Rumored Argentina names for Copa America, Sergio AGUERO or ICARDI, no DYBALA


One of Sergio AGUERO and Mauro ICARDI are expected to make the Argentina team for the Copa America while Paulo DYBALA is likely to miss out.

Per reports by ESPN, coach Lionel SCALONI already has several names confirmed but the big doubts are in midfield and attack. In midfield, it’s between Ivan MARCONE and Guido RODRIGUEZ. Up front, it’s between Angel DI MARIA and MARTINEZ while Sergio AGUERO and Mauro ICARDI fight for one spot.

Here’s the rumored list of confirmed names:


Marcos ACUNA

Giovani LO CELSO
Rodrigo DE PAUL

Lionel MESSI

The big news would obviously be the absence of Paulo DYBALA.


  1. I have been watching soccer all my life. It is my only passion. I have to also admit that does not make me more knowledgeable of the game. In my understanding, this is supposed to be team that is getting ready for WC qualifiers and eventually the world cup. So How the hell you decide to let out Dybala and Icardi. If you look at the list, there is no single number 5. Guys don’t be fooled, you have to be really good to play without a true 5. Where is Ascacibar? why do we have to bring Marchesin in the team? why would you bring old players who are not going to start? I did not believe in Scaloni, he doesn’t prove me wrong…

  2. 1.J.Musso 2.W.Benitez 3. G.Rulli/P.Gazzaniga

    4.Otamendi 5.Pezzella (concerned about injury)/C.Romero 6.Saravia 7.Tagliafico 8.kannemann 9.Acuna 10.Montiel 11.Foyth/F.Mori

    12.Locelso 13 Paredes 14 Pereyra 15 Lanzini 16 A.correa 17. Guido/Caceres 18. Pavon/ Suarez 19.Martinez 20.Messi 21 Aguero 22 Icardi 22 Dybala 23 Dimaria/J.Correa

    ■[special mention-dont want Dimaria Lanzini or Lamela due to injury prone status]

  3. Considering any list of players won’t ever completely satisfy us. This looks fine, anyhow we have lesser expectations, so let the new Gen show what they can do.

    Irony is if both Icardi and Dybala were suppose to be our baton holders moving forward. We’ll can’t blame Scaloni either as per the current scenarios of both players.

    So it’s back to square 1 again. Messi, Di Maria, Aguero combo upfront. Let them show what they r capable of for our NT for the 100th time.Goshhhh.

    Armani again with an error. At this point start with Andrada or Marchesinn. Even though not spectacular and no young ones let the older Goal keepers bow out after the Copa. Armani and Marchesin should be taken off from the scene after Copa so let them have a last hurrah. Musso, Benitez, Gazzaniga etc have age in their hand..

    Zaraco may be a gud choice by the way in midfield. If he clicks then gud for us. Palacios hope he gets back to form in time. A massive player for us in middle

    • True both dipped in form in league butttttt Scaloni has no clue how to attack. The antithesis of what makes our attacking players shine. His awful style is certainly to blame

    • Aguero & Di Maria scored against France with Messi having 2 assists. We conceided 4 goals and it wasnt their fault. That combo didnt actually fail on that occassion.

  4. Juan Musso Romeo and this Boca junior goalkeeper are best for NT.Benitez has got work still to do in his game for the second play he is slow

  5. Pavon should be selected in 23 we desperately need his pace and skills to plays long balls from paredes and messi as Gonzalo said we can’t trust Angel dimaria he is injury prone we can’t guarantee, he will play entire tournament and A correa is more comfortable on RW than LW and playing De paul ,lo celso and messi togther would be a no brainer it will be easy to defend for opposition if attack is narrow so i think pavon would be more useful for Argentina than De paul . My line up is
    Saravia Pezella Otamendi Tagliafico
    Di maria/Correa Foyth Lo celso Pavon/ j corre
    Messi Aguero/Lautaro.

        • Read Mrinal1235’s comment…. He says we can’t trust Dimaria and puts him in the lineup;
          I ain’t blind, and dimaria is not the best option for NT… particularly on the left wing…

          • First learn to read i said he is injury prone never doubt his talent when he is fit he should be in the team and i have put di maria on the RW not LW.

    • Mrinal shut the fuck up.You see Pavon and Angel Correa as starters Have you nothing learned from World Cup loss vs France.These average player were selected at the expense of worthy player by Sampoli

      • The WC was such a disaster across the board, pavon gets a free pass. pavon is incredibly talented, very useful to break down def lines. Correa same thing. Id like to see more of these 2.

        • True choripan pavon should another chance i think coz at world cup it was fault of sampa who played messi as false 9 but not inverted wingers. Pavon cant be blamed for world cup debacle. He should play on left than right i think. His pace and skill is desperately needed in this team.😀

      • Yes correa as a sub of dimaria. Do you have any better option because they are better than other players.For your info correa was not there in WC and pavon will be useful in 4 4 2 formation in fast transition football.

