Argentina national team to play Morocco in March with Lionel MESSI returning


Argentina will play Venezuela and Morocco in March with captain Lionel MESSI returning to the team.

Two friendly matches have been confirmed for Argentina in March. With news coming out that the team would play Venezuela and the Czech Republic, the Czech’s would later opt out of the match and the team have a new opponent.

The first match would be on March 22 against Venezuela with the second on March 26 against Morocco.

Lionel SCALONI’s team would receive a big boost with news that Lionel MESSI will be coming back into the side. Reports coming out of Argentina state that MESSI will be back as the captain and would want to play in the Copa America.


  1. After Barcelona vs Sevilla match, benega should never called up, As per rumored only messi and Dimaria from old guards will be selected, i still hope simeone must not be selected in expenses of Aguero anyhow Messi+Icardi will be the key. Argentina needs fresh legs in midfield therefore no old guards should be called up. Today match shows Barcelona without messi is like #2Rs team Levante

    • if we kicked everyone off the team that had a bad game, NO ONE WOULD BE PLAYING FOR THE NT.

      Aguero over Simeone is something even chimpanzee would understand and support.

    • @Romance KING
      ” Argentina needs fresh legs in midfield therefore no old guards should be called up.” Messi is also a old guard .
      your comments are always illogical . Friendly honestly do you really watch icardi he has not scored from last 3 matches and missing several chances what makes to select him over aguero?

  2. The old man Messi lost his speed……… he only beat a youngster in a footrace who just came into the game to setup a pass for the go ahead score. The puppeteer at his very best pulling the strings and the magic passes from thin air.

    • He is worth of the 30 mln. I don’t think he is worth less than Palacios. It’s time to value well our talented kids.

        • He turns like Requelme and runs like pogba…..
          Jokes aside he is a good all round central midfielder. Physically strong, can carry ball to forward. He is the most important player in sub20

        • He’s almost like for like with Battaglia, very good with the ball at his feet and likes to go forward with it but to be honest I’m not all that impressed with him nor am I impressed with Palacios, although the latter played really well against colombia so I’d like to see him get another call up.
          The real midfield talents in Argentina are Nico Dominguez and Alexis MacAllister IMO.

          • I want our young talented players to play in Europe asap as they can get better facilities , qualities nd good exposure there….Nd why zenit is getting barios for approx 13m euros fee…..why dont Boca make profit on him?

  3. My team for copa…..


    Lo Celso-battago—Peredes—

    —Messi—Dybala—De Paul

    Sub:-Maria,Ageuro,icardi/Casseana/Lanzini.tagliafico e.t.c

    Our team need holding the ball and energy in midfield..

  4. hey Godin 11 and all oldies haters
    calling for 23 young blood will not be the solution.this is not be the symbol of a right track.
    we can not find any single national team in the world football who only consist of only young player.
    i just wanna say..A mix between oldies and young blood will increase our chance.

  5. Mercado only useful if the team plays in 3 men defense. Even that I’d prefer to see Mammana in RCB.

    Banega could be used as Paredes’s sub if the team plays in 433 or 352. Currently our option is limited in this position. But to be honest I’d prefer to see a younger player as Paredes’s sub. Maybe Almendra.

    I continue to say Di Maria shouldn’t be selected as left winger anymore , he is a midfielder now and if we take him, will be in competition with Lo Celso.

    I am a big fan of Kun but he is too static to play with Messi.

    Otamendi and Romero still OK.

    • Saravia is the guy for now but Mercado can be useful since he can play fullback or CB which means we could have an additional mid or attacker. Mercado has also also performed great for NT so I wouldn’t mind if coach prefers him.

      Agree with everything else except Aguero. Under gaurdiola, hes learned to be more dynamic.

    • Sarvaria has done enough to continue as RB and I’d add Ansaldi as his backup until Mammana regains his form (if he ever regains his form) or someone else steps up.
      The LB position is more promising with Tagliafico, Angeleri, Licha Martinez and even J.Silva who has been solid in Spain.

  6. messi dimaria aguero Banega otamendi mercado Romero must in da copa 2019 squad.
    7 oldies + 16 young blood = copa 2019 champion
    vamos Argentina

  7. Todos los analistas y comentaristas, ​​incluso Tyc, no creen en este equipo de Argentina.
    ¿Y quién puede culparlos?

