Mauro ICARDI’s agent: “The two biggest clubs in Spain are interested”


Mauro ICARDI could leave Inter and join a team in Spain, if what his agent said is true.

The Inter captain has interest from clubs outside of the country, according to his wife, who happens to be his agent. Speaking with AS, his wife Wanda said the following:

“ICARDI’s renewal with Inter is a very long way off as things stand today. There are very important clubs that are interested in signing Mauro and we are very far from reaching an agreement [with Inter].

“The figures that are being talked about in Italy about his contract renewal are not accurate. So far, we have not received a satisfactory offer from Inter.

“We are not ruling out reaching an agreement at some stage, but at the moment we are a long way off from that, Nara added.It is not logical for Mauro to renew on the same salary that he receives now. We believe that Mauro is at a superior level.

“We have a very good relationship with the two biggest clubs in Spain who, are very interested in Mauro, as well as one in France and one in England.”

There are reports that ICARDI would not renew his contract with Inter which expires in 2021 but if he would leave, the club would likely sell him before to make a profit.


  1. I don’t see how he can fit in Barca, the previous player with similar style played there was Ibra(much more technical than Icardi) but he failed there. As I said, possession football has its upside and downside. The downside is it kills all classic striker, no more old school number 10, real defensive midfielder and the fullbacks don’t know tackling anymore.

    • There are always other options. Just you need to look for them. Some people talk still we haven’t had options for years instead of some players while it’s just lazy and coward minds of our coaches made us blind for good alternatives.

  2. His wife is a thot and should stay out of this. She is a gold-digger and money hungry woman. She will ruin his career. Serie A is perfect for him. I think he should stay at Inter, but leave that hoe Wanda.

    • his career is being ruined by staying at Inter. Such a rotten club to lead. They play horrible…defensive, no creativity, just a bunch of crosses. That certainly isn’t the ideal club for Icardi to develop further. Napoli, Juventus, City, Chelsea, Barca, Dortmund, Real Madrid, etc are way better. I hope he leaves Inter asap. May also give Martinez room to shine as well since coach doest care to start them both.

      • @Choripan,

        Yep, Icardi is blocking Lautaro’s development. Two different types of strikers but Inter only afford Icardi’s game. It is proven and safer way for Inter. They wont come out of that shell unless Icardi is gone. Lautaro’s game is more expansive.

    • Gk: Ruilli Gazzinga Romero
      Rb: Mercado saravia
      Lb: taglia acuna
      Cb: pezella otamendi mammana foyth
      Cm: paredes lo celso ascaibar pereya
      Cam: dybala messi
      Rm: lamela a.correa
      Lm: de paul cervi
      St: icardi aguero

      • GK- Goycoccia,
        LB- Zanetti, Heinze
        CB- Pasarella, Ayala, Samuels,
        RB- Sorin
        DM- Redondo
        LM- Maradona
        RM- Aimar, Requelme
        LF- Messi
        CF- Batistuta, Caniggia
        RF- Aguer

        I WISH

        • shovwar: as you need a squad of 23 may I add these to you awesome team…. ardiles, kempes, fillol (our best ever keeper), Crespo, rattin, veron, valdano, di stefano, and ruggeri
          id probably cull aguer (i assume you mean kun?)as its only 23

        • GK: Goycogea, Roa, Romero
          RB: Zanetti, Burdisso
          LB: Sorin, Heinze
          CB: Samuel, Ayala, Garay
          DM: Redondo, Mascherano
          CM: Cambiasso, Veron, Burruchaga
          LM: Maradona, Ortega
          RM: Riquelme, Aimar
          Half 9: Messi, Caniggia
          FWD: Batistuta, Crespo

    • GK: Romero, Walter Benitez, Gazza
      LFB: Tagliafico, Funes Mori
      CB: Pezzella, Foyth, Otamendi
      RFB: Saravia, Mammana
      DM: Paredes, Ascacibar
      CM: Vazquez, Palacios
      RM/CAM: Lanzini, Lo Celso
      LW: De Paul, Cervi, Pity
      Half-9: Messi, Dybala
      FWD: Icardi, A.Correa

  3. At the time of writing, Man City got 8 past Burton.
    Could be more later.

    Remember when Argentina used to beat teams like that? For example
    ARG 7-0 BOL
    ARG 6-1 PAR
    ARG 5-0 PAN
    ARG 4-0 USA
    ARG 5-0 BOL
    ARG 4-1 VEN

    Yea…. those days are done.

