Paulo DYBALA to be benched, Mauro ICARDI to start for Argentina


Paulo DYBALA is expected to start on the bench for Argentina when they play Brazil on Tuesday.

There appears to be a change of plans done by coach Lionel SCALONI. According to several reports, Eduardo SALVIO will replace Paulo DYBALA in the starting eleven. Here’s the rumored eleven:


As mentioned in a previous report, should the friendly match end in a draw, it would go to penalty kicks.


        • no reason my friend. i have seen enough too that is why i say Romero is better.

          when Allison achieve something bigger or even same that what Romero have done in his career then we speak again.

          • i didn t say that Romero is the best GK in world.
            but he is not worst than Allison.
            only that.

            Romero is one very good GK that he is out of form because he is behind De Gea in line of Manchester united and because he had injury. with work he can be again in the level he was before.

            He is member of Manchester united and he have play in 2 world cups ,he played in 1 world cup final and in 2 copa america finals.

            he is experienced GK and he have prove his value.

            why Allison is better GK? he is in form this period ok.
            but this is not enough for me.
            you can t convince me he is better.
            maybe in 2-3 years will be. i don t know future.

            you have your opinion and i have mine.
            we don t have to agree each other necessarily.

        • Romero was not poor for the NT. IMO, He was, He is best available GK for the NT.
          I am not comparing him with other Gk. I am talking Argentine GK.
          He has stuck on the bench for MU, that is the problem. but he has to be good to be a backup for De Gea.
          I don’t know how you describe Romero as poor for NT. Who else was there to take his place?

        • Wow, I’ll give you one thing…. You’re very unique. So unique, you’re one of the only people I’ve discussed that follows Arg that says Romero was awful. Perhaps you should start watching our games closer… The only other people who critieize are those that barley follow Arg and sayhe’s poor because he’s not a starter for club. Congrats

  1. Scaloni is going with a 4-3-1-2 I think. Both Lo Celso and Dybala is in final XI. Correa and Icardi upfront.

    It is going to be interesting. Argentina has put it’s bet on it’s middle, where it is strong. Brazil will be using a 4-2-3-1, Coutinho-Neymar-Lucas behind Firmino. They are going all out wide.

    Pass vs Pace.

    Control vs Counter Attack.

    We will be vulnerable in the flanks defensively. Hope that Paredes and Lo Celso spreads out while defending and Dybala-Correa covering the middle zones.

    • There’s a doubt wheter Correa or Martinez will start. For me Martinez but as CF. I don’t know how he could do as winger

    • I think he wants to push Brazilians out wide on the flanks where Tagi and Saravia will see them out. because their strength is through the middle

    • @Mafioso Paredes is defensively naive. Hope he does show tomorrow that he upped that side of his game.

      PS: Argentina have been strong in the midfield department for a considerble period of time ;except the last two games(against Brazil) and majority of that time the “pace,physicality and counter attack” prevailed over the flair of Argentina midfield. Let’s see what Scaloni does this time.

  2. @ dontbethatguy.
    Argentines are not finding their way into top teams is no fault of theirs. The transfer is market is going thru a transition. The hype is around speed, strength and athleticism. So, Argentine players are out fashion and this phase will change. We needed this break after enjoying over a decade of dominance. Like a break. The irony is all our European superstars achieved nothing with the NT.
    If it makes you feel better.
    Tagliafico is scouted by Barca.
    Montiel and Almendra by Valencia.

    Balerdi by Juve and Barca.
    Veron by Barca.
    Barco by top teams in Bundesliga.
    Rigoni has only played a handful of games for Atlanta but Juve are already closely monitoring him.
    Nicolas Gonzalez will politically be termed a failure at this stage. The fact is his team as a whole sucks and most of Nico good work is spoiled by wasteful Mario Gomez. If this fellow can survive his first season, he is gonna be huge.

    • Yes, but how that happend he have had to save us only in last game? How we led to the situation of being on the verge? Answer: by Messicentric thinking and acting.

  3. I have read in TyC that Messi has let Scaloni know that he is not available for Mexico games. TyC mentioned that if nothing drastic happens, this decision is final. Some are commenting in twitter that he won’t return until he saw a solid project.

