, But I don’t like to see you upset!
      We are Albiceleste Global Family,regardless of where We come from.

      • you are right.
        just i get upset when i read the rude comment about the fans from India
        here that Kavindrs write and i couldn t hold myself to not answer 🙂 🙂

        but i am ok now 🙂
        i take my pill 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

        • but don’t take the wrong pill, like Pele! or you will start saying Pele better than Maradona, and Neymar better than Messi.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

          • you are right one more time my friend 🙂
            good point 🙂

            that is why for don t happened that kind of mistake
            i already throw out of my home every single yellow pill he he 🙂 🙂 🙂
            i keep only the blue and the white ones 🙂 🙂

            just i am wondering one thing.should i throw out and the red ones? are they dangerous too? 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

          • @cox4
            Any pill that is not sky blue and white, through away, Specially Yellow, Red or white(Brazil,England,Germany,Chile). ONLY if it is black, red and white together (river) keep it.

    • Ardiles, Kempes, Maradona, caniggia, Veron, Burruchaga, Ortega, Batistuta, Cambiasso,Crespo, Zanetti, Simeone, Riquelme, Messi, Aguero, Higuain, Di MAria, Mascherano…. etc

      All made me love everything about Argentina. and the younger Generation for years to come will keep me hooked to the Love of this nation.

  8. Now is the time we should focus on copa America.Meza Salvio and Pavon(do not say Pavon is our future Dybla is our future)should not be in the team.Otamendi and Pezzela are best CB pair. Tagliafico is good(can do much better) only right back back is problem Bustos is not satisfying me(probably he is too young against bigger football nation) Marcos Acuna should be given more chances he crosses are unique and his dribbling and shooting is good too.Pamela should be in the list I do not know why Pochettino prefers Son to Lamela.Lamela is more talented than Son.Best news is Romero is back Samoli made mistake for eliminating him.Now we need good sub’s for our defence players Attacker and midfielder are quite much.

    • i dont care for Salvio or Meza but i see talent in Pavon. To many of us, he looking more and more like a discount version of Di Maria but worse. For now, I would still give him a chance. Lamela is also another head clue what the eff Scaloni is waiting on to call him.

      • Pavon is a mini version of Di Maria, I hope he will start playing with brains. and he has talent,Agree. Lamela needs to be called.

        • Mini version of Di maria are you kidding Di maria was good when he was in Real Madrid.Di maria and Higuain should never be called again even in copa America.

          • Sorry to say, if you don’t see that Pavon has talent, then you don’t have a good eye for spotting talented players.
            Quality players who form a team does not form overnight. At the time of Di Maria playing for the NT, who was a better PROVEN player than him? give me one name that was better than Di Maria at that point of time?

        • You need quality player,quality coach ,quality staff in team but you also need quality fan for your team.You did not give chance to quality players in WC and you failed miserably.

        • Once Di maria said he took psychological help to recover himself from the depression which was caused by criticizing fans.Same is the case for Higuain.Those who do not know about game never kicked a ball or others are causing damage to team

          • If you gonna follow what the tabloid news publish, then no argue with you.
            Do you think then the AFA or mundo should publish a form to screen ‘FAKE ARGENTINA FANS’ and prevent them from supporting or criticizing the players.
            What’s wrong with someone who likes Messi and support Argentina because of Messi? the more supporters WE have the better. Fans don’t have to play football to support certain teams. How many women do you know that support their NT and never kicked a ball?

          • “Once Di maria said he took psychological help to recover himself from the depression which was caused by criticizing fans”

            Sorry, can you clarify the “depression” part…are you saying fans should have been more supportive of Di Maria or that Di Maria shouldn’t have played at all and give others a chance?

      • Problem with Lamela is that… he already had good number of chances in NT and never really impressed despite 3 goals. The hype for Lamela is going cyclical here but everytime when he is finally called up after such cycle the hype is quickly running out. Why? Because he never really impressed in NT being called up yet since 2011 and having so far 23 caps, around 10 starts, 973 minutes. It’s not so little comparing to other youngsters that were thrown up after 1-2 chances or so.

        Generally I support every Argentina young player because as far as a player is young you may expectate he will be better in future. But Lamela is one of those about which I’m realy sceptical. I just doubt he is the answer for any position for us. I doubt for several reasons mentioned by me before… For me, he might be usefull (thanks to his physical conditions) in central midfield (box-to-box) only but I don’t see our coaches calling him up to play there.

