Argentina vs. Brazil to go to penalties in case of draw


There must be a winner when Argentina play Brazil on Tuesday in Saudi Arabia.

News is coming out that should Tuesday’s match involving the two South American heavyweights end in a draw, the match would go directly to penalty kicks. The winner would lift a trophy.


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    • Yes man, I also noticed it! This is just a website for Albeceleste fans & Argentine Football is the only topic here. It grew a fantasic community among us & thanks to Roy for that! But, any offtopic specially sencetive offtopics r fully useless here. It must be stopped & those who do it, just be kicked out! We r here from different countries! & our behaviour is our identity! We seriously keep it in mind. There is a Bengali proverb,”Chorer maayer boro gola.” “Thief’s mother has the loud voice”. I have nothing to say more, just mind this proverb, everything will be clear to everybody! However, we love Argentine football & should respect every nation also, right? Thats it!

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  2. No need to worry we have the Legendary Romero to save us, if it goes to Penalties.

    And wait a minute did i hear there will be a TROPHY. Wow at least our Senior NT should win something i guess.

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