Argentine players Sebastian DRIUSSI, Ignacio PUSSETTO wanted by Italy


The Argentine duo of Sebastian DRIUSSI and Ignacio PUSSETTO are reportedly wanted by the Italian national team.

Per reports, current Italy national team manager Roberto MANCINI wants the two players to represent Italy at the senior level. DRIUSSI, presently 22 years old and at Zenit, has represented Argentina at youth level.

PUSSETTO, previously of Hyracan, is currently at Udinese. He is also 22 years old.


  1. We don’t have scarcity for attacking players, but it’s the Defense and Goal keepers who r hard to find for us. Can we trade the above 2 players to get a Goal Keeper in return for us?? Kidding. It’s up to the players we can’t blame them if they join the Italian NT too there is too much competition especially on the attacking side. Either they have to improve the performance so that the Coach notices them. Or quit the dream of representing the Nation of Birth.

    This is the time, if a player improves the performance there is chance to get into the NT. Scaloni is one coach who takes players on the basis of Form (Up to now) but before the situation was not at all like that. Most of our past coaches were Stubborn who were so keen on some particular players only.

  2. There is no official competition game for Argentina until next year so even if Scaloni calls them for next friendly and they accept the invitation, they can still play for Italy after.

  3. it is coming one time in every person s life that show what kind of human you are.

    money or country ?
    what will be in end ?
    serve your country or chase your personal fame, glory and money in one other?

    i am very curious to see the end.

    as about Mancini i don t have words.
    people like him have no honor.
    cheap pity humans.

  4. Haa, just like I was saying in the previous post!

    “Dfox1942 November 18, 2018 at 12:06 pm
    If Icardi should fail and I HOPE HE NEVER DOES then I would want to see that with ARG instead of succeeding with Italy who are notorious for marauding ARGENTINA’S talent pool.”

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