    If that is the case, I hope that he never returns. Messi missed a golden chance in WC final, One penalty in Copa’16 final, one penalty in WC’18 group stage which put the team in tremendous pressure. My point is nobody is above the team. Messi is for the team, not vice versa. The project is for Argentina nt, not to impress Messi. Argentina won 2 WC, 14 Copa America without Messi. With Messi won zero. No more bending team and strategy for a single player. Players must fit the team, not vice versa. You play for Argentina. Argentina don’t play for you.

      • England with only one real star, Harry Kane ,stream rolling Spain. 3-0 before half time.

        Attack? Kane, Sterling, Rashford vs Asensio, Rodirgo, Aspas.

        midfield? Barkley, Dier, Winks vs Busquets, Thiago, Saul

        Defense? Chilwell, Maguire, Gomez, Tripper vs Alonso, Ramos, Nacho, Castro.

        GK? DDG vs Pickford.

        Head to head comparison wise, England looses. But the real life result is being different, a lot different.

        I will trust Argentinian youngsters, for the next match and beyond.

        • Could’nt agree more @Mafioso. It’s always the right mentality over quality anyday. Quality is needed but the right mentality is needed even more.
          Some of the Aguero fans (you maybe a one) should understand that thing.

          • why you are going with one or the other. You act as if both aren’t possible. Just look at the past 3 world cup winers and try to argue they lacked stars.

        • Thats anecdotal. I could say something similar but use way more important matches like France vs Croatia WC18, Germany vs Argentina WC 14, Spain vs Netherlands WC 14, etc and the results completely counter your argument. Head to head, the victor had better players. Have you heard the phrase “ceteris paribus”? When you hold all variables constant, the team with better players will win in the long run. This doesn’t mean that they are invincible as they can still lose but its just the probability of wining increases.

        • Sorry to say but your comparison here does not hold water.
          comparing Harry Cane’s weight in the English Team vs Messi’s Weight in Argentina team is out of balance.
          For instance, The gap of technical and tactical ability between Messi and the rest of Argentina squad is way way larger than the gap of Harry Cane and the rest of the English squad. The English squad mostly at equal or less level. You can not compare apples and oranges, If England had a player of Messi’s caliber, I am sure they will have hard time just like Us. The only way Messi will succeed in Argentina is if the players step up their talent to incorporate Messi’s potential or Messi himself steps down in his abilities and plays to about 50% of his capacity, and that’s why I think Messi should just set at the bench or stay away from the NT for another six months at least. It’s not to impress Messi and entice him to come back, but to build a team without him, where he is not the focal point of the group, something that many many were calling for. Now they say if Messi wants Argentina to build a team before he comes back, people are criticizing him as if he is looking for impression.

      • Mostly The same people who kept on calling Messi to step away from the NT so a functional team can be built without him and without his influence on other players, are the same ones that are criticizing him for staying away! Now they have a new phrase, Messi wants a new project so he can be impressed. MESSI IS NOT WAITING TO BE IMPRESSED HE HAD ENOUGH BEING BLAMED FOR EVERYTHING WHETHER HE IS HERE OR NOT, HE IS STILL CRITICIZED. A DOUBLE EDGE SWARD THAT BEEN CUTTING HIM FOR EVER.I swear I said that couple of months ago, If he get called to the NT and he refuses, they will say that he does not care about the NT and he wants to run things his way. HE most likely missed 3 WC and 3 European cups with Spain. and chose to represent Argentina.I only respect him for that. On the other hand, If people will keep getting their brains washed by tabloid news, god help them.

  4. In ancient time, people used to man mark in football. As a result individualistic team like Brazil won some WC in those times. Then there came the era of zonal marking, there came a era where team shape is more important than own individuals, also opponent star individuals.

    Here in this blog, people are comparing player to player. This is a practice of ancient times. If your players have a certain level, you can win against any team if you can muster a better teamwork. Inter Milan won against Barcelona. Chile won against Argentina , twice! Gary Medel and Vargas have 2 copa medel, Mascherano and Messi have zero. Roma beat Barca last year.

    And the disgusting comments which has become norm in this website is responsibility of Roy Nemer, solely. I don’t think when Seba started this community he envisioned such things. This website , this community is here today because of contribution of it’s members… Seba, Johnny, Ziggy, Jack, Pablo, Leandro, El Principe, Mamoun, Trini Pupi…..Most of them are not here today. Environment was good back then, it can be again…But Roy, the owner of this website, does even care?

