Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI confirms starting XI, DYBALA, ICARDI start


Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI has confirmed the starting XI which will start against Brazil.

SCALONI has confirmed that both Paulo DYBALA and Mauro ICARDI will start for Argentina. The only doubt is between Angel CORREA and Lautaro MARTINEZ. Speaking at a press conference, here was the team SCALONI confirmed:




  1. It is negative thinking, I know, but I think Brazil will steam roll us. They have been playing under Tite for long time and they have the continuity too.

    We on other side is complete pole opposite. There is not even a coach fixed. All new players who have only player 3 matches together. It’s not an excuse, or not beleaving in younger players ability.logically speaking losing 2-0 would be okay.

    I want us to win for sure. But it’s tough. And I just hope these players give their heart out so that we can have a brighter future. Failures are always our biggest teacher than Success.

    Its our eternal rival give the best shot Boys.

    • all your points are true.
      But I don’t think those are negative.

      Our inexperience, crisis, new boys… It’s all.
      We are underdogs. I don’t think is disrespectful.
      Now they have no pressure. There is no big setback even if we loss big. It would have been different if Leo plays… Now no such burden n pressure…

      It’s for good. Let them fight well against one of the finest teams, full of stars. Let them have a good chance to learn n grow with the project.

      • “Our inexperience, crisis, new boys… It’s all.
        We are underdogs. I don’t think is disrespectful.
        Now they have no pressure. There is no big setback even if we loss big. It would have been different if Leo plays… Now no such burden n pressure…”

        I think the same. No pressure this time….

  2. Wow, so many people here must really hate Otamendi huh? And how y’all feel about Funes “the poor man’s version of Otamendi” Mori in your team?

    I like this lineup, but would have loved an actual winger inplace of Dybala in a 4-3-1-2. I believe if Lautaro and Icardi plays together as per Ole’s report this morning, it is going to be a 4-3-1-2. This is the narrowest formation that you can setup your team, in which your fullbacks are the only source of width. Hopefully Lautaro presses the hell out of the Brazilian CB pairs and links up with the midfield a little. The Brazilian midfield has no creativity in them and they setup to counter with speed, which if Paredes and Lo Celso doesn’t give the ball away in midfield, will be pretty difficult.

  3. I rarely visit this place now as I am just willing to read the comments on very few members only nowadays such as Mafioso or cox4 (and skip others), but when I am chillin a bit, I want to know what is being discussed here and I read an extremely stupid thing:

    “I would take a good loss with a good performance against Brazil than a lucky victory”

    Really? I mean really? You are calling yourself a fan?

    Do you know the rivalry between Argentina and Brazil? Ok how about this, a River or Boca fan would say before their derby match, “I don’t mind losing to Boca (or River) as long as the youngsters (or my fave players) play.”

    Sorry I can’t imagine that at all…

    It is very clear that most of you are not fans of Argentina. You are fans of the youngsters or whoever your faves are.

    For me I don’t care who play; even if the coach would play 11 Sosa or 11 Meza’s, I don’t care… just BEAT BRAZIL!!!

    I won’t ever forget how they used Diego’a hand of god in Tulio’s hand goal against us in one of Copa America.

    I won’t forget how we were one minute away from our first major trophy in Copa 2004 before the fake Batistuta, Adriano equalized in the last second that resulted in our PK shootout loss.

    I won’t forget the 3 PK in one game by Ronaldo against us in a WCQ made me unable to sleep the whole night.

    I won’t forget how they beat us in Confed cup final of 2005 4-1.

    Man… In Copa America 2004 Brazil used their youngsters/B team. But I don’t think any Brazilian would tell them “it is OK if you lose against the A team of Argentina”…

    They would do anything to win no matter it was Brazil B or C team at all prices.

    When it comes to Argentina vs Brazil, I don’t care if we get 3 red cards and scores another hand of goal without any VAR detection or break Brazilians players legs.. but they play against the yellow shit. Just get the W!

    We play for the pride.
    We don’t care if they win 5 World Cups compare to our 2, but…

    Maradona es más grande que Pelé
    (Maradona is better than Pele)

    The whole 43.8 million of Argentina believe that we are stronger than Brazil! Period! Stop saying that you are happy if we lose as long as we play “beautiful”!

    I would take a controversial 1-0 ugly victory with 3 red cards with a fluke goal for Argentina all day even if everyone on the pitch play shitty.

    • Thank you principe !! Some people are argentina fans by choice not by blood…. boludiendo is a way of life … a beautiful disease that we are born with!! Vamos carajo!

      • Nailed it. You just spoke my heart. I dont care who plays. I wont tolerate losing against the yellow. I heard they ll give a trophy. And there would be a penalty shootout. Does not matter what type of trophy it is I wont Stand Brazil beating us and lift that stupid trophy. I dont care even if we win this in Penalty shootout i want that trophy in our hands and Brazil on the losing side no matter who plays in that team.

    • I remember there was one member who was preaching Argentina-Brazil football friendship, which resulted in a mouthful from a native Argentinian.