        • I kind of agree, Scaloni knows exactly what Lamela is capable of, but I think what you are trying to say is that, -And what I was thinking of saying- Lamela had his chances, now others need to take their chance, too.
          So let me rephrase, Lamela needs to be called, but not unless we know what will happen with the ‘many players’ we have in his position. If I would like him to be called now, Only to play as a winger.

          • “Lamela needs to be called, but not unless we know what will happen with the ‘many players’ we have in his position”

            Yes, exactly. First we should get to know about quality and usefulness of those many already called up.

        • You’re right about his past performance. When i say he should be called up, its not to say he should be automatic starter. His call should be based solely on comparative performance. If he proves he’s better than other options, id give him the spot and if not, let the best rise to the top. Overall, I want to call ALL the best option available and have them duke it out for the starting spot. He also increases our bench strength which we desperately need. I actually love his play style…tenacious box to box that dribble really well and has great vision. Hes relentless when it comes to defense and he adds “grit” to the midfield. He’s also not afraid to shoot bangers from outside the box. He has all the qualities to be great, perhaps this time will be different.

        • @gonzalo I agree with you mate
          Lamela had chance 23 caps
          To me that is a lot @Ebo you right
          We have palacios peryer lo celso
          That is enough for me .. lanzini
          Is the one for me i saw him enough
          I can’t wait till he come back
          And perform well…

          • i don’t see the harm in competition, do you? If Lamela proves he’s better, why not give an opportunity instead of closing the door. Shouldn’t we call ALL options have them fight for squad position? Lamela can play centrally or wings and at the least, he adds bench strength. I also cant wait for Lanzini..too bad all these dudes are injury prone.

          • I respect that, my friend. I forgot about Lanzini, too.
            The only talented wingers we have right now. Povon, Gonzalo Martinez, maybe Correa and Acuna, too. But he seems to get settled in the full back position. That’s why I think Lamela -in proper time- could be called as a winger. As of right now, until maybe end of year or beginning next year things will be clear as to who will be part of the 23 players. But introducing new players should keep going on depending on needs and talent. Agree 100% with Choripan that the door should never be closed for any player.

          • “But introducing new players should keep going on depending on needs and talent”.

            Yeah, only if the current ones will got enough chances and turn out to be not good enough.

          • Of course, We do not want to repeat the mistakes of the last 10 years! and obviously, don’t cross a player out for couple of bad performances until we have a proper replacement, and proper replacement comes with giving new players enough playing time. I will say this again, Fans need to understand that they can not compare what we have now with what we had before. a group of players playing together for 2 months will not function as a group of players playing for 10+ years together. Patience is key to success. Argentina rose again after Maradona and his generation, with Batistuta, Riquelme, Messi and their generation, and will rise again after Messi and his generation. the cycle will not stop because some big names stopped playing. that is part of life.

          • ” I will say this again, Fans need to understand that they can not compare what we have now with what we had before. a group of players playing together for 2 months will not function as a group of players playing for 10+ years together”.

            (Not even two months)
            We must be loyal to these words no matter of the result against Brazil. Unfortunately some people want to say us the youngsters need to deliver at once – if not they are just weak. They know nothing about football.

          • I would say to those who will be calling for big names because the NT did not perform well against Brazil:
            RELAX, Copa19 is not tomorrow, and the WC is not around the corner. Building a team with new talent does not happen overnight.
            I think younger generation needs all the time we can afford. The older squad as it existed before is OVER. Some one said here few days ago, “WE know what the ‘Oldies’ are capable of, Let’s see what the youngsters are capable of”. EVERYONE DESERVES A FAIR CHANCE and TIME.
            As For me, I expect a very good performance by Argentina on Tuesday, Why not beat them, too. But if they fail I will not hold it against them at all, I will not be sad because Argentina lost. it can be understood, but because Brazil won! and all should think like that.

          • It’s funny my friends you guys
            Talking give time our new generation
            That is exactly what we need nxt few
            Years not only copa America but beyond that whoever is there must continue to follow scaloni path but i
            Hope he stays they must give chance
            The youth… i saw people already
            Disregarding likes povon correa
            Let’s be honest how many caps they
            Had between them and how many times they play fulltime nothing
            Personal It hurts me meza given
            Chance after chance player like
            Correa or matias varges or povon
            Hardly given chance remember
            Povon first game against Nigeria he played good we all like against Iceland he did well should have pen.
            To be honest overall he did ok
            Something in me telling he will be
            Hit. Correa has everything to be world beater he needs fair chance like others I’m gutted maties vargas
            Didn’t get call up cos the lad looks
            Top player…

          • and that’s exactly what I meant when I said:
            ” But introducing new players should keep going on depending on needs and talent. Agree 100% with Choripan that the door should never be closed for any player.”

