Lautaro MARTINEZ goal not enough as Argentina lose 3-1 against Venezuela


A match which saw Lionel MESSI return to the Argentina team saw Venezuela score three goals against them in a 3-1 loss.

An experimenting team out by SCALONI but a deserved victory for Venezuela. They took an early 1-0 lead about six minutes into the match. A lovely ball sent in saw RONDON score. Minutes before half time, Venezuela would double their lead through a MURILLO goal.

In the second half, Lionel MESSI would get the ball and off a counter attack would pass it to SUAREZ, who would play a ball across to Lautaro MARTINEZ and he would score to make it 2-1 and bring Argentina back in it.

However, just minutes after that, a foul by Juan FOYTH would present Venezuela with a penalty and MARTINEZ would score to make it 3-1 for Venezuela.

Argentina will play Morocco on Tuesday.


  1. I’m kinda new member to this forum.I read every post here and comments posted.But being a true Argentine fan from India ever since early 90s , I’m kinda devastated to see the condition of current Argentina NT.Last night’s thrashing by minnow team was like a bolt from the blue for me .Don’t you guys feel that last night’s loss is not to be disregarded and accept it as the true reflection of what’s in store in near future? Don’t u think it’s high time to hit the reset button and go back to basics? I don’t understand why AFA doesn’t sack Scaloni
    so far and find a better suited manager who can restore our past glory before it’s getting late and we end up as footballing minnow nation like Venezuela.It’s really a shame that we can’t properly use the GOAT to our maximum gains.At least a few mundo members r rather busy questioning his commitment ,his presence in NT with some inept illogical theories.
    Before arguing whether to build the team around Messi or make a team in which Messi is just a player like any other ,we need to remember that players like Messi,Maradona are not born in every other year.So we need to make plans to utilise him the most bur rather exploit him to the fullest.
    These days the forum is full of argument over call ups to senior players(aka oldies/friend club).Is it worthy enough to have a debate on it?? If seniors can offer real impact on the pitch which inexperienced teens can’t give at the moment, then what’s the need to overlook the selection of the “oldies” given they are currently in great form .I don’t understand why to think that selecting every young kids around considering only their stats in some uncompetitive league, conveniently disregarding their recent performance and capacity to make their presence felt in bigger stage and then hoping that they somehow will hit the jackpot soon, is sheer foolishness.
    And I guess the fans here are old enough to understand that. And instead of arguing over who’s right or wrong and mud slinging each other, we should start healthy discussions over our common cause which is restoration of past glory of our own Albiceleste.
    I hope this oldies’ exclusion / excommunication doesn’t apply to fans as well,like no fan above 30s shouldn’t cheer/root for their favourite team as there’s an imminent need to instil young blood fans too.Then well,I’m 35 yrs ,old schooler across borders from India ,kindly spare me!!

  2. whole AFA is moron. there is not improvement in coach selection, player selection, formation selection, friendly match arrangement. now all the teams are preparing for next WC with young players except Argentina. this team won’t win the cup till 2028 am sure.

    • Lol they won’t win anything for another 50 years. Their u20 lost to India of all teams a team that doesn’t even have a team.

  3. Let’s take it to the chin. Some great individual efforts by Venezuela. Deserved their victory.

    Argentina played good football and there were many ideas showing. 3 in the back did not work and some mistakes here and there, but the most important thing about that game was the all around passing game and rehearsing those ideas of Scaloni. Not the goals or the result.

  4. Reading the comments of these Gonzalos, godin11 and other dumb fucks is beyond annoying.

    These are the same losers who believe that shit league Argentina primers division is actually worth anything let alone be decent or good.

    Do you morons realise that the teams from that shit league get regularly spanked by nobodies from Asian leagues and Australian teams? How dumb you have to be to be that delusional? This league is producing players who are getting murdered right, left and centre.

    U17 arg 0-3 Uruguay
    Arg 1-3 Venezuela
    U20 arg lost to India!!!!!!!!!!!! INDIA THAT country hasn’t had a team in the past 100 years.

    “We have so many talented players in Argentina league”. Yes and a semi pro player is world class compared to a high school boy.

    Get ur head out of ur asses morons.

  5. My point of view: 4-3-1-2 Formation.

    Goalkeeper: Armani is an average keeper. I will put him as the 3rd choice in goal. I would start Rulli in goal or Benitez. Both are playing for their clubs. Rulli sometimes makes mistakes but he is a good keeper. Any keeper makes mistakes.
    Romero is out of question. Doesn’t play with club team.

    Defender: Cb’s should be composed by Otamendi and Garay. Garay is the best defender that we have, but don’t know what is the problem about not being selected. As reserves, Pezzella and maybe Kannemann or Foyth which are average players.
    As right back Saravia and Mercado.
    As left back Tagliafico.
    The 3 in the middle.
    Banega is the best player and should start every game, has vision, gives the tempo to the game as much as he likes. Good dribbler and passing and can tackle. And know a days he’s playing in a much deeper position.
    I would start Lo Celso, he’s our future player, vision, passing, dribble and he can score goals too.
    The 3rd midfielder don t know which one i pick. Cause they are all average players.
    As a CAM i would start Lanzini.

    Forward: Messi and Aguero.

    • Leandro Paredes deserves it in the midfield for me. If Banega ever comes back I would prefer him and Paredes as our CMs and Lo Celso would play a little bit higher in 3 CMs formation

    • Banega a) does not run. He is slow and gets tired easy. He is also older now, we need new blood. B) he is only world class one out of 5 games, we need consistency in center mid. Messi is the play maker, we don’t need more 10s. We need 8s! Box to box, who are athletic and versatile. Locelso, Perreira, Lanzini, DiMaria (played deep, not wing), Paredes, DePaul.. these are the glue we need.

      4 reliable defenders
      4 hardworking box to box
      A #9 (lautaro, Kun)

  6. Well a Loss is a Loss, It always hurts, But i think we will learn so much from the defeats, Its up to Scaloni whether he learns or not, Unfortunately the next match opponent is not a big one, So even if he wins against them its not a big learning.