  6. I have to admit I have not seen primera a lot over the last 3 years. Over the last couple of days I saw River, Boca, and Racing all play.
    The overall level of play is awful. Very little organization, and the game looks more like a pinball match than a football match. Passing is not precise, and when the passing is good its usually some old guy like Enzo Perez or Cardoso or some washed up player with experience in Europe. Lots of sideway and backwards passing, and gotta say it felt like I was watching MLS. Pretty damn sad state of affairs. Doesn’t anybody teach these guys anymore or are they just commodities to sell for money?
    If this is our future we are going to wait many years before we win a WC. Also, Franco Armani is an absolute joke. Any moron that thinks this guy is any good needs to have their eyes checked. I am stunned River hasn’t dumped this stiff. Comments welcome from guys that watch the primera regularly. I for one thought the level of play was stunningly pathetic.

    • > Very little organization, and the game looks more like a pinball match than a football match. Passing is not precise,

      The pinball analogy is good. See tons of hoof balls, wild long balls and inaccurate passing. The difference passing effectiveness is the first thing I see.

      Scaloni said the other day he doesn’t think the best players are in Europe.. Such a ducking moron. Mennotti influencing is shining

  7. Rulli – Saravia Otamendi Pazella Tagliafico – LO Celso Paredes Gludio Palacios – Messi Augero/Lautaro

  8. Copa de la Superliga is interesting, the winner takes a Libertadores-spot, so smaller teams like Tigre, Tucuman, Velez want it much more (Defensa out, River and Racing probably out), i bet Velez will beat Boca too.

      • Favourites lost last night. River (woth best team) to Atletico Tucuman 0:3 and Racing to Tigre 0:2. However Tigre is IMO ATM one of the strongest teams in the league.

      • Hope too. However Velez still lack experience of Boca even if the level talent is outstanding.

      • Argentinos Juniors is still in the game and I consider them as really worth watching with the batallion of promising players they have headed by Alexis MacAllister which is going to stay longer there before his transfer to Brighton. Spinelli, Batallini, Vera (he is in U-20 WC squad) and more…

  9. Why is there a choice between Aguero and Icardi?. These are our most taleted strikers. Aguero and Latauro are Similar style but Aguero is Better. And Icardi is different a rare breed that we never had after Batistuta. There should be a choice between Kun and Latauro where Kun should go to Copa 19. Latauro can have his chance in Copa 20. Icardi just found goal for Argentina and Scaloni droppped him? He could be more dangerous than Latauro if he starts scoring. And he is ideal as a sub coming in 60 mins. Icardi can score from anywhere anytime. We can start with Kun, Messi and Suarez/DePaul (Wingers) and have Dimaria and Icardi as super sups after 60 mins when we really need to score. Dimaria and Icardi fresh after 60 mins could be a game changer.

    • According to Scaloni’s list:

      Though i prefer Benitez and Ascascibar

      But this could be a good line up with both Icardi(Sub) and Aguero in it.


      Super Subs- Icardi and DiMaria

      • Looks Good…. Can Palacios play wide? If so, would play him in place of DePaul; As Tagliafico can bomb forward won’t be a big problem…

      • excellent line up! I would only change Papu Gomez for DePaul.

        Ascacibar had a mediocre season. His team went down. He missed it due to unprofessional behavior. He got suspended for six weeks.

    • I’m a huge wanda fan, she is my crush but icardi form isn’t upto the mark oflate even Lautaro bench him at Inter, Lautaro is long term successor so that he must be given opportunity to show his talent, Roma v/s Barcelona match was just a tukka still it phycologically affected messi surrounding with same player when liverpool scored 2nd goal, Fresh team should be selected in copa sothat player won’t become frastated phycologically.

      • I chose this line up on the basis of this rumored list of Scaloni. Unfortunately, Papu is not in it. So is Benitez, Lanzini, Ascascibar. Its a shame what Ascascibar is going thru now. I think he is a huge future prospect. So is Latauro but he still have time to shine for NT after Aguero is done in this Copa. Remember we also have a Copa 2020. I just feel that Icardi could be more dangerous even though he has a dip in form lately. He brings a different Dimension to this attack. We already have Aguero (hopefully) and Latauro (style) is very identical to Kun. The last game Icardi played for NT he was marvellous. I think he earned it. You never know with NT Icardi could be lethal at any point of the game. He just opened his goal count for NT. He deserve a call. Its a whole different set of Players and style from Inter. This might suit Icardi. And lastly, Palacios can play wide instead of DePaul. But DePaul really impressed me at that position. Tagliafico is great but in the NT his focus should be on Defense too.

  10. Christian romero (genoa) had a great assist today and a goal last week. How come he isn’t talked about as a defensemen for the copa america?

