Lionel MESSI talks Argentina coaches, World Cups, Barcelona loss to Liverpool, personal life, more


Argentina captain Lionel MESSI gave an interview with Fox Sports in Argentina where he spoke about the coaches he had with the Argentina national team, World Cups, Barcelona’s loss to Liverpool, his personal life and more.

Lionel MESSI has played under several coaches during his career with the Argentina national team. He was managed by Jose PEKERMAN, Alfio BASILE, Diego MARADONA, Sergio BATISTA, Alejandro SABELLA, Gerardo MARTINO, Edgardo BAUZA, Jorge SAMPAOLI and now Lionel SCALONI. But MESSI has selected Alejandro SABELLA as the coach he most enjoyed playing with.

Speaking in the interview, here’s what he had to say:

“The time which I enjoyed the most was with Alejandro (SABELLA) during the World Cup qualifiers. It’s true, we started bad but once we started winning, it was spectacular. When you win everything, it’s easier. We didn’t lose and we got to the final of the World Cup. Alejandro was a phenomenal coach and person, the entire coaching staff.”

In regards to the 2010 FIFA Club World Cup final where Lionel MESSI scored the match winner for Barcelona against Alejandro SABELLA’s Estudiantes:

“He played a very impressive match.”

MESSI also gave his thoughts on Diego MARADONA when he was coach of the Argentina national team:

“With Diego, we went through brave matches, we started to get hit. I didn’t enjoy that time like I did with Alejandro. To be with Diego, the desire, the enthusiasm, how he prepared was nice in that sense but difficult for the way the games were played.”

About the 2014 FIFA World Cup final:

“We were missing luck. The final against Germany would have changed the entire dynamic.”

The 2018 FIFA World Cup:

“Everything we lived through that month for the World Cup was complicated. Everything, a little. For the way the preparations were and the matches. Had we won the first match, it would have been different. It’s my fault for not having scored the penalty (against Iceland).

“Winning the first match, we would have went in different into the second. Against Croatia, nothing happened until the first goal, the unfortunate play (CABALLERO’s mistake for the goal). If not, we were even.

“We got there in a complicated matter due to the way the World Cup qualifiers went and everything we lived. The truth is we were not candidates. Today, we are in a completely different situation, it’s a bunch of new guys. Practically everyone is new, they’re young with very little matches with the team.

“In regards to the penalty at the World Cup, I was shooting them all the team and they all went in. They were shot against Paton (GUZMAN). And in the game, it was different. The result was key, scoring that goal would have changed everything, it doesn’t stop being a responsibility. I assume it and I’d do it again. I would miss penalties and score.

“I don’t like to talk about what happens within the dressing room. I was taught that the things regarding the group stay there but yes, it was an atypical World Cup in a lot of situations and I prefer to leave it at that.

“When we were tied against Nigeria in Russia, we said it was what was missing. We’d go back to Argentina and they would kill us all.”

MESSI also spoke about the current Argentina team:

“There’s a change which is logical and normal after an impressive run, despite the fact that we were never crowned champions but we had impressive tournaments with a final of a World Cup and Copa America. It’s something extraordinary which, for a lot of people, was not recognized. Today, we are changing, guys with little matches with the Argentina national team, very little matches to prepare and I see a good group, with guys very anxious to play the Copa America.”

Continuing his Argentina career:

“I would like to finish my career having won something with the Argentina national team or to try as many times as possible. For the people that don’t want that or comment badly about me. I want to get up and try another time, it’s the message to the things that like to see me. That’s life. You stumble and you get back up and fight for your dreams. One does everything possible but it’s God who decides if it will happen or not. He will decide what is best for me, for us. God has the final word.”

How he deals with defeats:

“The defeats hurt but I handle them differently. When Thiago (his son) was born, I understood that the priorities were now didferent and it wasn’t the result of a match. It hurts a lot to lose but when I get home and I see my sons and my wife, it passes. Before, I would get there and I’d lock myself up and I wouldn’t want to watch television and I didn’t eat. Now, I have an obligation to be at the table with my kids. I still suffer but I handle it in a different way.”

Losing the 2015 Copa America final:

“After losing in Chile (the 2015 Copa America), they attacked us from everywhere. That we were unsuccessful, that we don’t win finals. That didn’t work. It was a bit unbearable. When people listen to that and say a lot of things…”

If he likes to watch himself:

“I don’t like to see myself, I’m not one to look, I’m ashamed to look at myself on television. I don’t like watch matches that are repeated, I leave myself with the image I have in my head, what I live in every moment, in every play. With my son, I’m getting used to watching a lot.”

The criticism:

“People see that the Argentina national team continuously gets killed, with comments stating that they despise the players, they kill every player and people get involved in it too. People also asked for a change in the generation. It’s true that a change should have been made. People got angry in Cordoba because we didn’t say hello but the conditions weren’t there for us, the security wasn’t enough for all the fans that were there. But at times, they say things which can’t be done. We would like to take care of everyone for their support, we’d look for anything to give.”