    We cant expect all matches to be won all the time. Sometimes its good to be beaten too. Venezuela is not a Small team, Any South American Opponent is not a small one nowadays. We have to be optimistic about the upcoming Copa guys. As per me if we can reach Final it will be an Achievement. Its a work in progress.

    Its like if we loose one match all of them are bad. Its not like that, Everyone will have an off days as per me. Every team looses matches.

  7. Really tired of seeing people posting different line ups as if AFA or the coach is reading this. Most importantly people don’t understand in modern football performance depends 70% on the coach, his strategy & training. Just look at Leeds as an example. 13th in 2017/18 & now 3rd in the champoonship & by far the most entertaining team. Give Scaloni barca or man city, they will be shit teams in a month. So unless AFA appoints a real tactician, don’t expect anything..

  8. To me this is the list of the players that need to be part of the NT during the transition period, this will insure Argentina being competitive and go forward with fresh blood from now on. starting 11 depends on ‘current’ performance and not past ‘failures’
    at the end it is the coache’s decision who will start based on formation and opponent.



    Kannemman or Mammana
    Ascacibar or Caseres

    A or J Correa


    And please no more back 3 or back 5 unless we have bulldog WBs
    433 or 451 (4 2 3 1)

      • I have been saying that all along. where did I ever say that they do not belong here? Don’t accuse me of letting one game change my thoughts, bro
        As a matter of fact, after what I saw today, I would take Dimaria’s headless runs and hopping on one leg gladly.
        Funny, you think Aguero does not deserve to be in the NT.
        and Yes Romero is still our best GK. that does not mean he has to stay till he is 50 years old as some ‘sarcastic’ answers
        and Banega is still better than Paredes and LoCelso. today they are still better, in 2 years maybe yes maybe no, don’t base your judgment on expecting, bro

        If you want to wait another 5 years to have a competitive team you can wait, I don’t

      • name one player ‘WITH SOLID FACTS’ that is ‘PROVEN’ better than the above ones you mentioned. not say they had their chance and they did not win anything, and ‘EXPECT’ other player to win. I need ‘PROVEN FACTS’ that there is better players at the moment.

        and I said
        “the list of the players that need to be part of the NT during the transition period”
        WE NEED TRANSITION from one generation to the next. in all teams around the world, always older senior experienced players are relegated to the bench while younger players take their parts to be incorporated in the team, not throw away a whole generation overnight.

        Again it was Messi’s influence, he influenced Armani’ s and the defense disaster poor form. last thing I thought I would read today, blaming the performance on Messi’s presence.

        There are 17 ‘new’ ‘Young’ players in my list, you have not seen that?

        • Af course pal you will take
          Di Maria because he is
          Your favourite player but
          The truth is Argentina has
          Been declining for the last
          10 years with those players
          I don’t see any point to stay
          With them we must start now
          We been saying this tournament
          We try we need Romero is reliable
          That is not the truth
          he was liability same
          Goes di Maria Banega aguero
          Don’t get me wrong Banega
          Kun aguero re my favourites
          But I can deny they haven’t
          Played well as much
          i would have loved
          Take those to copa won’t
          Guarantee us to win
          They played three copa
          For God sake what more
          You want Ebo they been
          There wake up my friend
          It’s time we realise Argentina
          Are shitehall with messi or
          Without so we may give
          The young players together
          So they can gel atleast
          We already make mistake
          No to replace them old guard
          That is why we re in deep shite

          • “Af course pal you will take
            Di Maria because he is
            Your favourite player”
            How do you know? are you in my heart or mind?
            How did you come to this conclusion?
            or just simply for telling my opinion based on given facts not mere expectations?
            I have not praised DiMaria in the same manner that you despised him, so logically I can conclude that you hate this guy, regardless of his talent and playing performance, you just hate him and sick of seeing his face, as you mentioned many times.
            So by you calling others who disagree with you as ‘old guard lovers’ is a baseless claim.

            As a matter of fact he is among the least of my favourite players.
            My favourite players are the ones who play good, regardless if they win or lose. I am not going to give up supporting a player because he misses a chance or misses a penalty, they all do. If that was the case tell that to the fans of clubs and teams around the world that never won anything in their life and tell them to stop supporting their players and teams because they fail to win. and I dare you if you can come up with a comment saying that DIMaria presence is a must, or saying that I don’t want to see this player or that in the NT shirt at all.

          • Bro you tell me while ago
            That you like di Maria and
            Nothing wrong with that
            We re talking thier performance
            In the Nt you must know pal
            Be fan for club is different
            From Nt .

            Please bro stop accusing this hate
            Thing on me I don’t hate any player
            In fact you don’t know how much
            I screamed when he scored against
            France and Switzerland the last
            Two world cups but we need
            Change bro those guys had enough

          • Liking a player to be on a team because he is better than others is not favouritism, it is just a fact. as a matter of fact I never really liked Messi back in 2006,2007 . and never liked DiMAria since his days at real madrid, but truth to be said , if he was limping on one leg today, better than many who were on the pitch.

          • Netherlands, with one of the best youth academies, if not the best in the world, Ajax Youth Academy, the most unluckiest team in WC history, 3 times runners up ( twice in
            a row 74 and 78), 2 times semifinalist, all they have to their name is one European cup in 1988, and I dare you if you find one fan, just one fan that asked their best players to get lost and f..k off because they are considered losers and failures after any of the finals or semifinals they lost.

      • > It’s time to let them go for good

        No way. It’s not time to let the best players go. thats absurd. It’s time get rid of horrible coach Sampaloni 2.0. Right hand man of Sampa disaster wc18, even tried horrid 3ATB again and you have the guts to blame Messi? Goodness
        (…and yes, i’ll take noodle anyday)

        > Been declining for the last 10 years with those players

        come on dude. this is absolute bollocks. when we haven’t made to finals in decades and ONLY in the past decade did we make it 3 times… call that declining? That is mad logic.

