Argentina vs. Brazil match thread – DYBALA, ICARDI, CORREA start


Argentina’s starting eleven is confirmed for the match against Brazil and it’s an attack of Paulo DYBALA, Mauro ICARDI and Angel CORREA.

Coach Lionel SCALONI confirmed 10 of the 11 players on Monday during a press conference. The only question was if it would be Angel CORREA or Lautaro MARTINEZ starting for Argentina. The Atletico Madrid players gets the start.

The Argentina starting eleven against Brazil.




  1. Argentina Fans: Little dissapointed but happy to see a young team with few game experience shut off Neymar, Coutinho, Jesus and Arthur.

    Brazil Fans: After such a worrying performance against new kids in the block. And Copa looming. No matter what they say they ll definitely need sleeping pills to sleep tonight.

    • I was gonna say something along those lines.
      Clearly We have a good shot at Copa19. little tweak and fix, with couple of more players.
      Brazilians should be worried, really worried as their team is not that potent as it seems.

      • I also realised that lately Brazil attack is actually overhyped. It should be really frustrating for Brazil fans.
        Even the Saudis who lost to Iraq gave them a run. Today it could have easily been a draw.

        Espn Headline Says:
        “Brazil’s narrow victory is more worrying than Argentina’s defeat”

        The reason because this is the best of Brazil after polishing and we are just starting to polish without our best player and our best forward in the WC (Kun). Its an uphill for us now cos we have lots of room to improve. And add Messi and Kun to this. I dont see Brazil can change too many things from here on.

        • Few of our younger talent was missing,too.
          Pitty, Palacios,Povon. most importantly Lanzini.
          Put Palacios and Lanzini today in our midfield, and there is the link up front.
          put Martinez and povon on the wings and there is our depth.
          Yet not talking about Messi and Aguero. WE really have a good shot at Copa19 in the Brazilian backyard.

  2. I have never seen argentina play so anti-football in my life… we parked the bus and still lost…
    absolutely no transition offense… we must be able to defend like this but with 7/8 not all 11!!
    Midfield was horrible witu 35% possession and transition offense ! Ugh I felt like I was watching the 1990 final again!!!
    Bring on a new coach.. this coach started something to build off of but it’s time to take the best youngsters and mix them with some seasoned stars…

    • Argentina losing to Yellow is unacceptable to me. I am a blind fan. I dont care if we are playing a complete new set of players who have no experience in playing together against a top 3 ranked side. I want my team to go all guns blazing attack.

      Now put urself in the Yellow shoe. You ll be really worried that you had to rely on a last minute goal from a corner kick because your best player was neutralized by a new kid on the block. Your strong midfield aas toothless infront of a young defence. And if the last goal was not in you could have had to go to penalty to beat a Argentina Olympic Team. Maybe you could have even lost in penalties. Too many worries for yellow.

      Neutral view. No one expected Argentina Olympic Team to play and torture a full Brazil Team for 90 mins with their defence.

      End of the story. I still wanted Argentina to win but I see some improvements. Brazil would be worried with this performance.
      3 Games are not Enough for these group of kids and Scaloni to go all out on Brazil. Need some time and patience.

  3. Decent result. Think about how much time Tite has spent with Brazil already, how much continuity he has had with them and compare it with Scaloni who barely had any time with the team. Considering the circumstances we actually did pretty well against one of the best teams in the world. Csabalala, I think your pessimism is not warranted at all.

    • Wise words bro you have said
      What was in my mind to add up that
      I have just finished reading report
      From that match the journalist
      Have said Brazil need to worry.
      He complement scaloni and arg
      Said how sampoali couldn’t set up
      Those unite back 4 he also praises
      Saravia.. my point is anyone who
      Has football knowledge can see
      Arg are trying to get things right
      Before we talk about anything else
      Which is having solid foundation.
      That is exactly what is scaloni doing
      Now I hope he stays.. and afa should
      Stick with him now.

  4. Finally a team performance (after Bauza’s Uruguay game) particularly defensive wise. Credit to Scaloni and Co and all the players. Everybody put in a shift. In the final third we didn’t have much joy and neither did Brazil.

    Otamendi (hard to say) was brilliant eventhough some where last ditch defending and acrobatics. He never had to deal with 1v1s or defence stretching plays; credit to his reading of the game as well as his teammates.

    Saravia, eventhough it’s just a single game, was outstanding. Never gave Neymar anychance except one single time. Wow, incredible! Not many can claim that they pocketed Neymar the entire 90mins. Even the best couldn’t. In fact the last Argentine who won the 90min battle against Neymar was Gino Peruzzi I guess. That was a different Neymar back then, he was just a Santos player.

    Battaglia was doing the same job Gilberto Silvas and Emersons did to our Riquelme’s and Co. Constant nibbling and fouling(small fouls). He was good. He brought the physicality we lacked in the midfield.

    Paredes and Lo Celso were okay. Did their defensive jobs .Maybe Lo Celso could have done a little bit more when he had that chance in the first half where his control let him down( it was a tough ball, but could’ve done more).

    Icardi didn’t had much to do in the final third except a couple of half chances but he did make some tiresome runs which some of the superstars would’nt have made.

    And finally good cameo from Lautaro. His introduction brought some attacking spark.

    It’s only one game but seeing a massive improvement from the previous regimes in terms of selection , gameplay and attitude. #ScaloniIn(Aimar and Samuel too)as always!

    PS: Romero fans would have certainly enjoyed that added time “super heroics”. Marking went AWOL I’ll give you that, but he was also responsible. And also a quick rewind to the friendly game against the same opponent(u23 olympics team instead of A team) where the team won 4-3 in the States.

  5. I think its funny people still talk about Messi like he is 22 years old. Next WC he will be 35 plus.

    This is a good young team with a nice manager who works quietly. I think Saravia, Tagliafico, Pezella, Mammana, and Foyth will be very good under Samuel. I think Lo Celso and Paredes will serve wonderfully as a deep midfield. I think you need Palacios, Lautaro, Icardi up front and a creative midfielder to round out this team. Everybody thought that would be Dybala but I don’t know what he is. I know what he isn’t. He isn’t in form, he isn’t a threat and he isn’t Messi. Add in guys like Pity, Pavon, and a few others and let the team grow and they will win something for sure.
    This team is together, and the only guy that looked like he didn’t belong today at ALL was Dybala. What a disappointment.

