Argentina U20 FIFA World Cup squad announced, Ezequiel BARCO selected


Argentina U20 coach Fernando BATISTA announced his squad for the FIFA World Cup to be held in Poland.

The coach selected his 21 man squad with Ezequiel BARCO of Atlanta United being included. Here’s the full squad.

Argentina U20 team for FIFA World Cup.

BATISTA’s boys are in Group F along with South Africa, Portugal and Korea Republic. Here are the match dates:

May 25 vs. South Africa

May 28 vs. Portugal

May 31 vs. Korea Republic


  1. Tagliafico won Dutch cup with Ajax today. Could make it double if Ajax win the league and treble if they win CL. He problaby will miss the final as he is already on a yellow card. He is the most booked player in the CL (in one season) in the 21st century. Quite an achievement with people like Ramos and Pepe, both notorious yellow card collectors.

  2. Lo Celso another player who cant take the pressure under penalty kicks, he and Lautaro are horrible so far in this aspect, so we want to win the Copa with Armani who neirly cant save and players who cant shoot a single penalty, mission impossible (ofc this will be Messi mistake too lol)

    • Don’t you think it is rather slippery terrain to go to demonstrate superiority of the old generation to this current one basing on penalties performances in crucial moments? So far the two were missing penalties only on some not most important moments unlike group of ‘never missing’ famous ones like Biglia, Banega, Tevez, Higuain, Messi (x2) during tournaments.

      So Lo Celso and Lautaro have nothing to lose.

      • It’s Argentina choking mentality at least older generation player are better in penalties on club label, overall only Aguero and Icardi can score crucial goals not even messi can.

  3. Barco is a nice player. Just keep your wife and girlfriend away from him. He doesn’t seem to understand the concept of somebody else’s woman lol,

  4. Another our talent (to me one of our best) and another long-distance goal is Martin Sarrafiore scoring for Internacional against Flamengo. His position seems to be finally established in the club. It was just matter of time. Still may learn a lot from d’Alessandro who is often his sub there. Similar to Matias Palacios (category ’97):

    • Due to inactivity of the last season I predict he will take little bit more time to adapt to the pace of matches. Still have high hopes for him. It is about time he should be starting in every matches.

      Also Cuesta of same club may be a candidate for u23 tournament. German conti have slight chance too. For me I want Gk Gazzaniga or martinez(if Arsenal take him back) who are solid and also 2nd choice in their respective club and hence may be released for the tournament.

  5. Last night River – Aldosivi 6:0 in the Copa De La Superliga

    Cristian Ferreira, Julian Alvarez, Ezequiel Palacios – all came from the bench. Ferreira has scored another goal out of the penalty box, while Alvarez assisted on this.

    • How did Palacios do Gonzalo? Haven’t watched any of River’s recent games since the primera ended and I wonder whether he’s in shape to play in copa.

      • This time I didn’t watched the game too, waiting for some of the 3 players in starting eleven was a bit disappointed to see them all on the bench so went to sleep.

  6. if Sergio Romero is injured then only Juan Musso should be in between the post for Argenrina. Benitez is slow.Musso is only option.Armani is worst case.Armani neither good at penalties nor his underdstanding of game. He only reliable when opposition players are crossing the ball in penalty box.Juan Musso’s recent form is awesome

  7. ………………………….Roffo

    ……………Nehuen Perez….Medina


    ……..De La Vega…………………Urzi/Ferreira

    sub: Barco, Maroni/Chancalay

  8. Guys romero is injured again and most likely to miss copa so its high time to give chance to benitez and one more thing c romero of genoa deserves much attention than foyth or else Italy will grab him

          • It’s not just a mistake, it’s mistakeSSSS….lots of mistakes, he’s unreliable, don’t forget he was benched early in the season because of his unreliable nature.
            Regarding Musso, yeah he made a mistake or 2 but overall he’s very consistent while Gazzaniga shouldn’t be called because he doesn’t play enough even though he’s been good when he did get called up.
            Armani doesn’t deserve to be called up IMO and De gea has nothing to do with our Argentina so I could careless about his form or the lack there of.

        • Goycoechea? he was a below average goalkeeper with good penalty saving skills, nothing more, lucky with Pumpido (class keeper) injury after the first match, he was dropped after the Argentina-Columbia 0:5

          • Average???!! Seriosuly? So you think Rulli in his current state is worthy of wearing the shirt but Goycochea was average?
            Have you actually watched copa 91 or 93? Infact he was the player of the tournament in copa 93!
            Goycochea was anything but average and was used as a scapegoat for that embarrassing Colombia loss.