            This is something that should not stop all the time. it’s not just now. to preserve continuity in the future. As long as the core of the team does not get disrupted often.
            How things logically are done is Introduce new young talent to the bench, once they are ready, take older players to the bench until they are replaced with new talent on the bench. it’s a never ending cycle.

  9. Why there are so many Indian fans in this site.they know nothing about the football and how this game is played they just know Messi and likes him.They should go and join a cricket website.India is cricket hungry ad football is played on only eastern and little in northern part.Their main game is cricket.

    • That’s a condescending comment! what’s next? telling this person or that, that they are no longer welcome here because of where they come from?!!

      Most of the people that come here, come here because they are Argentina fans, now some are simply idiots who don’t add anything constructive or are simply clueless but that is a minority.

        • Well, Maradona is long gone and Messi is semi-retired (I HOPE NOT) and the team is still here as it will always be……point is if in fact some are fans of individuals and not the team then they’ll go away eventually.

          • It’s not just Messi or Maradona, Most Internatonal supporters of any team always start supporting such team mostly because of certain players and they stick to that team most of the time. Many people support Germany because of let’s say Beckenbauer, or Sepp meyer, or Rummingue. Like wise people might start supporting Brazil because of Pele, or Zico, or Falcao, or socrates. Some might support England because Shilton, Bekham, ..etc. Others might just start supporting Italy because of Maldini, donadoni ..etc.
            Some might support France because of Platini or Zidane.
            supporting a certain player is not as bad as some people describe it.
            keep in mind that those players influence the global audience in following the game, and many will just follow their NT and support them.

        • With all due respect, How do you know they are ONLY Messi or Maradona fans and not true Argentina fans? Did you get into their soul and mind to judge?

          • @kavin
            I don’t have to think about that myself, or ask that question, because simply, I am not here to judge people on what they have in their mind or soul. You talk as if you are the only true Argentina supporter. Judging people from behind a screen will get you no where. If you think that some people here are for Maradona, but Maradona has been gone for about 25 years, and they still here, then why are they supporting Argentina when he is not playing anymore?
            Next you will say Americans not supposed to be here because their main sports are Baseball and American football.

    • Wot the hell mate… It doesn’t matter where the fans are from… If you don’t like the forum jus leave aside n don’t bother about others in it… May be u might know something more than Messi n doesn’t make you something else… I would like to tell you fuck off but since it’s an open forum I’m jus restricting it…

      • India is no1 team in cricket in the world where no1 in football in Subcontinent, Sunil chetri is alone enough to beat beggerdesh and Indian u20 beat Argentina in cotif tournament

        • What a disgrace. Mundo was not like this before. Kavindrs— that was the most racist thing that u could have said. Whats your problem with India? Not only India, any country? No place in the world has room for Racists mate. Think twice before you talk about someone’s race, country or Religion. At Romance King—- WTF you mean by Beggerdesh??? I usually liked your comments but now I am disgusted by your behavior. You are no different than Kavindr. Please talk about football ONLY like civilized people. We have no room for trash talkers here.

        • Just say sorry for your derogatory comment towards Bangladesh. Bangladeshi people mostly love Argentina football team irrespective of the player’s name or brand value. I am a Bangladeshi and i love the shirt of Argentina. Your comment is disrespectful towards many of us who love albiceleste. Just apologise.

    • That is not okay to say. Why are you here then? You should be ashamed! They are loyal fans who are here to help! You probably only support Argentina for Messi to, don’t lie.

    • @Kavindrs, this site is not for racists. India is a great nation and as a Bangladeshi i respect and love india and their people. They are awesome and many of them love football. Football means Argentina for many of them. So, say sorry to the Indian.

  10. Scaloni doing wonderful job. We dnt need anyother oldies to coach nt. Scaloni and aimer is perfect bosses for Nt. And thy r young also..
    Afa should give them full support and do not interfear in thr job. No need to change them until copa19.
    Truth is that thr is no great goalkeepers r present in arg .thts y romero is still going.