      • I am really fed up with recent environment. Members getting attacked for their footballing view had already become norm, calling Argentinian footballers farmer what not!

        In recent times, one my fav Argentinian player was Jose Basanta, then 29 years old Liga MX player. A farmer if you go by some vile opinion here.

        Today we have seen a new level of uncivility. This must end.

        • Personally I’m really disappointed by admin’s totall ‘freedom’ politic despite few people being perennial critic of everything to come in ARG football.

    • This site needs moderation. It‘s about Argentina NT team. Why should we read sbout Cricket and hatred between 2 countries.
      I dont support Argentina as a country. I dont have any ties to Argentina. I don‘t even know snybody from Argentina. What I support is the team! Why? Because in my opinion Argentina plays the most beatiful football and it should be crowned as such. The way Argentina plays and the players it produces excite me snd entertains me watching them. If I wanted trophies I could have easily chosen Germany a country which saved my life and has given to me everything. But my heart simply wants to support the white and blue shirt and black shorts and the players who wear them. I slways admired the 10 enganche for me footbsll is srt and beauty and the enganche embodies it. How the enganche passes kicks the ball for me is life.
      Argentina created la maquina and brought us di stefano, maradona and messi.
      Team play always beats individual work.
      But we must also be real!

      • one question. it is not about football. just you make me curious with what you wrote up.
        if you want answer me. if you don t want just say to me “i don t want to say “.
        i will respect it.

        “Germany saved my life and has given to me everything”.
        why you said that? what Germany did to you?

        friendly speaking.
        i repeat.
        if you don t want don t answer me.

        • No problem I‘ll answer I emigrated to Germany as a refugee.
          I dont like their football, I like The football played by Argentina. Maybe we need to win the World cup so bad that we are starved so much that we have begun to eat each other.
          We need to winso we will feel happiness.

          • thank you for your answer my friend.

            as about the world cup you said very true thing.
            i have never live the experience to win the world cup.
            the first world cup i remember as child was 1990 !!!
            so you can easy understand that i am very “thirsty”
            to drink that “water”.

            and all the Argentinians or Argentina fans from my age and down.

            we need to win SO MUCH.

      • I share your passion, Ghostdeini. You are an old member here. I sometimes go to youtube and watch Requelme’s clips. I get mesmerized by how he could control the tempo of the game. I was watching the England Argentina friendly 2005, few days ago..At the later period of the game, he deliberately slowed down the whole game, slower passes in calculated positions….time killing with safe possession.The beauty was not in his leg, but in his brain! I hope we find a player like him again!

        For last two days, I have visited TyC more than Mundo. You come here, with something to share about Argentina, then you see disgusting words are thrown around.

        The problem is that the writers of this website spends more time thinking about Barcelona and Huddersfield town than Argentina NT. Where is the time for moderation? You can shout here all day about civility and Roy does not even read the comments.

        • my friend once that you mention old games because i have passion to watch all the past Argentina games
          i want to share this with you if you are interested.

          i have sign up myself free without pay anything to this website

          and i am spending countless hours of my free time to watch there
          full games of Argentina from past.
          all the games from every competition we have played.

          • Thank you my friend! Indeed I love watching old games. I have once again fallen in love with Ariel Ortega. What a player he was for us! I have recently watched Argentina vs England 2001 friendly, he was phenomenal!

        • If you want to know something about ARG football you need to go to TYC, Ole, Golazo Argentino. Mundo Albiceleste was never good informative site giving still only news of mainstream players (+ tons of interviews questions about Messi). About the most popular, even if they are not currently in NT, we know everytime from Mundo when Messi, Aguero, Di Maria, Higuain, Banega are scoring. But we do not when less known players are scoring in Europe. Moreover: we have info about Aguero scoring in club despite the fact he is out of NT ATM but we have not info about Salvio or Cervi doing the same (not to mention about local league NT players goals), even if he is in current NT squad.

          Where from this shizofrenic lack of consequence? Mundo is fixated on the same famous names as well. Even if some of them are “out of date”.

