Gonzalo HIGUAIN close to leaving AC Milan and joining Chelsea


Gonzalo HIGUAIN is close to joining Chelsea, according to reports.

Per a report by Marca, Argentina man Gonzalo HIGUAIN is very close to joining Chelsea. HIGUAIN, currently on loan from Juventus, has been linked with a £32 million move. AC Milan sporting director Leonardo has commented on HIGUAIN. Speaking with La Gazzetta dello Sport, here’s what he had to say:

“Gonzalo has lived through this moment but now he has to leave it behind him. He must take his responsibilities and push.

“He has to stay focused, forget about what is being said in the market and, as long as he is here he has to do this.”

HIGUAIN isn’t the only Argentine being linked with Chelsea. As we reported earlier, Leandro PAREDES is very close to leaving Russia and playing in England.

HIGUAIN joined Real Madrid from River Plate for €12 million.
HIGUAIN joined Napoli from Real Madrid for €40 million.
HIGUAIN joined Juventus from Real Madrid for €90 million.
HIGUAIN joined AC Milan on loan for €36 million.


  1. Go to EPL. Higuain should take the offer and go to Chelsea, Sarri is there and second things Higuain can left his legacy in England soil to erase the failure of Veron and Crespo long time back. No need to hang on Milan. Wish Higuain all the best and big success at Chelsea

  2. For the people wondering if it is either Nico Barella or, Paredes to Chelsea, both players might join them. There are rumours that Sarri isnt satisfied with Kante. Kovacic is a loanee from Real Madrid. Ross Barkley and Drinkwater is far down the pecking order. So Paredes and Barella might play together. Paredes seems to be an understudy to Jorginho at the moment. As strange as it might sound, Kante’s position is under threat. Sarri publicly criticised Kante’s understanding with Jorginho a few months ago.

    • It’s absolutely amazing how much
      People underrated Leo paredes
      Mark my word this guy
      Is world class when it comes
      To deep lying playmaker
      The journalisty and exparties
      Already compare to him xabi Alonso
      Paredes is complete package
      For me he is better than jorginho.

      • Paredes has his limitations. I am one of his biggest critics. Yet I search continually on Google to see if Paredes is linked to any club. Because he has his positives as well.

        One of the reasons I am excited about this move is because Sarri’s teams are good in pressing. Under Sarri, Paredes will have to work his socks off. Even if he doesn’t play regularly, Sarri will improve Paredes. Besides, when Paredes leaves Chelsea, he will get offer from better clubs than Zenith. Chelsea will draw lot more focus on him than Zenith does.

  3. I can understand why Sarri wanted to hire Higuain as he used to work with him and he has no satisfaction with Morata and Giroud. He seems so pissed off that he switched radically to use Hazard as false 9. I am big fan of Sarri but never been a big fan of false 9 system because it depends too much on a single player, too much requirement and too complicated tactically, the team need to play possession football, wingers have to be great dribblers and fast, midfielders and them need to cut in when the false 9 drops deeper. The few times some NT coaches tried with Messi in the past never worked because most of the players don’t have that possession football mindset. Look at the current team of Chelsea, they definitely have enough material to play this football and they trained on daily basis. But they still struggled when they played against big teams. I don’t see how it can be feasible for a national team unless all the players have been trained to play like this since U-17.

  4. One thing I don’t see often discussed when the veteran players are brought up, is the fact that three consecutive final losses plus the last world cup debacle is weighing on them. The old guard is mentally unstable when it comes to the national team. The past is still haunting them. So, let’s say for the sake of argument that Kun is better than Icardi or Di Maria is better than Cervi, but that may be simply irrelevant because mentally the old guard is broken due to suffering from so many losses. We may have no choice but to move on to the next generation only for those reasons alone.

    • EnganChe

      this is something I’m talking about again and again: the mental factor “mentally the old guard is broken due to suffering from so many losses”.

      But people here simply either can’t understand that (they think that club numbers will have simple translation into NT numbers) or can’t admit. Ruinded NT psychology of the players is the main reason I see them as disfunctional. For the reason the less of them the better. Only one of Messi/Aguero and maybe Romero, Otamendi.

      • Yeah…
        Because Aguero is one to suffer mentally in a must win match, like he showed against Liverpool a couple days ago. All the English commentators and sport analysts have been singing his praise since.
        Messi playing and winning finals is nothing new, 4 Champions Leagues, Lost count how many Copa Del Reyes, Gold Medal Beijing, etc.

        Icardi showed us how mentally strong he is against Uruguay, Venezuela, and Ecuador, all those being MUST-WIN matches. Somehow, he’ll turn up in a final were the other team is playing at 110%.

        They BOTH can still and should play. ANY national team would kill to have what we have, but yet some here want to get rid of that?
        Spain played Iniesta this summer at the age of 34 because they know how Important he is, and how they are struggling now without him, couldn’t even get into the Euro Nations league semis, overtakken by England LOL.

