Argentina to play Mexico in Cordoba, Mendoza in November


The Argentina national team will play Mexico in November in two friendly matches.

As we reported a few weeks ago, Lionel SCALONI’s Argentina will play two final matches to close out the year, both coming in November. Reports have now emerged that the two matches will be held in Cordoba and Mendoza, respectively.

The first one will come on Friday, November 16 with the second on Tuesday, November 20, as stated, both against Mexico.

In Cordoba, it will be at the Mario Alberto KEMPES stadium and the one in Mendoza at the Malvinas Argentina stadium.


  1. Romero

    Funes Mori

    Lo Celso

    Lautaro Martinez

    Salvio Pezella

  2. ■■Goalkeeper ■■
    2Rulli/any club starter
    ■■Defence ■■
    6Funes mori
    10 Bustos
    11 Acuna

    ■■Midfielder ■■

    21Lamela /A.correa /G.Simeone

  3. Mascherano hopefully will be a great coach someone like Simeone (both were similar players too) If i m not wrong some older Barca players always mentioned Mascherano would someday become a Great Coach.

    Saying that I would rather take Tata than having Mascherano, At least let him start his coaching career, this is Argentina NT we are talking Dammit (Its not a Post to experiment). And what is the point in removing Scaloni(Who is doing good) with Mascherano(Who also don’t have a Coaching experience)

    I would just like to see this Drama finish somehow. Everyday there will be news regarding Argentine NT Coach options. Each day names r falling out one by one. Actually AFA wasted the time now there r no one left. And their prestige wont allow to hire someone like ARIEL HOLLAN. Neither they cant carry on with Scaloni too.

  4. Tapia just needs some name in a case when Scaloni will nott have good games against Mexico. If he will I doubt Tapia will expose himself to a critic for throwing out someone who is already liked. As someone have saidL no logic in hiring new one to start it once again so late as in March.

    • I heard tapia will call Tata to arrange
      Meeting with him in the weekend
      I don’t know if true or not I’m scaloni
      Camp but i won’t mind Tata either

  5. Mascherano,
    The least creative midfielder in the history of the NT being manager is a complete joke. It is ideas like this that make people laugh at our project. I hate Brazil but at least they got Tite, not some guy who has not ever managed a game on any level.
    Scaloni is very good in my opinion. After that who knows. Gallardo if I am thinking correctly likes older players. I think when I see Aimar, Samuel, and Scaloni together they have very good chemistry. We missed Pavon, Palacios, and a few others in the last game. I wished we would have played a 4-2-3-1 with Lo Celso and Paredes deep and Palacios, Dybala, and Lautaro behind Icardi.
    The game changed when Lautaro came in and Palacios I think is a wonderful young player with a great future. Who knows if Dybala and Icardi will ever be anything but Simeone, Alario, and even Lamela are young up and coming players that can help us in the next world cup.
    The last time our defense looked so good was with Sabella

    • How can you say Mascherano is not a good midfielder?! Argentina and Barcelona suck ass without him. You are not a true Argentina fan, so leave if you can’t think properly!

      • Hey my friend. Read carefully before you write. Again READ CAREFULLY. I said he is the least creative midfielder. You clearly confuse this with “not a good midfielder”.

        And before you spout nonsense, Mascherano played defense mostly at Barca, not midfield.
        I love it when people talk shit and they don’t even have facts. Weak minded and low IQ as you are.

  6. @Cox4 first I realy want rive to win
    Copa libertardores if they win or not
    Gallardo will leave either way.
    My point is we all know tapia number 1.
    Target is Tata martino but he looks lik .
    He is heading to Mexico. Since afa
    Politically corrupt not giving scaloni
    Chance. The only real good option
    Left is Gallardo who i like him a lot
    I would love see Gallardo to be arg
    Manager. I know it’s funny but
    I won’t mind mascherano i tell you
    Why .. look how many managers .
    He played under .
    1 gaurdiola
    2 bielse
    3 basille
    4 Tata
    5 pekerman
    6 Pellegrino
    7 sampoali
    8 mascherano is good leader and has
    Big potential to be a real good coach

    • as i am able to know Gallardo will not leave River earlier before the end of this season.
      we lost yesterday and looks very difficult to beat Gremio anymore and qualify for Libertadores cup final.

      as about Mascherano i love him so much and i believe he can be a very good coach in future if he wants that.
      like Simeone.
      but for the present he is not good enough for one so big job as our national team coach.