  11. Wht this legndry mara DON saying.Actually he is responsible for why Messi not touching any trophy with NT.Jealousy man always trying to presr messi in the midle of a tournmnt by his ugly words. Sometimes he pretends to support messi. Actually he dnt like messi winning anything with Nt.
    Afa doing right. Dnt give him any job in Afa mgt.let easily leave wht he is saying…

    • Oh yeah.. My favourite starting eleven vs Brazil :
      4 – 3 – 3
      GK : Romero (C)
      RB : Saravia
      RCB : Pezzella
      LCB : Otamendi
      LB : Tagliafico
      RCM : Paredes
      CM : Battaglia
      LCM : Lo Celso
      RCF : Dybala
      ST : Icardi
      LCF : Salvio

  12. For me Maradona always will be the best player of all time with Messi 2nd.
    Maradona brought us the world cup.
    Maradona and Messi should both be adored as PLAYERS.
    As far as I am concerned both are not people to be adored out of the pitch.
    I feel petty for amaradona as a human being, drug abuse and problems in his life have made him a terrible bipolar human being.
    Messi on the other side for me is childish.
    Someone who quits just because people in the media or some fans criticize is a quitter.
    A great person simply shuts them up.
    Friends club disaster.
    I hate Maradona the coach and he was so f terrible.
    Let’s not rewrite history about the Riquelme situation! Riquelme Aimar and Zidane are my favorite players of all time so everything they did and was written about them I read.
    90% of the fans wanted Messi to be our playmaker. According to them Riquelme was slowing the team down so they wanted him out, with Messi as playmaker we would play muuch faster so they said. Obvoiusly some of the players thought that too. Maradona always going by public opinion used this and conspired to oust Basile. Riquelme was also sensetive just like Messi cited the “Code of Ethics” as the reason to quit, my favorite player became a 2 time quitter.
    What a shame.
    Maradona always goes by public opinion!
    My point is you should admire the players on the pitch because out of it most of them are terrible human beings.
    Messi for me is still the best player in the world! He still will be helpful in Qatar, no doubt about that. We must stop building a team around him and play team football, since maradona we try to depend on 1 player and that is wrong. Messi also needs to stop acting childish and integrate into the team. I want messi without bagagge. Messi without Biglia. Winning must be priority.

    • 2010 World Cup Argentina can win just like France 2018. Argentina won Olympic team with messi Aguero Dimaria and Roman as playmaker why the same line up not tired in 2010, when you left world class Zenetti despite winning terrible totally proved Maradona badly wanted messi retired with out NT title where messi won everything at U23 label for NT

      • We have made a lot of mistakes!
        I wrote some days ago that one of those big mistakes was to abandon the Olympic team of 2008.
        I watched the final in the German TV ARD/ZDF and the commentators words never got out of my mind and I hear them like an echo.
        He said if Argentina build on this team they will be the favorite for the World Cup 2010.
        That team need some tweaks here and there and it could be have been champion.
        I must say though we played really terrible against the Netherlands and that team played one of the best matches in the semi-final totally outclassing Brazil tactically and footballing wise.
        This was just an instance where we played like a team and defended like one.
        I still have Riquelme’s backheel in mind and the signal to attack.
        That game was just like chess, with strategy.

        Saying Mardona wanted to sabotage Messi is insane. Mardona wanted to win the World cup and if he had won he would have been regarded even more of an idol by bringing 2 world cups to Argentina.
        Believe me! he would had overshadowed Messi.
        His failure was because he was a bad coach.

        Keep in mind at Inter in 2010 Zanetti was a midfielder. Not respecting a player like Zanetti and omitting him for 2 world cups just shows how unjust we act and maybe karma comes back to bite us.

    • i like how mature you speak in this post and you earn my full respect my friend.

      allow me only to add something.
      as you correct said Maradona is not the best human character in world and sure no child or anybody should adore or try to do same bad things that Maradona did in his personal life.
      no way.

      just Maradona always will have one special place in heart of all Argentinians which they grow up in end of 20th century because due football he and his companions
      lift the psychology of one nation in very hard years. very hard and bad years not about football.

      so nobody can forget and nobody will forget what Maradona did as long as those generations live.

      when all people of my generation die our children sure will keep Maradona as football player.
      the other details will be forgotten because this is life.
      Young Argentine children grow up different in better years for Argentina without war or dictatorships.

      of course exist very big poorness and crisis this years but at least we have not wars and exist democracy.

