Exequiel PALACIOS of Argentina and River Plate reportedly agrees move to Real Madrid


Exequiel PALACIOS of River Plate has reportedly agreed a move to Real Madrid.

Per reports in the Spanish media, the 20 year old will be joining Santiago SOLARI’s team in the January transfer window. The move is reported to cost €20 million. While the move has not yet been announced by either River Plate or Real Madrid, the rumors regarding the transfer have been intensifying the past couple of weeks.

His agent, Renato CORSI confirmed to Marca that the club have spoken to Madrid.

“The interest of Madrid has been there for a long time, since the U17 World Cup in fact, so it has been more or less three years.

“What we have said to the people at Madrid is that they can buy him but leave him at River for six months. The boy has many possibilities, such as playing in the Copa Libertadores final against Boca and winning would see him get the chance to go to the Club World Cup.

“Having played all of that, he would arrive in Madrid in June and would be there to stay. If he goes in January, he would arrive in the middle of the season and we would prefer to start from the start of the season.”


  1. Well he may not get consistent playing time. Argentine players dont usually clicks in RM for some reason. There r some rare players too who r successful in RM like Higuain, Di Maria etc. But its been long time since we had seen an Argentine in RM. Isn’t it. last was whom? Higuain?

    But Palacios will definitely develop in RM and can learn a lot from the likes of Kroos, Modric etc. Just hope he gets playing time slowly and steadily.

  2. I would’ve preferred it if he had gone to Inter or a smaller club in spain or Italy. To be all honest I’ve never been very impressed with palacios, when it comes to talented midfielders in Argentina I’m more impressed with Dominguez, Mac Allister or Miranda even though non of them are like for like when compared with palacios.
    At the end of the day I wish Ezequiel the best of luck and will be rooting for him, which will sadly mean that I have to root for Madrid….ugh!

  3. Watching the 1st leg of the liberatadores final I didn’t see anything special from Palacios. In fact I saw alot of hopeful passes which were either intercepted or were misplaced. There was a wild moment when he wildly lashed a clearance which ended up conceding a corner.
    I really hope I am wrong.

    • Stars are discovered instantly!
      Ever Banega, when he was 20 went from Boca to Valencia.
      Di Maria: Left Rosario when he was 19 to Benfica for a brief spell until being bought by none other than Real Madrid when he was only 22.
      Aguero: Left Independiente when he was only 18 to play for Atletico Madrid, and eventually current club Man City, 18!!
      Notice the Trend?
      Messi: When he was only 13 (Damn!!!!) was bought by Barcelona and played in the Barca U17 squad, and made his debut with the senior team when he was only 18!
      Mascherano: 21 left River to Corinthians, at 22 went to West Ham, 24 went to Liverpool.
      Ezequiel Lavezzi: 19 left Estudiantes for Genoa, and at 21 was at Napoli.
      Garay: 20 Yrs old went from Newells to Racing Santander, later to find himself at 23 in none other than Real Madrid.
      Rojo: 21 went from Estudiantes to Spartak Moscow, then Sporting when he was 22, and at 24 to United where he is at now.

      I could go on (Zabaleta, Carlos Tevez, Gago, Higuain, etc). The trend here is that these guys impressed very young and were sought by big European clubs at a very young age. And we have young talent too, for example Mammana, Lauturo Martinez (LOVE this guy, he’ll be our Ace soon, mark my words!!!), Foyth, Ascacibar, all these guys left the Primera Division Argentina very young.
      Foyth Estudiante to Spurs at 19, Lauturo from Racing to Inter at 21, Mammana from River to Lyon at 20, Ascacibar from Estudiantes to Stuttgart, these guys were discovered young and have the chance to grow.

      Kids like Ascacibar, Mammana yes left Argentina for a midtable team, but soon need to move to better clubs in order to grow as players. As Mascherano, Di Maria, Rojo left to a mid-table team, later to join one of the top teams in Europe, they NEED to do the same in order to grow.