    • if Messi remain best player in the world at 33 then in a worst case top3 best at 35 and best Argentina player in 2022, there is a huge difference at 34 or 35 for other players and player like Messi, Zidane etc. If klose contribute Germany to win world cup at 36 then why not messi yes we can’t relay on messi like previous world cup still messi remain best player from Argentina by a distance

    • So?
      Iniesta was 34 this World Cup and look how much Spain miss him now!
      Klose was 34 when Germany won the World Cup 4 years ago. And he surpassed Ronaldo as the top Goal scorer in the history of the competition might I add.

      We won’t be asking Messi to be making 60 meter runs down the entire field or to dribble the entire team.
      He will at that time be more of an actual #10, where he will be at the heart of the play, making pin point passes, through balls, etc to the younger forwards we would have (Icardi, Lauturo, Dybala, etc)

      By that World Cup, he would just be what Xavi was to Spain in 2010, just to make those beautiful passes to the danger men. He’d be our Xavi, just was better.

      Soooo…. yea, his speed might suffer, but his touch will be as beautiful as ever!

        • Sarcasm can only go so for! If Messi decides to play until he is 40 He will still be more potent than many.
          Now don’t take my words as saying that Messi has to stay in the NT. at the end, it’s his choice, as no coach in the world will be in the right state of mind to turn the little guy away, because they know what he got. Messi is doing the right thing for Argentina by staying away from the NT.

        • ignore Maradona fans who don’t want Messi suppress their Idol Noone remember Maradona if Messi lift the world cup and he will

        • I dont care if Messi lifts it or a new kid who is still playing in the street now. I want Argentina to win 2022 WC. I love Messi and I think he is the best player ever. But when it comes to Argentina I dont care who does it. If Messi can stay fit I believe he still can help Argentina as a playmaker in the midfield.

  6. I believe Scaloni is, for now at least, the best option. He has demonstrated that he can actually lead the national team. In four games, two of which against against Colombia and Brazil, the team has not conceded a single goal in regulation. That is a great base to build on, a very good, important key. It means his defensive philosophy can actually work. Brazil lined up their best team, with an array of stars and the team held its own. They can’t stop, they need to improve, to even get better. I must say, Romero presence seems to have a calming effect, most definitely. Next phase is to work hard on the second and third phase, the middle and the attack. Who, when, where, how, all these have to be worked on but this will come with time. Team was not, is not yet, able to move the ball efficiently, with purpose, in a forward position without using the imprecise long ball. Encouraging outing and yes Scaloni should stay until after Copa which is just around the corner.

  7. argentina needs a proper manager, scaloni is not ready argentina was playing a wrestling match than tactical match in midfield ,after taking the ball again returning back at the feet of brazilians

        • why we need scaloni who is not ready enough to be the coaching duty, We may appreciate scaloni for his team selection which is obvious considering transition phase but can’t tolerate when soudi played attractive football against Brazil than Argentina, A permanent coach with good tactician needed

      • Argentina was playing throughout the game without any tactics, without any attacking plan . They were just doing crowd defending against brazilians and even brazil was not good any average team with proper tactics would have defeated them.

      • poor possession, poor passing, and no attacking threat is not that impressive. i love that hes calling new players but he has to show more tactically.

      • Soudi outplayed Brazil but Argentina played poor offensively but only positive part was defending well, Gareca peru easily beat Brazil if they played like against Argentina that’s we need a good tactician not someone who is not ready yet to coach senior level team



    • Every great team building must begin from bottom. Scaloni already (within just 4 games) make our defence great shape. He needs more time to do improvements in midfieleld and attack. All that needs time. You want all work perfect with brand new team after just 2 months?!!!

  9. Argentina did well i would say, keeping in mind that we are just starting to gel in as a team… and young talents grouped in and definitely they need time to settle down… this is a good group… just need more playing time together. They will fare well. Peace.
    Anti-Argentina bloggers here, pls stop calling Banega, Higuain, Mascherano, Aguero and Messi to save Argentina. They never did anytime before neither will they ever. Their era is closed.
    Let these youngsters start afresh and bring back the laurels we lost due to a stupid friends group that came along in between.
    For me honestly, Messi needs to announce his retirement and get moving. We are Argentina and not Messitina.
    I love Messi the same way you all do. But Argentina is way above any player for me.
    The only player i would dream to adorn Albiceleste once again is none other than Riquelme.
    Lets get a tactical coach on boatd first rather than bringing in old players.

    • just put Messi instead of Dybala against Brazil, the story would have been totally different, Messi is the best player in the world but Argentina didn’t deserve him, Messi biggest mistake to carry Argentina instead of choosing Spain. Argentina will perform much better with proper defense and DM. Argentina improve in defense after world cup but completely lost offensively, Messi Aguero and Benega needed

      • Well said, Chalz! There is no player bigger than the team. Messi is the greatest player ever played football but Argentina gave birth Messi himself.

        The team played really very well and we are slowly having an identity and a group that can play together with great enthusiasm. Adding Lanzini, Palacios, Pity, and Pavon to this group means we can compete with the best teams and can beat them.

        I hope Scaloni continues his job and work with these youngsters for the years to come. Vamos Argentina!!!

    • @Chaiz
      People like you love to criticize the greatest and think it’s cool to say “Argentina is bigger than a player” “We are not Messitina”. Who the hell said that Messi is bigger than Argentina/Barcelona????? Even for us Argentina is way above any player. But at this moment, Messi is also wayyy above any Argentina offensive player. Either accept it or cry like this forever. Bringing Messi and INTEGRATING him in a system will definitely be much better. Argentina’s defense looks very impressive under Samuel but attack has to improve. We want more fire in the attack. Lautaro should’ve started instead of Icardi/Dybala and Messi and Aguero are needed too imo.
      Who the hell are you to say Messi should retire troll? You people make me laugh sometimes. Keep crying…

      • “People like you love to criticize the greatest and think it’s cool to say “Argentina is bigger than a player” “We are not Messitina”. Who the hell said that Messi is bigger than Argentina/Barcelona????? Even for us Argentina is way above any player. But at this moment, Messi is also wayyy above any Argentina offensive player. Either accept it or cry like this forever. Bringing Messi and INTEGRATING him in a system will definitely be much better.
        Who the hell are you to say Messi should retire troll?”

