Former Argentina, FC Barcelona coach Tata MARTINO named Mexico manager


Former Argentina coach Gerardo “Tata” MARTINO has been named the new manager of the Mexico national team.

The MLS Cup winner with Atlanta United a few weeks ago has finally been announced as Mexico’s newest manager. MARTINO has been linked to the job for several weeks now and the presentation was made on Monday.


  1. No matter what we say on him, it was a bad choice to let him go in 2016. 2 years deal is too short for a coach to bring any impact to a national team. Honestly under Martino, Argentina played very well, there was really a plan and idea behind. I preferred someone reliable like him than trying Bauza or Sampaoli who tends to build things from scratch that you never know what’s going to happen.

    Mexico has some great players who impressed me much during the world cup. He definitely has material to work with.

  2. Good luck!

    As for Argentina, he got outcoached by Sampaoli. We could not even beat Chile, to win a trophy for the first time in 30 years. Say whatever you want to say about Chile, they were the easiest opponent we had in a final in last 30 years. Once may be ok, we got beaten twice.

    Tata is 6 out of 10 as a manager. Ok, decent may be but lacks the cutting edge. Sabella will outcoach Martino anyday. MLS is an easy league, Argentina Primera is better in terms of football quality.

  3. Though a good coach, ARG failed to beat the same and lesser team for the final not once but twice.
    His refusal to mess with the formula that got ARGENTINA to the WC final cost the team then and still til this day.
    It is always the same story with the Mexicans, they get all excited and lots of hoopla and then SPLAT!! flat on their faces, besides, don’t they hate Argentines!?? why hire one O)

    • dfox42: agreed, he had his chance with a stunning team but failed to learn any thing in 2 finals losing the 2nd in exactly the same as the 1st, he also failed to intergerate youth to any serious effect and we are paying that price today.
      as always he had a game plan in his head no matter what was going on during a match and 65-70mins without fail it was a striker for a striker no matter what was actually going on the field of play.
      he had his chance and i will not miss him and it said a lot when he left the n.t job no team came clambering for his services, it took him 18mths to find a job in that powerhouse lge in the u.s

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