His personal life and his sons:

“Thiago is into all of that, he lives everything that is football, what it gives, he goes to the pitch, he lives the matches, he suffers a lot when we lost, against Liverpool or the Copa del Rey. Mateo is young. He doesn’t realize that we lose or we win, he doesn’t care.

“I could live a normal life. I take my kids to school with my wife. They have a lot of friends, they always do something, I have a nice group from school with the parents. My wife is in the Whatsapp group. I have a relationship with a lot of the parents of my kids’ friends.

“My kids are at the club’s school. They created a category for the kids of the employees. It’s been two years that Thiago has been going, first year for Mateo. We also always go, training is Monday and Thursday. Luis (SUAREZ) has a boy who’s the same age as Thiago, we stay on Tuesday’s drinking mate.”

When he was younger:

“My dream was always to be a football player. To get to the Primera division. I was at Newells, I would go to the pitch and my dream was to play at the Coloso and live that. Life took me another route but my dream was always to become a professional football player.

“I left when I was 13 years old, I never missed anything because Barcelona conducted themselves spectacularly with me and my family but it wasn’t easy to leave it all behind and to go there. Including my brothers, it cost them more than me, we left a lot of things behind. I wanted to say, everything went by really quickly. At 15, I was at Barcelona B and once there, it was a step. It was my dad, my mom and I and they told me “what do we do, we leave?”

“My brothers were in Argentina, it wasn’t easy to separate the family. I said I wanted to say, my dream was to be a player and we were close. After everything we did, we couldn’t just leave.”

How long he can keep playing for and the 2022 FIFA World Cup:

“Hopefully I have no serious injuries and I can continue. There’s a lot until the World Cup, I don’t know if I’ll make it. I hope to stretch it out as much as possible. I’m a little scare of what will happen after football. I have nothing in mind. I love this, as a kid, I loved it. I always played football. I always had a life related to football. A training routine, rest. Being home and not knowing what to do is difficult.”

If he sees himself as a coach in the future:

“In principle, I won’t be a coach. I don’t see it.”

If he were to move back to Argentina:

“My dream as a kid was to play with Newell’s, I’m a fan. Something I still have inside of me but I don’t know if it will happen. There are a lot of factors. I have a family, it depends on my kids. Thiago has a spectacular group of friends and I don’t want to break that.

“Something we throw it out there, jokingly, that we are going to Argentina or to the United States and he tells me that he doesn’t want to leave. And I like that, he’s had his group of friends since he was three. They’re eight or nine, it’s a nice group. They’ve known each other since they were young.”

His friendship with Luis SUAREZ and Neymar:

“He’s (Neymar) phenomenal, we still talk and we have a group of us three. Luis (SUAREZ), him and I. It’s called something of the South Americans… The three sudacas or something like that.”

Cristiano RONALDO’s absence from Madrid:

“Of course RONALDO is missed, he made Madrid stronger. I said they would feel Cristiano’s exit, which would be the case for any team. Some people got angry but it’s true. He gets you 50 goals a season, for them it was key. The entire Liga misses him, that all the good (players) are there make for better competition.”

FC Barcelona’s Champions League loss to Liverpool:

“I never imagined what would happen at Liverpool. We came from what happened to us in Rome. We couldn’t let it happen but we knew it would be difficult. The first match was deceptive, it was an even match. Physically, they are very strong. We felt it in the second leg. Physically, they were superior.

“We went with that first, that we wouldn’t score early and it happened. They score and what happened in Roma gets in your head, the same thing can’t happen. We left the match. We didn’t compete, they were ahead of us in desire and attitude. We made dumb mistakes.”


  1. 👕 337 appearances
    ⚽ 231 goals
    🏆 11 trophies in 8 years of EPL career

    🏆 4 Premier League
    🏆 1 The Emirates FA Cup
    🏆 4 Carabao Cup
    🏆 2 FA Community Shield

    Happy birthday Sergio Aguero 🎉🎈🎁

    One of the best striker in current generation!!!❤

  2. Kloop lost two UCL final against Bayern and Real Madrid but won agaisnt Tottenham, surprisingly both saari and kloop won their first major final in same year after losing back to back as well as end this season with the trophy

    • Pochettino is a bottler. Sissoko played horrible but continued till 70 mins. Winks played ahead of Moura. The manager got nervous.

      • Bottler? LOL he lead a team to the final first time in their history, Hector Cuper too…twice…Simeone too…twice….from these 3 mediocre teams only Atletico played in final in 77, they did miracles, and in every final their team were huge underdog against champions like Real Madrid 3X, Bayern and Liverpool, in 2001, 14 and 16 lost in very unlucky circumstances, two shootout plus Ramos late goal. No argentine coach lead real top favourite in the last 25 years except Tata Martino one year in Barcelona. Simeone won EL twice where Atletico was the big boy.

      • I fell asleep midway through the game…just woke up… boring as expected.