          I don’t get Mundo as informative site. It’s more like Argentina NT forum. Best forum in fact. To be informative at the same time it would have to be like Mundo Albiceleste and Golazo Argentino in one.

    • Seba’s articles are a real miss. I still can’t forget that “Sabella article” he wrote. It may not be his best to some of you. Miss Johnny’s comments too.
      And where’s taxi driver Travis Bickle?

      • And where is Aurelius? Although, I comment here very seldomly, there is barely a day I don’t visit this site and skim through the comments. This has been going on for more than a decade. Now a days, I first see the commenter’s names and decide whether to spend my time to read some nonsense. Yesterday, It enraged me to see an imbecile disrespecting my country. It enrages me to see some newbies disrespecting our players relentlessly. In the name of Argentina fans, those people get a free pass spoiling this site day in day out. If Roy cannot monitor this site, maybe someone else should. There should be no place for people in this site who never learned to respect others and our players.

  5. Ascacibar should be in the midfield in place of batagllia , this guy wont let them play properly in the midfield.
    Rest of them are good salvio and correa is wise decision, brazil is going to attack from wide areas these two will help defensively ,track the ball back.

  6. Sitting on the bench or playing….he better perform and the same goes for Icardi.
    Good squad given the circumstances and I am very glad its Romero and Not either Armani or Rulli.

    I stressed speed and speed is what I want to see, don’t wanna see the banana yellow running all over us! and how sweet will it be if we STICK IT TO THEM without the BOSS and Super Kun.

  7. Good lineup. Better than the previous rumoured lineup.
    Keen to see how Lo celso plays, to prove himself as a good midfielder against a physically stronger midfield and skillful attack. I feel Vazquez is much better (I reckon most of you will disagree). For our sake, I just hope lo celso proves me wrong as he is the future.
    Salvio was an easy victim of our poor World cup, was played out of position. He deserves a few chances, but as a winger.

  8. First of all this blog has no control whatsoever. No modoratation.
    It‘ s a shame.

    Talking football now.
    In no world is Romero better than Allison.

    The line up is ok. I would have liked to see Ascacibar instead of Battaglia but am ok with battaglia because I want to see him how he performs.
    I would have liked someone more threatning than Salvio in the line up.

  9. The only thing I’m really sure is that we need continue work with the youngsters of september/october friendlies no matter what the result will be tomorrow.

    Yesterdey have watched Poland – Italy 0:1. After few really poor matches from Squadra Azzurra something bagan to work. I didn’t saw Italy playing like this since 2012 or even 2006. The new/young players needed some time but sooner or later must be better. No big stars in this Italy team but great collective playing. Worth watching.

    On the other hand Germany keeping with their core of threadbare, satiated past stars and it doesn’t looks good. 0:3 against Netherlands. Loew is talking about refreshment but there’s no consequence in this.

    • Germany will always strengthen their backups,In time they will add youngsters, like a well oiled machine. Italy and Argentina along with Netherlands will have a long tough 4 years for qualifying to the next world cup. Brazil, France, Spain will be fine.

      Our chances will depend on how Tata Martino is gonna take us forward. (Tapia will bring him)

      • “Germany will always strengthen their backups,In time they will add youngsters”

        “In time”
        For Germany the time apparently came yet before last WC. They are in stagnation for Loew conservatism similar to Argentina recent years. If you trust one generation too much and too long that will brought the ‘dark times’. Introducing fresh blood must be successive if not you will need in some moment start again from scratch. We are in the moment

        • Germany will be back easily. We will see it. Because they r running a system which they won’t change. It’s easy for them. They have talented youngsters too.

          Ours is entire different situation. As u said AFA have to act now. As of now we don’t have any system or direction. We have an Interim Coach, No proper coaching staffs etc. They should have taken a decision after 3 months of the WC. As of now they r wasting time. Well what to do.

  10. 5-time World Champion Brazil rumored line-up: 4-3-3

    Alisson/Filipe Luis Mirando Marquinhos Danilo/Casemiro Augusto Coutinho/Neymar Firmino Lucas

    It’s likely a Champions league team v.s. Europa League team.