        Spot on, Fernandez.

    • “Anti-Argentina bloggers here, pls stop calling Banega, Higuain, Mascherano, Aguero and Messi to save Argentina.”
      How you describe bloggers here to be anti-argentina?
      most of people here support such players because they are Argentine.
      WE have good group of young players and we support them, No one is calling such players to save Argentina. I think Mascherano saved Argentina many times if you go back to history. WE just respect our players past and present.

  10. Player ratings
    Romero 8/10: nice performance

    Saravia 5/10: he should be sent off second half when tackle neymar in formal game.That must be a red card.

    Pezzella, otamendi:7/10

    Tagliafico: 5/10 very slow

    Paredes:6.5/10 promising

    Battaglia 6.5/10 hardworking , decent

    Lo celso 6/10 not too bad

    Correa 0/10 useless

    Dybala -1/10 too bad ,16matches 0 goal.suppose he is the number 10 but he fail all the time

    Icardi :3/10. Run run run better than nothing

    • some of the players are technically very weak. here we need skillfull players when arg meet good team. centurion, pereyra, lanzini, vargas.

      1)current players are fearing while carrying the ball forward
      2) there is no movement with the players where they are all feeling lazy
      3) still this backlines are in backpasses
      3) goalkeeper should start the pass from backline instead of making kicks / shots.
      how allison has started the passes from backline
      it seems Barcelona Manchester City and Brazil, Germany, Spain, France only doing this.

      my rating is 3 /10 Argentina have to improve from goalkeeper to striker.
      this team has to play with more offensive kind of team such as peru, Brazil, German, Spain, france instead of guatemala, Iraq, Saudi, India, sri Lanka and bangladesh

  11. Brasil, decime que se siete

    Quedar afuera del mundial

    Te juro que aunque pasen los años

    Nunca nos vamos a olvidar

    Que Neymar te abandonó

    Que Alemania te goleó

    Qué vergüenza que me das pentacampeón

    Te pusiste la de Irán,

    la de Suiza y Bélgica

    Cómprate la de Alemania en la final !!!

      • Copa America 14>8, Libertadores Cups 24>18, Olympics 2>1 (home soil against B teams LOL), Copa Sudamericana 8>3, U20 world cups 6>5Brazil was good in the amateur era of football, the first modern WC was held in 1974 my friend because of the spread of pressing, before that was slow motion, walking football without real pressing so yes… yes Pele the best player of the amateur era of football, Maradona and Messi the best players in modern football

        • Keep dreaming up excuses and filling your head with meaningless stats. National Glory, true glory comes from winning the World Cup. Period. I know you don’t know it because it’s been three decades

          • A trophy is a trophy. 😂😂 You cannot invent your own facts, Argentina Football has more trophies, in the world, than any other. Between clubs and national teams Argentina has won more, period. If we isolate the world championship, Brazil, without a doubt, has won more World Cup titles though only two in the modern era. 5-2 is 5-2. But 14-8 is 14-8 in Copa America. Can’t have it both ways.

          • Pele was playing under BS rules, offside rules, foul rules, Refereeing rules, Penalty rules. tactical formations. PELE WAS AMATEUR PLAYER, Agree.
            If he existed today he would be, maybe NO.50 in the top players. I witnessed Pele playing, He is not that great. scoring over 1000 goals in BS league against BS players. Do you think He would score such easy goals against Italian or English teams today? or against a team like Atletico madrid?

        • @Csabalala

          I know you have created the account “BrazilGot” just trying save your face here, showing you as not the worst one with comparision to “BrasilGOT”. You did such “tricks” yet before but this is for naive people.

          But you are troll. And I know you are creating still new accounts. It’s always easy to recognize you though.

  12. Still I must to say I was not surprised Dybala, Icardi, Correa did not more. As I said before the game: I doubt the trio will work. Correa was good on defending though.

      • Is not he the same guy who was talking Brazil will crash the farmers>

        Is not he the same guy who was writing “Neymar is still laughing” when I’ve said Saravia should play instead of of Bustos against Brazil?

        • I am sure Neymar is crying at his misery for being contained by some player who is worth $4 million. That was the best part of the match, NEYMAR GOT OWNED BY SARAVIA.

    • Messi was obviously missed. Nobody notices he does the job three players do at the same time (ridiculous passing and chance creating, dribbling, finishing), we all just take it for granted. There’s no need to be worried, it’ll be fixed.

    statistics, Paredes and neymar were the only creative sparks, Lo Celso was completely lost

    • But against Haiti, Guatemala and Iraq Lo Celso shines? Coincidence? I think not!
      It’s like when PSG played Real Madrid in the Champions League and Lo Celso was the DM. The weakest link of the team.

      • Gonzalo Martinez the same category for me, Meza couldnt even shine against weak opponents, Cervi, Salvio too, not enough talented players to damage a top team defense this is the true, Icardi needs support…we knew that

  14. For me Icardi is man of the match, he did not got service at all still providing threats in Brazil defense even contributing ib defense when took off Brazil played more offensively resulting last minute goal in corner. If we analysis both Colombia and Brazil match, Argentina flopped offensively. Argentina needs a permanent coach and good tactician, scaloni is not ready enough to do the job, Icardi is currently best player after messi, only superstar player from Argentina, captain for Inter and best goal scorer in the world

      • Argentina played with experiment team where Brazil played with full strength even Argentina don’t have a permanent coach. I hate excuse so congrats for the last time Argentina beat Brazil B team 1-0 today Brazil beat Argentina B 1-0

        • Ok but honestly I if we are honest this is your a team going forward. Guys like di Maria, higuain(terrible), aguero, etc are done and never did anything for you anyway

          • Messi Benega Aguero will make a huge difference against Brazil compare to Dybala Salvio Simeone actually poor subsituions shut down match tempo from Argentina after 60-75 good period that’s why I told Argentina experimental team with interim coach exposed many flaws of Brazil

          • That is honest true. There was not many threats to Brazilian goalkeeper. Icardi is, can only be, as good as the qualities service he can get. More experienced Brazilian team choked off ball supplies. Regardless Brazil should have won 2-0 clear, the fact that they failed to do so should be worrisome for you. You will not win Copa on home ground if you play that way. There are three to four teams who are definitely capable of making you pay. If things stay as they are next time Brazil plays Argentina you will not face the same ineptitude on offense. Icardi will get balls and demolish your team.