        • “now we can call all the historicals back i guess”
          come on bro, no need for pointless sarcasm!

          there are 17 new players. plus Messi, mercado,dimaria and ota who were already called by scaloni. Dimaria and ota are injured.

          romero, aguero and banega – who are by the way still better than the “non historicals”- are the extra ones. and aguero fully deserves to be here. if that what you mean by “all the historicals” then you need to work on your math because 3 out of 23 is 13% of the “historicals, not all of them. 🙂

          • Trust me Banega is one of my favorite players ever but I don’t want him or Di Maria anywhere near our NT only guys I would choose apart from Messi are Otamendi and Aguero.(Too gud now to be ignored) that’s it. We dont have any option left. Carry on with the new set of players give them time. And of course set a gud tactic. I m optimistic about Scaloni at this point. I didn’t expect something like this like the yesterday game from him. Really. Let’s see Copa.

        • Nagh. not all. Just Aguero, Di Maria, Otamendi, and Banega. Aguero being the most obvious choice. Di Maria because he’s still very capable. Banega is good to slow the game down and control. Romero i don’t know how he’d play.I’d roll the dice with Gazzaniga.

        • And where did I mention that they have to be starters?
          but when it gets to the point that the best available players are even denied a possible place on the bench, it is getting way overboard with complete ‘PERSONAL HATRED’ more than branding some fans as ‘old guard or Messi Lovers’ and irresponsible disrespect to players that gave years of their lives for their NT for what? to be branded Mother..fuckers and losers and even denied a reputable closure to their long service to their country? no wonder they are always on fire when playing for their clubs because they are respected by their club fans, and misfire when playing for their home country because they are disgraced by their home country fans. Why do you think new younger generation will play better if they see how their idols are treate4d by the media and fans, they, too will be under tremendous pressure to deliver, I have said and explained that many times, but we are still not doing the right thing

  9. In terms of the quality of players …Venezuela was no were near argentina….and a considerable portion of these players are representing top clubs in Europe……we need some real technicians in the locker room…good quality managers…who can plan as per the quality of the players and can bring the best out of them…….and this is not a team that included the best available players of argentina…coach has to find a way of utilizing talents like….Icardi…Dybala……

  10. I’m not against messi but
    Whole Argentina camp
    was talking about him every
    Player was saying let’s take advantage of him he is the best that and this and that is not the point
    Everyone knows Messi is best
    But Argentina NT is not working
    For him whatever reason he tried
    More than any other player and
    He is the one who get hurt the most
    And get the blame for his own sake is better To leave nt yes short term
    Will definitely struggle but long
    Term the Nt will benefit.

    The players already forget themselves that they ‘re players and have thier Own responsibilities
    Because they idolized messi
    Way too much as player you have
    Have some eggo yourself but
    Those arg players love the man
    Too much I don’t know what
    The hell is wrong with them
    By the way it’s better we lose tonight
    Because we will never try to play
    Back three and macerdo as center
    Back when we switch back we look
    More as team I have to admite too
    Kannemann was so good before
    Tonight I didn’t think he was
    Kind center back we need
    he prove me wrong .

    I don’t care I will never give up
    For One friendly lose
    Also I’m going to criticise players
    For one game or two three games
    International football requires
    More than that plus I’m not going call
    Same old names because we lose
    One friendly game like some
    Very emotional mundo followers
    Already throwning names guyz
    Chill the fuck out what you re expacting Argentina to play well
    Ever single game that is impossible
    Plus teams like Valenzuela re not
    What they used be before
    football move On i don’t know
    What is wrong with you
    Messi was carrying Arg Nt
    Last ten years we were declining
    Long team ago even when
    Di Maria aguero higuan masch
    Otamendi Banega were there .messi was still Carrying them .

    The new generation atleast
    Were playing better without messi
    They were enjoying themselves
    They were had to beat lo celso
    And paredes were controlling
    In the midfield a long side battaglia
    See what happen when the Goat come
    Back they started kissing his b…t

    • “He is the one who get hurt the most
      And get the blame for his own sake”
      And you are one of those who blame him by blaming his presence. Maybe you should tell that to Barca management, fans and players who depend on him more than Argentina and tell them Messi is a bad influence, you better get rid of him.
      Playing for Argentina must be the hardest job for any player, not just Messi or Aguero or Carlito, or Crespo, or Riquelme or ….., even for the new generation to come. Why, because they are always under appreciated and disrespected. and when they do not win, they are sent away in disgrace

      • I m not a big fan of Di Maria. But the way Pity played this match, I think Di Maria is the best option we got in the left flank. Maybe De Paul would be a better option along with Di Maria

    • @Godin11, bro with respect you should leave this forum…
      You are not a fan of Argentina and you are just spreading hatred and division among different players and fan in here with your dickhead logic…

  11. The funny thing the Tunisian commentator was saying that we are watching Argentina U17 playing, not the great Argentina team. 🙂 I am really disappointed and shocked -like many- with this performance. it’s not time to point fingers. But to learn from this match that ‘hoping’, ‘wishing’ and ‘expecting’ are not our solutions. We should take into consideration the facts that say ‘IN Form’ and ‘Experienced’ players are needed to get us through this transition, regardless of our preference.
    I can understand that many think we are netter off ‘for the future’. that is clear, but are you sure that this future is near? There is no point in dropping a whole generation of players if you are willing to sacrifice 3 major FIFA tournaments in the coming 3 years.
    The NT needed fresh blood, of course, but this is not the smart way to do it. because we will not be competitive for a long time.

  12. ………………………..Aguero………………Messi…………………….
    Lamela………..Lo Celso…….Battaglia……….Lanzini…………..Di Maria

    GK: Romero / Andrada
    CB: Mercado / C. Romero / Tagliafico
    DM: Ascacibar
    CM: Benega / De Paul
    LM: Pity Martinez
    RM: Pereyra
    LF: L. Martinez
    RF: Dybala

    This could be a 4-4-2 with Tagliafico and Mercado playing left and right backs.