    • Alison> romero Danilo=saravia marqunos<pazella miranda<otamendi Flip luis<Tagliafico Agustobatigala Coutinho>lo celso lucas=salvio<Dybala firminocorera Brazil=4 Argentina=6/5 tied=1/2 overall Argentina>brazil

    • Here’s side by side comparison..I think were better in 4 players. 4 of 11 ain’t bad but it depends on the entire teams performance.

      Alisson vs Romero (ARG)

      Filipe Luis vs Tagliafico (BRA)

      Mirando vs Otamendi (ARG)

      Marquinhos vs Pezzella (BRA)

      Danilo vs Saravia (BRA)

      Casemiro vs Battaglia (BRA)

      Augusto vs Paredes (ARG)

      Coutinho – Lo Celso (BRA)

      Neymar vs Correa (BRA)

      Firmino vs Icardi (ARG)

      Lucas vs Salvio (BRA)

      • Brazil’s advantage against Argentina is not only the starting 11, but the depth they possess on the bench.
        Gabriel Jesus or Richarlison for Firminho, Malcom for Lucas Moura, Fred & Arthur for Renato and Coutinho, Alex Sandro for Felipe Luis, Militao for Danilo. And dont get me started with their GK. Their depth is unbelievable.

        And what does Argentina have? Dybala for Salvio? That’s a huge improvement. Martinez for Icardi? That’s a little improvement. Pererya for Battaglia? That’s another little improvement.
        Meza, Acuna, Ascacibar, Cervi?
        and in defense, Kannemann, Foyth, Bustos?
        Anyone who follows soccer will have trouble identifying most of Argentina’s players, while Brazil’s mostly all play in the best leagues in the world.

        Argentina at the moment is pale in comparison to Brazil’s squad depth. Greater example why we still need Messi, Aguero, Banega to match Brazil’s quality.

        @Karl is right, this is Champions league vs Europa League quality. Let’s see how this new Argentina fares tho.

        • Exactly. In terms of youth players and squad depth, we are only slightly better than Netherlands and at similar level to Italy. We are far behind of Germany, France, Spain, Brazil, Belgium, England, and Portugal.

          However, we are ARGENTINA. We’ll recover from this dark period very soon, like Germany did in early 2000s. Definitely not in 2022, probably not in 2026, maybe in 2030.

          • “We’ll recover from this dark period very soon, like Germany did in early 2000s. Definitely not in 2022, probably not in 2026, maybe in 2030”.


            We are building for 2022 and the material is there.

            What is the dark period according to you? No one give fair chances to our youngsters in NT since long time and you are talking about dark period. The only dark was the stagnation of last years with introducing of fresh blood

          • @Gonzalo I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if all these “future” Argentine players remain at Superliga Argentina, they will always be a few steps behind all the south american players in Europe. And the Premeira Liga isn’t a step up either, and the Bundesliga as well is not a great leap forward either.

            In order for Argentina to grow, we NEED players in the top clubs in the World.
            For Example:
            – Bayern Munich
            – Dortmund
            La Liga:
            – Barcelona (We NEED more Argentinians at Barcelona ASAP! With their LB problem, there is a chance Tagliafico could find his way in, according to Onefootball)
            – Real Madrid (Where are the Di Maria’s, Gago’s those argentines at Real?)
            – Atletico Madrid (Benched Correa isn’t enough)
            – Valencia
            – Sevilla (Bangea + Vasquez are a bonus)
            Premier League:
            – Manchester United
            – Manchester City
            – Chelsea
            – Liverpool
            – Tottenham
            – Arsenal
            Serie A:
            – Juventus
            – Napoli
            – Inter (Icardi + Laururo only future stars available)
            – Milan
            – Lazio
            – Roma
            Ligue 1:
            – PSG
            – Monaco
            – Lyon

            We NEED Argentinians at the biggest clubs in Europe, teams that compete in the Champions league, not the Europa League.
            Brazil HAS that, Argentina does NOT! The material is NOT there, and that needs to change, or else we will get swept aside by France, Brazil, Germany who will rebuild, Italy who are rebuilding, Portugal who have a bright future with players in different big clubs, Spain who have a future Ballon D’Or winner Asensio in their ranks.

          • @Karl England and Germany and Portugal
            They don’t have likes parades palacios
            Lo celso ascaciber ezquel barco…
            Definitely they ‘re better than Argentina
            Germany ‘re declaining now

          • We need the players there to see them withering on the bench or kicked out like Lo Celso and countless others?