        A clash between English teams in final sounds much more exciting during pre game’s hype. In reality its as exciting as Huddersfield vs Crystal palace.

    • yep no foyth no lamela…..i m disappointed i was looking forward to see either of them…..btw great achievement for poch nobody was expecting them to play the ucl final in the first place

  3. Looks like both Foyth and Lamela will both start on bench today.
    Many are expecting Lanzini to be called for palacios replacement, but do keep in mind Lanzini has been on vacation for over two weeks now while both Lamela and Nacho have been in preparation mode and thus probably better fitness and game shape.

    • I do find it a bit strange that Banega isn’t even in the discussion, especially since he’s more defensive and can hold the ball really well under pressure. Think Lamela will be it. Love his relentless pressing and versatility.

  4. I like the formation and player selection. Hope these 11 (except gk) stays on without any injury or drama. Wish only Batta was not injured however hope Guido can play better than him. If they play same tactics and formation than I would like to have Lanzini for Palacio. Front three selection is no brainer. De Paul gonna come as sub most likely unless Di-Maria remind us again that he is made of glass. Hope team can get the idea of coaching staff as soon as possible and gel together.
    Vamos Albiceleste

  5. Lionel Messi scores twice against his old club as Argentina beat Newell’s 5-0 this morning at Ezeiza – Agüero, Dybala & De Paul also on target.

    Argentina XI: Marchesín; Saravia, Otamendi, Pezzella, Tagliafico; Guido Rodríguez, Paredes, Lo Celso; Messi, Agüero, Di María

    Argentina also sent medical results of Exequiel Palacios’ injury to CONMEBOL in order to call up a replacement to the Copa América squad

    • Saravia was part of the playing XI!!! That is indeed a good news, which begs a question, is Mr. Scaloni planning to field the same starting lineup with Armani between the posts?

      • Marchesin played between the posts for this one. Andrada has not arrived yet (he has final tonight I think or maybe tomorrow i have to check). Armani probably not fully integrated after recopa.
        433 with maria-aguero-messi up front and parades-pereyra-locelso in the middle.

    • Marchesín
      Lo Celso-Guido Rodríguez-Paredes
      Messi-Agüero-Di María

      Reading the news, we played 433, with Guido as DM. Actually, hes the only one currently.
      As Pereyra, Acuna and Depaul can be utilized as CM in 433, the area we have shortage in this team is clearly DM backup.
      I vote for DM to replace Palacios.

      • It becomes 4231 when Messi drifts to center;
        Guido Rodríguez-Paredes
        Lo Celso-Messi-Di María

        I hope Messi and Lo Celso understand their role and will play accordingly.

  6. You know rosubha, you got it right, we the fans are often getting way too impatient which is absolutely normal since our team is a legend and especially when a team such as Argentina, for me the most special team ever than any other national or club team, is experiencing a paradox bloody drought in terms of winning trophies since 1993. But what i just can’t tolerate is when fans and i am also refering to some people in here who are acting like cunts literally, showing huge disrespect to our team, using words such as “joke” when refering to our team etc, acting like a Brazilian fan would do. You know, everyone should respect the sky blue and white jersey, not only the players but people who claim theirselves as Argentina fans as well.

    As for European clubs spending huge amounts of money for overrated Brazilians, who cares?? Let them spend ridiculous amount of money for overhyped Brazilian talents and then trying to sell them to other clubs. And by the way, where are the so called Brazilian young talents currently??
    Wait, they didn’t even qualify for u20 world cup!!

  7. @gonzalo
    “Wiating for English media we will never get to the point when we have winner mentality players because English and European media/clubs usually underestimate players from Argentina. Lo Celso and his PSG period is good case actually. European clubs always prefer Brazilians and other even if they are not more talented. They offer big money for talents from Brazil league and small for our local talents while we have at least on par if not better (vide current U-20 teams)”

    I’m 100% agreeing with this statement
    European and English media re always
    Very underrated Argentinean players.

    • Wait bro within 2-3 years we will definitely build a world class star filled squad ,balerdi ,Perez ,gaich ,zaracho,le celso ,benitaz ,joaqlin correa ,barco ,Almada ,de la Vega ,j Silva ,agree etc these guys will be big names in football world mark my words

      • Even having world class players will not ensure trophies untill and unless we appoint a right manager who is good in bringing out best of the players ,so hope that someone like gallardo will be appointed

      • I can see that happen too bro
        I always say Argentina will produce
        Talant weather is players or coaching
        When comes to football but I’m praying
        To سبحانه وتعالي ربي that we win some trophies Next few years to take the
        monkey Off our back

          • That is true no doubt about
            I always say what if Jose pekerman
            Play Young Messi instead julio Cruz
            What if he left on the pitch little
            Longer Juan riquelme or replaced
            Him for pablo aimar what If Diego
            Maradona could take cambiasso
            And zanatti instead he played for
            Right bk young otamendi or Jones
            Gutierez when zanatti who was best
            Righ back on his generation
            What if kun aguero was fit in 2014

            My point is bad decisions and poor
            Management coast Argentina to win
            Any trophies last 26 odd years ..