      • Too late to introduce new faces, both Foyth and C Romero will be the new CB pair after copa not forget Foyth gave MOTM performance whenever played for NT

        • Yes ,chintu paul c romero has been neglected every time bdw our three gk’s rulli ,musso,benitaz got man of the match yesterday and it will be shame if scaloni still goes with armani which is quite likely because of Romero’s injury
          And Mr romance stop using this word farmer benitez ‘s team is mediocre where he plays against teams like psg ,Lyon,rennes which are good in european level and look at his short saving % it is foolish to compare him with Armani

    • I think Romero was supposedly the Starter in Scaloni’s plan too, But unfortunately Romero opened his big mouth and declared that no one can take him out of the NT(That’s a far higher statement coming from an Average GK like Romero) So now what happened

      Fortunately for us Romero is down the pecking order, Now we like or not Marchesin is probably the silent front runner for the Copa, Armani will be there too. And Andrada (Who is on fire now).

      As per me Andrada should be the Starter for us in the Copa. He is good with his feet(Infact he started as a midfielder) but his problem is during the Crunch games sometimes he messes it up. Otherwise a Superb Goal Keeper.

      Marchesin is Brilliant if we look at his Club performances(But for some reason he doesn’t strikes me)

      Armani is Armani he has superb reflexes, makes unbelievable saves (Along with some errors) but very poor in penalties,Infact Very poor.

  9. Alternative squad:

    Almada, Garre, Balerdi, Barreal, Lovera, Ayala, Insaurralde, Colidio, Pereyra, Pellegrino, Navarro, Obando, Avila, Marinelli, Veron, Carranza, Rivas,

    Pourtau, Balerdi, Avila, Pereyra, Ayala, Barreal, Marinelli, Colidio – were important players for Scaloni during COTIF tournament. Apparently not for Batista.

    • Aliseda, Burgoa, Klimowitz from second division (former Bundesliga striker son), Palacios would be ready too, Romero a lot of players but Thiago Almada seems something else than the others

      • One more creative player like Lovera, Almada or Matias Palacios would be welcome but Palacios destination is U-17 WC.

        • we wont win without extra class difference makers (97 Cambiasso, Aimar, Riquelme 2001 Dalessandro, Maxi Rodriguez, Saviola 2005 Messi (and good midfield with Gago, Biglia) 2007 Banega, Di Maria, Aguero…Almada, Palacios will miss

          • We need more creative playmakers I think. But Di Maria, Maxi Rodriguez, Cambiasso, Banega??? For example De La Vega is really similar to Di Maria. That team had Banega – we have Almendra and so on. Tournaments creates new stars. ATM necesarilly the new names does not looks like difference makers but within a month we will see.

    • Balerdi would be in if he stayed at Boca. He is not starting for Borussia and will surely miss match fitness.

    • nomore one season wonder in farmer league please, last year Armani cost us, Rulli in 2015-16 is better than any Argentina GK in 20year

  10. Some people claim that the exclusion of Almada, Garre and Ballerdi is not a big deal. Well, in my point of view it is a big deal as especially Almada and Garre are both very talented and omiting them from u20 nt is pure idiocy to say the least. We keep on criticising our players but the ones whom we should speak about are people like Batista who shouldn’t be anywhere near the nt from the first place.

    On another note, Simeone decided to start Lemar instead of Corea against Espanyol. Every single time i watched this player playing and believe me there were many times, he was nowhere into the game but still Simeone keeps on starting him ahead of Corea. Players such as Lemar, Malcom and Fred are the definition of word “overrated” but anyway atletico lost to espanyol 3-0.

    • Garre and Almada are not big deal as we have replacement on the same level. In Almada’s case at the moment he is physically inferior to 19 and 20 year olds. I was annoyed by centurion instead of balerdi(both of them didnt played much as far as I know) but now I know why because Dortmund will not release Balerdi until 19th

        • Mennoti is behind exclusion of garre ,balerdi because he wants only local players to shine
          NB = yes we want to promote local league but not at the cost of nt and players who are better in their position must be given chance irrespective of the fact that they play in Argentina or europe

          • “Mennoti is behind exclusion of garre ,balerdi because he wants only local players to shine”

            This is not truth. The reason is probabaly the local player are more allowable being there in Argentina all the time. So the could be always present during trainings. Trainings makes chemistry. Chemistry is most important on the category. More important than known names like Garre. To that Ferreira, De La Vega, Barco or Urzi are not less talented than Garre.