          • This is not our team going forward… Dimaria , Mercado, Messi, Aguero and Banega are all still starters … throw in P. Martinez Lamela and palacios … different team completely … we played solid defense but we know a good defense is a great offense and we didn’t have any attacking power on the pitch ..
            .Copa America 2019
            Dimaria Messi
            Banega loCelso
            Tag ota pezella mercado

    • Your offense didn’t expose any cracks in Brasil at all.. Alison could have had a picnic back in goal because he saw so little action. Tested maybe once.. your defense was better, but that’s it

      • Argentina defense cost 2018 world cup, team is still rebuilding phase and played against Brazil not with full strength team where Brazil played. See you on copa with solid defense plus Messi if Brazil played like this match against Argentina, Gareca peru can beat Brazil, Argentina not played with permanent coach

      • I told Brazil exposed because it’s full strength Brazil team where Argentina was testing new players, number of substitutions of both Argentina and Brazil prove this

        • Messi may not be enough to win a World Cup. But Messi is always enough himself to beat Brazil. Lol. Facts with Stats. Brazil is actually not that strong anymore. And I realised it today. Its just the hype. Argentina is actually stronger than Brazil. Even with a crazy coach Argentina put 3 behind France. The best team in the WC. And they lost to the best teams in the WC with their own mistakes. France and Croatia. Wish we met Brazil in the WC who simply cannot score.

  15. Correa Good? Yea… wouldn’t go that far.

    Who had good games IMO:
    Saravia, id give him an 8/10 he did VERY good!
    Otamendi and Pezzella I’d give them a 8/10 and 7.5/10 respectively for them.
    Tagliafico I’d give a 7/10, he held his own.

    Midfield is what was different.
    – Paredes held his ground but could’ve easily seen red as he lost his cool many times. He is a very good DM and i’d give him a 7/10. Reason he wouldn’t get an 8 is because of his temper. If the game was an official competition he would’ve seen Red. He’s good, just needs a manager to instill some discipline in him.
    – Battaglia still doesn’t convince me for some reason, can’t put my finger on it. Needed a lot of support from Paredes bc he was getting overrun by Arthur and Coutinho.
    – Lo Celso wasn’t that good, I don’t see why people see him so great, didn’t create much if anything. He does well against Guatemala (ranked 147) and Iraq (ranked 89), but against a top 20 team he doesn’t do well (Colombia-14, Brazil-3). I’d give him a 5/10
    – I feel for Dybala. Against Marcelo he would have shined, as he’d have the whole right flank to himself. However, he went up against an experienced Felipe Luis and he was never going to beat him 1v1.
    – Icardi absent, but you can’t blame him, there was no service and Brazil had most of the possession.

    This game you expected goals… and only one came in stoppage time.
    Brazil had 63% possession they controlled the game. Argentina were obviously playing defensively and were attacking by counters!
    Out of 11 shots we had, only 1 was on target, meanwhile Brazil had 13 but also just 3 on target. Overall a pretty stale game and pretty boring to watch. Even the fans whistled the last minutes because the game was pretty boring.

    Positive was the defense tho! We have that nailed down!
    I have practically been preaching about Otamendi remaining to guide the back line and look how he did this game! Amazing!!
    – We need an Arthur of such in our midfield, someone who can pull the strings. I’ve been saying it and I’ll say it again, I still Believe Banega is that guy. With Paredes and another defensive CM that allows Banega to push up would increase our creativity! I would suggest Palacios with Paredes to give Banega creative freedom.
    – As Neymar dropped to help build, we still need Messi to pick out that perfect throughball for the forwards.
    – One thing I have against Icardi is his lack of dropping back to support build up. He just stayed forward waiting for a pass that never came. Aguero is one that not only scores but drops back to help create as well.

    I don’t want a defensive Argentina! Teams used to fear us, now we fear teams and thus play defensively!
    With Messi, Aguero and Banega, we wouldn’t be defending so much. We would boss possession and with Banega’s and Messi’s throughballs and good passes, we will EASILY win the Copa America! Vamos Argentina 🇦🇷

    • Banega?!!! There’s no place for such sloppy defensive player. Our midfileders helped a lot our defenders. With Banega – impossible.

      • Then who would help Messi in attack from the midfield?
        – Lo Celso? Yea maybe against Jamaica or Qatar he’ll do good. But against top South American Teams like Colombia, Brazil, Uruguay (ranked 4th best in world), Peru, Chile he’ll flop. How do we know? Because this is the second time he does. Waiting for a third before you realize this truth?
        – Pereyra?
        – Ascacibar?
        – Meza?
        – Acuña?
        – Battaglia?
        There is NO ONE else! Banega is a world class midfielder, others see it but yet some Argentinians don’t want to realize it.
        We need a controller and he is it.

        With a solid back four and with Paredes and Palacios staying behind, that would give enough license for Banega to go link up with the attack.

        6 defending, 4 attacking, and one of those being Messi along with Aguero, what more do you want?

        With 4 players attacking against any team, plus with Messi in the line up would force most of the opposition team to fall back and defend. Argentina doesn’t lose possession battles when Messi is playing.
        Enough talent in attack, enough bodies behind to prevent a counter.
        With 5-6 defending at a time and 4-5 attacking (with Messi included, how would banegas inclusion be detrimental?

        If we play a 4-4-2 like today, it would just be Messi and Aguero attacking, and those attacks will quickly be snuffed out because they’ll be greatly outnumbered.

        Remember who we are! We’re not Uruguay, or Iceland or Portugal or any of these teams! Somos Argentinos and we should play as such!

