Argentine Lautaro MARTINEZ scores winner for Inter in Europa League win


Lautaro MARTINEZ scored for Inter in their 1-0 win against Rapid Wien.

With captain Mauro ICARDI not in the squad, Lautaro MARTINEZ got the start for Inter and scored a penalty which was the winner. It’s the first itme this season that Lautaro MARTINEZ scored in two consecutive matches.


  1. Icardi has been top scorer twice in serie A, scored most goal against Juventus so there’s nothing left for him to proof there. This should be the right time for him to leave the club that will never challange the CL again, not even the league.

    Like Crespo, his playing style relying on services and he wont get that much at Inter. Lautaro can be the next young superstar for Inter. He has been impressive in last few weeks.

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