    Las probabilidades de que salgamos con la Copa son MUY bajas. Como nunca antes.
    ¿Algunas personas incluso están diciendo que las semifinales seria un mejoramiento? Jaja
    Después de jugar en el final los últimos dos Copas consecutivos, ¿las Semifinales un mejoramiento? Así de bajos somos, ya ni siquiera creemos en nosotros mismos.

    ¿Y la respuesta a nuestro problema es convocar un equipo nuevo?
    El equipo francés que jugó en la Final de la Eurocopa es muy similar al que jugó en la Final del Mundial, la única diferencia es la defensa joven, dado que Koscielny estaba lesionado por lo que no estaba en el equipo. Pero el base del equipo, Pogba, Griezman, Umtiti, Matuidi, Giroud, incluso Lloris fue lo mismo.
    Sin embargo, ¿la gente quiere abandonar a todo el equipo y comenzar de nuevo?
    ¡Eso será un DESASTRE! Ni siquiera calificaríamos para el Mundial de esa manera.

    El Simple hecho que Messi vuelva no quiere decir que automáticamente volveremos a ser los mejores.
    Claro, traerá algo de control y calidad al equipo, pero un hombre no es suficiente.

    ¡Sin embargo, con todo eso, todavía estoy apoyando a mi país!
    ¡Siempre lo he hecho, y siempre lo haré!
    Si nadie cree, todavía tenemos que creer, tener esperanza. Si no creemos, de nada sirve.
    ¡Vamos Argentina!

    • Don’tbethatguy
      Mate is good when people say
      We don’t have no chance
      Trust me it works in our favour
      Since 2007 we were coming
      Copa in favourite to win
      And you know happen.

      No disrespect mate
      If you think Di maria aguero
      Higuain rajo banega Romero
      mecardo otamendi Armani
      Funes mori Erik lamela
      Has to come bk in order to win
      Copa for Argentina than
      God saves Arg cose will make
      Even worse.

      • “Mate is good when people say
        We don’t have no chance
        Trust me it works in our favour”
        – Well, it didn’t work in the summer.

        “No disrespect mate
        If you think Di maria aguero
        Higuain rajo banega Romero
        mecardo otamendi Armani
        Funes mori Erik lamela
        Has to come bk in order to win
        Copa for Argentina than
        God saves Arg cose will make
        Even worse.”
        – Please point out where I said they all need to come back? I said there needs to be balance, like there was in France.
        Again, I’m just saying, that our chances our very low, but I’ll keep believing till the end!

    • Well…the doubt is understandable given what we have seen.

      I recently rewatched the last few games and Scaloni was awful. Poor passing, no cohesion, no support from teammates, no attacking threat.

      I personally don’t give a shit about “new” player selection when the coach is still wearing training wheels. People loving Scaloni for call ups but they quickly forget that players cannot excel when the coach sucks as we saw with kamikaze sampa and bauza. I mean, it’s mindnumbingly stupid when I hear “if only sampa called “x” new face” we would have won the world cup.

      Calling for oldies to retire is truly terrible judgment and mostly rooted in emotion. Ive read people calling for Cervi or Martinez instead of Messi. Or Simeone instead of Aguero, or Funes Mori instead of Otamendi. Couldn’t be more bat shit crazy.

      Overall, a mix between veteran and new will increase our chances, especially considering Mr training wheels.

      • If Scaloni had been coach during the WC and we still get knocked out in the R of 16, ppl would want his head. And if Sampaoli had come later and start calling all these new faces, they’d be adoring him.

        BeIN, Fox, Espn, all these commentators are criticizing Scaloni because of that, Argentina still don’t look good.

        We need a mix, something like say
        Lo Celso-Paredes-Banega

        A mix, experience + youth. 5 Veterans + 6 Youth, tho I wouldn’t really call Pezzella youth. And Romero doesn’t really count, he’s not an outfield player so if we don’t score it’s not his fault. His job his to protect our goal, which he is the best Argentina has to offer, ESPECIALLY in penalties!

        Long story short, Mix is good! All youth and we’ll crumble.

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