        Di Maria yes should not play or at least start anymore, but guys like Martinez have done nothing to take his spot. Won the Copa Liberadores only to be later beaten by Al Ain, a nobody club, who Real in their worst season ever beat them 4-1.

        The plays who are 30+ that we HAVE to bring is Messi (obvio), Aguero, Romero, Otamendi and Banega.
        Two best attackers in their respective leagues, best GK we have at the moment, best Argentine defender we have, and Banega the best CM we have to maintain control in the midfield.

        Once we have that core, THEN we can add the likes of Palacios, Bustos, Magallan, Paredes, etc. Make the lives of the young guns easier with the knowledge and experience of the veterans.

        • “Because Aguero is one to suffer mentally in a must win match, like he showed against Liverpool a couple days ago. All the English commentators and sport analysts have been singing his praise since.
          Messi playing and winning finals is nothing new, 4 Champions Leagues, Lost count how many Copa Del Reyes, Gold Medal Beijing, etc.”

          And apparently you are the last one who missed one big thing: that goes only to club level because in NT it’s exactly opposite. So far disappointment. The old generation is not judged anymore on their club performance because they proved many times to be no simple translation between club-NT performance. You missed most important thing.

          As for Pity Martinez – your ignorant and arrogant opinion is nothing against title of South American Player of The Year. Another big omission by you is the potentiall the players posess. You may don’t like that but he is closer to be NT starter on LW than Di Maria

      • > Ruinded NT psychology of the players is the main reason I see them as disfunctional.

        The majority of the reason for the emotional “baggage” is because we have to most garbage fanbase of any nation. You saw messi covering his head against Croatia (genius sampa used 3ATB for the first fucking time) because he knew a loss would result in a firestorm of criticism. garbage fanbase all they do is talk shit and throw stones. Add the garbage Arg media to the mix and boom – there goes the national team psyche.

        Shitty fans and the Arg media are 100% to blame for the baggage.

    • Well I don’t see in that way, I think it’s all about tactical choice. Only 1 coach during the past few years knew how to play Di Maria and Messi together, it was Sabella during 2014 with his 442 in which Di Maria played slightly deeper than advanced winger, had the freedom to switch from left to right, took the playmaker role from time to time. Messi got a hard working Lavezzi on his right and Di Maria behind or next to him, can focus more in decisive action. Other coaches fixed the idea to use him as left forward in a 3-men and Sampaoli even tried him as left winger back. These roles are just not done for him. His most successful moments at club were when Blanc and Mourinho used him as inverted winger, Ancelotti used him as left central midfielder and now Tuchel using him like how Sabella used him.

      Kun’s case is different. I think it would have worked if he wasn’t injured in 2014. If he were at 100%, this Sabella team would have been so much more creative with him because unlike other forwards, he can drop deeper to play as 10 as well. But in any case, it’s too late now. I don’t see any champion team with 2 players over 34 in attack.

    • Enganche, i do see the emotional baggage but i disagree that they are broken.

      Imagine the team moral if the NT fanbase praised and supported the team?

      Imagine the team moral if the Arg media supported the team?

      Instead, we have a garbage spoiled fanbase and a ruthless toxic Arg media that do nothing but criticize, spread lies and rumors, and talk shit. It’s a vicious circle, they get blamed for emotional baggage but then they get insults and people constantly talk shit.

  5. Problem with Di maria is that he is not smart he does not understand game,no nothing about creativity always trying same stock but he can join NT but as a substitute.

    • still the best assist maker per minutes in Europe since 2010 with more than 100 assists, give them even more regularly than Messi, Özil, De Bruyne or anybody else, who is smart and creative? for example Joaquin Correa with all of his 3 assists in his european career?

      • if Di Maria was so productive why he was transfered from man united to PSG I never heard his name on most assist maker and he is playing in league 1 which is not tactical or fast but just physical nothing more,one hit wonder kind of teams are there

        • he transferred out of Manu because they were an absolute garbage club under Van Gaal. Di Maria and Van Gaall were like oil and water, it would never have worked out.

        • @kavindrs Dimaria at MANU was different case. Mancester United is absolute garbage.
          Angel Di Maria came to United with huge fanfare and was given the Number 7 jersey to take the attacking legacy forward. He was well suited for the jersey which he got and gave some amazing performances when he started in the premier league.

          Louis Van Gaal , the manager who was aptly signed by United back then after the club fired David Moyes , wanted more passing game from the team. His style of play didn’t suit many players and there was huge discontentment among the players in the dressing room for the tactics he implied.

          Di Maria was more of an attacking player who loved to run freely on the wings and give breathtaking passes and crosses. He was brought by United to strengthen United’s wing play which lacked pace and quality back then. He was happy and gave his best when he used to start matches for United and even scored goals from freekicks.