          • “Inter (Icardi + Laururo only future stars available)”

            ??? So “the only” because they play in Inter? This is far too much limited view.

            Batistuta, Ortega, Veron – being among best players on 1998 WC played for Fiorentina, Parma, Sampdoria till the time.

          • “Batistuta, Ortega, Veron – being among best players on 1998 WC played for Fiorentina, Parma, Sampdoria till the time” And? Batistuta was a local hero, not wanted to leave Fiorentina for very long, but the whole world wanted him =MU, Real Madrid etc), Veron was a great midfielder in the making, Parma Uefa Cup winner etc, current Sevilla or Arsenal equivalent, and his carrer build up never broke until MU and injuries, Ortega a misunderstood genius, a genial “idiot”but everybody saw what he could. Bad examples+Seria A was sky high the best league at that time

          • No one said our youngsters should stay in Superliga. But for some people the big clubs are going to be like fetish.

            “We NEED more Argentinians at Barcelona ASAP!”

            This is stupid statement. No we need not ASAP. Thry should go tosmaller European clubs, play there good football and step by step climb the scale of clubs. Not ASAP to be benched there.

          • “Batistuta was a local hero, not wanted to leave Fiorentina, but the whole world wanted him =MU, Real Madrid etc)”

            Batistuta local hero? Ok. But in club.

            You completely can’t understood my point. He was local hero in club but great in NT. That’s the point. So he didn’t need big club to score 56 goals in NT.

            Veron was in his NT best when he played for Parma not Manchester or Inter. Veron AD 2000 or so (being Lazio player was not such briliant in passing as Veron in Parma – and nothing to do with injuries that came later)

            Ortega never shined in Europe. But was absolutely vital NT player being in Sampdoria. They were among bests on WC 1998. Their smaller clubs career has nothing to do with their NT importance – and that is exactly corroboration of my point.

          • He played in Fiorentina, but Bati was an elite Real Madrid or Juventus level striker, if the whole world want to sign Paredes or Lo celso, but they rather stay in a smaller club, and play good in NT, that not mean that players from medium teams are enough for winning, but we sadly see the opposite so far. (Totti one of the best playmakers ever)

          • This is not my point here, wheter there is such talent or not. My point was: Batistuta, Ortega, Veron were one of best players of 1998 WC (and best of Argentina) not being players of big clubs.

          • but they were elite level talents, current players except strikers not, sorry that the truth, Benfica would maybe beat Barcelona or Real Madri 1 time of 10, maybe, not more, we are now in the Benfica role of the international football (except strikers)

          • “He played in Fiorentina, but Bati was an elite Real Madrid or Juventus”

            This is tottall slippery and specious the statement. He played in Fiorentina. He shine for NT playing in Fiorentina. Not Real. Period. We don’t know what could have happend if he went to Real. He felt comfortable in smaller club and that’s maybe one of the reasons he showed best.

            Riquelme was so important in Villarreal, Boca and NT but not in Barcelona in spite of opinion he was Barcelona level player. But he failed there. He needed his comfort zone and time in some smaller club.

            This is the case of many of our players. They just need to feel home and comfortable in some club, usually smaller. Then will shine.

          • “but they were elite level talents, current players except strikers not, sorry that the truth”

            Funny thing: you was describing Lo Celso or Paredes as elite talents when they were players of PSg and Roma but when they went to the small clubs they lost the status. This is like works your imagination. All about fame, money, splendour. This is too shallow perspective.

          • They were younger (Paredes with 3 years!!!), and had the potential to be a world class midfielder, but they failed on the first step: to stay and play regularly in a big club. talent is nothing without fighting spirit, self-confidence, strong mentality and guts to fight for your place outside of the comfort zone, the process of development. (out of comfort zone, in Superliga its impossible).

          • “out of comfort zone, in Superliga its impossible”.

            Don’t change the point of refference. We were talking about European clubs, not Superliga.

            Riquelme, Saviola, Sorin – all they were Barcelona level players and talents but they failed there. Ttill Riquelme and Sorin shined in NT.

            Maradona failed in Barcelona but he found his comfortable place in Napoli.