  8. Probably , by this interview, he wanted to give the message that Argentina has not played that poorly as a team as people think, since 2014…. Reached 2014 WC final, copa america finals twice, in 2018, unfortunately, faced the strongest team in the competition a bit early with the team’s first goalkeeper injured , Armani played his first game for NT and its such a high pressure game, practically worthless strategies/instructions from the coach…still put up a decent fight, scoring 3 goals against France is not an easy feat by any means….but sometimes, we fans get too impatient and expect our favorite team and favorite player to win the competition everytime they step on field….second place is not even a consolation these days in this cruel world… Wishing this new team Argentina all the good luck for upcoming Copa America

  9. For Palacios replacement I think
    1)A Correa can be handy as a sub or starter in 4-4-2.
    2)Ivan Marcone/Nico Dominguez of Velez as no backup in DM.
    3)Ever Banega because we don’t need more attacking mids like Lanzini Lamela we need someone experienced like Banega in deep mid if Paredes/Guido fails to live expectations and now Palacios is gone too.

  10. What’s with our coaches who always tries to play players in out of position. Especially in the full back position. Why can’t Scaloni pick a proper RB as an out of firm Saravia. Why use Casco who is basically a LB. Even if Casco can play at RB he is not natural. Then why take that risk in a tournament?

    If Casco don’t play well at the RB every one will blame him. Which is not fair.

  11. I think the team depending on Messi all these years is not his fault. He never wanted that, he only wanted to play football.
    The problem was always:
    – AFA saw a money machine and always wanted to make everything about him.
    – All the coaches were clueless and also thought they should make everything about Messi to save themselves.
    – Some players hid behind Messi and most of them kissed hi a.. so that coaches selected them to please Messi (because as mentioned the coaches did everything that they thought would make Messi happy)
    – Some players are simply star struck and full of admiration for him so they get frozen when playing with their idol.
    It’s not Messi’s fault they should grow a pair and play like men because they re professionals.
    – I don’t think Messi said play the ball to me all the time but some of the factors mentioned above lead to that.
    Messi is top 3 players of all time.
    He is an introvert, he only wants to play football and not deal with the other things that come with it.
    He seems to be extremely sensitive and loyal (things that can be taken advantage of and probably have by afa, coaches, and players).
    – Like someone said winning brings praise, losing critics.
    This world is a world of interest!
    Isiah Thomas of Boston Celtic played injured in the playoffs 3 years ago in a contract year. What did Boston do to thank him? they traded him and he never got the contract and now he is a bum.
    Loyalty never gets you far.
    Maradona brought us the World cup and he is the best player ever he gets shitted on in here all the time for what he did as coach or his declarations.
    Somehow people in here try to undermine what he did as a player.
    For me nothing he does as coach or a person can diminish what he did as a player!
    He is the greatest of all time.
    Doesn’t mean I have to admire him as a coach or as person.
    I hate Maradona as coach, and feel sorry for him as a person.
    I hope we win this Copa and we all are happy.

      • when someone says we are Messi dependent, some people take it as Messi hate. It shouldn’t be that way, Yes we have been Messi dependent and we must get out of this trap so coaches must act on it and other players must step up.

        • Thanks for saying that man
          Because people were attacking me
          Just saying that calling me. you re messi
          Hater or you not Argentina fan
          But they don’t know how much
          Pain I went through as arge fan
          If I could take the clock back
          I may have opted different thing
          So I didn’t gon through all
          That pain and nightmares
          My lord is so painful been football fan.
          When your things go against the team
          You loved so much .

        • “when someone says we are Messi dependent, some people take it as Messi hate”

          Yes, this is common for oversensitive Messi fans. Messi dependency does not mean Messi-tyrany as if Messi himself was imposing some kind of autocratic structures.

        • True, But some call for a complete exclusion of Messi and the most inform players, in order to fix the issue, by saying they don’t want Messi because he influences the rest of the team negatively, or because he comes with a ‘package’, that is the real objection.
          when the logical solution would be as you stated above.
          ” Yes we have been Messi dependent and we must get out of this trap so coaches must act on it and other players must step up.”

          it is not an issue of over sensitivity, but rather setting the standards. Yet those who object to his exclusion are labeled ‘Messi fans’ !! that is the only answer available because no one yet, explained how to get over Messi dependence .
          where in fact they are looking for the best chances for the NT. they just see that including Messi and the most in top form players of his generation will maximize the chances of competing in COPA. and if they are labeled as Messi fan boys, then likewise,following the same logic, the fans on the opposite side of the isle could be labeled as Messi haters, too.
          Keep calling for excluding Messi as if his presence is the only major obstacle facing the NT is just a far fetched solution. overlooking the AFA, Media and the constant coach changing, they don’t blame Messi personally, but clearly they blame his presence.