  16. I see paralell the match with France-Germany on TV, and i have to say the difference between european and south american international football is bigger and bigger (not just club level), i don’t see a south american national team wins a WC again hmmm maybe never…? The Brazil win in 2002 was an exception on a very easy route (against the weakest german side ever in the final) too with 3 Golden Ball-level strikers and all time best full backs on the wings, if ARG or Brazil will be these abundence of Golden Ball level stars again than maybe (not one….Messi…more)…maybe…with luck…and only somewhere in America…

  17. @brasilgot
    Don’t you feel ashamed that you had trouble beating a group of “Farmers” with all your world stars? waiting for the last minute to score on a corner as a result of poor marking?
    Rest assured that We will pick the Copa on your soil next year which will make you cry way more than the 7-1 in your back yard.

    Now go back to your closet.

    • I was imagining the state of mind of that Yellow shit in our group, using 2_3 accounts. Must be so miserable life. I can’t imagine being a Brazil fan and going to Argentina fans blog, spend time there.. shit all over.. must be way miserable than some of us think. 😂😂😂

          • You see, Brazil never breaks my heart. Argentina actually gave them a run for their life today. It’s always vice versa. You think you are footballing kings, and your heart gets broken often, even with FIFA preferential treatment.
            Why your officials worked so hard with FIFA last year to ban Messi from 4 games of qualifiers?

    • Your team looks bad for Copa. This is a young Argentina team that Shut off your Midfield Completely.
      Plus these young kids of Argentina full potential is not here yet. 😂

      • Your midfield won maybe 1 in 5 midfield battles amigo.. Brasil controlled possession easily and only a surprising performance from your defense saved you from embarrassment today

        • What Midfield? You mean the kids of Argentina that gave Brazil Such a hard time. They have room to improve from here with addition of Some better players. What would your team do from here? Another 7 goal in copa infront of your own crowd. 😂. You should just shut up and go to sleep. Have some shame. I enjoyed the game today.
          And you are right about 1 thing defense saved our embarrasment but your offence could not save your 😂 embarrassment. Now go to sleep. You need it.

          • I did not see their big names Coutinho or Jesus or Arthur making any noticeable difference today, did I miss something? even Correa almost stole a goal from their most expensive GK

  18. Our youngsters, without even some of the most promising ones (pavon, palacios and gonzalez), without even having playing time together, actually Argentina B team were very very tough to lose to the so called “mighty” brazil A team. I am very happy with the defence and our fullbacks and especially with Saravia! Man, the kid is really something, he bossed neymar. I also like Battaglia very much and most importantly i am proud of the boys for their die hard attitude, this is the real Argentina mentallity!

    But on the bottom line, guys i can’t stand losing to the shity yellow team! I feel depresed.

  19. few indian commentators comment like they produced football and stored several world cup trophies!. This is better to understand previous comment first then give reply. too much talking is the proof of one’s lack of football knowledge. This team is good. but now this is the time to select 11 players to play together lot of time before next copa. Otherwise we will have to repeat old excuse: “they didn’t play together enough”.

  20. Romero ;

    Saravia—- Pezella—-Otamendi—-Tagliafico ;

    Lo Celso——–Paredes ——–Battaglia ;

    Palacios———–Pity ;

    Icardi ;

    This is our ideal team, I believe till Copa.

  21. This was clearly two teams with different agendas. Brasil made only two subs. Argentina made 5. Argentina is trying out players to see who and what they have. The score was meaningless. Argentina is rebuilding , Brasil is not.
    Argentina played well and was able to keep the score 0-0 for 90 minutes against a strong squad. The defence played well, the midfield needs to gel with the offence. It’s worrisome that Dybala and Icardi have yet to score for the NT. I think that if they had Messi the offence might have been different. A right mix of the older and younger players and this team will have a nice run at Copa America and set their sights on 2022.

  22. Argentina team need good tactician else puru can beat us, scaloni is not ready. Look at peru played under Gareca, Brazil is just overrated, just put messi in place of Dybala Argentina easily won the game, Gareca peru can easily beat Brazil. Argentina is now in transition phase therefore scaloni team selection looks interesting but when soudi played better against Brazil then something is wrong, Argentina can’t control the match although everyone performed well except substitute ones

  23. Very happy with the perfomance of team especially defence…..I was surprised by Saravia…having said that it is heartbreaking to lose in this way i mean no-one marked miranda? He was absolutely free ,maybe it is because of the inexperience between the teammates.

    Anyway looking forward to next match against mexico.

  24. the midfield helped the defense like lions. Didn’t you see? It was team defense.
    Brazil midfield was nowhere.
    Brazil is the better oiled team for the moment but with time we will also become well oiled offensively.
    Both games against Brazil and Colombia we didn’t create many chances and Scaloni has to work on that.
    people used to say we are going to lose 7-0 a couple of weeks ago.
    We had some great 20 minutes in the 2nd half.
    I like Icardi but for me we need a more mobile striker.
    Dybala also needs to improve.
    I am sad that we lost but we lost with our head high.

    • The midfield helped the defense, yes that is part of their job, but they did not contribute much to the building of attacks.
      The goal was a result of poor marking. But good show overall.

  25. our team is new and it is in beginning of construction.
    we play against one team that is ready and play together years now.

    we lost in the end with one cold goal which we could avoid it but anyway even if the result
    was 0-0 and they didn t score in last corner kick it does not change the picture of game.

    we have much work to do more but for the moment i am satisfied with where we are till now.
    nobody can expect the team be ready for the Copa america of next summer from October of 2018.

    as about the Brasil fan that get happy i can say only this to you my friend.
    eat the “cheese” now with the winning this small Saudi cup and PLEASE continue believe that my team is and will be shit. i am zero.

    sleep well yellow rat and when you will wake from your dream at 7 of July
    you will watching my captain lifting the big cup inside your f….g home.

  26. If some trolls think some guys played today in albiceleste can never reach the level of Lionel Messi… It’s the time for them to retire from Football commentary. 😂😂😂

    • i don’t know if you’re downplaying Messi but you do realize he’s a generational player and largely considered the best player of all time..even surpassing Maradona and Pele. i have faith in our current players but its kind of mind numbing to suggest they will reach his level. I suppose its possible but highly unlikely. Im curious, who do you think will reach Messi level?