  11. Why Jonathan correa is not selected for previous friendlies? Scaloni thinks that he is not capable for national team? He is versatile player who offers lot for us.. but we ignore him.. he must be selected instead of Suarez or correa,and he is real threat in the wings..

  12. There is only messi & aguero(if selected) remain from the 2014 team. This means the local media will need new excuses this time as the so called friends club is no more.

  13. Romance 23rd squad for copa:
    GK: Rulli, Armani, Andrada
    DF: Otamendi, Pazella, kanemman, Saravia, Tagliafico, Acuana, Montiel
    MF: Lo celso, paredes, de paul, pareyra, palacios, zaracho, Gludio
    FW: Messi, Lautaro, Correra, Suarez, Pitty, Aguero or Icardi

  14. Relying on these 30+ year old goalkeepers again? WHERE IS ROMERO? WHERE IS BENITEZ?? WHERE IS SCALONI’S HEAD? UP HIS ASS?! Forget the squad, our goalkeeper was what caused our downfall in Russia! And now you think a 3rd or 4th chance is a good idea? Fuck you Scaloni, I’m regretting my decision of backing you up!

    The midfield isn’t too shabby but Dybala would be preferred over Pereyra any day. Also a defensive midfielder could be very useful. ASCACIBAR for starters is a good choice.

    In defense, we need MAMMANA and FOYTH.

    I don’t know what the hell Scaloni is doing, but if we don’t win, it’s on him!

  15. To most of people here to take on tournament 3 strikers (Lautaro, Aguero and Icardi together) is ok while to take Suarez or Correa instead one of them is lunacy. No matter that only one of the 3 strikers can start and never 2 of them. No matter they are nothing more than strikers, No.9 – none of them can play as winger for example while Suarez and Correa are wingers that can play also striker. Suarez and Correa are more hardworking, more in movement than any of the 3 strikers.

    So which option is actually more balanced squad? Certainly not the one with 3 strikers when constantly 2 of them will be on the bench.

    Moreover if you are so convinced to Aguero form and his infallibility then what for to take 3rd striker?

    • we will take 5 players attackers.
      inside that number can be all of them.
      we don t know now.

      we will see Scaloni final choices.

      • But 3 strikers is too many anyway. Especially if also Messi and Suarez can play at emergency CF or at least false No.9. We need more players that will work for strikers opportunities instead strikers that will only wait for the opportunities. We need diversification among forwards.

    • Im with you, id probably go with 2 Strikers for more options and balance.

      The lunacy part for me personally is the thought of possibly omitting our best option and one of worlds best current #9 – AGUEROOOOOOOO. For the 2nd spot, Id take Martinez since Icardi is out of form, hasn’t played much, and has been disruptive to the locker room for both NT and league. I’d also take Dybala (although im doubting) over Icardi since he’s more versatile and one our only Messi subs.

      Lastly, just a slight correction to your words…. i’ve never head any fan of Aguero describe him as “Infallible”.

      • I’d go with Martinez and Aguero too. With Martinez as starter ATM. AGuero is better than Icardi to me. Maybe still our best striker but even if better than Lautaro I’m looking for better chemistry than was between Messi-Aguero. The last duo never looked equally attaractive on the pitch as on paper. Messi – Lautaro looks promising. Looking for new spirit.

        “Infallible” was not right word in fact. Was just referring to slight over-confidence in Aguero I see on Mundo. As if it was obvious he will be better than Lautaro and can easiliy translate the club’s form on NT level what is problem for all our players.

      • forgive me my friend but really this is crazy.
        why anybody should pray for Dybala be chosen?

        Dybala is in terrible form and had one very bad season.
        we should take the best in the team not the worst.

        so he should be out of the team this Copa.

        my friend you should look the good of the team and not
        to see your favourite player despite if he is bad form.

  16. So there’s a lot of Matius Suarez fan fight here on mundo. I thing these guys are the same person, who were a huge fan of Maxi Meza and pavon( before the world cup). On that time, they thinked and delivered there opinion here,that Meza and pavon is better than Di maria,Aguera. I thing these guys will again find there next warrior after the copa 19. Time will changed,and there opinion will be…..

    • First of all Suarez can’t be in playing 11 and He will offers a lot than Dybala, if Dybala back in form last 3games then i would say Dybala should be in the squad. Even I’m a huge Wana fan, i want Aguero is selected ahead of Icardi because of poor form. Dybala haven’t din anything special for Argentina also worst season this year not deserve in copa squad on other hand Suarez and correra won the match for Argentina against morocco and seals their spot. Meza selected only because of sexual relationship with coaches, sad for Pavon he should be given more opportunities.