    • Gonzalo montiel should in the Nt.
      For me is better than bustos
      Montiel will be our regular right back
      I saw him enough I’m convinced he
      Will be top player.

      • We need 2 fullbacks. One of Bustos/Saravia will stay (it depends how will do Saravia against Brazil). To that Scaloni will call up Montiel. I like what I saw from him yet in U-20 performances. Must be there.

  13. i will hold myself for one more time to don t explode and …. with some guys here.
    i don t like fight and i will avoid as long my powers allow me.

    “fuck you Maradona” ????
    are you serious guy? who you think you are?
    how old are you and you speak like this for the biggest legend ever?
    are you Argentina fan?

    do you know where is Argentina in the map?
    do you know one city name of Argentina?

    i love Leo but guys like you make me want say
    “Messi get lost from the national team”.

    as about you San Isidro really you go very low to my eyes after your last comments.
    very pity.

    i have said many times in past in this forum that Diego Maradona is not football coach.
    he pretend that he is one.he is not and he will never be one unfortunately.
    that is why i am the first i make critics to him.
    everybody can make bad critics to him about that level.

    BUT I REFUSE to allow to anyone speak with use words SO BAD in personal level.
    Maradona is legend for Argentina in more than just football.

    He is and will be the legend for many generations of Argentinians.
    for all the post war generations till end of 20th century actually.

    as for 21th century guys i can say only this.


      • this Rochak guy post this for Diego.
        i just start answer to him with his words
        and believe me i hold myself difficult to don t speak worst.

        you should say to him to calm down not me.


  14. So after the rumors we get a first look in with the actual practice line ups.
    Meza’s inclusion is obviously a surprise but it is making me think coach is considering abandoning the 3 man midfield system we saw in all three matches at open, and go with a classic narrow counter attacking 4-4-2 very similar to Athletico. For all of Meza’s faults he is actually quite defensively stout which this setup requires and does have the ability to release the ball forward. And of course Correa on the right needs no introduction to this system.

    The inclusion of LoCelso, a pure box to box guy next to Ascacibar a more defensive mate also makes me think this is a possibility. Dybala will have his free role then. Two things make me doubt this: Icardi’s ability to play as a ‘defensive forward’ and the fact that this formation hasn’t been seen much yet. But then again we didn’t see the back 3 till recently. This setup can outnumber the brazilians in the middle where they are strong and push attacks out wide where they are weak without the offensive threat of Marcelo. I don’t know if fans will appreciate a defensive start against the big enemy though.

    Of course it might be all about nudes and corruption! Cannot rule anything out with AFA.

    At the back I continue to expect Pezella+Otamendi until official announcement.

    These could very well be coaching chess and ‘gamesmanship’ given the history of this contest.

    • You have very good eye to formation, my friend. I thought too, he is aiming to play 4 4 2. putting more bodies in the midfield to keep it compact and limit the freedom of the opponent (Simeone style) and you made it logical why include Correa on the right as he is very well adapted to this system.
      I think Scaloni is not treating this match as a friendly, knowing that any match against Brazil should not be taken lightly. Certainly We fans don’t take it lightly, neither.

      • yes brother quite possible. Another question I have though is why not use Roberto Pereyra if this is true since he is also familiar with this formation. it is possible coach wants a more pace option in meza.

        • I think Preyera is less defensive assuring than Meza. He is more familiar with being an offensive midfielder, winger or even second striker. Meaning Scaloni will have to drop one of three, Lo Celso, Dybala or Correa to have Preyera fit in.
          If Scaloni wants to be successful in adapting a more defensive 4 4 2 approach with lightening counter attacks , he needs to keep the midfield compact to force the opponent to play on the flanks. Lo Celso and Meza playing side by side while Dybala has freedom of movement and Correa closer to Icardi on the right. Meza’s task will be quick ball recovery and long passes up front. I think Scaloni is trying to attack Brazil through Correa (on their left) While asking Tagliafico to join in the attack as a wing back. One thing will be crucial for this to work as you said, will Icardi and Correa succeed in pressing the Brazillian defense and force a quick ball recovery? i.e. being defensive forwards?

          • If he wants to replace Meza for the above tactics, he might as well use Paredes instead. But we don’t know what’s on his mind till the day of the match anyway.

          • No I agree ebo. If this is indeed the shape and strategy this line up makes sense. Parades is good CM but his elegant style is not suited for a 4-4-2 in my view. You need a more ‘enforcer’ type like Ascacibar, and Meza will be all the way outside to release pressure with his pace.