  27. Impressed with Argentina performance but disappointed with substitutions, Acuna for Tagliafico and salvio for Lo celso were disaster, last minute substitution of icardi cost the match and brazil starts playing more open football after that. Kanneman or Ascaliber should be used most importantly scaloni is not ready to coach Argentina at moment, yes we fans may like his team section but can’t tolerate Soudi played better football than Argentina against Brazil. Had this line up played during World cup messi replacing Dybala, Argentina would have won the world cup instead of France

    • I agree substitutions weren’t accurate.
      But said that cannot judge manager by substations, especially late ones in friendly matches. Scaloni is inexperienced, no doubt.

      Brazil were clever with substitutions, they kept all inform stars in ground, fought for win. We didn’t…but yet they couldn’t break the defense.. that’s another thing…

      • What game were you watching dude?? Brasil could have won 3/4 to zero.. arg never came close to creating anything meaningful on offense. You need messi back ASAP

      • Pekerman did same in 2006, Argentina performed poorly against both Colombia and Brazil offensively. Don’t judge scaloni based on team selection even Sampaoli would have done the same but the fact is He isn’t ready yet Argentina need a good tactician but the way Argentina defended if messi played easily win the match

  28. Real conundrum and scratchheader to solve for Romance and Csabalala theories as according to their definitions every player over 23 who is still in local league is farmer no worth of Attention.

    Looks like they need slightly redefine the conceptions because Saravia or Pity Martinez doesn’t fit here. 😛

  29. That Brazilian yellow shit in the forum has a twin account, I smell.
    Am I the only one who smell the same shit, whenever the twins open their mouth here?

  30. If we think our teams are newly forming then this not bad outcome. But people like argentine football because of the presence of creativity. In passing should have creativity too. Defensively was good but offense was below par. it happens when not good understanding between mid and attack. We need controlling and creative midfielder and fast attacker. I don’t see players yet to replace messi aguero or even maria. Perhaps they will need time…Looking for great next…Good luck argentina

    • Previously too we had this problem..but then midfield was bit over defensive…now with players like like lo celso, paredes, palacios etc.. we know that we have good passers of the ball…connection with attack will come with more gametime together, and coach devising moves in training was a big test for the young team..they perhaps did not play as relaxed as against smaller teams, concentrated more on defence and did a good job..they’ll grow in confidence hopefully and destroy sides in future.. 🙂

      • I agree with you martin. I am happy with defense and also relation of midfield with defense. But, We need more creative attack and good understanding between midfield and offense. i was expecting more from Dybala and Icardi.

  31. I’m very satisfied from what I saw . And as you all can see we only concede last minute of the game after all the changes against a A team Brazil ..this kid Saravia oh my what a player he is and might become if he keep working I’m excited to watch him now ,overall the team show a lot of promising aspects and I’m very please to say they show they can become great so heads up to SCALONI and his staff because you can clearly see the work he is trying to implement .so my vote is for him to stay 👍👍👍

  32. Kudos to our young players especially defence. If i were a Brazil fan I would be really worried for Copa now.
    Enjoyed every bit of shutting off Brazil’s so called strong midfield. lol

    • Not worried at all. We played at second gear and it was enough. You guys were never close to threatening and no chance of scoring. You played to not lose but you lost

      • That was your A team against our B team mind you… if anything us argentinos are more confident that we can win la Copa America in Brasil if our B team can play Brasil so close…

    • in 2009 many were saying the same thing about Riquelme,
      “WE don’t need any one now, WE got Messi.”
      10 years later: they cried that Riquelme was not called.
      Now the story starts again.
      I wonder who will be the next player to be slaughtered after Messi?

      • don’t know and don’t care
        all this nonsense about IF Messi was in the lineup etc we would won today
        Guess what he wasn’t.
        Didn’t show up in the WC vs France when we needed him to either.

        • Not calling for Messi to be here, as a matter of fact he should stay away as long as possible. At the end he will make the choice. But showing disrespect for past or present players, is not called for.

          • no disrespect
            the man has done more than his fair shere, gotten us to las WC alone
            piad wages and put up with AFA nonsense and media nonsense

            But keeping him in the back of ure mind all the time doesn’t allow us to focus 100% forward. I agree if he chooses to come later then fine, he can integrate as a team player not a savior.

            Its simply my personal opinion though, that he just doesn’t take it on with the game on the line like I have seen some others do. But that’s simply my opinion and nothing to tarnish what he has done and will do.

            Back to the point, lets continue re-building. Then next WC is a long road.

  33. @csabalala i bet you celebrated when
    Brazil score i suggest you to leave
    From this forum cos everyone knows
    You now you are Brazil support..
    Where is those Brazil overhyped
    Stars they couldn’t do shit ..
    I’m 100% happy the way arg played
    Now we have solid foundation
    Brazil need to worry now not arg.
    I liked otamandi pezzela sarevia taglafiaco .
    Batagllia next time we sort out
    Our creativity when pity Martinez and
    Young palacios come back.

    • Wait.. you’re happy even though you lost to a Brasil playing at half speed? Wow.. what happened to the time when Arg had pride and guts and died any time they lost to the mighty Brasil??

      • its all good. Were rebuilding right now…testing new players. Besides, holding an experienced side in check for 92 minutes with a new team is very satisfying. We’ll see you again soon, hermano, but next time i still hope you doubt us.

  34. ROMERO should be our undisputed no 1 for long. I only hope he join a team where he gets time to play. In my opinion he’s a case study item.
    The dude was a bencher for last 6_7 years. Still he give our backline the much needed confidence whenever he plays. Especially in big games… His ball distribution is now Better than ever.
    He’s the most unsung hero of our golden generation.

  35. Defense very very good, I liked the grinta of the midfield as well, however no creativity. Dybala disappointing again, Icardi same, Correa was good tho. Some interesting subs, but these matches are for tests anyway, the result is secondary and tbf it was headed for a draw before the last second brain fart. They say title winning teams are built from the back, and this was a very solid back 4, the creativity part should be easier to solve as this was the team without the GOAT, just hoping that the grinta will continue, loved it.