  17. Richard, lunacy reigns supreme in every coach apart Sabella that took over throughout all these years! Starting from Passarella’s insanity with long hair by omiting both Canigggia and Redondo from 98 squad, in my opinion the most criminal omision ever, and so on! This lunacy explains the unthinkable drought of trophies when it comes for arguably the most special nt ever!

    And speaking about lunacy, i read a report which says that 24% of Barca fans don’t want Messi to their team! Those ungrateful morons have to understand that if it wasn’t for messi their team wouldn’t have won SHIT throughout these years and i am not speaking about champions league here only! The only reason that Barcelona is among the elite clubs currently is Messi, who together with Maradona are the two greatest of all time!

    Being an Argentina fan or not, being a Barcelona fan or not, we are all lucky witnessing the only player who can stand at the same level with Maradona and of course for all of us Argentina fans we are lucky that both best players ever are Argentines, something that in my opinion doesn’t have to do with luck at all!


  18. Correa and Suarez over Aguero and Icardi? Lunacy still reigns supreme in our coach. Did he had a concussion when he fell from his bike?

    Papu Gomez criminally overlooked.

  19. I think we should go with 4-4-2 instead of 4-3-3 or any other fancy formation. See the problem right now is the lack of chemistry and proper playing style, atleast everyone will be aware of his role in a basic formation like 4-4-2.
    Lanzini-Ascasibar-Lo celso-Di Maria

    We can have different players as wide midfielders depending on the situation but the more important thing is everyone understands his role and play accordingly.

    Else we can have a team for counter attacks (ya, messi won’t like it) where we use faster attackers/wingers in 4-2-3-1 formation.
    I think our attacking talent will be too much for oppositions even in a 4 against 4 situation on a quick counter attack.

  20. IF this is the final list (+ 3 more to be announced) then it’s not half bad.

    This is by far the most problematic part of the selection if it ends up being confirmed. I gave up on Scaloni calling Benitez, however if Manchersin is called ahead of Musso then……….well I’ll be lost for words! Armani is also out of form and doesn’t deserve to be called up.
    Andrade has been very solid and if he is indeed called up then it would mean that 4 players (Tagliafico, Pezzella, Pereyra) from the 2011 u20 side are called up! Had Battaglia been fit it would’ve been 5! Not surprising since that team was very talented and very unlucky not to make the semis after losing to portugal on penalties.

    Good list and hardly surprising (if true). I would’ve liked to see Ansaldi as a backup for Saravia instead of Mercado but Gabi has always been reliable for Argentina so I have no qualms with him backing Saravia.
    I like Acuna and he’s done quite well this season for Sporting but I would like to see either licha Martinez (unlikely) or J.Silva instead (no chance).

    Again, good list. Celso is a no brainer, as are Pereyra and De Paul while Palacios is (luckily) regaining his form very rapidly because Argentina needs a ball keeping, one touch passing midfielder like him.
    Question marks remain around Paredes who is plenty talented but needs to prove to everyone that he is willing to put in the work (like he did against Brazil), I still believe in him but in all honesty I would start Palacios ahead of him and would take Banega instead. Hopefully he’ll prove me wrong.
    Zaracho’s been excellent for Racing and having him in the team wouldn’t hurt even though I’d prefer Robertone (from Velez).
    One defensive midfielder will be added to the final list and if it were up to me it woudn’t be Marcone or Rodriguez, instead it would be either Nico Dominguez, Ascacibar or Escelante. The problem with Ascacibar is that he lost his head and got himself banned for 6 matches, which means he’ll be short on match fitness. Nico and Escelante on the other hand were never called up and there is ZERO chance of them getting called up now, which is too bad because they’re both ball playing DMs who have an eye for goal.

    You know while I haven’t been impressed with Suarez at River I still thought he did well against Morocco but if this list is true and he’s selected ahead of Kun and Icardi then I really have to shake my head because neither his age (31) nor his goal scoring stats would suggest that he should be selected at all let alone be ahead of the aforementioned players.

    I’m going to take this list with a small grain of salt until it’s actually confirmed but honestly even if Scaloni selects all the players we’ve been asking for non of it will matter unless he settles on a starting line up and a style of play, neither of which he has done thus far.

      • agree, if having Paredes, need some one like Ascacibar next to him.
        Locelso and Palacios can not be together without a destroyer.

      • yeah we need battaglia or guido or marcone there but not ascasibar …..ascasibar can’t protect our central defenders furthermore he is too rash atm……he isnt ready for the national team right now…..i know he brings lots of energy and make a lot of successful challenges but he needs to improve his defending skills and passing too…

  21. Where is our DM? Paredes as DM would be a nightmare. We need one DM and his back up. In this scenario Guido Rodriguez and Caseres/Battaglia/Ascasibar/Juan Foyth should be included as back up DM. I like Foyth because he can play as DM also and Pochettino tried that successfully. In such case Paredes may be excluded, because he was very poor in recent time.

