Diego SIMEONE renews contract until 2022 with Atletico Madrid


Diego SIMEONE has renewed his contract until 2022 with Atletico Madrid.

There were rumors that the Argentina would be leaving Atletico to possibly join Inter but that has been put to bed. Atletico Madrid have tweeted out that Diego SIMEONE has put pen to paper, keeping him at the club until 2022, meaning he won’t be leaving the club.

SIMEONE has been with the club since 2011, reaching two UEFA Champions League finals while winning one La Liga title, one Copa del Rey, one Spanish Super Cup, two UEFA Super Cup and two Europa League titles.

“We’re looking forward to a future with a lot of hope and many challenges. I see work, people who want to keep growing, I see belief, I see youth, which can help us progress, and I know that if we stay firm, as we have been, we will continue in the same line.”


  1. Its wonderful that we report Simeone’s new contract on Mundo Albiceleste. This guy has NOTHING to do with the NT. But you know what we don’t report? The fact that Exequiel Palacios is gonna need surgery and be out 4 months possibly.

    I enjoy reading many people’s comments on this forum. It used to be I came here for the articles. Now the articles are pure garbage for the most part. The fan comments are more important. What happened to this site Roy? Maybe you should stop worrying about making the site look prettier and concentrate on the substance of the articles.

  2. Talleres Codroba make the next round of Copa Libertadores qualifiers kicking out FC Sao Paolo thanks to 2:0 in home and 0:0 away. The team is youngest one in Superliga. Bunch of attention worth players like box-to-box midfielders Cubas and Pochettino (he looks like local league version of Lo Celso, remember Juventus was close to sign with him), AM Ramirez, NT goalkeeper Herrera, trio of CBs Komar, Diaz, Tenaglia (also Medina of our U-20 team). All they are young players.

    But the one who deserves Scaloni attention now is right back Leonardo Godoy. Should be Saravia back up in NT. I see he is most regular RB in all Superliga. Maybe there were more impressive games of Godoy and Talleres but this last one against Sao Paolo is also solid and everyone may see what kind of RB Godoy is:


    • More Argentina – Brazil rivalry:

      Racing 1:1 away draw in Copa Sudamericana is also good result before the second leg. Thhey have played without injured Zaracho.

    • While Palacios injury might be much more grievous than thought initially. Operation may be needed and he could be out for 3-4 months.

    • I think Leonardo Godoy, Tagliafico, Saravia, etc are good players with potential, but are currently weak points on the roster. We have a wealth of talent in the cb positions which would lend itself better to a 3 cb defense.

  3. For all the positive things he has done with AM………………………how many championships has he won??
    He had RM in the UEFA final on the ropes and let ’em jerkoffs off the hook TWICE. Cheap fouls, thuggery and bullshit statements and you call that football!

    Let him stay at AM.

      • yes that why i posted it.
        this is what we need i believe.this is the meaning after all.
        enjoy and be happy.
        those days the locker room of national team was family.
        it had to do of course and with the characters of those players.
        Batistuta , Crespo, Veron , Ortega , Claudio Lopez , Samuel , Simeone , Almeyda and many others. all of them great players but great people too.

        nothing like the present.

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