Argentina Copa America shirt numbers announced, Lionel MESSI 10, Sergio AGUERO 9, more


Argentina’s shirt numbers for the Copa America have been announced.

To no surprise, Lionel MESSI gets the number 10 shirt while the number 9 goes to Sergio AGUERO. Here’s the full squad numbers:

  1. Franco ARMANI
  2. Juan FOYTH
  3. Nicolas TAGLIAFICO
  4. Renzo SARAVIA
  5. Leandro PAREDES
  6. German PEZZELLA
  7. Roberto PEREYRA
  8. Marcos ACUNA
  9. Sergio AGUERO
  10. Lionel MESSI
  11. Angel DI MARIA
  12. Agustin MARCHESIN
  13. Ramiro FUNES MORI
  14. Milton CASCO
  15. Exequiel PALACIOS
  16. Rodrigo DE PAUL
  17. Nicolas OTAMENDI
  18. Guido RODRIGUEZ
  19. Matias SUAREZ
  20. Giovani LO CELSO
  21. Paulo DYBALA
  22. Lautaro MARTINEZ
  23. Esteban ANDRADA

With the number 1 going to Franco ARMANI, this would likely mean that he would be the starting goalkeeper for Argentina at the Copa America.



  1. Rattlehead
    Yes, i’m very agree. Messi is very reliable to them, since we miss some presence in midfield like Redondo and Riquelme. Gago is a glass-feet, Biglia was very passive, and Banega isn’t much promising. Have a big faith in

  2. After Armani become one of those pillars who pick up Recopa Sudamericana trophy, i think he will be our 1st goalie for Copa. Just hope that his performance will not be rigid or clumsy like last World Cup. Hopefully he learn lot after Tango’s failure before. Between Armani and Andrada, whoever will claim the #1, i’ll support. But not for Marchesin

    • To be fair, France goalkeeper also pulled a clumsy act against Croatia , and its during the final but they still won. Unless you have great goalie and forward line , you’d still need to have great midfield above all. Lo Celso and Paredes are great above paper but on the field, they’re still hit and miss based on recent friendlies. Hopefully Scolani can get the chemistry going.

      Argentina has been lacking midfield who can dribble and shield the ball for more than 2 seconds, and could distributed the ball well (not sideways passes all the time) but making defence splitting pass instead. Nobody can dictate the tempo, everytime opponent applies high preasurring game (like Chile did in last 2 Copa or Venezuela in recent friendly), we didnt have playing pattern, it looks like a huge mess.

      Messi couldnt handle everything on his own in midfield while also need a to act as goalscorer at the same time. I mean he had 65 goals in NT + 41 assists, that’s well over 100 goals contribution ….the team has been relying on him for eternity and this needs to be change at this very moment or it will be same old story all over again since 2010.

    • Even at start of 2018 WC , I was confident of Argentina bouncing back well . This will be the first time I am jus not being able to be optimistic on our chances while entering a tournament. So sad to hear Palacios injury. He looked like the solution to our midfield woes . But seems crippled with injury issues so early.
      Palacios & Battaglia would have really fixed most of our midfield issues & its unfortunate to loss them to injuries ( like we lost Lanzini & Romero on eve of WC18)
      Also coach has been selecting all tom , dick & harry & there isn’t a core DNA in this team . Joke selections like GKs , Suarez ,Wrong drops like A+J Correa , Ruilli, Benitez , Ascacibar & our perennial injury list( Battaglia, Kannemann , Saravia & now Palacios )
      best case is use Copa 19 to build the core & seriously attempt Copa 20.

    • S Korea is good at winning their latest match I guess. We still top the group, so its not “end of days” result. The 2005 winning side started the tournament with a lost. Now we finally enter the KO stage, this is when things got real!

  3. i m not a huge fan of armani….his reflexes looked horribly slow in the game against france……..i think in the third goal against france where mbappe scored he could hv done a lot better…..
    let see how it will go …scaloni muust hv seen something in him

    • No, it might not be powerfull shot by Mbappe but its close range and any goalkeeper can conceided goal from that range. Its similar goal that Messi scored against Arsenal back in 2010 CL. His latest goal, he was in similar position and angle and Messi shot went between the goalkeeper’s legs. I highly doubt Messi intentionally nutmegged the goalkeeper, he just shoot it.

  4. Mali finished second in their group. Argentina vs Mali in second round.
    Mali was champions of Africa this time. They played defensively there. But here, 7 scored vs 7 allowed.
    An unpredictable opponent.

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