  13. Thanks to Venezuela for opening the eyes of Scaloni and AFA. Although it is just a friendly but it shown Arg N/T quality at this moment. No tango character and just rely on one GOAT. Another poor players selection error and blunder experimental by the coach. Never learnt from the mistake what Tata, Bauza and Sampaoli did to N/T. Really upset with Scaloni and Menotti. They just dont have an idea how to pick and brings Arg world class players in one national team.

    where is Bataglia, Lamela, Dybala, de Paul, Aguero, Ascacibar. And the most weird is players are not playing at their normal and natural position.

    Preapare for the worst. Hope for the best.

  14. Argentina vs Venezuela 1 – 3
    Uruguay U17 vs Argentina U17 3 – 0

    How sad Argentina’s Fans…..

    For me.., Argentina need 4 back line (RB, 2 CBs, and LB), 1 Defensive Midfielder, and the combination of the “old” guard (have so many experiences) and the “develop” guard (young blood).

    Hopefully, Argentina will become the champion of CA 2019, 2020, and WC 2022, and more.. 😀

    For me.., no matter what.., I always supports Argentina National Football Team.. No matter what….

    Vamos Argentina! Go Tango! GOD bless..

  15. I told you on early post that this team won’t win any cup if we have these kind of coach and technical team. when the team has world class players, so the coach and staffs are not using them properly.
    in training, there is no shot pass training, side line training, even they did not train with one 2 one.
    for me, if messi want to play what he is in Barcelona, AFA should consider the coach who are did coach Barcelona team( pep, enrique, Tata, valvarde)

    • compared to the rest of the gang Pitty was ok, too.
      Today the team as a whole was in complete disarray. It has to do with the formation that never worked for Argentina. By now experimenting should be over, unless we want to sacrifice couple of more years wandering around.
      The defense that we thought was set is a disaster, again


    Failed experiment by scaloni.. our defense still weakest among the better teams – Messi rusty in Arg shirt.

    Optimistic for the future though! Never give up on Albiceleste..

  17. Don’t blame on Messi .. this all happened because of manager SCaloni .. he likes vergin so always try to break the vergin since he was appointed.. this guy gonna kill us

  18. I m very much anxious about Gonzalos(most contradict mundo member) situation right now.he is popular for especially by asserting opposite logic.after spain match this guy was a huge fan of Meza and Pavon.Every time he praises Meza and Pavon and consider him better than Di maria..after world cup..he praises Pity,j.Correa,Vargas and consider themself as better than dimaria(in national team).I think his next task will gonna be….. praises vargas, Robertone, Zaracho a lot and consider themself better than Di maria. Ha ha Ha

    • I praised Meza and so did EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU and why not! He was amazing against Spain so we were all fooled.
      Pavon might not be Argentina’s next big hope but he was a hell of a lot better than Dimaria was in the WC and that’s not saying much because Pavon wasn’t that good either.
      pity, Correa and Vargas are all good players with the latter 2 being called up once and never again so it’s hardly fair to declare them duds.
      Robertone and Zaracho are midflielders not wingers like Maria so the comparison is moot.
      At the end of the day the sad reality is that Dimaria has spent the last 2 years either getting injured or actually playing and crapping the bed, infact the last good game he had was against Chile in copa centanrio, yet you all seem to possess short term memory when it comes to his NT form in recent years. Suppose Maria starts in Copa do you honestly believe he’s gonna stay fit through the semis or the final (if Argentina makes it that far) especially when he is yet to stay fit past the QF in any of the 3 tournaments preceding the WC18.
      Like I said before I have no problem with Maria going to copa but to rely on a guy with such a dubious fitness record is just silly.

    Fasten your seat belts, prepare for 5 years of rocky and dark days for the albiceleste if the NT does not go through SMOOTH TRANSITION from one generation to the next. Many thought having Messi alone in the NT is enough, It’s a friendly yes, defeat is not a big deal, it’s an experiment, ok. but this experiment proved what we know already, which is you can not scrap a whole generation at once.

    COPA is in 3 months, and yet the NT has no character. because WE wanted to build a team from the scratch for the future, then fine we will be able to do that, but not without walking in the dark for a long time. at this rate, you can kiss COPA19, COPA20 and WC2022 GOODBYE!

    Anyone who is betting on the ‘complete new generation’ to compete and win COPA19, COPA20 and betting on them to qualify and win WC2022 is delusional.

    Their only arguments is we don’t want to see this players face or that player’s face because they did not win anything! regardless of suitable replacements. Forgetting about transitioning.

    • History is full of examples of Building a whole team from the scratch.
      Netherlands 2010- ??
      Germany 2006-2014
      France 2006 -2018
      Spain 2002-2010
      Brazil 2002- ??

      and Some think Argentina will be able to build a whole brand new team in 3 years to win WC2022

      Let us just support the team, and the players the right way which benefits us, not because WE don’t like such and such player

    • “Anyone who is betting on the ‘complete new generation’ to compete and win COPA19, COPA20 and betting on them to qualify and win WC2022 is delusional.”
      Spot on Ebo

    • yep. doesn’t make any sense. Goes back to that broken mentality thing. fans have turned to “out with the old” no matter how bad or irrational it may be.

  20. I said it before and I’m saying now
    Argentina are better off without
    Messi I see all the players passing
    To messi they all f…king looking for
    Messi fair enough we lost
    Valenzuela so what we couldn’t
    Beat them last two games we played them In the qualify all see all guard lovers
    Bring same all fucking names like
    They going to do any better chill out
    Those players you re keep mentioned
    Been there before lose to Bolivia
    I swear I see this Lose as positve
    I know we will never try to play back
    Three again plus macerdo. lautro Martinez Had very good game and will be our number 9 in copa paredes and lo celso play ok But I blame messi because every player Started idolized him instead playing Thier football.

