Guido PIZARRO replaces Exequiel PALACIOS for Argentina at Copa America


Guido PIZARRO has been named as the replacement for Exequiel PALACIOS in the Argentina team for the Copa America.

It was reported last week that Exequiel PALACIOS had suffered an injury while playing for River Plate. There were rumors that it would be one of Erik LAMELA, Manuel LANZINI or Ignacio FERNANDEZ replacing PALACIOS. However, the official Argentina Twitter account tweeted the news.

Here are the Argentina names for the Copa America squad.

Marcos ACUNA
Lionel MESSI
Milton CASCO
Rodrigo DE PAUL
Giovani LO CELSO


  1. A little surprised, but it’s a smart choice by Scaloni. The guy can play as a DM as well as box-to-box and chip in with odd goals. From setpieces we now have not one, but double Guido threat(if both start apparently)!

  2. We had splendid midfielders who were as good at attack as in defense- capable of defence splitting passes, great at tackling and/or anticipation and cutting off opposition passes and some like Maxi had a venomous shot as well. All of them had great engines and could run until tomorrow. Cambiasso, Maxi, Lucho, Zanetti (most people remember him as a full back, in truth he was a midfield general) even Bollati to name a few. No body called them box to box midfielders. They were pure and simple midfielders. Since Maradona became coach I see this tendency of segregation of offensive and defensive responsibilities and that has hurt us tremendously in the quality of our possession play. These players alongside the No. 5 made a great balance in the team. Look at France and the message will be clear. Kante, Matuidi and Pogba all work very hard both defensively and offensively and Griezman goes deeper into his own half than any Argentine striker that I know with the exception of Angel Correa

  3. Over the years our midfield has relegated the defensive responsibilities to the No.5. That is a stark departure from the way Argentina played in the past with defensive responsibilities being shared by everyone except the No. 9. In the recent past only Riquelme was exempted from that burden. Even Maradona played a very important role while defending. He was always at the edge of the box available for the CB/defensive midfielder to win the ball and pass it on to him so that he could take it from there. As long as Mascherano was around being over reliant on him was OK. As he grew older Biglia had to be drafted in to support him. With Mascherano and Biglia/Perez we had no link up transition capabilities and the front three got starved off any service. Even in the latter rounds of 2014 WC this phenomenon was observed. Against stronger teams we were swamped defensively and unable to create enough goal scoring chances. That is why I don’t like to see Messi-Aguero-Di Maria play together. That is three players who don’t contribute anything defensively and that is too much of a luxury.

      • I agree that Aguero under Guardiola has developed the habit of working harder. He presses much more now. Guardiola has always disliked the lack of effort from Aguero and I think that is why until last season Guardiola always made it sound as if Aguero could be dropped from the starting eleven. I hope this new habit continues for the NT but I am not sure. About ADM he makes an effort all right but he is very poor defensively. He chases shadows when we don’t have the ball running around without making a successful tackle or interception.

  4. Just info, Nahuel Guzman and Guido Rodriguez are listed on the Mexico’s Liga MX Team of the Season. Guido has been listed alongside his teammate Bruno Valdez, has undoubtedly makes solid defence in Club America. Valdez will represent Paraguay and almost probably paired with West Ham tough CB, Fabian Balbuena. I’d expect Paraguay will play more defensive and counter-attack.

  5. Yess. I dont mind with Pizarro selection. It atleast under my expectation that Scaloni will choose an all-rounder midfielder, but mainly operate as DM. Before i was thinking another option like Banega, Nacho, Menossi or Gimenez. But i think Pizarro is not bad.

  6. Doesn’t matter who replacement is… Simply because they will be sitting on the bench the whole tournament unless:

    1 they show some thing very drastic in training
    2 something drastic happens to other players

  7. Pizzaro is a strong guy and responsible in the centre I just dont know how it would work in this system, we have a lot of fast skilled players it could be contradicting our play. I think our best option is to play to halves, go for goals in the 1st and defend in the second. I think both guidos have to play together, like masche biglia, u cant have just one dm out in the open it makes us weak, so they should both come on as substitues, and save one sub for an attacker in case.

