Argentina U20 World Cup line-up confirmed for match against Korea Republic


Argentina will look to make it three wins out of three at the FIFA U20 World Cup as the starting XI against Korea Republic is confirmed.

With qualification all but secured for the second round, Argentina U20 coach Fernando BATISTA has made a few changes to the team which started the 2-0 win earlier this week. Here’s the starting XI.


  1. Argentina have some advantages in the round of 16 and quarter final.

    Two Mail first team players will be suspended in the round of 16 match against Argentina. Whereas Argentina have their full team available, and some first team players were rested in the Korean match, including captain Perez.

    If Argentina can make it to the quarter final, and if our opponents happen to be Italy, Italy are likely to have some first team players missing, because they have 8 players that are one yellow card away from suspension before their round of 16 matches against the host, Poland. I expect that Poland could not be easy to handle as they are the host, and the Italian could collect some yellow cards to make themselves difficult if they can reach the quarter final.

    By the way, Argentina have only 4 yellow cards before the round of 16.

    Hope that Argentina can go all the way to win it!

  2. Gaich misses relatively simple chances. I think that is because he has yet to learn how to optimize his timing better. Often I find that he has the opportunity to hold the trigger for an instant more to get closer to goal, or take a touch for a better position or make the goal keeper commit but he chooses to shoot. I am certain he will be one of the world’s best strikers in 2 years. Reason is – he almost always hits the target. That shows discipline, a calmness of head and good technique (body positioning, pivot leg location and speed of strike). In the absence of the above vast majority of the players blaze the ball over the bar bcoz they hurry too much, or want to strike the ball too hard or poor technique (often all factors working together).

  3. Centurion is not in form but overall i suspect it is a scenario to avoid Japan and face easy Mali in next round. Proud to be Asian, don’t forget Korea even eliminate Germany on last WC. Korea is just outstanding and used the right tactics against Arg.

  4. Even though we lost its Gud to see a well organized group performing with discipline. We will lose some sometimes it’s always like that. This lose will have tought the group valid lessons.

    Its a great group with very good players. Hope they carry on from this base, Some of these guys may not reach their full potential. To be fair. Just hope they keep grounded and work harder to become the Next IT player. The next Them.

    Let’s see how this WC journey carry on.Barcos and De LA Vega r the players which I like the most.

  5. Portugal case is similar to Argentina 2002. They were also one of 2 biggst favourites. You start well (win in first match), than you lose second against strong team Argentina/England (being unlucky) and have to win the third against not that strong opponent. But the third game about crucial stake is always so tough. The true is that sometimes theres thin line between total catastrophe and win all tournament. Still think we could go far in 2002 if luck was with us.

    • The 2002 Argentina team dominated all 3 games, more possessions, more shots on target and they’re out from tournament from 2 goals that came from deadball. Penalty and Freekick. Owen actually dived , he admitted that when Pochettinho. But any team that being given an adventage would gladly take it.

      Bielsa made major mistake by starting Batistuta in all 3 games. He only scored 6 goals that season for Roma and spent many games on sidelines due to reccuring ankle injury which actually forced him to retire. Meanwhile, Crespo was serie A top scorer at the time and he only played like 15 minutes in the last game.. and still managed to score. That’s a huge blunder by Bielsa. One more goal against Sweden, Argentina actually will eliminate England since they didnt win their other 2 games.

  6. Korea pressed our kids and most of the times our kids dint find a way out. Most of our play was theough wings which didnt create anything.we lacked creativity through middle.i felt our kids was in a hurry to break their defence instead of playing with ideas.our kids find it difficult to break these tightly packed well organised team. The only chances created was from a free kick and a defensive error which was wasted by giach.This was not a well gelled team as against portugal or may be bad day.

  7. This defeat was needed , no sad , no harsh feeling about this , I am proud of the kids , this defeat may solidify the mentality of the kids after they won some good matches.
    No problem , if you don’t fall , you don’t learn and you won’t Rise .
    But am disappointed about almendra , why he is not starting ?

    • The 2005 team started the tournament with a lost. S Korea came with a mindset the have to win at all cost to remotely have a chance to qualify. Argentina only has to maintain goal difference to stay on top. Nevertheless, we scored in all 3 games we played, finished at top, I’m satisfy with it. What matter is to qualify when it comes to group stage. We avoided France early and will play Mali so its already great scenario for us.

      This is not FIFA game when you choose easiest level and thrashed every team you by 5 goals without conceiding. There are no such thing in real world (well in Olympic 2004 we won without conceiding but that’s super rare occurance) . Spain lost their opening game in 2010 and still ended up as World champ, so my point is the best team will prevail by the end of the tournament… with some luck throws in for sure, everybody needs that.