  12. Such a long words from Messi. Lets hope that he is releasing his wounds and pain..feel so much his hurt losing the WC and 2 COPA finals and 2 CL Semifinals.. He is just a simple human being with dreams but unfortunately being managed by wrong coach and surrounding who just take advantage of his magical talents..May the Goddess of luck be with Arg team on this upcoming COPA…Vamos Albiceleste

  13. Hello, Capt…..

    I believe that you and the squad and the coach and the coaching staff will become the champion of Copa America 2019 and another championship… And I know that the squad will give the optimal effort for the game. Yeah, actually God will give the final word.. Hopefully, Argentina will become the winner and become the champion..

    Vamos Argentina! Go Tango! Be the winner! Be the champion!

    God bless everyone….

  14. If Palacios is out, it’s Nacho for me. Lanzini the 2nd option and Lamela a big no no( I thought he was going to finally fulfill his potential or hype after the early displays at Spurs this season, but soon faded away into oblivion with poor performances and constant injuries. I honestly believe it’s only coz of Poch, he’s still at Spurs. Any other player would have been shipped out by now.). I think it would be Nacho coz if Lanzini is 100% and firing he would have been in the squad by now, maybe a certain starter. But it’s only my guess and I don’t have a clue who Scaloni and Co is gonna pick.

    • Any of the 3 would be fine with me all 3 are good players.As always issue with Lamela and Lanzini is fitness.

      But I have 1 doubt with regards to Nacho, If Lo Celso, Messi and Nacho plays at the same time will the 3 occupy similar spaces. Considering all 3 plays in similar area of the pitch. It’s not being left footed only. Di Maria and Acuna r also left footed but those 2 can play wider roles. Where as Lo Celso, Messi, Nacho plays in center.Logically 2 off them can play at the same 11. Something similar to Dybala-Messi paradox.

      So in that case it’s better to take Lamela who is more complete midfielder than Lanzini who is more attacking i guess.

      Anyway will miss Palacios a true box to box player we all have been craving for long time. A modern breed of midfielder. Only pereyra can directly replace him.

  15. Is it me that Armani somehow gives such a phenomenal performance every time when River need him the most.

    Funny thing the River defence is not that great too. Whatever ppl will say about the quality of the football played in South America. The saves he making r pin point ones. I mean point blank saves. He has great reflex which is phenomenal. He is actually making those saves too.

    To be fair I don’t think he wont be able to replicate that same form for the NT. When he is on song he is near invincible. Same time he makes childish errors too. If he could cut that then he could be a great addition for us.

    I just hope he bring that invincibility to our NT somehow.No matter how we just want the results. And GK is the last line of defence. If we don’t concede we don’t loose. It’s as simple as that.

    Otamendi-Armani-Pezzella trio is the one most probably will start against Colombia as of now.

    • hopefully scaloni chooses andrada as starting GK for copa 2019 and if saravia is not fit then hopefully juan foyth is tried as RB in practise sessions he is young and should be given chances

    • Armani doesn’t get the credit he deserves more than often here. Some 12 year olds always moaning about the Griezmann penalty and he sucks at lottery shootouts. I still remember the quote of one South-American based journalist about Armani:
      “The goalkeeper that wins you football matches!”

      Nothing more to say.

      • Yuppp I agree that after all he has played only 4 matches for us with different set of defenders ahead of him each time. Which don’t help his claim either.

        There is only 1 GK who is great in penalty stopping for us. That’s Caballero but don’t want him anywhere near us ever. Penalty stopping is a difficult trick to master by the way. We can’t judge a GK only on the basis of that.

        Its same as any other position, to develop a Chemistry with the defence it requires time. Without that chemistry no matter what any GK will fail. Bar some miraculous saves. No GK can survive with out a good Defence in front of him.

        • armani might be a decent gk but his form in his recent club matches is not much encouraging and andrada has been performing well for his club and he played decently in his recent NT match also so hopefully andrada is chosen as satrting gk at copa 2019

  16. We lost last night, but the boys didn’t go down without a fight even it was a 1) nearly a dead rubber match for them 2) nearly half a dozen changes in the starting eleven. South Korea wanted more, they had to, and deservedly so won the game. We had chances, particularly that forward Chancalay who should have buried that into the back of the net( No harm done though). Other than that, we never looked like scoring, South Korea so resilient at the back,were under total control even though Argentina had most of the ball. But the “Stats merchants” will come up and say : ” Oh no, Argentina had this much possesion, this much shots…dominated the match..”, or they won’t. Atleast that’s what they said when Argentina beat Portugal (who were in total control of the game), in Portugal’s favour.

  17. You went three major event’s finals with both Argentina and Barcelona. This just shows that Argentina team too was not that bad. But failed all three times with Argentina and missed golden chances , that’s why you are being criticised. One the other hand you won all three finals with Barca and scored too, that’s why you are praised. Its simple,so stop whining and try to win something with national side then you will be praised, you record with Argentina is ordinary. I am sure you would be crucified and criticised similarly if you failed with Barca too. Stop insulting Argentina fans everytime you open your mouth.