    If we have

    Saravia pezzela ota tagli
    Lo celso paredes pereyra
    Messi aguero di maria

    Pizzaro and rodriguez comes on for 2/3 mids most likely di maria n pereyra and we change to a 4-5-1

    Attacking sub would be de paul

    • Pizzaro & Rodriguez together will ruin the midfield. It should be either of them . Or else it will be like masche – biglia which totally killed our midfield fluidity . Both the Guidos will be closer to Biglia style of play which is good for breaking opposition play – but pretty useless once you have the ball. 2 such players will be an overkill. I think Parades & one of the Guidos will be better , bcos Parades can atleast try some long passes & launch some attacks ( like Banega )

    • ocampos, papu Gomez, ansaldi , jcorrea are all players who never got proper chances & realize their potential in NT. Another guy is Garay – but it seems more his own decision than coach decision

  8. Aguero is injured and has trained separately from the rest of the team;
    The Same Old Saga continues for Argentina;

    One of the new talent is said to be in starting 11, he gets injured and Old guy who almost done reappears as DM; Once the replacement is announced, this forums supports not a bad decision, DM position looks week and should have included first itself; Same continues now with Pizzarro; From Past 1 Yr, I have never seen anyone bring this guy’s name other than his move to Mexico; Suddenly all wanted this guy in 23? Hmm…
    B4 WC itself he is done; That’s why he is not in WC Squad; Even though Biglia & Masche were poor in the friendlies going into the WC;
    WC’18 Lanzini injured – E Perez takes his spot; No confirmed starting 11 or Formation
    CA’19 Palacios injured – G Pizzarro takes his spot; No confirmed starting 11 or Formation
    Similar Pattern….
    Any new young guy would be far better than this selection; Waste of Spot;
    One GK, Casco and now Pizzarro; Three wasted spots with absolutely no plan for the future;

    • The truth is Pizarro had a wonderful season with Sevilla before he moved to Mexico last season. He should have got the nod in WC itself. I am not sure what his current performance level is, but if it’s anywhere near Sevilla, I would be happy to take him regardless of whether he’s in the preliminary squad or not. The replacements do not have to be from the prelim list.

      I would have been happier with Ascacibar though, but unfortunately he hasn’t developed his game much in the last year. He’s still very card prone and thus could be a liability in big tournaments.

      • There is nothing wrong with Ascacibar this season . People tend to say that Ascacibar played badly this season based on Stuggart’s bad results & relegation( which was also bcos of constant coach changes like our NT ) . Another reason I see in this forum is he didn’t play for 6 matches & will be rusted. He came back from suspension & played their last match last week against FC Berlin & was perfectly fine .
        Its a mistake by Scaloni for not promoting him enough in the 8 friendlies. He is the perfect destroyer for our NT & clearly Masche’s replacement. He is card prone which has not changed ( but also makes him v combative in field ) . I think Scaloni doesn’t want a short guy as DM & that’s what is ruining Ascacibar.

      • If not Ascacibar ( i am sure coach is dropping him bcos of height . generally we don’t have tall players compared to other NTs ) – why not nico dominguez ? heard a lot of good things about him. or Santiago Caseres or maybe Colambatto ( was promising ..but somewhere lost in Italy)

  9. Cmon, Ascacibar should have been picked
    He got relegated to the German Second Division which is not good for young talent. He could have had a chance to impress at the Copa and earn a move to a better club. He is also Masche’s heir, so he should be getting big tournament exp if he is to develop into a world beater.

  10. have somebody here watched one game of Mali?
    full game not just highlights.

    if exist it will be nice to tell me what kind of team Mali have.
    what kind of game they play and what is the weakness or power of that team?

    • A team that cant be underestimated at any cost. Lack organization but they are African Champions at the junior level. Very quick and strong going forward. Full of technical players. Finished third in the U20 WC in 2015. Koita is one of the players of the tournament. Already plays for the senior team. Diakite and Camera are both very good midfielders. We have had very close matches against African teams which are quick and strong both at junior and senior levels. We should come through but that can’t be taken for granted. Their transition play is splendid. They could easily have had 1 or 2 goals more against France.

  11. Pizzaro gd choice…the 40 players list is not a bible…in modern football gd defense and gd DMs are turning points in matches…look at busquets in FCB, when he is not gd, Barca struggles.

  12. Just thinking but could intercontinental football competition be possible in near future??🤨. I mean matches between all continents like n.america,europe,asia,africa,australia and s.america. could there be a possibility of this??. Your thoughts freinds.

  13. I think this is a good choice. Although PIZARRO was not included in the preliminary list of 40, there must be something that Scaloni have realised after the practice game vs Newell’s and in training. Ascacibar was banned at the end of the season so he lacked playing time….
    I just hope they figure something out really good and win Copa!❤️

  14. Didnt kept track of pizzaro last season nor this season , but he played decently , whenever he played for Argentina , be it friendly or wc qualifiers.
    Maybe scaloni has realised his mistake of DM , so he took another one , although pizzaro is agey , but he is a proven product in la liga , especially in those matches again top 3 in liga.