      But kids like Pavon, Saravia, Meza, Bustos, Franco, Martinez, Vargas, Centurion that are still in the Superliga de Argentina, they will NOT be superstars. Superstarts are discover young, Arthur Melo, Neymar, Vinicus, Mbappe, Sancho, Asensio, etc are discovered young and impress. These guys will be stars.

      The clock is ticking for Pavon, Palacios, Bustos, they MUST go to Europe soon to grow, and become stars.
      Guys like Meza, Centurion, Saravia, Martinez will NOT be stars. If they had amazing talent, theyd been in Europe a while ago, but yet they’re still home. I’m not saying they suck, but that they won’t be superstars.

      Dybala, Lauturo, Ascacibar, Foyth there is hope that they’ll be big one day, even though dybala is already big. But for future stars, these young guns have to leave Argentina for Europe soon!

      If Palacios goes to Real Madrid, that will be another youngster in one of the top leagues in the world. Reason to be optimistic!

  4. This is very good for the future of Argentina!
    With guys like Modric reaching the end of their time at Madrid, Palacios should get playing time pretty easily.
    His competition would obviously be Kroos, Casemiero, and the rising Ceballos. But other than that Llorente doesn’t seem to get minutes anytime soon, so Palacios legitimately has a chance to become a starter in the future if he were to go to Madrid.
    Vamos Argentina!

    • I think so too but there is another angle. If he does well, then GREAT. if not, hell easily be transferred to another team and gained a ton of exposure from short stint at Real.

    • He may become a bench warmer , he is yet not at real madrid level in river plate matches quintero > palacios.
      I have watched only few games of palacios in river plate , what is his strength? his vision is not exceptional, not very good dribbling ability, yes he can hold the ball and he taking shots from distance, i dont find him that exciting. I may be wrong (i havent watched his many games).

  5. This is good. I like it. Throw him at the deep end of the ocean.

    If he is good he will survive, push other players out of the first eleven and make a name for himself.
    Did Arthur Melo need a stepping stool to move forward? He is doing well going to a top club straight from South America.

    If Palacios is good, he will deliver. If he is not, he will get loaned and then sold to a mid table club. We will find out.

    • Agreed.
      Unfortunately, this is also the truth for Lo Celso and Paredez… wasn’t good enough to survive in big club and then went to mediocre teams….

      • @Karl, tell me in what way is Rabiot better than Lo Celso? Did you see Rabiot vs Real Madrid? He was invisible. Lo Celso was way better than him in game (though he conceded a soft penalty). Tuchel let Rabiot stay and loaned Lo Celso out to Betis. I bet he regretted that decion.

        Gio really did a good job at P$G last season. He won the trust of the coach and forced his way into the lineup.

        About Paredes: Do you think Roma didn’t need his services when they sold him to Zenit? Roma is a club that has a truck record to cash in on their star players to get some cash. Where is Lamela? Salah? Benatia? Naiggolan? Strootman?

        If you think Paredes failed at Roma then you need to think again and again!

      • “Unfortunately, this is also the truth for Lo Celso and Paredez… wasn’t good enough to survive in big club and then went to mediocre teams…”


    • Agree mate modric is end on
      his career Kroos is not that
      impressive any more
      Cosamiro is way overrated
      I bet palacios will be starting
      Line up a soon he settles
      the city the boy is hard working
      and talant Too

  6. He will be on loan certainly. The critical thing is which team he will be playing on then.
    Anyway, I am very happy for him. Finally one of our midfielders is playing for top 5 European club.
    I hope Paredez and Ascacibar can move to a top team soon.

  7. 20 years is a perfect age to move to Europe, but personally i would have preferred him move to any clubs in Spain but Madrid and Barca, having said that when Madrid comes calling you can’t say NO!!!

          • People forget that big clubs buy younger players to sell them at bigger price later, loan them out, make money, or just because they heard that a rival club was going to buy that specific player. Check this out : en.as.com/en/2018/10/01/football/1538396322_704396.html
            Atletico was interested in Palacios
            They are in dirty business. UNLESS That player is a phenomenon. It is always better for a promising young player to start his career gradually.

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