    • Why are you mentioning him as you that and you this… Stop criticizing players who give their everything for the pride of the nation… Why the f*** you are mentioning barcelona here… You are the one who is comparing club success with nations success not Messi…Messi is trying every time to win something for nation unlike you who is sitting in the room f**ing around with bitches and wanting Argentina to win.. He is in the field trying his hearts out.. It hurts him more to lose than you moron

  18. I m not able to login here, from my phone for some days, for some reason, For posting anything, which is weird. As I m on my vacation for my baby’s birth. Will be returning to job on June 13th. Ironically Copa starts on 14th.Ughh Bad timing…

    Its great to hear from Messi about his personal life and stuffs. He’s just a simple guy who just want to play football all the time. Someone who is born to play football.

    Hearing him talk in such detail for the first time. Glad that he has 2022 back in his mind. The longer we get to see him the better for us. Bcoz we won’t see a player like him for some decades. The last one was Maradona. It happens once in decade.

      • Football isn’t marathon you can’t
        Only think one aspect all the time.
        Football It’s complete sport
        If the player is fast without no
        Intelligence skills close control
        Making right decisions in crucial
        Times I guess all the fastness
        Become irrelevant.
        Does anyone remember man call
        Juan Roman riquelme. he used
        Play walking pace yet he used completely
        Control the rhythm of the game .
        You know why because he had
        The skills to do it he was just joy
        To watch what a player he was.

  19. @gromso
    “I watched Ferreira today, great talent but he might end up like Zarate. He probably believes that he is too good, he is super star. He needs more to be a team player than making himself more visible”.

    That’s interesting what you’ve said. Partially I agree with you. On the other hand I think one of big problems of our players (also senior ones) in last year was lack of confidence: they looked like minnows even against obviously weaker teams. I take rather over confident Ferreira than player with loser mentality.

    Following him since his debut in River I noticed his long shoots are incredible (his biggest strength). He feels strong on this and hence he will try until he do. Don’t be irritated much if he miss few shoots before because he finally score. He is growing of course and his decision making will improve with time as well. I believe he is material for good playmaker too.

  20. Gaich had 2 goals and assist. Ferreira 2 goals and assist, Barco 2 goals. Leaders and stars of the team are cristallizing quickly even by numbers.

  21. Portugal U-20 case is similar to Argentina 2002. They were also one of 2 biggst favourites. You start well (win in first match), than you lose second against strong team Argentina/England (being unlucky) and have to win the third against not that strong opponent. But the third game about crucial stake is always so tough. The true is that sometimes theres thin line between total catastrophe and win all tournament. Still think we could go far in 2002 if luck was with us.

  22. Either Lionel Messi talks something, or someone talks Lionel Messi. If you think such inclined publishing is not only deepening our general Messi dependence you are wrong. Argentina NT needs grow up of this second childchood and so does Mundo Albiceleste. We need more substantial infos than getting to know Messi will wear No.10 uring Copa.

    • Could you point out some excerpt of this interview that would suggest the conclusion you described above.

      When a captain speaks of any team and the circumstances around the group of players he played with, it is natural, why do you have to spin it against him and against his presence, and ultimately spin it against the the whole team?

      Where does he say that I am the focal point of the team? or where does he even imply that.
      It seems that yo , and many others are anxious for the moment that the greatest player in the world do not play for Argentina. thinking that his absence will magically fix the AFA, player’s mentality and all other biggest problems that are facing the NT.

      This interview was targeted towards people like you, the guy is just responding and defending him self and the team as a whole, but his words and the words of many past, current players and coaches will always fall on deaf ears of many who only can see what they are programmed to see.
      You see, you could just brush the interview aside, brush his words aside, and go forward, but by commenting the way you did, you just added to the problem of making Messi the focal point of the NT and contributed to the problem of widening the issue of ‘Messi dependance’ as you portray it.

      Now you can reach to your crystal ball, and look into my soul, and see that I am a ‘Messi fan boy’ or Barca fan who only support Argentina because of Messi 🙂

      • You get me wrong

        -I’m not referring to the words of Messi in the interview. I didn’t even read this closely because it’s still the same. Nothing more than we knew before. I was refering to amount of references to Messi in the ether, in the media. Do you understand that? This is part of all this. All this one-man team, which is in shadow of one man. If we still ask and claim only Messi, don’t be surprised this off-pitch atmosphere is overwhelming spirit of the team also on the pitch.

        Ask someone who is not Argentina fan. If you say “Argentina NT” he will always speak Messi. That suits us and suits our opponents because we keep getting stuck in this anti-team preference attitude. This is infantalizing our football dignity and worth.

        • “Where does he say that I am the focal point of the team?”

          Messi never said things that may suggest he feel focal point. He is humble guy. I fight people who are around him (from coaches to fans), who conciously or not, intientionally or not makes him the focal point. As long as Messi will be the foremost issue nothing will change.