  22. Scaloni should take both Guido and Marcone instead of Paredes. Guido is must.
    Aguero should be 100% in the squad or starting 11 coz if Messi is having an off day no other player in team can go on defenders like Aguero. Matias Suarez is good inclusion NT needs some hardworking boys too we never know when big names will get complacent.
    Di Maria can be handy player from the bench instead of Pity.
    Andrada, Saravia, Pezzella, Otamendi, Tagliafico, Pereyra, Guido, Exequiel, De Paul, Leo, Kun

  23. Lionel Messi’s shadow “hangs over the pitch and might be too much for some of the youngsters”, says Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni.

    The South American nation are delighted to have an all-time great available to them.

    A five-time Ballon d’Or winner has not always delivered for his country and is still waiting on a first senior international honour.
    There is, however, no questioning his value to the cause and the hope is that he will add many more outings to the 129 caps he has already collected to date.

    Scaloni is certainly hoping to have Messi available for the foreseeable future, with Argentina currently counting down the days to another Copa America campaign.

    The Albiceleste coach is, however, eager to point out that the presence of a global superstar is not always a positive for him and those he selects to compete alongside an icon.

    Scaloni told TNT Sports of Messi: “The shadow of him which hangs over the pitch might be too much for some of the youngsters.

    “We are always asking about him. In the matches he’s played for the national team, it’s very rare that he hasn’t given his all.

    “The best thing we can do is ask for everyone else to perform as they do for their clubs.”

    That is scaloni talks about messi
    From goal. Com/en

    • The article continued:

      Messi has faced questions throughout his international career.

      Accusations have often been levelled at him of failing to replicate the performances he puts in for Barcelona when away with his countrymen.

      Scaloni, though, is not about to buy into that way of thinking.

      He added: *****“We need to take advantage of the fact he’s on the pitch with us.********

      “He’s the greatest player of all time but on the pitch he needs to be just another person who helps us win.

      “We need him on the ball. What we need to do if he drops deep is another player goes into his position in attack. Leo is a forward, creates assists and the closer he is to the goal the better.”

      While aware of the obvious benefits that representing Barca has delivered for Messi, Scaloni has suggested that other Argentine talents should not be so eager to head away from their homeland.

      He said: “I do not think it’s true that the best are there, in Europe. What is evident is that, on an economic level, the best players of 18 or 20 years of age are at the best clubs in the world.

      “The best thing for us would be that most clubs can keep top talents in Argentine football for another year, so we can enjoy them a little more and the player would go to Europe being a more complete player.

      “Most of the guys who leave for Europe see themselves as one for the future, as promising, and we never see it where they go to Europe already being a phenomenon.”

    • “The shadow of him which hangs over the pitch might be too much for some of the youngsters.

      “We are always asking about him. In the matches he’s played for the national team, it’s very rare that he hasn’t given his all.

      “The best thing we can do is ask for everyone else to perform as they do for their clubs.”

      This is exactly what I’m talking for years. The concentration on Messi, from players, coaches, pundits and fans bring us to blind alley. At least Scaloni begins to understand the situation we find ourselves.

    • If you agree with Scaloni’s words then you should agree with all of his words, not just the ones that project your beliefs!

      Such as

      “Accusations have often been levelled at him of failing to replicate the performances he puts in for Barcelona when away with his countrymen.

      Scaloni, though, is not about to buy into that way of thinking.

      He added: “We need to take advantage of the fact he’s on the pitch with us.

      “He’s the greatest player of all time but on the pitch he needs to be just another person who helps us win.

      “We need him on the ball. What we need to do if he drops deep is another player goes into his position in attack. Leo is a forward, creates assists and the closer he is to the goal the better.””

      Clearly Scaloni does not entertain the Idea that some fans here are calling for eliminating Messi from the team, so the ‘kids’ can prosper. and ‘grow confidence’, it is on their shoulders to step up their game and grow as professional players, regardless to the presence of any player !

      • “Clearly Scaloni does not entertain the Idea that some fans here are calling for eliminating Messi from the team, so the ‘kids’ can prosper. and ‘grow confidence’, it is on their shoulders to step up their game and grow as professional players, regardless to the presence of any player !”


        this is far more difficult and hard to realize than you think. Hard to realize even in Barcelona. The more in Argentina.

        ” it is on their shoulders to step up their game and grow as professional players”

        If you say Messi is not the one to blame for the distorted situation so is with the youngsters.
        This is not only on their shoulders but more on coach shoulders, all the technicall staff with psychologists and other professionalists. Look at the senior players of established European clubs that were Messi teammates during last 2 Copas and WC. In spite of their age, maturity and European position they looked most of the time like in Messi’s shadow. So it’s the more though for young players.

        • Aguero was great last world cup. Not in Messi’s shadow whatsoever.