      Few days ago, when I doubted Brazil’s overhyped youngsters… I got some reply like, “Brazil is Brazil”.

      Brazil is our no 1 rival. A defeat from them is never ever acceptable. I rejoice after every Brazil defeat, even if it is from some other team.

      I would love to see Otamendi making Neymar roll and Icardi making Miranda’s aging faster.

      Vamos! Vamos Argentina!

  4. Except Otamendi, it should be very closed to my favorite lineup. I’d prefer Correa or Cervi to Lautaro. We need a fast winger able to dribble, cross and cut in. Otherwise will be too much concentrated in the middle as our fullbacks are not that offensive.

  5. Great line up with the exception of lazy ass: Otamendi who should be banned from the NT for costing us the game against France in Russia.

      • Which otamendi have u watched bro,
        Duiring his valencia days he easily stopped ronaldo, bale ,messi in 1 to 1 situation but in mancester pep changed his playing style he develpoed his passing skills.

        • His last season at Valencia, Otamendi was at his peak form! He was easily the top 5 defenders in Europe that season. His immaculate sliding tackles resembled that of Masche!! Even after moving to Man city he played exceptionally well but in the final quarter of last season he was burned out and his form went downhill and that reflected in the national team also and we paid dearly because of that!!

        • @mrinal you absolutely right some people
          Unfairly attacking otamendi for me .
          Otamendi is top defender.. people
          Over praise sergio romos how many time
          I watched him play so badly and they still
          Praise him.. otamendi proved the critics
          Wrong before they used bash him in the epl.
          Since gaurdiola trust him they keep quit.

    • Otamendi’s National team form has been pathetic!!! He has been on the receiving end of every goal fest!! Sampaoli’s crazzzyyyy high line defense certainly didn’t help his cause though. Let see how he does today!!!

    • I don’t know how you can blame otamendi!! Tagliafico error have France the tying goal … mascherano lack of speed cost us on mbappe drawn penalty and taglaifico was beat again by mbappe on the fourth goal!! What game are you guys watching

  6. Salvio would have been a better player to assist Icardi with his Crosses. Yes, manager might have different plans, after all the team is not just about the No 9 & his comfort.
    I want to see Lautaro+Icardi+Dybala…
    But Correa also will be fine. Even Pereyra is an option.

    Whatever it is, one thing we all have to put in mind, This will be the first time these 3 Front players doing it together. We have no reason to judge them with this match.

    Lo Celso, Paredes, Battaglia, Ascacibar, Palacios all found the rhythm immediately n gave us a midfield after almost a decade.
    I hope the attacking trio will also from this very first match. But even if they won’t, I will wait patiently.

    Hope they will play an exciting match.

    Vamooos Argentina.

  7. If we had this team in the WC in Russia with Messi and Aguero and Scaloni in Charge. We would have done WAYY better. I dont think we need a Tactician. We need a guy like Scaloni with just common sense. With players like we have in Argentina we dont need a rocket scientist. Common football sense is sufficient.

    • Are you kidding yourself? If Messi and Aguero playing, do you think they would let Dybala and Icardi be near the team? We are still in the same debate: Chicken from the egg or egg from the chicken.

      In order to get young fresh team and start build from scratch is to get rid of the the oldies who had about 4 world cups and failed in every attempt even when they reached the final with more chances than their opponent, they choked big time. Bye bye Messi (the guy will be 35 in 2022, as a striker, he can’t play in NT next world cup and he knows it).

      • Messi is best player in the world and remains top3 best player at 35 and best Argentina player in 2022 byva distance. Aguero remains best striker in the world till 2019 then lautaro can become next Aguero

        • Before you decide on having Messi playing at age 35, wait and he see how he does when he’s 34. The last thing you want is for him to be like Pele or Beckenbauer when they were playing with the Cosmos 35 years ago – they would stand in a 10 meter radius circle somewhere near the middle of the field, and kick the ball into the corners for other players to chase down… Oh yes, and they would signal with the hands where to run.

          You have a better chance of winning the Copa with Carlitos next summer, then you do of winning the Mundial with Puglialitos.

          • I am not talking about Messi at 34. We dont know how he ll do only future can tell. But Messi and Aguero at present is better than Dybala and Icardi. I m not talking about Dybala and Icardi on Starting X1. Dybala and Icardi as back up While Messi and Aguero Starting. Dybala and Icardi are our future but they still have lots to learn. So before you say anything. Read my first comment again. I said better than our squad in Russia. Its a no brainer. Messi and Aguero infront with this squad would have been way better. IN RUSSIA.

          • Once again my comment was a wishfull comment about what if…? Not whats gonna happen in the future. If Messi show up and be Messi only future can tell. I am happy with how it is going now. And I dont have a problem with Messi Either he is a genius.

