Argentina’s South American World Cup Qualifiers to start in 2020


World Cup qualifiers in South America will begin in 2020, CONMEBOL announced on Thursday.

Argentina’s World Cup qualifying campaign, which would normally begin this fall, has been pushed back to next year. South America’s football governing body CONMEBOL stated that the match days would start in March of next year.

The idea is that the matches would be played in March, September, October and November of 2020 with the remaining matches being played in March, June, September, October and November of 2021 to finish the qualifiers.

It would be two matches per month.


  1. The WC qualifiers end in November 2021. The WC in Qatar starts in November 2022 and ends just before Christmas. A full year of friendlies? Crazy, they should have scheduled until June 2022.

  2. Alexis MacAllister signed with Brighton and for now will stay in Argentinos.

    Bautista Merlini joining Defensa y Justicia is also interesting transfer. Not long ago one of most exciting talents in Argentina now will have good chance to recover his form under Beccacece.

  3. Batista will introduce 6 new players today for Uruguay, including Balerdi, Maroni, Gaich:

    Roffo; Barquett, Nehuén Perez, Balerdi, Francisco Ortega; Moreno, Santiago Sosa, Vera; Maroni, Julián Alvarez y Gaich

  4. We are now in 2019 (one year after last world cup, 3 more years for next one).

    Let think back to 2007, 2011 and 2015.

    In 2007, we had promising young players Messi(20), Gago(21), Tevez(23) and Marscherano(23). They gave us a general picture of 2010.And actually Messi and Marscherano were the key players in 2010 world cup.

    In 2011, we had promising young players Messi(24), Arguero(23), Pastore(22), Rojo(20), Banega(23), Di maria(23), Higuain(23). Indeed, those players were key to our huge success in 2014 world cup.

    In 2015, literally we got nothing, at least from Copa 2015 and Copa 2016. We didn’t have any young players showed up.

    This year, I hope we have some promising young players. Otherwise we will have nothing in 2022.

    • Our youngsters are not rated very high. At least not financially. Pity Martinez, best player in South America costs 15 million. 21 year old De Jong costs 75 million. Balerdi moves to Dortmund for less than 20m while De Ligt will cost three times that much. European talents cost much more than SA talents.

      Maybe we overrate them. Pavon still not sold. Palacios’ deal unclear. Martinez warms the bench at Inter. Barco light years from NT.

      • I do agree with you about Argentine players not being rated very high at the moment and that has alot to do with the NT’s abysmal performances throughout the last couple of years, but for me that’s not necessarily a bad thing since these youngsters won’t carry on their shoulders the added pressure of living up to an unrealistic price tag that’s caused alot of world class talent to crumble under the weight of expectations.

        As for overrating our boys, well I disagree, infact here at mundo most of the comments I read are about how terrible the youngsters are and how the old guard should be brought back.
        Just remember, Paredes (if you call him a ‘youngster’) is being fought over by 2 big clubs, Celso was recently rated my Marca as the best signing of the summer by a la liga team ahead of Artur and Vecinius Jr (spelling?), Depaul had an offer from Sevilla rejected and is being heavily courted by Inter and if reports are to be believed Spurs and Napoli are also in the running for his signing and despite all that Udenese won’t let him go before the summer.
        You already mentioned Balerdi but you have to remember that Balerdi has a total number of 5 professional games, which is NOTHING! Yet a big team like Dortmund signed him straight away.
        Cristian Romero has legit interest from Juve and he just barely played half a season with Genoa.
        Almendra has legit interest from Napoli and Inter (according to Boca president) and he’s played less than a dozen games.
        Lastly Palacios deal with Real might’ve fallen through but the kid just turned 20 and a club like real came very close to signing him, which says alot about their belief in his potential.

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