  8. Batista got caught between two worlds today deciding to play both Barco and Ferreira. If you give Barco a free role in the center the midfield can cover for him when he drifts around. The problem is if you give him free range but stick him on the wing formationally then your structure is ruined. Whenever he drifts deep or inside you need someone to maintain shape for him. Ferreira was not able to account for this leaving vast open areas on the right flank where Weigandt was left stranded both offensively and defensively. The right side was a problem before too but Perez being a better defender was able to slide over at the right moments in previous games on breaks. The mix of Centurion and Weigandt was just a disaster in todays case.

    He tried to adjust in the second half playing a more 442 type shape, but having Urzi up as a second striker against the five man korean defense was not going anywhere either. It was only in the last ten minutes he hit the right combination pulling barco out and installing dela vega and urzi as proper wingers on either side of Gaich. Now the back line could be properly stretched and pushed back allowing Ferreira more and more room to get dangerous which he succeeded. For the record I personally think you could have pulled either barco or christian out and had the same effect.

    In any case I think Batista should go back to the midfield of the portugal game for the next round. This would mean Christian gets the bench but given that Barco is on hotter form it is fair. Gaich obviously get the central role but the wing positions are not clear. I know people are not super excited about Urzi but I feel that channel of Medina-Ortega-Urzi works well and maybe not worth disturbing. If so I would then stick DeLa Vega on the right.


    • Good article el mongol .
      Great performance by U20 NT overall in group stage. Korea game was also not our top11 & its good that we have an overall list of 15+ who had quality time in group stage. its a very confident feeling to know that our bench has players like Ferreira , DeLa Vega & Almendra .
      We will definitely prevail over Mali. Italy in quarters will be tight match. But overall Argentina NT is rated higher than Italy NT . Apart from France no team to fear at this point. So a run till final is looking realistic. While we crib on our soft spots, opposition teams will be terrorized thinking of playing Gaich & Barco.

      • Topping the group and get easier opponent in second round, cant ask for more for now. Our opponents also has their flaw and they’ll also make mistake just like us. So the odds to win the tournament will always be there.

        Afterall, Argentina is the best u20 team historically. No reason to think we couldnt go all the way cause we’ve done it many times. You look at previous tournament that we won, we also have some bad games and a lost or a draw.

  9. I watched Ferreira today, great talent but he might end up like Zarate. He probably believes that he is too good, he is super star. He needs more to be a team player than making himself more visible. Medina and Sosa were tremendous. The sticker and the right back were awful, Centurion was bad, Roffo like an Argentinean GK, Barco lost….

  10. I would not read too much from this game. We knew that we would top the group irrespective of results. In such situations the intensity and concentration is not of the same level. You try to hold yourself back too, without exerting too much and ensuring that you don’t pick up injuries. Also the side was an experimental one. We played well enough under the circumstances.

  11. Its just funny that Portugal fans keep saying like : ” we could even become 1st position in this group and even win this WC if we bring Joao Felix. ” Oh come on just accept your defeat, go back to your nation and drink more milks you b*tch.

    • Yeah i think they could… all the group matches they created the most ….they were just missing someone who could take thier chances and joao felix might hv….his finishing is excellent for a 19 year old kid

  12. It’s OK, Argentina.. Hopefully, Argentina will get better results in the next matches..

    Vamos Argentina! Go Tango! Be the winner! Be the champion!

    God bless everyone…

  13. Gaich needs to be more clinical ,our midfield must be more creative in next game ,we should have more defensive stability ,our attack from left side has been dead today

  14. today we lost from one team that was not better than us.
    we was little unlucky too.
    i am not so disappointed today because we was not so bad.

    if Gaich scored this chance that only Higuain could miss then we had the time to score more and avoid loss.

    but anyway no bad feelings for the kids.
    i am very happy with their mentality and i like so much that they play with Argentine spirit in every game till now.

    i can t wait for the next game against Mali.


  15. I liked the spirit of the kids. In a point when they knew they were going to be 1st in the group irrespective of loss against the Koreans they played for the pride and gave it their all. Moreover, It was a second fiddle side which played today. Let’s see.

    • The European media already showing their bias when they lost to Argentina. Few articles I wrote stated how they dominated the game and Argentina was somehow lucky lol. Argentina won by 3 goals and 2 goals in first 2 games and they wrote about Argentina’s flaws instead , now those journalist can eat crows haha

    • If you look at comment sections in Argentina vs Portugal articles , some people were unhappy because Portugal outshoot us even though we beat them 2-0. Those people now must be happy cause we unleashed countless shots! despite not winning.

  16. GK is not questionable. We lack creative passes from our DMs, especially Sosa. For the reason Ferreira is dropping deep.