    Now… we only score 2 past Mexico, and we’ll win the World Cup smh

      • “Now… we only score 2 past Mexico, and we’ll win the World Cup smh”

        Really? Have a look at these scores and you will know how far you are from reality!

        Argentina vs Uruguay 1-0

        Argentina vs Jamaica 1-0

        Argentina vs Colombia 0-0

        Argentina vs Chile 0-0

        Argentina vs Mexico 2-2

        Argentina vs Ecuador 0-2

        Paraguay vs Argentina 0-0

        Argentina vs Honduras 1-0

        Yeah, you are right when the oldies were around we were scoring goals for fun! If the guys you are advocating for are that great why didn’t they score the amount of goals you have in your mind but rarely happens in reality?

        Those guys had their time and we (majority of Mundo members) won’t be sheddind any tears for their retirement and departure.

        • ARG 1-0 URU
          – Remember Dybala, one of the starts of the future, got sent off. Messi saved the day again.
          ARG 1-0 JAM
          – If you had seen the game you’d realized we were up against a huge ass bus. Still won tho!
          ARG 0-0 COL
          – Which one? The QF where both teams were playing very carefully, trying not to make mistakes, for Copa America glory? Or the friendly where both teams had a whole new 11?
          ARG 0-0 CHI
          – Unfortunate yes we couldn’t win those finals. But we had beaten them 2-1 and 1-0 for the WC Qualifiers. In the end, we went and they didn’t.
          ARG 2-2 MEX
          – You mean the friendly at the AT&T Stadium where we were losing 2-0, then equalized with two goals in 4 minutes to silence the home crowd? Ahh yes, I remember that game.
          ARG 0-2 ECU
          – Yea, Ecuador beat us at home, but we returned the favor, and got us qualified while they were out.
          ARG 0-0 PAR
          – Pity! Can’t win them all
          ARG 1-0 HON
          – Again, playing against a Bus. Ask Juventus how they fared against that.

          At least teams parked buses against us. Now they are not afraid to attack, don’t show us respect. Hence, the decreasing number of foals scored.

          • You did exactly what I was thinking you will do; coming up with cheap excuses.

            Hey, we needed goals at that time not the excuses you are creating now.

            All the oldies lovers on this site share one common thing – irrationality

            BTW, that Uruguay game was the Copa game, not the qualifier one.

        • I agree, what happened happened. Now our best chance at winning the world cup IS NOT TO ASSUME we will win. Expect a challenge, and prepare ahead. Be the instigator.

        • > Those guys had their time and we (majority of Mundo members) won’t be sheddind any tears for their retirement and departure.

          and some of those mundo users are a bunch of petulant spoiled brats that constantly talk shit as if the world cup is owed to them. Whats your point?

          • @Choripan, insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. When you do such thing you really are the definition of foolishness, stupidity, and irrationality.

            It seems the only thing you care about Argentine football is seeing Messi and Aguero being around. I feel sorry for Argentina when I see people like you call themselves “argentina fans” when the reality is not like that.

            Messi is a human being like you; he can win and fail. Tell me if you believe he is a different creature or something else.

            Being realistic and rational leads you to adopting different strategies when your plans fail.

            Since you are a Messi fan you can stick to your favourite player and chant for him and nothing wrong with that, but don’t show yourself to the world as a concerned Argentina fan who lost sleep over the performance of the team.

            If you ask me, Messi is the greatest football player ever touched a ball and he will be our hero forever.

            Anybody who opposes the return of the oldies is labelled as a “hater” by people like you and I don’t care whatever you call me since supporting Argentina gives me pleasure and joy.

            Oldies gone with the wind. Accept this reality on the ground and deal with it, man!

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