Tottenham Hotspur goalkeeper Paulo GAZZANIGA talks Argentina team call-up


Tottenham Hotspur goalkeeper Paulo GAZZANIGA spoke about being called-up for the first time to the Argentina national team.

The former Southampton shot stopper has been included in the Argentina team for the first time and here’s what he had to say about it.

“The call-up caught me by surprise. From the first moment, a thousand things go through your head. I have always worked for me, to help the team and to give 100 percent.”

Spending all of his senior professional career in Europe, most of which was in England, GAZZANIGA is 26 and has played in three English Premier League matches for Tottenham. Prior to that, he was with Gillingham, Southampton and spent a season on loan at Rayo Vallecano.


  1. I can accept Meza only as a box to box but as a substitute he is somewhat like Brazilian Paulinho.His foot is not strong enough to beat the goalkeeper.But for Pavon hell no.He is not good or intelligent enough for national team.
    Even Tagliagico I do not find satisfying we should try Rojo or Acuna in left back position.Tagliafico is error prone and is not good in assisting or in attacking threat.He does errors in both half of pitch sometimes it can cost penalties too.

    • Honestly Meza is not even good enough for that. In addition to his technical weakness, I have feeling that he runs for nothing, always wrong timing, wrong place. Very opposite to Lo Celso who seems slow and nonchalant but at least always good timing and at the right place, like his goal vs Barca.

      I consider Acuna as a box to box more than winger or fullback. Like it or not, Tagliafico seems to be the only eligible left fullback. I think Scaloni is also exploring options without him, that’s why he tries 343 or 352 during some training sessions. For the winger backs, I go for Bustos or Montiel or Saravia on the right and Cervi, a more offensive profile, on the left.

    • Rojo isn’t good enough to be on Man Utd’s bench , so I don’t think it’s a good idea to start him over our best LB Tagliafico, who most likely is playing is last season at Ajax and will move to a bigger club. Only Sampaoli can take Rojo over Pezella and go full high line attack against stronger teams!!

      • Comment:Do not forget Rojo’s performance vs Holland in 2014 WC.He is sometime error prone that is why I do not want him as center back anfd as left back he will provide defensive stability to the team.
        If Acuna plays as box to box then how he gonna to provide crosses for CF.He is good at left side of the pitch.In world cup I saw him single handedly fighting in left side.Di Maria was not good enough in WC.

  2. Has River lost its mind? Only 20 million for Palacios? What a bargain. Two players of the same age (DeLigt and De Jong from Ajax) will go for at least 60 million each. Twenty million in the UK won’t even get you an average left back…

  3. I’m so glad that Cristiano Ronaldo
    Left real Madrid… guess what
    Palacios will join real Madrid
    The only thing stop me supporting
    Real Madrid was ronlndo..
    Madrid always been Argentina house
    More than fcb soon will become
    Argentina camp again lo celso
    Will join them very soon
    Hala Madrid..

    • Well, so far Pavon has done absolutely nothing for national team!! Had we started with Aguero or Higuain against France , they wouldn’t have dared to attack us like they did with YOUNG Pavon on the pitch. He is 23 years old and at this age good players are already developed but in his case he is still ” a young player with good potential” and the other wonder-Man(not a boy anymore) Mr Meza,it should be curtains for him!!

  4. One position in which a player can keep going on and on for long years is Goal Keeping. Hope we find someone soon to carry on our baton for long term.

  5. Exequiel Palacios will be Real Madrid’s first signing in the winter transfer window with an agreement already made with River Plate and the midfielder, and the deal will be announced after the Copa Libertadores final.

    • Hope he will get enough time before Copa. A really difficult thing to win playing time. But if he can succeed there in 1_2 seasons.. that will be amazing.

  6. Argentina should start to stick with 4231
    I don’t see any reason we not trying that. That’s the best option for us, even with the limited scope of our wingbacks, especially on right side.

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