    • Yes, the midfield couldn’t controlled but you must notice we also made Brazil midfield looking really sloppy.

      • Yeah. Shutting down Arthur+Countinho is not an easy job. But they did it.. even the wings were tight. If our back can keep on being this much secured, the project is 60% done, in my opinion…
        Attack is in the DNA. That will only improve.

  36. I’m waiting for Pity, Palacios come back. They were doing our left side really dangerous.

    We need faster and more natural wingers. I think Pity and Pavon still could do more in attack than Dybala and Correa. Although Correa was good on defending today in fact.

  37. So some good options are found as solid in post wc2018 period—-

    RB-Saravia (eye catching)
    Defence- Pezella, Otamendi
    No-5-Paredes(will be the engine..every coach has his own no 5)
    Goalkeeper- Romero(unsung hero)
    Midfield- Palacios and Locelso

  38. I just want to say that The Argentine boys have done just superb! Though Brizil wins, Tite & his players’ bones only felt the pain!😜 We r on the track, just we have to keep it up! Pls let Scaloni to continue. My love & respect for him is really increasing day by day! However, we have a TEAM now! Just need some times!

    • Yes.
      Need to improve Midfield’s creativity.
      Mexico matches are great great opportunity to show the ability n win confidence & grow more as a team thirsty of goals. ..

  39. The match gives us lot of optimism. Good defensive work. Impressive job by fullbacks. Did well against a quality team.
    Brazil didn’t make much changes, focused on winning. I believe team would have done better without those many changes.. especially that Lo Celso one. But after all this is a friendly match. Manager did his job giving chance to many youngsters.

    As far as thing group is concerned, I’m sad only about that Brazil fan guy here, the SHITTY TROLL OF THE BLOG’s family (if the troll got any)…. I can’t imagine the pain of tolerating such foul shits for a life time.

  40. I think we have found a quality player in rb position. He kept neymar quiet and was following him like a shadow through out the game. They just need some attacking practise and palacious is must in midfield and dybala will do much better if played as ss. Overall it a great step forward towards world class team

  41. Dybala will not be able to get close to messi in his entire life.
    Needed creativity in midfield and attack only lo celso has shown some dare go forward to create something.

  42. Sad! But not upset.

    Scaloni should continue. He is really trying to implement his ideas to this new project.

    Those who are still crying for oldies should be considered as trolls. Doesn’t matter Messi comes or not, this is Argentina we all are talking about.

    See you against Mexico soon. Vamos!

  43. I feel satisfied with defense line except for Romero.
    Icardi and Martinez did what they could do.
    For midfielders, Battaglia played very well by shutting down the jumpy monkey neymar.
    Paredez is mediocre, way below average player.
    Lo Celso and Dybala is not qualified to control the rythm, create chances, and hold the ball. I think Messi the last puzzle.

  44. argentina need another coach, saudi arabia played better than argentina against brazil.
    pareyra ,salvio is not NT material should have tried cervi and de paul.
    Great performance from Otamendi,Saravia and Romero.

  45. Copa America 2019

    Looks Worrying for Brazil
    Exciting For Argentina (With Messi and Aguero)
    No more worries in defence. Can u imagine how good that is for us???

  46. I will take this lose as a deserving one. Boys didn’t created many chances.
    But it was ok. This was a successful break in my opinion.
    Defense was tight. Countinho,Artur,Neymar all failed to break. I’m super happy. Sara is is promising. Team has time to build on creative side.

    Kudos to scaloni for giving chance to almost every youngsters.

    To that SHITTY TROLL of the Blog, don’t feel much proud on your ability to shit the filthiest things all over the blog. Any assholes like you, who use to shit through mouth like you, with a keyboard can do the same.

  47. Disappointed, but good defensive performance for Argentina, this defense is better than the World Cup oneAgentina fans dt be too hard on yourself, this Brazil team been together for years it take them over 90 min to beat this young reloaded Argentina team you guys should be proud we need some good angry attacking players in the team.

  48. Youngsters played really well. Palacios is really important in our midfield. Saravia is best Argentine RB currently. Defense is organised. A lack of concentration in the last moment cost the game.
    We have a team now. Add some of our oldies. We will be ready for Copa.
    Scaloni to stay.

  49. Scaloni ended up over substituting.
    They came out looking very good from 45′ to 60′ in the flat and narrow 4-4-2 (not diamond) we were talking about earlier. They were able to win the ball in the middle press and create couple good opportunities.
    But then he installed pereyra and salvio out wide in the same shape and lost balance. Though the goal came in the end there were many occassions towards the back of the second half where the Brazilian counter was on and it looked shaky. Primarily because the wingers installed did not understand the counter attacking nature of this shape (LoCelso on wide left understood this shape properly).

    Anyways, good job by Saravia and Battaglia.

    Will have more later. Bit gutted now.

  50. We did a lot already under Scaloni. We know the defence line: Saravia, Pezzella, Otamendi, Tagliafico. Solid and stabilized defence It’s good starting point to build great team.

      • Yes. True.
        Now have the chance n options to build the creative side of midfield.
        I’m confident with the rest. Defense is super promising.

        Vamos Argentina

  51. The future is bright ! We played excellent against one of the top 3 national teams in the world, Our defence ( the way they played) was world class. Scaloni you’re great and if any argentinian fan has any sense then they know that scaloni should stay

    • We don’t know the future. We don’t know it’s bright. But what I see now are real reasons to be optimistic. Scaloni must stay.

      We have played against strongest Brazil line up with mane players playing together for the first time.
      Saravia in his second game only keep quite Neymar…

  52. Brilliantly played our boys..they have guts…scaloni solved the defensive problem greatly.. Renzo saravia deserve bigger clubs of Europe..he packed neymar into bottle..we never lost to shit Brazil we lost because of our inexperience… Fall in love again with this boys..we will definitely beat Brazil with this squad…love u boys..

  53. Defense looked solid except the last corner. But the defensive line should be kept intact. I especially like Saravia. Wow! I’d like to see 442 with Messi and Aguero up front. And also try Lamela in midfield. I also would like Scaloni to stay. Then we should be good to go in Copa.