    • Only Argentina, saying Messi is bad influence so he should not play. maybe players are to blame, not the presence of Messi. So if in 20 years if We get another gifted player like Messi, the solution will be, KEEP HIM OUT OF THE NT? because players look for him always?

      in other words, we don’t want Messi, because our players and a coach depend on him. well, get players and a coach that do not depend on him, easy.

      Blaming the presence of Messi again. I have noticed many times that they were not passing the ball to Messi, they just did not perform,period. all the defense mistakes were because they were looking for Messi too, right?

    • Stop… if you think Argentina is better off without Messi… and with all the amateur players that scaloni called up … please rethink the situation…
      Mercado Otamendi Pezella Tagliafico
      Parcedes locelso banega
      Messi dimaria

      … this is STILL the best line up we have and this line up “can” win a Copa this year and next… as we work in talents like palacios, P. Martinez, Lautaro, dybala, lanzini, Foyth, Andrada, Saravia for the 2022 World Cup

    • U r a moron Godin. It seems that many Argentina fans has some kinda delusional condition where they talk irrelevant about football. That’s why the team always feel pressure. Take treatment brother.

  21. When was the last time we select player from MLS??????????
    Coach Scaloni is purely shit shit shit shit shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    He is a nasty old fucking dog shit, when he selected Pity Shity Fucky Martinez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Watched the game and upset like everybody else, obviously.
    Negatives: lots of new faces, poor tackling, 3 in the back was never good, nm with 3 unproven defenders and Mercado was good in the last Copa and never since. Armani is no good and I hops its the last we see of him.

    Positives, Messi was Messi but obviously didn’t want to force it in a meaningless game, yet he could have scored on the free-kicks. Lo Celso was good in my eyes and definitely should be included the Copa squad.
    They could have easily scored on the missed chances but sadly wasn’t meant to be!
    I still believe a blend on new and old players is needed but nothing like today’s squad.

    • Mercado was playing out of position in center, he is still solid as right back … locelso had no other midfielder to play with as parcedes stayed back and didn’t tackle well.. but the big mistake was putting Montiel and Tagliafico in midfield!! What a waste as lanzini and Correa would have been better in their “natural” positions

      • Agree with you Bro, Lanzini presence along LoCelso would have given positive changes. We will never be able to play ‘modern football’ without excellent WBs

        • We are now in a state of flux… someone else had suggested that Scaloni will now chop and change and experiment players (cue return of the previous generation and other new or forgotten or local players), formations and tactics.

          In general all this uncertainty swirling around is not helpful and is going to make the whole team and set-up anxious. I’m not exactly advocating it (yet) but if Scaloni fails to pick up and learn real fast now and churn out results in the next few friendlies or qualifying matches, he’s gonna get the sack and we are all going. to. go. back. to. square. one. yet. again. As if nothing happened after the World Cup. With the worst possibly preparations and worst possibly structure. I hate my pessimism.

          • “we are all going. to. go. back. to. square. one. yet. again. As if nothing happened after the World Cup.”
            Agree with you completely!

            Bro, I tried to be optimistic as much as I could, but things are not looking good at all. Playing great against Morocco is not a measure to our effectiveness. WE need to be effective against the bigger and stronger teams from South America and Europe because those are our rivals. Solutions have to be found, and fast if we want to keep our chances in competing for the next 3 years.

  23. Is it that hard to choose a formation and say 8 or 9 core players and experiment with 2 or 3 players?
    The problem with Argentina is everybody in Argentina thinks we are relevant but the truth is we are not. Expectations are too high and the players are good, but not world class. In any case we should not lose this game but we are nowhere near a great team.

    • No the problem is the world class players we have, people think are too old because they are 30-32… there are too many amateur players called to national team.. take out top two teams
      First team
      Mercado Otamendi pezella tagliafico
      Parcedes locelso banega
      Messi aguero dimaria

      Second team
      Saravia Foyth Kannemann acuna
      Correa Palacios dybala pity M.
      icardi l.Martínez

      That’s 22 of our 23 man roster … we have the players is the coaching /system

  24. Against Morocco playing 11
    Maschrin/musso – saravia Pazella Kanemman Tagliafico – lo celso (DM) lanzini – Dybala Lautaro Corera

  25. What was the last time we select player from MLS???
    Coach Scaloni is purely shit shit shit shit shit!
    He is a nasty old fucking dog shit, when he selected Pity Shity Fucky Martinez!

  26. Team was doing just fine, playing good defense, playing together, playing hard, until Messi comes back. And they restarted, almost on cue, running everything through him, the defense back to being porous again. Three goals??? Three???. This is why I said, and still believe, that Messi should not have come back until 2020-21. He comes back and automatically ICARDI is left out. Why???
    I’m so disappointed. This is not good for Messi, not good for the team. All the good vibe, all the good momentum, all the confidence, has evaporated. Just like that. Venezuela has been playing well but losin3-1 to them?? Damn.

    • Argentina created most chances then any match under scaloni, poor Goalkeeping and Defensive mistake cost Argentina is it messi fault??? Argentina missed Romero and otamendi a lot also corera/pavon/dimaria as winger

    • “Messi should not have come back until 2020-21. He comes back and automatically ICARDI is left out.”
      Here we go again.
      The best player on the pitch is always praised, unless he is Messi, obviously.

    • Guys, the problem is the fact we are permanently in experimentation. why we have to come with new RB while we have Saravia who has been very good each time he plays. Kanneman was very convincing why putting Mercado in a position he never played before. We have players like Dybala, Correa, Pereyra, Lanzini on the bench why we bringing players like Pity and the others two guys Scaloni put in the 2nd half. I believe that Scaloni clarifies all the doubts he can’t be our coach.

    • Icardi was left out because he did not play for inter in say 2 months, stop spreading nonsense. and Icardi is not that great anyway!