          EL Fideo dribbling into nowhere or giving up possession either wasn’t in Messi’s shadow either. The guy actually tried to take on defenders, press, and attack. Keep in mind that i’m not arguing over the effectiveness of El Fiedo last world cup, i’m just talking about mindset where our players turn to statues.

          Agree with you 100% though about blame coaching staff. I think most agree that it certainly isn’t messi’s fault for how the world reacts to him. Players do share blame for turning to statues (whether new or veteran) but ultimately, if players aren’t supporting 1-2s, passing/attacking options, etc, the Scaloni should ‘effin bench ’em!!

        • “Ebo,

          this is far more difficult and hard to realize than you think. Hard to realize even in Barcelona. The more in Argentina.”

          That’s because no body has ever put it the way Scaloni is putting it. I believe it can be achieved.
          1) These Guys are young and its the young who easily change to what you want them to do.
          2) Most of these Guys have a lot to lose, there future is so many miles away and are dying to create a robust foundation.
          3) Scaloni’s words are putting a ‘do or die’ Spirit in the team which is very essential in present day football.

    • Why you confuse different orders and positions? We have already one striker booked (Lautaro). It is clearly put up here that tHe second will be one of Aguero/Icardi so why you say Suarez is over both of them. 2 strikers is optimum but no need to take 3 (Lautaro, Aguero, Icardi), what will affect negatively diversification of our forwards. Suarez is different type to these 3. He is more winger and hardworker. These 3 are just strikers. Suarez is like Lavezzi here. So absolutely yes: Suarez should be there while we need only 2 of 3: Lautaro, Aguero, Icardi.

  24. Suarez isn’t big name but he offers more than Dybala and last friendlies against morocco sealed his place as well as correra. On the basis of current form icardi is no where near Aguero, Dimaria shouldn’t be in the squad. Only i strongly against GK selection there is no need to pick 30+ local league GK, it’s better to go with younger one. Argentina midfield in copa 🔥️🔥️🔥

  25. There is no point to talk about
    who deserves And who isn’t
    To be in the squad for copa
    Every single member in here
    Want certain players to be in
    The team I 100% cool with their
    Opinion but come on pls
    No mercado plus I don’t like
    The average age of our defenders
    Why not take some young defenders
    Like l Martinez C Romero and
    Juan foyth on those three instead of
    Mercado having say that I will 100%
    Behind the team no matter who scaloni
    Pick it doesn’t matter weather I like it
    Or not anyone who put Argentina shirt
    I will support but I hope this summer
    Become the summer we all celebrate
    Together we had so many arguement
    And disagreement in here but you
    Know what it’s another opportunity
    No one expects Argentina to do well
    This summer including some members
    In here but me only i can talk for myself
    I never lost hope in any situations
    No matter weather is football or in life
    General i believe Argentina will come
    Good i don’t know if it’s this summer
    Or next summer.

  26. Di maria and Aguera deserved to be called.we need the best player right now doesnt matter, who is old or young.Both are deserve to be best 11…

  27. Someone in here, i think it was SulaV if i am not mistaken, said something on a previous thread that i couldn’t agree more, something that i am constantly saying as well when i am talking with friends about football: If only we had Jurgen Klopp as our manager, i believe that we would have been unstoppable! He is exactly the type of coach we need and i think that if he was our manager no team would dare to make an open play against us, they wouldn’t dare to attack us that frequently, something that is really missing since Sabella’s era.

  28. The gks selection seems worrying to me as well. I agree with my friend cox4 that Armani is not that bad as many people think as he has done a very good job in river plate indeed, but i would like to see someone else in Marchesin’s place.

    Moreover, i would also prefer Di Maria included despite that many fellow Argentina fans in here would disagree with me and i would also like to see Pavon as well, his tremendous pace is needed.

    I won’t argue about Dybala’s exclusion as he had a bad season but i have a question about the attack. Two friendlies are enough in order to secure Matias Suarez in expence of either Aguero or Icardi?? I really feel so tired to even explain why i see that as a pure definition of stupidity!

    Anyway at the bottom line, it is not that much about the players as the moronic tactics, strategies and selections that our coaches are keeping traditionally on making since 1993! Man, like someone in here said, they have cost us many world cups and copa america already!

    • to be honest my friend my biggest worry is not the names that Scaloni will take in the squad.
      in my opinion is not matter of players but the chemistry that our team has.
      or to say more correct the chemistry that our team DON T HAVE.

      Scaloni for one or other reason didn t succeed to build one team with chemistry
      and there is not exist time to do that now.
      why that happened is not the time now to speak.
      just our team had to change almost entirely from last world cup and all this new players didn t work together to create some chemistry together.

      this is my biggest afraid my friend and not which players will choose Scaloni.

