Giovanni SIMEONE scores two goals in Fiorentina’s 7-1 win against AS Roma


Giovanni SIMEONE scored twice for Fiorentina in their 7-1 win against AS Roma.

A massive win for Fiorentina saw SIMEONE score the last two goals of their Coppa Italia match. SIMEONE came on as a substitute and with the score at 5-1 added two more. German PEZZELLA started and played the entire match for Fiorentina.

Javier PASTORE and Federico FAZIO started the match for Roma.


  1. The only people wanting Simeone over Aguero are either overly optimistic, delusional, or so filled with hatred of veterans that they have lost all sense. Here’s a funny exchange on Reddit about Simeone Roma vs Fior 7-1 thrashing. All comments were heavily upvoted. Aside from some argie fans, he does not have a good rep

    Person 1) Even pjaca would have probably managed to score if he came on.

    Person 2) yeah. 2 goals by Simeone is enough to tell it.

    Person 3) is Simeone that bad?

    Person 4) it’s kind of a joke because he’s definitivly not matching expectations so now he’s a meme.

    Person 5) yeah, he can’t finish at all. Gets in good position and then shanks a sitter.

    Person 6) that’s why River got rid of him

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