  27. Dybala should give proper chances, leader on defense pazella is missing in absence of otamendi, kanemman should have started the match, farmer pity cost Argentina first half, Foyth is stll row to be criticized

    • I agree with you except I feel like pity has talent … more talent than some of the amateurs that scaloni called on .. he deserves to prove himself longer ..

  28. Afa should delete Wanda metropolitana from there bucket
    list of freindly matches venues. The stadium is cursed for Argentina ,I mean at least it’s a very bad and demotivating, demoralising venue for Argentina .
    Last time Argentina asses got shamed for 6-1 by Spain just before WC, and now 3-1 by some minnows.

    Say no to Wanda metropolitansa for future argentino friendlies.

  29. Messi, Aguera,Otamendi,Di maria, Icardi,Pezzela,Banega, and a destroyer type difensive midfielder is must.we are nothing with out these type of player.

  30. Not going to go too harsh on Argentina , but man I knew that Argentina’s defense was gonna exposed, I mean , come on , who the fuck play such a high line defense, just look at the 1st half , and you will see how high the defense was playing , it was obvious that the get exposed by Venezuelans strength, physicality, power and speed.

    Now come something’s I have noticed, and wants change that
    – Mercado out asap, age has caught him.
    The defense for Copa America should be be pezella+ otamendi .

    – call for ascacibar/ battaglia , there was pure lack of a destroyer in the midfield, paredes ain’t a destroyer , I mean , more than half of Venezuelans goal build up play would have been cut off by ascacibar/battaglia .

    – lack of lanzini and dybala’s dynamicity, only lo celso ( apart from Messi ) showed some flashes , need dybala , lanzini and lo celso .

    – emergency call for wallet benitez, Armani just showed, how he bottles up in big games. I mean imperfect timing to dive and poor decision making , the first goal could have been saved , if he positioned himself well. Well benitez both good at saving and penalties.

    – lo celso , paredes , Messi , lautaro , foyth played at least good if not too worst , but Mercado , Armani awful.
    Won’t judge l.martinez and Gonzalo montiel coz that’s their first game.
    Tagi didn’t convinced me.

    – call for Christian Romero , he is the Sergio Ramos of Argentina , such a aggressive and rough player , I long for players like this , if otamendi didn’t recover it had to be Romero

    – scaloni shoulsd stop dreaming about 5 man defense , it’s not for Argentina , you need really fast paced , physical and taller players for those systems .
    4-4-3/4-4-2 , is where Argentina best at , second half was much better than first half coz of the above formation.

    – lautaro is the biggest prospect for both club and country, after Messi , its him who showed real passion for the shirt , two very fantastic headers ( really unlucky), and his finish was world class. A must for the no 9 for Copa America, now the battle is only him Vs aguero.

    – kanemann should be 3rd CB for Argentina , the defense stabilised as he took the pitch. It him Vs c. Romero.

    – am not going go to harsh , coz it was just a friendly , it s abvious that the young team would face difficulty playing with Messi, in the last six matches, the defense and midfield was astute, there was a lot of freedom and fluidity in the game, but with Messi you lose a bit of it , so not going panic too early.
    But scaloni Should be cunning to quickly analyse the errors and improve it by the next game.
    Am not too sad or too excited , but content after this match, sometimes Argentina showed what they are capable of and at other times , they showed how vulnerable they are.
    J.correa, Papua Gomez , ascacibar . Romero are must for Copa America .

    My team for Copa America would be :



    Lo celso ……………….paredes

    Messi( no 10 role).


    Note : dybala performs best when Infront of the goal . Look at his first season in juve 19 goals playing as a striker, although he upgraded to a more playmaking game style , but he is beast in front of goal.
    Apart from this they should improve as soon as possible.

    • Good post. Only I change I wld suggest is palacios for parades. Parades & locelso can compete for be backups for each other

    • Benetiz will become Armani 2.0, one season wonder in farmer league can’t make anyone world class, i rather play with experience Romero or potential world class Rulli

    • Good points made but acouple views I would like to say:
      1) Mercado is good at right back… he was playing out of position by scaloni
      2) parcedes is not a creative midfielder so he either plays at the #5 or out… really I think it’s between him and ascacibar
      3) next to locelso needs to be banega or lanzini… one starts the other subs in…creative ball handlers
      4) aguero still is a big part of the national team as is dimaria … maybe not starting but playing each game ..

  31. Man, I am not convinced and we need aguero, icardi, romeo, and banega
    I think we can win the Copa, but we have to use leo the right way and get the most out of dybala and please stop calling players from the MLS, Mexican leagues, come on we are Argentina we are better than that

  32. Don’t be much surprised if against Marocco players like Lo Celso or Paredes again will look much better and full of initiative trying to play again natural, non-schematic football instead of looking ONE MAN only. Don’t be surprised. Messi is best no doubt. But his presence is making them little creative. Colombia is better than Venezuela and Lo Celso, Paredes, Palacios, Pity looked so much convincing there, being full of initiative.

    Every our action in today’s game passed through Messi. Wheter on the left or right. Is this normal?

    • Gonzalo, my first impression was that while yes there was some excessive tiki taka in the box at some points where some players looked to get too cute with Messi instead of just smashing the ball to goal, LoCelso and Parades main problem was more due to organization.

      They were both completely outnumbered in the first half in the midfield in 4v2 type situations where the only option they had was back passes. Only when messi created movement by dropping to get the ball from them did they find options. Really this was because of the 343 that was used. You need ability of the outside wide players to pinch inside to help the midfield but neither Tagliafico or Montiel had the experience to do that. I don’t blame them also because they are not players known for that. Such a thing should have been observed and corrected in training by choosing different formation.

      edit: I will add that Tagliafico is an intelligent player. After the first goal when he saw the midfield two get overrun he pinched so far inside that lisandro and pity were the widest both in front and behind him. In many cases you could see him instructing Lisandro to cover the left channel when he played inside. It’s just that this was an emergency situation that should never have arisen because it is not his core strength.

      • “You need ability of the outside wide players to pinch inside to help the midfield but neither Tagliafico or Montiel had the experience to do that.”