  8. Scaloni made 2 big mistakes in my opinion

    1 / The team arrived to jeddah yesterday ,, what were they doing in riyadh in the last 4 days ???
    Jeddah is hot with very high humidity levels

    2 / No traning sisson on the Jewel stadium !!!!
    Why ??? Scaloni answered ( We did our trainings during the last period on comfortable Playground, and it is not important that we do it on the actual stadiom ) Really man ??? Really

    Details scaloni
    Little details can make huge difference

  9. Team looks good. I’m waiting to rate Scaloni tactical acumen and bravery against quality opponents like Brazil. Fuck the results, this is about the future, as a win is not just a win for me in a friendly if the team plays like sissies. I’ll take an exciting narrow loss with 11 men playing with balls over a lucky victory.

    • I join you in that. I want to see men playing like men tomorrow regardless of the result. Let’s show those Brazilians that it will not be a walk in the park as they might think.

  10. Romero vs Alison (Brazil)
    Saravi vs Danilo (Tie)
    Otamendi vs Miranda (Argentina)
    Pazella vs marqunos (Argentina)
    Tagliafico vs F.luis (Argentina)
    Lo celso vs Coutinho (Brazil)
    Batigala vs Casemiro (Brazil)
    Parades vs agusto (Argentina)
    Dybala vs lucas (Argentina)
    Icardi vs firmino (Argentina)
    corera vs Neymar (Brazil)
    overall Argentina=6 Brazil=4

  11. I am happy with this lineup honestly. What Argentina lacked was variety which led them to dependance. We are packed with players all over, especially in defence. Only problem is we need to call up Mammana and give Conti a chance. They are all awesome players and will give us more assurance in the defense, and speed in build up. VAMOSARGENTINA!!!

  12. Looks good as always on paper. Brazil will make life harder for us.

    I can here the bashings for Icardi, Angel Correa and Dybala coming soon. Point to be noted those 3 r going to be played together for first time.

  13. I would play on the counter in the first half 4411.
    Paredes and Battaglia sitting in front of the defence. Lo Celso on the left Correa on the right.
    Dybala behind Icardi.

    In the second half I would change it up and play are more pressing game 433.Bring Lo Celso into the centre midfield. Put Dybala on the right wing Angel Correa to the left wing.

    I think the team has to practice playing different strategies and then when it matters we can win in different ways. The result of these friendlies is secondary to developing team play and tactical versatility.

  14. If we put a decent performance tommorow and i have a feeling we will win then i want scaloni to stay as coach, don’t you guys see that with argentina “B” team that this guy is what we have been waiting for

  15. I like Battaglia but I would prefer Ascascibar over him.
    And Angel Correa over Latauro since we already have Icardi. Latauro is amazing but not with this formation.


    This would be my team.

    • Saravia – an attacking fullback who is also good at defending. “Able to provide the width to attack with pace down the right while performing his defensive duties admirably” – Peter Coates of Golazo Argentino.

      Battaglia- a dynamic, box-to-box central midfielder who is an excellent dribbler who is also good at intercepting, blocking and tackling. Also great in the air given the height (187cm).

  16. With this line up, the flanks would be the only way for Brazil to attack. Lo Celso and Paredes as deep lying play makers, playing ahead of Battaglia who looks like a forward sweeper (enforcer). Dybala ahead of them with total free movement joining the striker as a second striker. This formation will get the best out of him.
    If indeed Scaloni wants to push Brazil out wide, and force them to play on the flanks where the would lose possession, I think L.Martinez and Correa should start ahead of Icardi for their defensive forward capacity.

  17. If Argentina win this game which I have a strong feeling they will SCALONI better be the coach point blank period..I don’t want no one else to lead this team

  18. Not that bad lineup barring Otamendi(who’ll be a liabilility in those sort of games) and Dybala. This is certainly not a game for Dybala to start. Hope he proves me wrong. He’ll unbalance the whole team both attacking wise and defensive wise. Disappointed not to see Ascacibar in that lineup. Anyway Kudos Scaloni!

  19. Maybe BATTAGLIA has more chemistry with Paredes, but I would prefer Ascacibar.
    Both Lautaro and Angel Correa has good defense contribution, so both is ok.

  20. This will be a fantastic test for Icardi. We will finally see how he does split out with a forward partner on his shoulder and getting fed opportunities through the middle and not outside. one dimensional strikers get marked out in modern game nowadays so good test.
    unless they’re thinking of dybala with correa or lautaro as pure wingers. that sounds a bit too experimental to me in a big game.

    • Then Tata is not going anywhere, they love him and this club to death around here and I’ll tell you why.

      We have Baseball, American football, basketball, had hockey for few years before the team was sold and moved to where? i don’t remember and now for few years the mighty ATL United.
      The city of Atlanta athletic teams have won a combined ……wait for it wait for it “””””ONCE”””” , can you say pitiful that all these teams have one lousy championship between them and it was in Baseball like 20 years ago.
      Point is, ATL United is probably going to bring home a Championship after being in existence for 2 years before the others that have more than a 100 years between them.

  21. Well done Scaloni, finally a manager picking the pkayers we have all been screaming for to start for the NT. Pick Lameka and job will be compkete.

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