          • In short: we need to look away from Messi and that will benefit both him and team.

            Remember in 1998 at the beginning of WC the biggest expectations of French fans to Zidane. He was overburden by this. A lot of pressure. Got red card against Saudi Arabia in group stages. Fans forgot about him looking for other leader. Calming down the pressure…. he reminded himself in most decisive moments of final.

        • What I see (and I think not only me) is that some of Messi fans doesn’t give damn about Argentina if Messi is not there. He would be even Brazil player for them, just to see him winning. Hence the Barcelona vital fans group in here.

          • Couldn’t agree more Gonzalo. I see that many so called fans have little understanding of the legacy of the greatest footballing nation in the world that spans more than a century. I doubt if these people know of our achievements in the thirties and the late forties and the time when we would beat the shit out of World Cup winners Brazil in the late fifties till the sixties in the Copa and the Nations Cup. I doubt if they have even heard of players like Bochini and Carrizo and Corbatta and Houseman and many others who shaped world football like few others. The contributions of Menotti and Ardiles in shaping the Argentine sides into world beaters. The impact of Diego Maradona in changing refereeing standards forever that allowed people like Ronaldo to become stars. I laugh when Ronaldo gets a penalty for a feather touch. When Goikoetxea broke Maradonas leg his studs were found in Maradona’s leg during surgery. Suspect many of these fans began watching football when Messi emerged. Fans of European clubs who like some Argentine players. No wonder Messi is bigger for them than Albeceleste. And since they don’t know that Argentina is the largest exporter of professional footballers in the world (1700 play in leagues outside Argentina) and yet run a world class domestic league and since they can’t follow local football (whatever they know is from YouTube videos) they don’t like if there is a different opinion and start cursing without any provocation. Forgive them

          • Prakash

            good to know we have people here who know the legacy and know that Argentina NT didn’t began since Messi. Morover the biggest succeses came before his times.

            Thanks for keeping all the glorious history and ambitions in mind. Keep posting my friend.

          • Bochini – 653 league games for El Rojo, World Cup Winner, 4 times Copa Libertadores winner, 2 time International Cup.

            People need to know the proud stories.

          • That is important Shubham. It worries me that 13 of the senior squad have collectively less than 40 caps between them. The seniors have hung around too long. Even if they are better than the youngsters as on today they need to be phased out particularly those who are above 30. They will drag us down in the next WC. Youngsters have to be given opportunity and experience. Masxherano was superb in 2014 when he was 30 years old but a sad reflection of his glory in 2018 when he was 34. He had the will but not the legs. Messi will be 35 and a half in 2022. We need to blood his replacement within the next 1-2 years latest

      • Messi can’t talk, Messi can’t make friends in the NT, Messi can’t take pictures with young players because they idolize him… It’s all about Messi can’t. You want him to go away from the face of the earth and die quietly in a lonely cell. And of course, you’re right. Hail Gonzalo!

        • “Messi can’t talk…”

          don’t play naive one

          Messi can talk but you should ask why 90% of expressions here and there touch him somehow. I don’t care much this is boring sometimes. Just look at this from NT well-being point of view. Why not to talk about other players. Make them more important for the team on public.

          Of course phrases with “Messi” always draw attention most. However you should ask wheter it’s all about mere attention. Messi topic as staple is good for some non-football magazines. If you are familiar with Argentina NT you should dig deeper than sell only whatever people want to hear because it’s popular.

          • How can talking about someone make him better? We can talk as much as we want about Paredes, Biglia, Ascacibar, Pereyra or, Gonzalo Pity Martinez. But our talking cant make them run or, play better on the pitch. If everyone is talking about one single player in your team, then this is a good sign to understand that you dont have anyone else on the level of Kroos, Modrich or, Zidane. Perhaps, the players we do have should do something worthy of talking on the pitch.
            Substantial things like Ferreira shooting from distance and goal keeper spilling it into the net doesn’t get people’s attention much, you know. Instead, he can play like Lo Celso and then we can wonder why the English media is heaping praise on him.

          • Imitaz

            we should talk about others instead of Messi because good part of us is convinced our players are capable to do better while the problem is they do not feel as protagonists. They should though. So improvement comes through mentall process. Needs afirmantion, bolster morale, boost confidence.

            ” Instead, he can play like Lo Celso and then we can wonder why the English media is heaping praise on him”.

            Wiating for English media we will never get to the point when we have winner mentality players because English and European media/clubs usually underestimate players from Argentina. Lo Celso and his PSG period is good case actually. European clubs always prefer Brazilians and other even if they are not more talented. They offer big money for talents from Brazil league and small for our local talents while we have at least on par if not better (vide current U-20 teams)

          • “we should talk about others instead of Messi because good part of us is convinced our players are capable to do better while the problem is they do not feel as protagonists.”

            You talked about Gonzalo Pity Martinez a lot. Now he is playing in MLS instead of Europe. How is that for a morale booster?