        Agree, WE said that before, without proper WBs this formation is doomed to fail

    • I cant believe how far can go this embarrasing and pathetic game our team is representing for over 20 years. I am not sure are the guys in the headquothers of afa complitely blind or just idiots but its almost impossible to do so bad for so long time. I am shame because of messi. Argentina dont deserve him. Every single time we menage to bring another nail in his body and i am not sure is it really worth it for him. Wtf was this. I dont know how good scaloni is but this was harakiri what he did. Cmon guys. The copa is on the corner and we are playing like bunch of punks. God help us……

    • So it was Messi’s fault for poor defending? This guy never fail to surprise with stupider comment every time.

      • You can’t even read with understanding. Where I wrote such thing? I was talking about Lo Celso and Paredes creativity. Defence disorganization is different story.

    • Vs Columbia ARG had zero good chance, not even a half, today at least 5 or 6, and horrible defending…what are you talking about? But Scaloni played his utra conservative, defending style with good formation unlike today, and Lo Celso made the good creative passes today not vs Columbia, Pity Martinez will always be average at max.

  33. Pathetically played…
    Stop experimenting players from farmers league there is a reason why they are there that’s simply coz they are not good enough…
    Lo Martinez – ok
    Pity Martinez – never try again
    Leo – best ( sorry, u should have played for Spain we don’t simply deserve you)
    Lo celso – ok
    Pardes – ok
    Montiel – never try again
    Tag – poor performance
    Foyth – poor performance
    Mecardo – never try again
    Lin Martinez – never try again
    Armani – never try again
    M Suarez- ok
    Pereya – no time to judge
    Kannemman – good
    Benedito – never ever try again
    Blanco – couldn’t judge him properly
    Scaloni – 1/5

    • Man. I just checked Wanda inst. after your comment, I gotta tell you it would be impossible for icardi to leave that hole and that rounded dust bin.

      • He has to find a way to remove her name that is tattooed on his arm first. 🙂
        And she is his official agent, so leaving her will cost him a lot of money, I guess. She has him by the balls, literally 🙂

  34. Am I the only one seeing positives in this defeat? Come on it’s only a friendly match. If you can’t experiment in a friendly match, then where should we? The entire backline was playing for the first time and two of them u21s. The veteran of the 3, didn’t help much either. I guess it’s the last time we see him in La Albiceleste colours.

    Attacking wise, we did create plenty of chances. Lautaro had 4 decent chances and converted one. It’s not like he’s not getting chances. He’ll only get and get better with more playing time. Benedetto had one, Suarez had a decent chance to slide one for Lautaro or Blanco for a tap in, and it was panic station whenever Venezuela had to defend a corner, we didn’t have anyone to capitalize on that aspect.

    Kannemann did pretty well after coming on. Lo celso with a perfectly weighted pass to Lautaro who took it brilliantly. Montiel, Licha Martinez, Blanco (although he was on the ground most of the time trying to find some missing item of his), Benedetto and Mati Suarez all got a run in.

    And this is no ordinary Venezuela team(don’t bring in non-football matters), they have got some exciting youngsters in their squad and don’t forget that they were the best team in the last u20 WC, so good to watch. And our defending particularly in the first half made them look even more dangerous. But it’s only a friendly match and nothing too serious to take about the result(although Argentine media and some fans will probably tear the NT over a friendly result apparently).

    • We said that last year when we lost against Spain…. too many new players. The only player that should be more than 30 is Messi. SCALONI IS THE SAME WITH SAMPAOLI

  35. I sat down and was just furious.

    Yes this is friendly but this Argentina team looked completely devoid of ideas, lacked identity and quality.
    Benedetto has been given multiple chances and has not done anything for Argentina.
    Lautaro, Messi, Tagliafico looked good.

    I understand the need to experiment and tinker but what I saw here was a team that has been tinkered with so much that it had no identity. In the end Argentina just tried to dribble past this team.

    I am very concerned about our CB’s and wing backs. the 3-5-2 or with the 2 withdrawn wing backs only works with the right players. I hate to this after watching Argentina closely all my life the technical ability of these players are very much in question.

    In the attacking zones and many lateral passes were made (Just like the World Cup) and all venzuela had to do was sit back and counter. I am sorry but these youngsters definitely need some more time but with the Copa America looming some hard decisions will have to be made.

    Armani is a back up keeper at best.

    If the Copa America were tomorrow I would start with Rulli/Romero Saravia Otamendi mammana Tagliafico Paredes, Lo Celso, Di Maria, Messi, Aguero. Dybala

    Have Martinez, Pavon, Pereya,Correa etc on bench…

    • I am so angry I made so many typos..
      I meant Kannemann not Mammana..
      This is rock bottom for Argentina.

      We discarded some of the oldies but I think we no longer have the players in this pool to be a dominant team. We may have to resort to defend and counter style football like in the 2014 qualifiers.

      Otamendi needs a Garay type next to him. From my knowledge our cbs are Otamendi, Mussachio, Mori, Kannemann, Rojo, Garay (But he is no longer in team for sometime now which is stupid!)

      I really think Los Celso and Paredes are good but not there yet they definitely need to play with the national team as much as possible. Sabella may have had his faults but I loooved his tactical flexibility.

      In this game only Martinez, Messi, Tagliafico and Kannemann are worth being selected.
      I am not casting the others aside but they are just not ready. Slipping and falling over…poor technical ability. I dread this upcoming Copa.

      It really would take a miracle at this point….but I will always believe.

  36. Every chance of attack Argentina, what did they all have in common?

    They start with Messi… and almost end with Messi!

    Different team! Same s***!

    We NEED
    – Messi
    – Aguero
    – Di Maria
    – Banega
    – Otamendi
    – Romero
    Maybe even Rojo as this defense is just the worst!!!!

    That’s how bad this Argentina is! Embarrassing!

    England, Netherlands, have projects that are working NOW, not in ten years!
    France, Portugal, Uruguay is kicking ass right now, Brazil etc

    This Argentina has NO future!!!
    It’s sad but true!

