Dario BENEDETTO likely to be called to Argentina team in March, Mauro ICARDI doubt


Dario BENEDETTO will reportedly be called-up to the Argentina team for the matches in March.

Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI apparently has a surprise up his sleeve in the form of Boca Juniors forward BENEDETTO. The Argentina took part in the last World Cup Qualifying matches but due to injury missed out on the FIFA World Cup.

With captain Lionel MESSI expected to be back in the squad, TyC Sports are reporting that coach SCALONI will not be including goalkeeper Sergio ROMERO and Angel DI MARIA isn’t a sure lock to be included.

Other names which are not guaranteed to be included are those of German PEZELLA as the defender has injury problems. The others are that of Mauro ICARDI and Gonzalo MARTINEZ.

The matches take place on March 22 and March 26 against Venezuela and Morocco. The call-up list will be released on 3 March, that is to say next Sunday.


  1. Icardi is the best no 9 in the world, might be sunbed due to injury and form surprisingly messi inclusion and icardi exclusion again create controversy

    • “create controversy”

      lmao. I might have interpreted your response wrong but the only person creating controversy is you with these conspiracy theories.

  2. Scaloni should select Ansaldi over Tagliafico as left back.This will give our forward much help.Ansaldi is so much good with his dribblind,short passes and long crosses

  3. I think it’s quite logic. First of all, Benedetto deserves his selection. Pity and Romero hasn’t played for few months. I guess Icardi and Pezzella will be in the copa, maybe not for the friendship games.

    I’d really want to see Zaracho, Lisandro Martinez, Walter Benitez and Vargas being included. If Di Maria is not here this time, I think he won’t be here for the copa.

    Here is my best 11 in March: http://sharemytactics.com/124387/

    • C.royal
      I like your tactics and you personal
      Choice I will swap l Martinez over
      Taglafiaco mussachio over pezzala
      If that is the team to copa I believe
      We will win but I doubt very much
      Scaloni will take zaracho and Vargas
      To copa but I would loved to

      • Zaracho, Vargas time will come after Copa. Watch also Lucas Robertone from Velez who is good competitor to Zaracho. Both with goals in yesterday’s league games.

          • Quite the contrary. Previously he was positioned in Velez in double pivot formation along with Nicolas Dominguez. Now Heinze plays him more attacking role but he has the versitile mind to use him as box-to-box.

      • May I ask why should we replace our best defender Pezzella with Mateo Musacchio ? I haven’t really followed Musacchio lately, but last time I checked he was still trying get his pre-injury form back.

        • No, I don’t have any preference between them. The post just mentioned he’ll be bothered by injury and may not be here so I think for the similar profile the best guy is Mussachio. Barboza could be the future.

      • Thx mate, I just inspired from Belgium and France in 2018. Lisandro Martinez is similar to Lucas Hernandez and Vertoghen, Paredes similar to Witsel, Vargas similar to Hazard and Zaracho is the talented version of Matuidi. That’s how those teams changed their system during the game.

        On the left, I really don’t see anyone better than Vargas and Pity. Pereyra, Cervi, Joaquin Correa and De Paul are decent but none of them can play as playmaker. I want someone who can drop deep on the other side and let Messi play closer to the forward.

        If Vargas and Lisandro Martinez not selected, I think we can still survive but Zaracho is more than necessary to have. This guy can bring the balance to the team. The only player who can play as box to box, winger on both side and even defensive midfielder. He will be the perfect partner with Paredes and Lo Celso, a more defensive and dynamic profile. More versatile than Almendra and more technical than Palaccios.

    • @Canadianroyal

      Nice selection mate, if copa was tomorrow I think this team could be quite competitive.

      Personally I would put a more defensive midfielder like Nico Dominguez or Ascacibar instead of Zaracho since this would allow Celso to maraud forward while Paredes and Nico to stay back and protect the back in case of a counter.
      Robertone is a talented kid, better than palacios IMO and he can be included in the midfield against teams that might park the bus inorder to give the midfield more attacking bite.

      Including Licha Martinez as a LB is totally understandable but I’m still waiting for the kid to finish the season in style before I call for his inclusion because in the primera there tends to be alot of players that gain incredible form only to drop suddenly and turn out to be half season wonders e.g. Meza!
      If Licha is included in the squad then I would put Barboza in there too next to Otamendi and Licha since don’t forget that Barboza is brilliant and has been so for nearly 2 seasons now not to mention that he and Martinez form a great partnership.

      Beneditto and Vargas are solid choices especially the former who has come back to form after a major injury with style! I say let him play in the next friendlies and see how he does.
      Vargas’s drop in the form at the beginning of the primera season was alarming but he’s getting back into form so we’ll see but my choice is still Pity with Maria as backup. I know Pity might be lacking on match fitness but that shouldn’t exclude him from the next friendlies and if he is indeed out of match fitness then other options can be explored.

      • I understand what you mean yeah it’ll be good to have a real DM like Kante but with 3 guys should be fine, besides Zaracho can cover both sides, especially for his support for Messi

  4. Regarding this rumour I feel
    Ebo and choripan 😂😂 joking
    They say one man’s miseray
    Is another man’s happiness
    A side from the joke it’s too early
    To know this it’s only rumour
    Even heard kun aguero won’t
    Be the list too

          • You know my friend, Icardi might be helpful if Argentina plays like Inter, but they don’t. WE need someone to help (Messi,Lo Celso , Dybala) evade their marker(s) and contribute to the buildup, If you watch the three goals against Ecuador in the last WC2018 qualifiers you will know why I think Benedetto is better suited for Argentina style. Icardi played in that encounter and lost an open chance to make it 4-1 towards the end of the match.
            And a player should never encourage a rift between him and his club like what is happening today at Inter, because might will happen at NT level, Remember Tevez at MC?

          • First he remarked about post world cup “the atmosphere in the dressing being lighter”. No shit, Mr Icardi. Then Wanda off saying “icardi should have better teammates” on live TV which led to Inter stripping Icardi of captaincy. Either way, he’s kind of a knucklehead that isnt very politically or professionally savvy. Seems to rub people the wrong way.

            Im still open minded when it comes to his play style. I really like that he’s a nimble #9, with incredible position and arial ability. Last season he was the most efficient striker. The guy scored the most with least chances and that is something Arg desperately needs. Im going to blame Inters playstyle on his perceived “1 dimensional” playstile. I think he if played for Barca or Real, he adapt very quick. For now, since Icardi needs service and Scaloni seems to bring out the worst in our attack, Benedetto and Martinez (to your point about build up) could certainly be better.

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