  54. Best player today is Otamendi, hands down.
    Saravia, Battaglia kept Neymar quite.
    Tagliafico,Correa were good.
    The midfield lost the battle today.
    Good show over all.

  55. When you want to beat A category players with B categories that will only 1 of 10 or 1 of 20 happen (even in tingli tangli friendlies), not more, the reality, we couldnt handle absolute world class Neymar, he meant the difference

    • We made 5 Changes to give them experience of a Brazil game
      On the other hand Brazil made how many sub ?

      We have a young RAW squad
      Does Brazil drop Any one against us ?

      Overall it’s a mental win for us

  56. Respect to Scaloni and his boys. I hope AFA carry on with Scaloni. He should be our Coach for long time. He is good Tactically. He took Tite to the via. Kudos to the younger guys. They put on a great fight. It was like a war. Saravia looks interesting at RB.

  57. Friendlies are to test players and not the main goal is to win or have injuries. I think mission accomplished as most players are tested and players need more of those friendlies to get time play together. 1-0 against Brazil was a good result considering Brazilian folks played entire WC qualifiers and WC tournament together.

    PS: if you want to see more of Aguero, Diva Maria, Rojo, etc….make a visit to the museum.

  58. They fought hard but this is heartbreaking. At the very last minute. Hard to swallow but this is what happens when you play not to lose. You have got to create chances, you’ve got to play with purpose. For a few minutes Argentina threatened with consistency and then that was that and this is the result. Overall, and this is Brazil we’re talking about, Brazil A team and they have been playing together way longer than this Argentina team, there is hope for the future. We played Brazil to a standstill for 90 minutes, and the team is still in its infancy. The future looks bright.

  59. When was the last time we saw Argentina defence playing so good? Long time ago. Scaloni did great job with this. We need improvements in attack but remember old truth:

    great team is builded first from bottom, i.e. defence. I think we are already in good point.

    • True there was no panic. For them and for us too. They defended with 6 players. Always. I like what I saw of Paredes and Battaglia today even on last minutes too Paredes was making challenges.

    • Definitely. I agree with you. The defense looked solid. If we had played this way in Russia we would have won the Cup. Well organized, recuperating like a professional high caliber defense must. Scaloni held Colombia and Brazil, two potents offense scoreless in regulation time. One goal in four games Vs Sampaoli ten in two, I’ll that any day, any day. Save for that crucial, CRUCIAL, mistake, nobody marked the goal scorer and Neymar had a choice of two players to kick it to.

  60. WELL PLAYED. I am honestly proud. Just need more practice and time to gel and work on the attacking drill. Unlucky to concede. Those young lads did not deserve it. Romero let us down. Why didn’t he take Miranda head off by punching.

  61. This is good football
    Fine from a new setup young team…
    They were lucky to score
    We had chances too

    Saravia Romero Otamendi Tagliafico Locelso Paredes all played well
    Battaglia disturbs well fucking neymar..
    Overall very good performance

  62. Anti football: mission failed…zero creativity, zero clear chance (in friendlies!!! against Columbia and Brazil) zero midfield, zero zero zero even on Sampaolis debut we beat this nobodies, dark age is coming, Copa America winning chance is 0% with these players, Banega, Aguero, Messi, Di Maria is a MUST, and have to find proper full-backs, who can attack, Scaloni want to do the next Greece (2004) from a powerhouse? shame, yes and first find a coach

  63. I really like how scallion make substitution and technical changes.
    Selective aggressive and change the pace and rhythm accordingly.

  64. Brasil, decime que se siente

    Tener en casa a tu papá

    Te juro que aunque pasen los años

    Nunca nos vamos a olvidar

    Que el Diego te gambeteó

    Que Cani te vacunó

    Que estás llorando desde Italia hasta hoy

    A Messi lo vas a ver

    La copa nos va a traer




  65. 100 Dybala will not be equal to a Messi.. First time watching Arg after world cup. Very disappointed so far. Felt like watching Arg under Bauza era – no midfield, no intention to attack, players not running off the ball to create space and receive a pass.. all the time defenders passing to each other and then a wayward long ball..
    Lot of people may criticize me but I do miss Bielsa. Ahh those days… Ultimate goal was not achieved but we dominated every opponent and played beautifully..

  66. Otamendi haters will continue hating him even though he had a solid half in the desert against Brazilian attack.

    But this half would be enough for them to cry for the blood of our midfield boys.

  67. I liked the first 45min. We have completely new team with a well settlled Brazil side. Time will make these young players more good. Bytheway love that Parades confident silky move in the middle. Lo Celso should get more involve i think…anyway whatever is second half is I am proud for these lads.

  68. Defense did good. They used brain. CDMs were also did their job well. I won’t call this a bad football. After all we are not playing against Nigeria, where we lost 4_2 even with the greatest midfield of all time Banega, whom someone missing dearly now.

  69. So far Argentina played well
    Brazil has dominated but still this young team has played well

    Some changes in midfield will be soon

    Roberto Pereyra for A.correa
    Ascacibar for Paredes
    Vazquez for Battaglia

  70. 43’, don’t look bad but don’t look good either. Argentina is creating no chances, hard to really compete that way. Brazil not being challenged at all. First half is over. We need to come out better, take some shots on goal. 0-0 is 0-0 And it’s very good. One good counter and a goal and things will look different. Vamos Argentina.

  71. Argentina defending in a 4-5-1 with Dybala and Correa in charge of defending the Brazilian FBs. Lo Celso will help Icardi press the CBs occasionally.

    Looks like a 3-4-3 in attack with the FBs pushing into MF and one of Battaglia/Paredes dropping into the back line.

  72. Uf, what a beast of a team for Brasil. We have to try and win the MF because Brazil is playing with 4 attackers. Casemiro and Arthur are excellent, but Coutinho does not battle in the MF and Ney doesn’t press much. Firmino works hard, but he will not track back to the MF. Once we get the ball in MF, it has to go forward because their Forwards will press our defense. The good news is that we will press theirs too. Should be a fun match.

    Also, I bet $5 Otamendi gets a yellow for hitting Neymar.

      • PLease don’t ape my accuses. Find something better. It’s you who is completely unfitting here with your “we”. I’m most active member here since few years, you are hater emerging when things goes wrong.

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