Chelsea close to agreeing a deal for Argentine Leandro PAREDES


Chelsea are reportedly close to agreeing a deal for Leandro PAREDES.

Sky Sports in the UK tweeted out that the Premier League club are close to signing the Argentine. With Cesc FABREGAS having left the club, PAREDES could be brought in as a replacement.


  1. Errrmmm….I don’t know. Jorgino already in there in his position. Bad move. Go to Spain or Italy. He will warm up the bench in Chelsea and will not develop shit over there for sure

  2. The transfer from the slow, somewhat leisurely Russian league to a high intensity league like the EPL can be jarring for any player but I think Paredes can pull it off because he has a strong physical presence and he can put in the hard work (remember the Brazil game) but most importantly Leandro is an intelligent footballer who knows how to deal with pressure and create space for his teammates. As for him competing with Jorginho, well I don’t see why he has to because they’re different types of players, Jorginho is a b-2-b type (think Celso) while Paredes is a regista, a position that we don’t see often in the EPL.

    I still think going to A.C Milan would’ve been the best choice for Paredes but taking on such a big challenge in the EPL can be also good for him, but he’s gonna have to work his butt off to earn a starting position.

      • Oh yeah I know the Milan thing is dead, infact with Milan’s financial restrictions they could never afford him, still I can somewhat lament at the Paredes-Milan thing not happening.
        I thought Paredes played for Spalleti in his Empoli season not Sarri, not too sure though.

  3. I don’t think he can come out from the trap of zenit or there is other way round that he is afraid of going to stong league since he rejected premier league for russia earlier and now he wants to play for boca (it implies that he is mentally weak despite of being such a big talent ) .Bdw ,tbh he will suit better in either ac milan or inter but not Chelsea where he is likely to be a bench warmer

  4. I think they will buy only one of them either barella or parades.
    And Chelsea’s first choice is barella.
    But if this move happens for parades ….it’s good for him then.
    Show the world how good u r in one of the best league in the world.

  5. That may be a good move to hear , but I doubt his adaptation to a very fast paced EPL, especially becoz he is not so mobile , but he has all the qualities of a true regista (like pirlo). Italy or Spain might be good for him plus PL is not so good for Argentines , they always suffer injuries , be it aguero , lamela , lanzini or someone else .

  6. As the heir of Fabregas (Monaco) and Jorginho sub…Kante place is rock solid, Sarri loves Jorginho (his favourite player) and Paredes not mobile enough to play as AM (Kovacic)…Paredes is better passer, more creative, and far better shooter than jorginho, but Jorginho is more hardworker, and maybe has better defensive skills (not sure about it, too soft in PL).

    • Too soft for epl again same bullshit
      I’m sure he is not soft Than jorginho
      Plus Leo paredes is very intelligent
      Player can adapt quickly any system
      Any league . Watch out space
      Argentina players will dominate
      Top European leagues again.

      • I see the possibility of Barella playing in Chelsea higher than Paredes.
        But like I’ve said before, these are just “rumors”, so don’t put too much mind into it. Remember Pavon was wanted by Barca, but we saw how true that rumor was.
        Normally I don’t comment on rumors because they’re just that, rumors.

        Reason why I don’t see this happening, is because Chelsea was never big into signing Argentinian players. The last Argentinian Chelsea had was Franco Di Santo, back in 2008, but he didn’t even last that long. The ONLY Argentino they’ve got is Caballero…. who at times I wish he would’ve changed his nationality years ago.

        Manchester City in recent years has been MUCH more open to signing Argentinians, guys like Aguero, the most obvious, Otamendi, Zabaleta, Tevez, Demichelis, etc.
        Which is why I’d rather Paredes go to Man City, but again he’s not a player Guardiola might be into.

        • “Reason why I don’t see this happening, is because Chelsea was never big into signing Argentinian players”

          For the same reason I doubt they will really sign with him. Chelsea is the last EPL team I can realize with Argentino. Might be wrong though. It would be interesting to see him there.

    • Yes its still a mystery if he signs for chelsea how will he fit alongwith jorginho and kante becase both of them going to start under sarri. If he is a sub for jorginho, i dont support this transfer.
      Nicolo ballera can comfortably play as AM in front of jorginho and kante.

    • @Csabalala completely agree with you. If paredes want to find a place in starting 11 then he really needs to work on his defensive attributes otherwise he will be reduced to play in fa or other cup games.

  7. It will be great to see him playing
    EPl but my only fear is he may
    Become a bench warmer for
    Jorginho as they ‘re similar stlye
    If sarri give him fair opportunity
    I believe he can over take jorginho.
    But let us see and wait .

  8. Definitely a great news for Paredes, well I am big fan of Sarri since Napoli that’s why I follow quite a lot Chelsea since he joined. I don’t see him only as Jorginho’s sub, he can also play as CM, along with Kante. Besides, after a great start, Jorginho turned to be quite average, I saw recently many bad games of him. He seems suffering quite a lot with intensive pressing. Paredes can play this role and may use Kovacic or Barrella or Barkley in the other CM role too. A lot more alternatives to Sarri.

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