            “talent is nothing without fighting spirit, self-confidence, strong mentality and guts to fight for your place outside of the comfort zone”

            Did Maradona lacked the traits because he failed in Barcelona?

        • @Gonzalo You are right. The youngsters are not given chances in NT.

          But they were given enough chances at club level!!!
          What have they achieved???
          Paredez failed in Roma and Lo Celso failed in PSG. Period.

          Let’s face the truth – we are pretty much at similar level to Columbia/Uruaguay. We’re still a good team. But definitely not a super team.

          • “Paredez failed in Roma and Lo Celso failed in PSG. Period”.

            Disagree they simply failed. Many factors. Coaches choices had a lot to do here.

          • @gonzalo you re right it’s coachs
            Chioces Karl do you realy think
            Roma had better deep lying playmaker than parades answer.
            Is no but was spalleti who is doing
            Same things to lautro now
            Lo celso unfairly tuchal pushed him.

        • Including Messi and co will be a step back just as Son of a Ho Martino did in 2014. We can’t help if we look weaker than Brazil. We have to live with it. What we have is what we have. We have to find the core of the 2022 team from this group and over the next 4 years there will be at least 3 or 4 new qualents talents that will emerge as has traditionally been the case with Argentina. The fact is we might have the worst talents on the planet but we could do no worse than what the superstars of the past 25 years have done for the country. They won nothing and that’s all that matters.

  11. i would like to see Cervi on the left side and Correa instead of Salvio on the right side
    but overall i think it is a good and balanced side. i think this team in my humble opinion can defend and can attack if they clicked together.

  12. Remember scaloni is not alone he has Samuel and aimar with him, no big ego there…we ill be chasing the ball a Lot so he put a team that can defend deep and transition well ….dybala will come in when the game is settled the pace is dropped a little….argentina have struggled in the past 20 years because we couldn’t find the balance between attacking and defending….as one my coach used to say if you lose the ball less the less you have to run after it, if you stay close to your opponent the more time you have to close him down …so this team needs to attack as a block defend as a block….win as a team lose as a team…vamos albiceleste

  13. Excellent line up , very happy with defence , scaloni doing well than so called big coaches. Very good decision to drop dybala because it could have imbalance the team , scaloni may use pareya instead of salvio from beginning.

    • I prefer Cervi too. Correa (I have serious doubts he is player we need) deserves a chance though. On the other hand Cervi had not started yet any game…

    • Correa is better defensively than Cervi, and imo more hardworker too, the main reason he is the only argentine Simeone needs, in Atletico you cant play if not press and track back regularly, and way talented offensively, his only weakness his decision making, but i cant see Cervi or Salvio can damage an elite level defense, Angel Correa and Lamela on the other hand yes

    • Dybalas exclusion means we lose out on playmaking and goal threat. Salvio and Cervi may add pace, width, and a bit more defense but at the cost of creativity. Like wack o mole, solve 1 issue but another emerges.

  14. Dybala doesnt help defensively. We are the underdog. We need to defend and counter. Dybala is a liability until we have an established defense and mid that can cover for him. Salvio and Correa will hustle back..

    • That’s harsh and I think he’s getting a bad wrap. Last game, Dybala was constantly pressing all game. I didn’t see him looking the other way while everyone else pressed.

      • I would rather say that Scaloni’s dropping Dybala because Dybala can’t play as a wide player in a 4-3-3 but rather as a second striker, and since he prefers two wide players, Dybala is now a super sub for the time being (unless a system involving the right back is figured out)

    • ” We are the underdog. We need to defend and counter. ” Someone should have whispered this in Fraud Baldy’s ears when we played against France!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. @Roy
    Off Topic. (Need Serious Attention)
    This is a serious issue. A relatively new member of Mundo call himself – Romantic King is abusing another country by names here. This cannot be tolerated. I thought he came to his act after few of us pointed him out. But he continued calling the names repeatedly. This is a shame for our Mundo Albiceleste. We love our countries. But this is no place for racial, religion and National Abuses. No one can tolerate such act. And this is happening over some off topic Cricket and Political Issues. We are here for La Albiceleste with humanity, Humility and good faith in a friendly environment. Calling names to a country has crossed all the limits. It shows his character and personality and where he comes from. And if we dont act now this place will become a trash soon. So I hope an action should be taken under Racial act.