        • The 25 mill is for his potential, they see him as future star. Dont get me wrong, I really like him. But presently is he that much of an upgrade from pedro vega or urzi or barco?

          • I feel like the more claiming for Almada are the people who watched him least. This is real talent, one of our biggest but I’ve been watching him not only in Argentina U-20 but also every Velez game and it’s not that he is looking there like world beater already. So was during Sudamericano. Really good moments but miss the regularity so far. Looks like growing mentally yet even to U-20 level.

          • De La Vega was much better during Sudamericano. Barco may replace Almada however they are different types. Barco more like winger, Almada more like playmaker. Urzi, along with Ferreira is one of the two most exciting players of the new ones.

          • Almada is also not there (controversial choice as well) so no need to look for conspiracy theory and Menotti behind.

  11. Christian Romero is going to Juventus. Hope he grabs his opportunity by showing in training and games. I hope he is one who does not cry about not getting opportunities and gather grabs it. He has already gotten his opportunity. Its for him to take it now.

    Critically he wants to play for Argentina. AFA should take that opportunity else Italy will take him.

  12. Foyth with yet another damn red card after 2 minutes of playing. The ball playing cb is talented no doubt but he’s fucking wreckless. I think it’s his 3rd or 4th this season. Honestly his actions scare me a bit… Imagine being down a player in a crucial match.

  13. Ezequiel BARCO shouldn’t be playing in USA. He should definitely get into a better team in Europe or for God’s sake at least to Argentine league. Goshh who are these players Agents??

    De La Vega will soon be a sensation Hopefully. Have huge hopes for both Barcos and De La Vega

  14. Why top clubs aren’t going for pazella who is our main CB after Otamendi seems like Foyth and Romero will be our main CB pair after copa 2019

  15. On the other hand here are some new names I have doubts about wheter they deserved the call ups (Barco is among them). Of the new names I like Urzi, Ferreira. Insaurralde is not there, while he was decent. Alvarez was poor most of the time.

  16. People are complaining for lack of the most popular players not the ones who were the best so far under Batista. Neither Garre nor Almada, Colidio (nothing special from him), Romero were the protagonists of Batista team.
    Overreactions from people who confuse even U-20 team names with U-17.

    The important player who is really missing here is Balerdi. Almada as well but he is not someone crucial and irreplaceable so far.

    • True and I’m also confuse between u17 and u20. The most popular name you have mentioned not even 10% of our current attackers I’m expecting world class GK, Full back and DM comes from the tournament

    • I didn’t want braco but the future nt
      Sake I wanted almada and balerdi
      To part of the squad but still the squad
      Looks very good to me

    • it seems like theres a huge disconnect between what people see as talented and future NT impact vs this 23 selection. Everyone is absolutely raving about Almada and he didn’t even make it.

    • Gonzalo, Belardi hasn’t played at all for Broussia, he’s sadly rotting on the reserves bench so I don’t think he deserves to be called up.
      I do think that Almada not being there is a waste but I’ll be keeping my eyes on Perez and Almendra because one is headed for Atletico and the other seems bound for europe.

  17. Roffo/Porteau/Blazquez—Ortega-Perez-Medina/Centurion-Mura–Sosa/Vera-Almendra/Moreno-Ferreira/Maroni—Barco/Chancalay-Gaich/Alvarez-De La Vega/Urzi…only 5 defenders, but Santiago Sosa can play as CB

  18. Where is Thiago almada, where is balerdi, where is maxi Romero, where is Benjamin garre….l am really dissapointed with the team selection..

  19. Brazil will play Honduras and Asia Cup winners Qatar in Pre Copa Friendlies.
    Chile will play Haiti.
    Argentina should play atleast 1 decent team like Mexico/Japan/S Korea or any Top African team for Pre Copa Friendly.

  20. U20 tournament is very important for Argentina hope we get world class full back, GK and no 5 from this generation

  21. it is a decent list but would have been a better list if names like leonardo balerdi,facundo colodio,thiago almada ,benjamin garay(real madrid),were there and benjamin garre (man city)should have been picked instead of ezequiel barco hopefully argentina u20 team reaches atleast TILL u20 wc SEMI FINALS (hopefully win the whole tournament)

  22. Good squad….even in Chile’s qualifications we did well without balerdi when he didn’t played so defence is ok….. disappointed with barco decision ….barco decision shows that how we lack good young pacy players even in youth competitions

  23. Where the heck is Benjamin GarrΓ© or Colidio???
    Garre is such a phenomenal player for his age.. I’m shocked he’s not on the list.
    Disappointing actually, unless he’s injured πŸ€”

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