  15. May be the selection is not from the list of 40 but if u seen his previous performance then his selection is not bad I think.. remember his 4 performances against Barcelona in la Liga, against Liverpool at UCL and other 2 is against Venezuela and Bolivia in the WC 18 qualifying round.. for Argentina he played superbly.. it after Venezuela game he never selected for national team despite brilliant performance against Venezuela.. he also played very good for Sevilla in Al competition but I don’t know why Sevilla sold him to Mexico..if he select for the upcoming warm up friendly then what he perform that to watch… I think he will perform well for national team..let’s see what happened

  16. Porto offer 6,5 mln euro for Saravia. LOL. 6,5 mln for Argentina NT starter
    This is like our players are valued by European Clubs.

  17. I think the only player who will be missed in this team is Lanzini. He’s the only creative midfielder able to play as 10 or winger and has this capacity to hold the ball and pass the ball with the right timing. Besides, he is used to very high intensity match. Lo Celso is comfortable in the middle. Di Maria can make the difference but most of the time he takes too much risk and non consistent. De Paul deserves to be here but we haven’t seen him so far at high level competition.

  18. I am in disbelief…. I had big doubts in Paredes. I really love him, and I want to see him a more advanced role. I said it in my previous comment that we need another number 5 but I did not expect G. Pizzaro. If you gonna bring a player who is not going to be a starter its better to bring a young player who can grow with the team. Guys what happens with Kranevitter?

    • I am not sure if that changes anything if he plays in a more advanced position. He need space for his playing style. In a too advanced position, he will be put under pressure and cannot use his vista for long passing. Like all regista, he need 1 DM + 2 hardworking dynamic winger(442) or 2 defensive box to box next to him(433 or 4312). Does it worth to change the system for him?

    • I think scaloni is looking at a 4-2-3-1 formation seeing pizarro selection.
      Apart from 4 defenders , it can be
      Parades – rodriguez( pizarro is sub)
      Messi – lo celso – depaul( or dimaria)

  19. It really depends on if we are going to play 4-4-2 or 4-3-3…. and how many forwards have no defensive responsibilities….

    In my opinion, everyone except Messi & Arguero should have defensive responsibility… Then we can live with a mediocre DM…..

    Otherwise, if the headless chicken coach decides to play an offensive 4-3-3 and have 7 men in defense, then no matter who plays in DM wouldn’t help.

    Best XI: Armani/Saravia Pezzela Otamendi Tagliafico/Guido Paredez Lo Celso DePaul/Messi Arguero(Lautaro)

  20. At least, Scaloni gave everyone hope with his 40 men list LMAO!

    Guido Pizarro wasn’t that bad at Sevilla. I think he will start at Copa.

    • Pizarro was definitely decent in Sevilla last year. Infact in a game against Barca, he was the MOTM. But its alarming to see the coach’s approach. You don’t consider him in any of the 8 friendlies & neither is he in your prelim 40 . & now he gets selected. It just shows the panic in the mind of the coach.

      • Scaloni Isn’t panicked. He is clueless. He knows there is no adept DM in the team. He has failed to develop a regular DM around whom the team can operate. This is one of the key problems from our last wc. Scaloni has failed to resolve it.

        As for the 40 men list, no one needs a 40 men list. Unless of course you want to gain popularity among frustrated fans.

        • Fault is not scaloni it’s Ascaliber who failed to seal his spot and Batigala injured, in 23rd squad no proper back up for Guido so good addition i would say there is lot of attacking player in the squad don’t think lamela/lanzini needed more than DM.

        • > He has failed to develop a regular DM around whom the team can operate. This is one of the key problems from our last wc. Scaloni has failed to resolve it.

          well said.

  21. With decision i m struggling to see any positives…..what was the point of making 40 player list?
    And this also shows that we don’t hv much reliable option on dm position…..
    Neither we hv reliable option on DM nor we hv energetic midfielders then also some mundo people don’t want our forwards to get in a defensive shape quickly….
    And in last everything will be blamed at our defenders and goalie…’s so tough to be a argentine defender these days….they get no help from midfield and forwards at all.

  22. Pizarro doesn’t seem to be a wrong choice actually I would have put him with Guido Rodriguez in the starting XI, Lo Celso on the left as a kind of half playmaker half 8 and Pereyra as the right midfielder, in a 442 formation. This can give lot of freedom to Messi and Aguero. I think it’s actually the most balanced formation. Pizarro is a powerful DM who can also operate as box to box, will be very useful with his header.

      • Maybe, but none of them were tried before. I keep on saying that the height is important in modern football. We don’t have tall forwards, we need taller players who can help defending corners.

      • > Ascacibar, Dominguez, Menossi, Gimenez

        To Canadeinroyals point, “height” can be very helpful. A lot of those guys are midgets or NT experience at all.

        Im not saying they will perform bad, just pointing out height as an issue of concern. Masche was pretty small so get height isnt everything.

    • The list of 40 existed because he didn’t yet which formation and with which players he will use. I think with time he realized that it is too naive to expect any sexy football.