    • Korea took advantage of their quick and clever tactics over our comparatively slow and less creative midfield..though we had more ball position
      before last 8 game against Mali
      this loss is a waking call..& not to underestimate minnows..a high pressing a peacefully 90 mins running team will create problems for us..infact Korea played well..they overplayed us in goal scoring chances…
      Gaich missed a easy chance..

      next game we will be back stronger
      ♡vamos Argentinos♡

      • Roffo made some mistakes…same types in previous matches as well. Hes calm, not getting pressure….but still he makes mistakes.

  17. i don’t think centurian is better than balerdi…….and ferriera improved in the second half he was not hanging with the ball for too much as compare to first half……mura is definitely better than weignalt defensively…..weignalt didn’t close the singe cross from the right side
    all and all we didn’t play that bad….atleast we created some chances on another day it may hv gone in.
    i think we can win the whole damn thing

  18. ARG should have been easily up 1 or 2 prior SK scoring, wasted opportunities but at least they qualified 1st and Mighty Portugal out 0)

  19. Portugal 2019 just like Argentina 2017 in both team are faced group stage exist from the tournament but serious talent they have/had

    • not Gaich rather a centre forward, ok so i dont hear you blame the Gaich-dependence which will win shit, mark my words (you do this since years, we will see will am i right or not) Anything less than a final on this joke route would be a disaster, only France seems quality side with good talents. No Brazil, no England, no Germany, no Spain etc…

      • I see you forgot COTIF tournament and Sudamericano. We were trying several strikers like Colidio, Maxi Romero, Alvarez, now Chancalay. Every of these tournaments Gaich began as bench player but quickly Scaloni and Batista understood we play better with Gaich and then he become starte being our best goalscorer every tournament

      • “Anything less than a final on this joke route would be a disaster, only France seems quality side with good talents. No Brazil, no England, no Germany, no Spain etc…”

        Same old story with you. Joining the play only when we are losing. 0 comments during previous games. So was on COTIF and Sudamericano. Joining to create your own standards what would be success for us. You are so predictable.

        • ok so tell me one big talent from Italy, Columbia, Poland, Mali or Panama? You can none, and nobody will be world class from these squads: Portugal, Argentina and France have players on different class compared to others,Portugal failed hallelujah, still some big talents there, so yes final would be a routine.

          • Remember what you’ve said: Mali is favourite against us. I watched 2 games of Italy. They are strong team even thanks to their physical conditions

    • agree he has become a very important part of the team…..he is always making runs, full of energy and he also gives a option of crossing due to his height……just hv to work on his finishing……i will be surprised if European clubs won’t come for him after this wc

    • This is not Gaich dependence. Just you can’t admit being still wrong about him. So was on COTIF, Sudamericano and now. Gaich is must, you can’t admit that

  20. Argentina missed so many easy chances before the 2nd goal, don’t why cloidio left as 3rd striker

  21. I don’t mind we lost this game or this tournament.. What more serious is that I can’t see very talented and matured players on this team. I don’t think any European scout will approach our guys after the tournament.

    • Comonnn….cant u see..barco, gaich, medina, ortega,delevaga, alvarez…all our boys are good …

    • Sir, be positive….last day we played well….today it was’t their day…even though they played very well in the 2nd half

    • And in Portugal? still Florentino price tag 55 mills euro, City offered this for him, and his team denied it lol…Jadson at least 40 and so on…and they played shit

  22. Don’t get upset guys…boys played well in the 2nd half…expecialy fereira…he was every where…gaich delevaga and alavres introduction helped….we were unlucky otherwise the score card will be differnt…

  23. Such a poor game from chancalay… moreover a poor 1st half from Argentina… In midfield moreno didnt have his usual influence…

    • Don’t get upset guys…boys played well in the 2nd half…expecialy fereira…he was every where…gaich delevaga and alavres introduction helped….we were unlucky otherwise the score card will be differnt…

    • You right I saw him enough
      You know Batista left biggest
      talent 18 years thaigo almada
      He took boys like urzi even
      What Worst is. he keep the bench
      Da le Vega.. who is undoubtedly
      Very skilful talant player.

  24. Corea-Argentina 2:1 in 17, Corea-Argentina 2:1 in 19…the final should be a routine—Mali—Poland/Italy—Columbia/New Zealand/Ukraine/Panama

  25. We are the better side, Corea is just more efficient when they have the ball. Corea defence is very well organised. I guess they learned from watching Atletico Madrid videos.

  26. if you are looking for a link for the game ..just go on you tube and watch headless chickens running wild !

  27. ferriera was awful in the first half ….he and barco can’t play in the same team….why the hell ferriera is taking so much time on the ball and chancalay is getting on good positions but he can do more

  28. Korea scored. Goal was from ignoring defense..! How can you let one player cross so easily? and an open goal at the center to head? It was a counter attacking but still could have defended.
    South Korea need at least a draw to qualify, so they will fight till the end.

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