            If you dont like to listen to chitchat about Messi, ignore it. Even I dont read everything on Messi on the internet. But you don’t need to get triggered when someone else talks about him.

            “good part of us is convinced our players are capable to do better while the problem is they do not feel as protagonists” – the problem is they lack quality in key areas and we have utterly inept coaching staff more often than not. The fact that you always try to ignore the real problem and make it all about Messi is the reason I am arguing with you.

          • “You talked about Gonzalo Pity Martinez a lot. Now he is playing in MLS instead of Europe. How is that for a morale booster?”

            Some players have the confidence no matter where they play.

    • @Gonzalo You salty ass messi hater.What will you say, You said Di maria is injury prone but all your Farmers are getting injured day by day at young age Argentina NT is going nowhere with these Farmers anyway it was good for Palacios otherwise he would have been exposed in Copa America.

      • 1. Di Maria is injury prone so it’s not worth to invest in him or much risky.

        2. I’m enough honest to say about player that is/was one of my favourites, like Lanzini. Was the first here who bring the name here when he was yet in local and UAE farmers league. I love him. But still I say this is not really wise to add to the team (if you have Di Maria already) another injury prone like Lanzini.

        3. Name better option than Palacios on this position. Yes he should be exposed. But 1/2 injuries more from him and I will suggest other options than this big talent he is. I love him but we have not enough spots to embrace all our talented/glass made players.

      • I still remember once he said that he prefer bendetto over Ageuro ,I mean really the guy who has horrible ball control and first touch is better than ageuro lol
        And mind it we are not haters of local league ,we will always be happy if there is any local league player who can give his best in his position

        • Benedetto has lovely ball control, if you say other that just prove of your ignorance about him. In fact he is distinguishing himself by ball control. One or two shaky moments when he can’t control the ball in NT can’t deny that. It’s just matter of confidence.

          What do you know about Benedetto apart his NT performances. Admit that nothing. You never saw him in full game of Boca.

        • “And mind it we are not haters of local league ,we will always be happy if there is any local league player who can give his best in his position”

          Yes, simply hater of local league. What’s worst though is that you critic the local league knowing absolutely nothing about that. Nothing null. Which is realy easy to notice for someone who knows somwthing about that. So you are not only ignorant but also villain arrogant to take the floor on about things you have no idea.

          I know better than you both European players as well as local. Out of that I can choose still majority out of Europe. Majority, not all. You are doomed to choose only form European ones as the local are terra incognita for you.

        • “we will always be happy ”


          There’s no we coward. Just you who need to speak for yourself. Don’t hide behind others.

          • Lol 😂😂😂😂 now you are desperate to proof that I am hater of local league ,grow up kiddo ,I wrote thousand times here that any player who is best in his position irrespective of the league he plays is always welcome to the nt unlike you who always want local league players at the cost of any other better players ,you criticise European players for their one poor match but ignore poor performance of local players in nt,you criticise senior players for their age but want oldies from local league ,man you always contradict yourself ,thing is that I always want my team to win trophies and to rule international football world
            Rest I don’t give a damn about your opinion bye

          • “unlike you who always want local league players at the cost of any other better players”

            You don’t see your logic of argumentation is constantly entangled with the same prejudices. “At the cost of any other better players”. Who are the better players for you? Always those who play in Europe. Always. You have not prove of that Di Maria will do better than Suarez. Just the statement he is better because he play in Europe. First of all what do you know about Suarez. Yes, I would take oldie like Suarez over oldie like Di Maira. You know why? For few reasons:

            1. Di Maria is injured every tournament (barring early exit)

            2. Di Maria had poor WC

            3. We need new spirit in the team, new configurations, element of surprise, new chemistry. Messi, AGuero, Di Maria together is threadbare configuration.

            Suarez case is just one case. I have always considerable arguments to choose local player over European. So is with Saravia, Palacios or Andrada. Still my NT is mostly out of European players.

            Finally you say I always prefer local over European. Not true. Always say Romero, Benitez, Andrada are my favourite goalkeepers. So you are already wrong. J. Correa, Ascacibar – would like to see them over some locals who are in the team.

            WHy Nacho Fernandez over Lanizni and Lamela?

            1. As I said before Lanzini and Di Maria is too much together when it comes to health problem players. Now you:

            “here that any player who is best in his position irrespective of the league he plays is always welcome to the nt”

            Fact is that you have not any point of reference to choose best player because you do not follow the locals. Simply: your favourites are Lamela and Lanizni because they are popular and famous, familiar to you. Nacho Fernandez is incognito for you.

            2. Never, ever (after WC 2011 and Roma period) fan of Lamela. He is created for star since years and never up to the expectations. Injury prone as well. Not in optimal form. Not starter.

            Nacho is No.10 of River. Best form of his lives. Simple. These are not arguments from nowhere.

  23. We Believe in Argentina!!No matter you win or lose. Give your best. Play the game and produce those wonderful moments on the pitch.
    Best regards to all players for Copa America!!Good Luck.#VamosArgentina

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