  29. first of all everything is rumors.
    so i will not make any critic to just rumors.

    i will wait till Scaloni announce the 23 squad and after i will say anything.

    Personally from the experience players as i had post in past the names i want is
    Romero, Otamendi, Tagliafico, Pavon, Messi and Aguero.

    Mercado is valuable and i can understand this pick because he can play if necessary CB too.

    we need players in squad that can play if necessary and in one second position.
    if we take 7 defenders in squad IT IS MUST to take somebody able to play CB too.
    2 RB, 2 LB and 3 (+1) CB.

    Armani is not as bad as some people here saying.
    in River he is doing very good job and we love him.

    about Dybala really i don t see why to take him in squad after this terrible season he had this season.

    and just for make fun with some people here 🙂

    guys where is Maxi Meza?
    why this big talent is rumored out of squad?

    ( hahahahaha )

  30. When you are leaving Romero/Rulli for Armani, Icardi for Suarez, D Maria for anyone on his position your squad is just a piece of laugh. I want this XI for copa:: 4-3-3
    Di Maria-Palacios-Lo Celso
    Messi – Aguero – L Martinez

    or 4-2-3-1
    Messi – Lo Celso – D Maria

  31. Who is our GK coach? I know Walter Samuel and Aimar is there, isnt it?
    GK selection deserves more – Andrada and Musso/Rulli would be better.

  32. GK selection is disappointing. Maybe Andrada deserves and has ability to be here also he is young but Armani and Merchesin is dinosaurs. One should have called out of both and Musso or Benitez should have included for future and experience. Mercado!!! I wish he does a good performance but I swear I have no faith on him. He looks so nervous and clueless everytime he plays. I get scared he will fall by tripping with his right foot against his left foot whenever he has the ball. I still remember Otamendi was screaming at him during WC. Everytime our coach will do some stupid move. Talk about transition?! What the fuck is transition about when he calls up Armani and Merchesin both? Hope it’s a only fucking rumour

  33. Dybala for Messi sub.

    Morons to even consider anyone over Aguero.

    Same with di Maria. Should be squad 23… not auto starter but can be useful.

    Fuckings morons same old story.

      • This should be the squad in my opinion

        Franco ARMANI
        Esteban ANDRADA
        Agustin MARCHESIN

        Renzo SARAVIA
        Gabriel MERCADO
        Nicolas OTAMENDI
        German PEZZELLA
        Walter KANNEMANN
        Marcos ACUNA
        Nicolas TAGLIAFICO

        Matias ZARACHO
        Exequiel PALACIOS
        Roberto PEREYRA
        Leandro PAREDES
        Giovani LO CELSO
        Rodrigo DE PAUL
        Angel DI MARIA

        Angel CORREA
        Lionel MESSI
        Lautaro MARTINEZ
        Matias SUAREZ
        Sergio AGUERO
        Paulo DYBALA

  34. A young defender should have been included…I was hoping for Foyth in place of mercado. I know he F* up against venezuela but mercado was worse.
    Also only one of Armani and Marchesin was needed. I didnt expect benitez as he was not called before but Musso could have been there.
    Not much of complaint in midfield and forward although I feel bad for Dybala

    • Agreed. Mercado should not be there also a young defender should have been included. Also Armani and Mechesin both inclusion is criminal. Otherwise I liked it

    • Only reason Mercado is there because of versatility. Not saying it is a correct decision, but just stating the thought process. If you look, with 7 players we have a back up in each of the 4 back positions. One can argue it could have been done with Foyth also, but he is shooting himself in the feet with all the reckless plays.

      • Agree. Mercado while past his prime has experience playing as CB and RB, he brings experience and can be relied on to be consistent, not great, but good across the whole backline.

  35. If this is the list, this team is not worth to follow anymore, disappointment will reign as always. Like my friend said: Sampaoli and Valverde soul are inside Scaloni.

  36. Players that shouldn’t be in the squad or starting XI!!

    Armani–> Obvious reason!! I don’t even want him as a sub to be honest let alone our starting GK!!

    Matias Suarez over Icardi is pure madness!! Aguero,Icardi and Latauro should be our strikers!! Icardi is going to be sold for 100 million next season, How much is Matias Suarez going for? You provide good service to Icardi and unlike mundo favorite Higuain he will bury 7 out of 10 chances given to him!! I would also like to have Dimaria back in the team not as a midfield player but as a second forward on the left. Dimaria is easily our 4th best finsiher after Messi, Icardi and Aguero. I am happy that Correa is in the provisional squad, Angel Correa is better finisher than you guys think and he is a hardworking horse that can be very useful to us like Lavezzi used to be!!

    Paredes-> Time bomb waiting to explode!! May be as a sub but definitely not as a starter!

    Mercado-> Have you seen the stats of Sevilla this season?? Never again this man should be played as a CB for us again. Never!!!