    • Yeah that romance king has to be removed. He is disgusting and abusing others.this group’s standard has to be maintained or else romance king have to keep quite for some period

      • I have nothing personal against that kid but generally kids like him should not be tolerated here in Mundo. Anyone who is abusive to someone’s country religion or race. Not in Mundo. Mundo should take a step and give him a lesson and set an example so one else follows him. And we should definitely stay away from politics and boring cricket. It has nothing to do here.

  16. Icardi is our Trump Card here. I understand why Scaloni changed his mind but we might need Dybala in the second Half. Its very important to mature a Dybala-Icardi Partnership for our future. Just like Ortega-Bati. How many chances did they get together? It does not happen overnight. We need to be patient. And give them chances.

  17. Dybala simply is not able to click as far as NT is concerned till now same as for Icardi. Both r not getting continuous playing times. They have to use whatever opportunities they r getting i guess even if it is against smaller teams.

    Probably now 3 more games under Scaloni i think. The problem is a New coach may not continue the Works Scaloni have put up till now.

  18. The defense actually is very good, very solid. I would say those are the best players Argentina has at the moment in regards to defense IMO.
    Midfield is what concerns me.
    – Battaglia hasn’t really been tested yet to the max against strong opposition. Against Colombia where he started, it ended 0-0. He plays in La Liga NOS Portugal, what real competition will he find over there? Tomorrow we will see what he is REALLY made of and if he should continue, as at the age of 27 he won’t improve much at this point. I agree with other here saying Pereyra should get the nod ahead of him.
    – Also Salvio. I don’t really think Salvio is fit for the National Team. I’ve seen enough of him after the World Cup, flopping around against Croatia. He posed so little threat in the WC that the croatians even left him unmarked as he proved no threat lol. Also, like Battaglia, with Benfica, when will he really be put to the test? And like Battaglia as well, at 28, his time learning is pretty much over, so what we see from him is what we’ll get.
    – Against Brazil, Dybala SHOULD play, as we need as much creativity and attacking power as possible against one of the best teams in the world, and seeing that we probably won’t have much possession of the ball either.

    After this game, we will see who stays, who should go, and who of the older players should come back.

    IMO we NEED to win this game to begin to restore some of the credibility we lost this summer. Seeing as we’re playing the hosts of the Copa America, this would be a BIG win! Winning by penalties is not enough, we need to beat them within the 90 min of game play.

    Vamos Argentina

  19. Big Like for this formation, Guys can’t you see that scaloni is an excellent coach, in my believe i would like to see him stay for the NT, he is doing everything right from A to Z

  20. Scaloni is a very smart guy. He knows the players very well – Dybala can never be a leader on a team.

    I hope Icardi and Lo Celso can gain more confidence in this match.

    Bottom line – no disaster like 1-4, 1-5, 1-6…

  21. Yes Pereyra will be a good option there.
    Right side I’m eagerly looking forward to how Salvia + Icardi work. If the compo succeed it will be super positive for us. I hope Salvia can cause damage n give many good crosses for Icardi.

  22. That lin up is so balance big credit to scolani
    Arg been crying To be balance team
    That is exactly what scolani doing right now
    Our problems was before we were
    Throwing punch of stars and hope things sort out
    By it self I’m afraid football doesn’t work like that.

    • Dybalas inclusion would mean Balance since he can actually score goals and playmaker. Salvio may add width and wing pace / defense but at the cost of goals and playmaking. Like wack a mole, solve 1 issue but another emerges.

      • Bro you still have lo celso will be
        The main creative player don’t
        Get me wrong dybala Will have
        Part to play but team comes first
        Is not about who is better play
        Is who fits on the system
        I believe dybala and icardi can’t play
        Together certain games..

        • Yes, Lo Celso is there but it takes 2 to tango! In this case, more like 3 or 4 to tango :). Would love to see the 1-2s and crazy passing between Lo Celso and Dybala. I’d rather retain the ball through intelligent passing and dribbling than Chase the ball around.

  23. It may be ok.
    Using Dybala n Icardi (both won’t chase down the ball) together may have been a bad idea.
    Dybala can step in in second half.
    I am happy to see Correa

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