Borussia Dortmund reportedly make bid for Leonardo BALERDI


Borussia Dortmund have reportedly made a bid for Argentina U20 and Boca Juniors defender Leonardo BALERDI.

Per Cesar Luis MERLO, the German club have submitted a bid of €12 million for BALERDI.


  1. Watching this Liverpool-Arsenal, Arsenal need change their entire defense. Mangallan, Balerdi and Lisandro Martinez(even though a bit small for PL) are all young talented players and hope Emery will buy 1 of them or borrow Foyth from Pochettino. Saravia and Tagliafico can easily have their place in this defense.

  2. What a relief.. Liverpool’s Robertson is Scottish. If he’s English that should be really a worrying thing. Why Messi believe someone should convince him to come back to national team. Just two chances left. Why he complicate the scenario himself.

  3. I like Pochettino’s football style but putting 1 holding + 3 box to box is too conservative even though 1 of them plays almost as a 2nd striker. I’d prefer to see Alli in Sissoko’s role and Lamela behind Son and Kane in the future.

      • Bielsa doesn’t like turnover and keeps using the same for the whole season. At some points it’s hard for the players especially with his very intensive football style. I think it’s the only weakness in his coaching.

  4. Gonzalo we need a right footed winger in lw and pity is left footed (rw can be occupied by messi or dybala) so now the question is who will play in lw ? I see benjamin garre for this role but he is too much raw for now ,wish batista had selected him for suderamericano which would have helped him to enter senior level too ,moreover Batista’s selection is very much poor and unbalanced with less defenders and 4 strikers

    • Good right foot on LW would be best but I suppose still Pity might be better than most of the right footed on the Lw.

      • In modern football right +left footed winger and right + lefted footed cbs are necessary for proper coordination and control , although if we don’t have any option then we can go with pity

    • Benjamin Garre hasn’t made the cut at City, sadly, while his batch mates Brahmi Diaz, Sanchi and Biden have moved ahead. Only a loan move to Sheffield Wednesday looks likely at this moment. NT is a million years ahead for him. Nicolas Gonzalez has all the tools to play on either side of the striker. Despite his teams struggle this season he looks the part in that team.

    • “I see him as best young Argentine defender in local league”

      One of the best, no doubt. Not necesarilly best with other young talents like Lisandro Martinez, Barboza, Tomas Cardona, Callegari, Martinez Quarta, Figal, Franco.

  5. If the two teams agree on the deal then this could be a very good step for Balerdi’s career and his development. Mammana, Foyth, Cristian Romero, and Balerdi are the future of our defense.

    • Dadir10
      I feel same I don’t know a lot about
      Balerdi but I see those three will
      Be in the Nt years to come
      especially mammana
      And foyth both re ball playing
      Center back I also think highy
      About cristain Romero
      Future looks good I’m sure
      If we have proper manager
      Who doesn’t care past reputation
      And have clear idea a way of playing
      Very flexible can attack and defend
      We will win … I mean like Gallardo
      Because I’m hearing scaloni
      Wants to talk to messi
      I know what that means
      Begging messi to come back
      I can see what is coming next.
      I don’t have to say a lot .
      I have to wait and see .

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