  37. Scaloni is not a proper coach although he had the intentions to do what he thinks is good for the NT. His best is not good enough for the NT and he should just resign. No point in giving him more chances and it’s absilu critical that we get Pekermen or Bielsa back. None of these coaches or the players and systems they seem to choose is right even for fans…This is a total disgrace and mishandling of a giant.

    • Yea Brother, you are right and said it all. Lionel scaloni is not capable of handling argentinal team. What senior team experiences does his has b4 giving him national team job offer. Afa is not even helping the team. By employing low skill coaches to handle big and well know team like argentina national like jose pakerman or bielsa should be employ b4 it too late. Argentina has the quality players both local and foreign platers but the main issue is coach that can manage the players as a team. Not experiment day by day. Pls Solid coach is needed urgently b4 the starting of the copa ameeica 2019.

  38. Kannemann played well. I think he books 3rd CB spot for sure after otamendi & Pezella
    Foyth & Lautaro is definitely our long term. Hope coach persists with them & not knee jerk reaction.
    Can’t blame Armani for the goals. But he is jus avg & no way our starter goalie
    Parades was disappointing. Didn’t see the orchestration he is capable of.
    Blanco was too funny. Fell every time he touched ball.
    Suarez , benedetto don’t belong at this level. I still believe pity is a good bet for left wing. Somehow pity-lautaro- Messi combo moved well in my view

  39. Only positive from the match is Lautaro, he is the future of Argentina as well as world football, apart from paredes, Tagliafico, lo celso and messi noone deserve to play for Argentina again, farmer team like Venuazela looks peck Germany, when Aguero otamendi Icardi Dybala Benega Rulli etc overlooked this have to be happened

  40. Foyth Awful.Kanneman should be playing in Europe. Acuna over Tiaglafico. Matias Suarez Excellent. Lautaro martinez is the no 9 Argetina need.Pity very poor .Leandro is not a destroyer.Lo Celso Looks like the finished article.Armani look good but don’t forget his world cup howlers.

    • Leandro was never a destroyer. He is a DM & we can’t expect mascherano in him. He can be a banega upgrade ( maybe better in consistency) Closest to masche is Ascacibar.

    • Leandro was never a destroyer. He is a DM & we can’t expect mascherano in him. He can be a banega upgrade ( maybe better in consistency) Closest to masche is Ascacibar.
      Didn’t see anything worth while in Suarez. He & benedetto are not NT materials

  41. When coach trying to figure out good squad from playing all Argentinean that is the scapaoli cannot judge players, do not take lesson from past. Why armani and why that defense? ? Is marcado played ever as CB? Who is montial? Who is slipping at the front every time when to get return ball???

  42. this was embarrassing, the whole nation was looking forward to messi returning but scaloni wanted to ruin it lik ehe ruined it for zanetti in 2006

    why experiment with sampaoli tactics in 1st half. i have never in 29 years understood logic of playing crappy local players over those thugging it out in the champions league

    best about today was kannerman who is solid for gremio vs big strong centre forwards
    i have no idea how foyth is a footballer, played like a school boy who always got beat up in school
    matias suarez was very good on the left wing and is good back up in future for di maria
    pity martinez was pitiful. disaster.

    we need to stick to 4 man defence with otamendi kannerman and tagliafico. i dont mind mercado RB he is not a CB. has always been solid for NT at RB in copas and world cup.

    wing backs saw less time that anyone pointless

    hope after these 2 friendlies he recalls aguero, icardi, di maria, romero, maybe lamela and

    these guys today made meza look like messi

    oh and benedetto was the best defender today for venezuela

  43. Scaloni and Menotti, please be gone.

    Pekermen: Please return.

    Some folks who’re fans of some local players or the youth that are not capable of playing at this level should just take it easy and stop posting stuff like they know a lot. This is what you get…losing prestige and games to teams like Venezuela.

    I never expected in my life time to see Arg NT play so badly since the past Copa. It’s jusy a disgrace and I can now confirm that Argentina football is at an all time low standard and will only keep dipping further…It’s over and I sincerely believe Messi should not bother about playing for the Albiceleste until they have a proper coach, system and the player selection available. Utter waste and stupidity of a nation that blames everybody but themselves.

    • Yeah I agree with you on this particular point, for a country, for a team with that much history, it’s been a disaster, embarrassing. It’s hard to forget that there are teams that never ever even had a chance to beat Argentina. Everybody, including opponents, just knew that Argentina will win. Too powerful. And they’ll come, play and win. Venezuela? A comfortable win, even when it’s only 1-0 because bored players didn’t put the foot on a gas. Something is very wrong now and I think it is mostly coaching.
      Argentina really dominate when the natural capacity of the Argentinian player is maximized. Whenever Argentina actually play its football, which is fluid, attacking and also beautiful, very few teams can hang around. Too powerful. All smaller teams, and Venezuela IS a small team, get run around. Whenever noncreative Coaches are in charge, and players are put in the box, the team can barely beat anybody. So sad.

  44. Honestly i miss Di Maria and Otamendi so much. He is at another level to Pity Martinez or Suarez. Defenders didnt play well either. Looks like we played with 3 CBs and another 2 winger backs or midfielders that just made our ball control terrible.
    its just a friendly match i know but we need to improve much more if we’re aiming for the Copa

  45. As expected Venezuelan plays Arg so well and as if this were a Copa America game… lots of wrk to do by Arg & no so experimental as u may think… this probably a team Scaloni would go with shoving LoCelos & Paredes pairing down ur throat… I just don’t think they’ll wrk together… may have to go with more Middle ages players and 2 or 3 vets to actually see better product on field … the wing back idea is foolish bc neither of them can do it well… play 4 in back Tags makes his runs Messi Pity link up produced some runa but Messi needs more players around him for options to make runs … want to see Lanzini, Pereya, Lamela, Correa & Martinez from River

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