Nicolas TAGLIAFICO out of Argentina team, Angel CORREA a doubt against Morocco


Nicolas TAGLIAFICO will miss Argentina’s match against Morocco while Angel CORREA is a doubt.

After having started the match against Venezuela, Nicolas TAGLIAFICO has been left out of the squad to face Morocco. Per reports, TAGLIAFICO had been feeling discomfort in his hip, this being from an accumulation of all the matches he has played.

With his club Ajax having important matches left to play this season, specifically in the Champions League, TAGLIAFICO will not be risked.

In addition, Angel CORREA of Atletico Madrid is a doubt. CORREA has pain in his knee and after having not played against Venezuela, he could be left out completely against Morocco.


    • Nahh… Ziyech is their only top player, (injured) Belhanda, Hakimi and Benatia are not bad, but the others are garbage, with 4 defenders and balanced midfield 0:2 or 1:2, Boutaib is best striker? cmon man

        • Remember Argentina has beaten Germany 4-1, 3-1 and 1-0 in friendlies since 2010. It proof nothing, literally nothing compare to major tournament performance.

          Spain beat Argentina 6-1 and they only reached round 16 and couldnt even beat Russia lol. Keep gloryfing friendly result bro

          • @rattlehead you are missing the point. It is not the result of one friendly match. It is the nature of the play, the team and overall progress. Ask yourself the following questions

            1. Have we transitioned after the old guard?
            2. Do we have at least one solid player in each position? Did we replace Javier Mascherano?
            3. Do we have an identity as a team? Do you have confidence that we as a leading nation will win 8/10 matches and give a fight against anyone? Do you know how we play? Are we defensive or attacking? What are we? What is our identity?

            If you have answers to those questions, please share and everyone can feel good about our progress and our chances of great results in upcoming tournaments. Win or lose can happen after that also. No issues with that.

  1. Argentina can win copa 2019 but 2020 is looks more realistic plus Argentina hosting that tournament, Argentina is in transitional phase, Golden generation is unlucky to lose back to back three finals now we should understand they can’t carry anymore after copa 2019, let our future players give chance and see what happened

  2. Scaloni should’ve had a core of atleast 6-7 players in his mind just after the World Cup, and those core players should be:-
    1- Consistent in their performance in the club.
    2- Should make National Team as their first priority. If they want to skip a game, even if it’s a friendly, then it’s better to not include them atleast in the starting 11. I’m saying this because National Team rarely plays matches. We have like 8-10 max. every season. Whereas, the there are 38 league matches played in the Club and other Cup games, Championship etc. Why can’t clubs give rest to players in one of those 38 matches to the players if giving rest is so important.
    3- Should obviously, fit in his system.

    He should’ve played them each match after the World Cup and slowly we would’ve get our core of 15 players. But every match there is a completely new lineup since Sampaoli took charge. I think this is not the way to build chemistry. This is not the way to build a system.

  3. “We are preparing for the world cup not the copa america.”
    Why do you people think that Copa is for experiments? And that too Copa in the backyard of Brazil. It will be a shame if lose 4-0, 5-1 against teams like Bolivia, Venezuela etc. Do you think the local media will praise the coach and players after that? Do you think that it will increase player’s morale? Do you think that ONE FULL YEAR isn’t enough for experiments? Calling new players, changing lineups every now and then isn’t the solution now. Otherwise our condition in COPA 2020 will be the same as WC18 & COPA 2019. Where we’ll need to call a DM to replace an AM just before the tournament (like WC18) because we aren’t done with the experimenting part yet. I’m a big Messi fan, but if Messi has decided himself to not play in the Morocco match, I criticise him for that. If he wants to win an International trophy, ITS VERY IMPORTANT FOR HIM TO BE WITH ARGENTINA NOW, and get fully involved in the process, motivate the players, train with them etc.

    • Not experimenting in copa 2015 and 2016 cost Argentina in world cup 2018, yes Argentina reached in final but with the same core group of players 2007-08 generation and they are finished after 2016 ultimately turned disaster for Argentina in world cup, even with this experiment Argentina failed to win copa 2019 as i see Uruguye wining it doesn’t bother Argentina as Argentina is going to top WC qualifier 2022 and Uruguye can’t qualify for the worldcup, if Argentina managed to win copa 2019 with young squad or even have a best tournament without winning then it will be the huge confidence booster for the core players for 2022 WC which is going to help us to win the 2022 WC

      • None of SA teams will win World cup from now on. European teams are far better and bigger than SA teams. Europe have quality matches frequently now a days to develop chemistry and not to mention, they have some of good coaches and quality European players. SA countries do not organize tournaments like that and even if they do, it is simply to pocket money. I thought Brazil had best chance last world cup, since they blew it, I don’t think any team has quality to win WOrld cup from SA. Today more structured teams win the tournaments and none are from SA. Brazil would have win WC if they had Messi. As for Argentina, Messi alone is not enough.

  4. I see corera not making into the copa squad unless he has very good season ending performance

  5. According to rumours (which so far has turned out to be true ) that armani ,andrada ,mascherin will be our 3 gks out of which armani will be no1 …This news has frustrated me , don’t we have technical staffs in our team , can’t they see he is joke in saving penalties with below average positioning ,reflexes and shot stopping skills ? Can we even afford to face another humiliation ? It will be already walkover if games goes into penalties and I fear that we will get knocked out quite early

    • Bro easy don’t frustrate
      We all reacting way to early
      Why we always so negative
      As Argentina fans
      I was reading all the comments
      It’s hard to find positive one
      Which is really sad itself

    • Keep using your brain, based on recent call up can’t be written like that, if beneditto performed against venezuela then aguero missed the copa ticket, he has still chance against morocco if failed then bye bye NT career for beneditto forever, Armani is not going to be selected for copa let leave alone no1, if anadrada performed then he will be considered otherwise not, how can you believe these rumors which is completely based on last call up, at least use some brain for scaloni previous call up players, Romero is going to be selected for sure for copa 100% either he plays in starting 11 or not that’s the different matter.

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