          Louis Van Gaal wanted him and the team to play more passing game and wanted the team to pass and take the ball forward , rather than running through the wings and putting in crosses which United have always been known and feared for. Not just Di Maria , he put Blind ( left back ) infront of his defenders too and made him play as a defensive midfielder protecting his back line. Slowly and gradually , United’s performances started to dip and there were more passes backwards than forward.Even when the team was 2–0 down , United didn’t attack enough and passed ball a lot more times to defenders and the goal keeper.

          Van Gaal wanted Di maria to adapt to his ideology and play as per his tactics. He was made to play as a left midfielder and was asked to give more through balls and short passes to his team mates. This wasn’t his forte but he tried adapting to this too. When he didn’t fare well in matches and confronted Van Gaal about his situation and the style of football he wanted to play , Van Gaal had a rift with him and started keeping him on bench as he wasn’t ready to conform to manager’s ideology.

          Can you imagine a player like Di Maria in your side being benched?

          Ed Woodwards , Van Gaal and Di Maria came to a decision to let Di Maria leave if the offer was good and then PSG came knocking with money in their hands.

          He went to Paris and is back to his previous form and is giving amazing performances for his teams.This was one of the biggest mistakes of Van Gaal era and United’s management.If he would’ve stayed , Mourinho would use him in every match these days and he would definitely be among the best wingers of United till date.
          Mourinho himself accepted that “if i was a manager i would have never sold a player like dimaria”

  6. According to an article Scaloni thinks of himself as still interim coach.
    He is aware that people thinkmof him as inexpirienced and after the Copa he wants the AFA to do a intensive search where he also could help to find the experienced permanent coach.
    Only if the search is unsuccessfull then he would consider twking over.
    Di Maria will be back.
    Aguero, Higuain and Banega have lesser chances.

        • I think you watch football by wearing solid glass.
          Truth is argentina has no wingers having even 25% skills and speed dimaria had.
          All our young wingers good nothing.
          Pavon and Meza was always shitting in the WC.

          • Di Maria had played three world cup
            Three copa plus qualifiers
            All he did Lose the ball
            At crucial moments
            I can say di maria is worst player
            On his position play for Argentina.

        • The only WC final argentina played was because of dimaria’s goal ans assist in knockout stage against switzerland and belgium .
          Look what happened against germany without di maria.
          But with our young players and scaloni , they dont have quality to get into WC unless some miracle happens , winning WC is far behind.

          • My friend personally i will take
            Pity Martinez Rodrigo de Pual
            Erik lamela Joaquin correa
            Cervi angel correa and pavon
            I take all those over di Maria
            anyday Sorry mate his time is up.

          • Bro Di maria is still better than cervi and j correa . De paul is too slow.
            Erik lamela is not a proper winger , I have hope in pavon and pity martinez lets see what happens.
            What i had seen in last 15 minutes against, di maria can be helpful if he plays on RW or as subs in copa 2019.
            I agree extending di maria not the best decision but i am not able to find a winger with dimaria’s ability.

          • @godin11

            Pity Martinez will get us NOWHERE. He can’t even get himself into Europe, only MLS.
            J. Correa I would defenitly prefer, as he’s been in Europe since he was 21, and he’s 24 now. Martinez is 25 and NOW getting into MLS.
            De Paul – who?
            Lamela – I’d rather have him in the midfield than at the wing, but he can do both.
            Angel Correa – Headless Chicken
            Cervi – who?

            I’d rather have J. Correa on one wing and a fullback, say Tagliafico, on the other, such as Barcelona with Jordi Alba.

          • @dontbethatguy

            > Pity Martinez

            I wouldn’t be so harsh. Late bloomer that could get a good run for years. Drogba, Klose, Di Natale come to mind. He’s doing well for now, hope MLS is a 1 year stepping stone

            J. Correa – if he’s in form, yes.

            De Paul – Not saying De Paul isn’t talented, but I’d take ADM in heart beat.

            Lamela – agreed with midfiel or CAM due to his ruthless pressing/bullying. He can certainly compete with ADM though. maybe it doesn’t work but I’d love to see Lo Celso, Lamela, and Dybala on the pitch together.

            Angel Correa – he tries to take on 5 defenders or shoots from way out but he does pull off impressive goals and passes. He’s great but inconsistent.

            Cervi – joke to select him over ADM.

          • Come on j correa only 8 goals and 3 assists throughout his european career ,worst stats for a forward . Suddenly he deserves to play in argentina NT. Lazio plays better when he is on the bench.

    • Argentina played well when di maria played well
      He was one of the best player in 2014 wc qualifiers , 2014 wc, 2015 and 2016 copa America
      He gave argentina much needed pace and creativity
      But now I think he has lost his creativity that’s why he is not needed anymore
      But we cant forget the contribution he did for argentina …so people here should respect him

    • And these are his fucked up moments only in relation to Messi let alone the rest of players. He was always biggest waster in this team. This is not emotional matter: his time is simply finished. We have new options. Too many options.

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