          • Yes the midfielder distinction. In the middle third the flanking midfielder of a narrow 4 will try to show the opponent towards his neigboring midfield teammate or to his forward pressing back so they can trap the ball.

            The winger/full backs natural reaction is to show the opponent to the outside. This is obviously not a problem for the FB in the back 4 as the opponent will run out of room, but in the middle third this exposes the 4-4-2 to its big weakness – space on the flanks. They will bypass the middle and run at the back.

            Can Acuna be trained? Probably. He seems like a versatile enough guy. But we are just trying to justify why this particular line up with meza might make sense to practice.

      • I doubt scolani will play 4 4 2 usually he plays 4 1 4 1
        Or daimand… If he choose to play 4 4 2 . Salvio more
        Suits than meza or acuna or even cervi all those players
        ‘re very suitable in that infromation but i believe he will play.
        Battaglia setting in front of the back
        Lo celso and paredes either side of battaglia
        Dybala top of the daimand icardi and correa up front
        In that line up can also be 4 2 3 1.. double pivot
        Battaglia and paredes in front of them lo celso
        Right dybala left correa lone striker icardi

  15. Guys i have question please answer it
    It’s me or those English speaking journalisty based in South America
    Like Brazil Chile Colombia…
    Anytime they talk about south America
    Football they say good things about
    Brazil Colombia chile Peru but
    Argentina they talk about so negative
    They are so critical about arg..
    I know arg has been in mess but
    I think they went over the top unfairly.

    • I think because our recent poor performances last qualifiers and world cup. Need to admit many other latin countries have become stronger now. Also, without Leo, they’re not scared of us anymore..

  16. Meza..Meza baffling. Most of us don’t want him in the NT. I know for a fact that most will call me crazy.
    But I don’t know why I have a feeling that this guy is just going to be successful in the NT. He plays with heart and tries very hard. There must be something about him the coaches see and we don’t, a side from what Romance says, of course. We are still looking for new players any way. so why not keep him around and see if he will be able to produce decent talent. I think he will play against Brazil (not full match though) and most likely will do good. Against Iraq, He was not great, but he was not a total failure. I am not a fan of destroying the reputation or chances of players or criticize them for trying their best for the NT. So why not give him few more chances like the rest before him? I don’t see a problem in that.

    • Usually you re rational my friend
      I really hope he become good player
      But what I have seen from him
      I very much doubt someone said
      Early one he is next sosa that is
      Exactly what I think too.
      That is my opinion..

      • I just like every player to take his chance, I still think his time will come, maybe just stay on the bench, but there is something hidden about this guy,I think. I might be mistaken, but I suggest his time will come. I think that he is aware of all the negativity around him in the media, and any kind of pressure on any player at this point of time is not helping. Every player deserve enough time to be judged. Copa19 is not tomorrow, and the WC is far away still. At the end these matches are friendlies. The door should not be closed to any player who want to represent the NT.

    • Meza is probably one of the best in trainings (as it was during WC) and that’s why Scaloni also is starting him. But the first mistake is to give him right side. For me Meza only on left side.

  17. Guys look at TyC sports. Looks like Diego has diarrhea of the mouth again about Messi saying he is no leader and weak.

    Can this drug addict ever shut his mouth?

    • what should i do? it’s irritating to see meza in every starting XI despite disaster class performance, Meza must have a quality which only coaches can see not fans

  18. I would be surprised if meza starts against Brasil…would like to see parcedes and ascacibar to start in double 5…correa is a must.. he compliments star players … which is what argentina needs

  19. What, MEZA again? I think they are playing MEZA so he can get contract in Europe, he’ll split the money with them because I dt see any reason why he should even be selected.

  20. I said before meza plays for the NT
    Because of tapia the independent
    Chairman is tapia’s father in low
    He wants to sell to European club
    The one way he can do that is
    Through the NT.

  21. Not a great line up if true.
    I want Scaloni to continue but with this formation he will not impress.
    Pezzella and Paredes should always start.
    Meza is the new Sosa.

    • I don’t get it. Is not painfully obvious? You take out paredes and team looses rythm instantly. This is what happened last game.

      And who plays Correa from the left? And for what? His crossing ability?

    • We definitely need pezzela and paredes
      They re the best on thier positions
      Paredes always controls the rythem
      Of the game arg didn’t have player like
      Him since riquelme honestly we lucky
      To have parades..

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