    Crazy player selections , stupid formations and Mad tactics has cost us many World Cups and Copas and this trend doesn’t seem to stop even after so many years of failure !!!

    • “Matias Suarez over Icardi is pure madness!! Aguero,Icardi and Latauro should be our strikers!! Icardi is going to be sold for 100 million next season, How much is Matias Suarez going for?”

      This is not about money. Besides, they are different types of players. Suarez is much more in movement. More hardworker more usefull especially if you have two strikers (Martinez and one of Aguero/Icardi) included to go for third striker instead of more winger like hardworker SUarez is madness. Suarez is here the hardworker, not Correa.

  37. Of the names I don’t want Armani, Marchesin, Acuna and Correa. I would choose rather Benitez, Musso, Lisandro Martinez, J.Correa.

    To that Ascacibar (if Battaglia injured) absolutely should be there. He will be better for NT than for Stuttgart.

    • And I don’t want Mercado too. Right backs like Leo Godoy (Talleres) or Marcelo Herrera (San Lorenzo) were interesting options (along with Montiel) but now it’s too late.

      • I like him but actually prefer Marcone over him. Ascacibar over both. They are inferior to him on destructive part.

  38. well its a decent rumored list since mercado will be most likely a sub for saravia so his inclusion wont be a problem but it would have been better if montiel would have been selected ahead of him, both icardi(he can score at anytime a cristiano ronaldo type player) and aguero( having season of his life) are good players and needed for NT at copa 2019 but suarez may not be needed .guido is much better than marcone.then about paredes,angel correa is that they performed decently for NT till now paredes might need 1 more season to settle at PSG,and finally in goal keepers only andrada is good but marchesin and armani are not needed instead of them musso and benitez are hopefully selected or atleast after copa 2019 those 2 should called up

  39. I think Aguero is a must. I don’t know much about Suarez but Icardi and Lautaro are basically similar players.
    Leandro Parades is trash statue player. Another slow footed guy that can’t do shit. Bigger name than play.
    Gabriel Mercado is washed up also. I would bring Montiel instead.
    DePaul I haven’t seen anything special from him either. He is a younger Maxi Meza. You are better off with Lanzini or some other playmaker

    And Dybala…who cares. the guy never did shit for the NT and now he isn’t doing shit at Juve. A flash in the pan that has the commitment level to football of a 16 year old girl in a relationship. Good riddance.

  40. If players are to be selected by from, then Dybala clearly doesn’t deserve to be called up, and neither should Icardi.
    But how can Angel Correa be deemed good enough to be called up by Argentina?

    Another one that shouldn’t be called up is Paredes. We have seen the difference between playing in the Russian Premier League and Ligue 1.
    In all the recent embarrassing results for PSG:
    PSG 2-2 Strasbourg
    LOSC 5-1 PSG
    Nantes 3-2 PSG
    Monpellier 3-2 PSG
    PSG 1-1 Nice
    What do they all have in common?
    Paredes starts. And he is always subbed out in each game, isn’t good enough to play 90 min.
    Imagine if he went to say Chelsea in the Premier League, he’d be a bench warmer.
    He’s one of the transfers that Tuchel is regretting. Wouldn’t be surprised if he is sold in the summer, or sent on loan.

    Therefore, my 11 would be:
    Di Maria-Caseres-Lo Celso-Lanzini

    I prefer Caseres over Ascacibar personally. Caseres has a better passing accuracy than Ascacibar, and considering the leagues the play in, one is being relegated, the other isn’t. So we can see who id the better DM defensively.

    Again, this is just my opinion.

    • Romero
      Di Maria-Caseres-Lo Celso-Lanzini

      If all inform, healthy, and good chemistry, that could be our strongest 11, except Asca or Guido instead of Caseres. Doubt lanzini will play.

  41. Tbh I hv never liked Mercado…neither he is good with defending nor he does anything going forward …..I prefer montiel in his place.
    Musso or rulli could hv been called up in place of andrada or marchesin.
    Nd dybala shouldn’t be call up in copa.

    • At odds both Portugal and france are currently higher than Argentina. But Argentina have the individual quality to beat them both. France have very physically strong side.

  42. i dont know why dybala always get sidelined for national team?if we analyze the eacj and every players performance then most of them have been not selected.. why marcado selected?his performance was just wors all over the season,nicolas otamendi also benched for city but till he got select,lautaro martinez get benched maximum time and his performance was not on superior level to get a callup for national team,angel correa played maximum game but his performance was not up to the mark,recently leandro paredes is not his level of his caliber.. i dont know why this guy always get GK position only one is good that is andrada but performing goalkeeper like musso benitez gazzania are totally ignored.. i dont know what is going on inside the COACH’S head

  43. It pains me to say this but on current form Dybala does not deserve to be called. Our goalkeeper list is underwhelming to say the least.

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