  23. Scaloni must have finally realised that he only has one conventional DM, which is clearly not enough. Paredes can’t play as an out and out DM and our best player for that position, Battaglia is injured. I would say wise choice considering the circumstances. However, Can you guys tell us more about his strength and form? He must have perform extremely well lately to be able to get himself picked for the last 23 !!!!

  24. Not that I mind Pizarro but him being selected while not even being mentioned in the 40 man list or being called up during any of the friendlies shows how clueless Scaloni is. Honestly he’s reminding me more and more of Sampaoli.

  25. It was discussed here, DM is the suitable position to replace Palacios.
    In DM position we had just Marcone left in 40 list.
    I never thought he will go outside these and pick Pizaro. Then whats the point of 40 list..!
    Ascacibar has played under Scaloni before. So it should have been him if outside of 40.
    Anyway, now I know secret of Scaloni’s DM… Battaglia, Guido Rodriguez, Guido Pizaro… all got height… !

  26. This is crazy. Pizzaro wasn‘t in the 40. not good enough for 40, but good enough for 23. wouldnt surprise me if he starts. Crazy people do crazy things.
    Very disappointed with this decision. Smells Enzo Perez last year.
    Palacios will be dearly missed.
    My expectations are lowered. It feels wrong.

    • Its no use if they can’t perform.I hope we don’t suffer
      Our defenders and defensive midfielders need to stay active.
      Our attack is always lethal.We need a good converter of those attacks
      I really wished to see how we do Parking the Bus system.
      Anyways.Vamos Argentina.

  27. Great inclusion , he was good at Sevilla last session and defensively solid . It also means coach is not seeing Paredec a DM as he is now taking a proper DM. He was in 35 men team of last year’s world cup so not totally unknown to Scolani.

  28. Age wise is not ideal but height is good and suitable for DM. The team need a reliable DM as we have more AM now. Although Scaloni knows much better than us but i would take Banega to Copa. He still have something to offer for N/T… Anyway, welcome on board Pizarro. At the last moment you are selected and give the chance after being neglected since 2014. Good Luck Conde

    • Pizarro is a Good replacement. I wouldnt criticize it as “Scaloni being clueless”, rather Scaloni taking his plan B or realising his mistake. May be with Palacios, he didn’t need a proper DM backup, but with him injured he needs it. A good decision. We need finished products for Copa and Pizarro is just that. Hopefully Ascacibar will develop into a world class DM soon esp by the time next wc arrives.

  29. Scaloni proving to be as clueless as sampaoli. How come pizarro never featured in scaloni plans & not even in 40 prelim & now picked. If it was jus about filling a spot , atleast cld have picked a youngster. God save us. A bad show at copa & as usual blame will be for messi !!!!

    • Why are you only concern about messi, the other 22 players suffers too if the team fails. You talking as if only messi is blamed. You should support the albiceleste team not just one player.

      • I have been supporting argentina since 86. so don’t need your certificate of albiceleste support. Also am a messi fan & there is nothing wrong with that. Proud to be a messi fan jus like I am a Maradona fan.
        Its simple reality that a bunch of fools ( called AFA & NT coaches ) who will screw up every time & finally Messi ends up facing all criticism for NT failure. Its so unfortunate that a player of his skills is unable to win international acclaim inspite of the actual potential of argentina.

        • “Messi ends up facing all criticism for NT failure”.
          Thats is the statement I am against. When the team is failed everyone is criticized. I have read the discussion on reddit and many other sites and the truth is every one is blamed. No player in history of argentina is as blamed as Higuain, messi dont even come close. Also in last world cup Sampaoli, meza etc. were more blamed than messi so it is a myth that only messi suffers when argentina lose.

          • in the case of higuain, meza & even sampaoli – IMO the criticism is justified!!!
            You are missing the fact that the messi debate is entirely different. The global charm of football is superstar players .
            In that space , Messi is always weighed down against Maradona / Ronaldo/Ronaldinho/Zidane/Gullit or similar individual greats saying he coudnt carry the NT team through & hence is jus a choker. The reality is all others greats had a basic team fabric ( largely thanks to the coach ) & Messi very rarely had that ( maybe WC14 ) .

    • If Argentina can’t defends properly then messi hattrick will not enough to win matches, in copa no5 is the weakest spot so Pizarro addition is strengthen the squad, there is lot of attacking option De Paul, Dybala etc so lanzini/lamela offer nothing in the team

      • Agreed. Pizarro, although out of left field, is actually a smart choice.

        I would have preferred Ascacibar or Gimenz, but Pizarro is fine. Fills a much needed void.

    • Scaloni was clueless when introducing the list of 40 but his move is correct this time. We needs more balance for our midfield. While we don’t have real box-box midfielders, we have to use traditional No 5(s), and 1 is not enough. I don’t mind if we play against Brazil with 2 destroyers in a counter attack plan.

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