      • I share your opinion my friend, Mascherano needs experience, most likely will be good coach because of leadership quality he has. but let’s hope for a river miracle !

        • The game against Nigeria was his set up apparently
          All his teammates says good things about him
          In terms coaching and tactics they rate him highly.
          Plus he had wonderful career..

  7. Gallardo is next Argentinia manager but I would like Mourinho or Simeone but never Tata who doesn’t have any plan B, Argentina missed Gareca for me Gallardo will be the best

  8. Notice to all active members:
    I have an idea, so members reduce arguing about which line up is better and more potent to represent Argentina in Copa19.
    How about after the mexico matches, let’s say towards the end of November since there are no friendlies after that until March, We get a poll of 23 players list submitted by each member that would represent Argentina in Copa19 ?
    I think that would be a civilized way of expressing opinions and it will make us focus on the current state of players instead of throwing names that have not been called yet.

    • i like your idea despite the fact that in my opinion not only this will not reduce the arguing but in fact i believe opposite that the fighting will go to red !!!

      in same time some people here like to fight and if they will not fight they will get sick 🙂
      so it is for empty to expect stop arguing my friend 🙂

  9. Tapia will call Martino this weekend. Looks like Martino is his no uno candidate. They have good relation.

    Angelici prefers Gallardo. He was the one behind sampaoli.

    Tyc reported that last option is mascherano, if nothing works. It is most likely that scaloni won’t be made permanent. Political blunder. If tapia appoints scaloni there will be attack from every corner, maradona being the leader. This will go on until scaloni’s team begin playing great. And if Argentina loose the copa, blame will be on tapia who couldn’t appoint a decent manager. As a fan, you may not like it, but this is how it works in real life.

    I will give you an example. My country, Bangladesh was predicted to be an Asian power in 80s and early 90s. Club politics, bad management and rise of cricket led to free fall for football. For last 10 years, many efforts have taken , high profile managers were hired, nt performance only gotten worse. Recently an English manager from England 5 th division was hired(to his credit he is a former arsenal player, 2nd division assistant manager). Everyone saw the end, federation president was brutally criticised. But after first tournament, Asian cup ,everyone was more than happy. BD beat Qatar to reach 2nd round of Asian cup for the first time. Performance in next two tournaments were also very good. He was dubbed ameture coach when hired, but now everyone is praising. Sometimes low profile managers do wonders.

    Scaloni might be good for Argentina. But tapia will have to take lot of heat. And in Argentina, there is only one result that is praiseworthy: champion. And scaloni doesn’t have the powerful profile of mascherano, nor does he has any friends in media. Scaloni’s career was uneventful. There are no fan and admirer of scaloni. He will have to prove everything. Small mistakes will be magnified. Things will be a lot harder for him. I don’t like it but this is how it is.

    • Mascherano is not coach yet and it is not sure he will be one.
      for the present is not exist this possibility. in few years we will see.

      as about Angelici the guy is idiot.
      in my opinion he should be removed from his position in AFA but anyway this is long story and not subject
      to speak now.

      as i see things today maybe the best will be for Scaloni stay as coach.

        • yes exactly. and this is only one of the reasons.

          believe me i have many dirty laundry for him but i am bored to write more plus nobody is interested in this forum about this subject
          so no reason to make it long from my side.
          and make tired people here.

          just to make and little fun to smile 🙂
          when i hear or see the name Angelici i became red from ungry 🙂
          as like when Gonzalo see the posts of Csabalala 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

          no offend guys. just i make fun 🙂

  10. Best of luck for the team of Scaloni!
    Hope to start a more positive, energatic & great journey from 2019 in shaa Allah!
    However, when the squad will be announced??

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