Martin DEMICHELIS named new coach of Bayern Munich U19 team


Martin DEMICHELIS has been named as the new coach of Bayern Munich’s U19 team.

The former Argentina man spent seven years playing with the senior team from 2003 until the 2010 season. This is his first coaching job.


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  2. Jesus penalty was illegal but Brazil goes through that is a good news for argentina , Any team except brazil is going to park the bus against us and break us in counter attack , messi is always a fear factor argentina has conceeded goals from counter attacks only argentina is a tough team to score against in build up play. Venezula is a tough test but the good thing Aguero’s confidence is high after that goal.

  3. Brazil having a benefit of world class GK which Argentina can’t. It’s surprising for me Brazil haven’t conceded a single goal in the tournament despite aging defense and dani Alves on right flank, seems no team exposed brazil weakness

  4. Armani
    Foyth – Otamendi- Pezella – Tagliafico
    De Paul — Acuna
    Aguero — Lautaro
    This lineup should do the job in my opinion. Because Foyth will be our right back I think we can afford Paredes as our NO.5.
    I hope we win with a bigger margin tonight!!

  5. Against venezuela, we need players who can attack and find a goal against a tight defense. We would also need speedy wingers who can track back. Going with a back 3 of Foyth, Pezzella & Otamendi along with DePaul & Acuna as wing backs are what we need against a park the bus defense. The wing backs will have to put in a lot of shift and they will have to provide width while we attack and track back pretty fast when they attack. Having a pacy defender in Foyth will help in counter attack too.

    Aguero – Lautaro
    Acuna – Paredes – Messi – LoCelso – DePaul
    Otamendi – Pezzella – Foyth

  6. We need more blance in defence———————something like this..

    lo Celso———De paul

    • We dont need double pivot against Venezuela. It will be a waste of one critical spot. Against venezuela, we need players who can attack and find a goal against a tight defense. We would also need speedy wingers who can track back. Going with a back 3 of Foyth, Pezzella & Otamendi along with DePaul & Acuna as wing backs are what we need against a park the bus defense. The wing backs will have to put in a lot of shift and they will have to provide width while we attack and track back prretty fast when they attack. Having a pacy defender in Foyth will help in counter attack too.

  7. For some reason Argentina produce so many Gud coaches. But none of them want to coach Argentina that’s an irony too. Can’t blame them most are young and started only so they wanna learn and gradually be the NT coach.Add to that the AFA mess too, A NT coaching job should be the pinnacle of any coaches career.

    Imagine how Scaloni resume will look like.
    Work Experience – Former Coach of Argentina NT.
    Not bad I guess.

    Brazil survived by thin hair. We don’t have to be worried. We have to first take care of Venezuela. Gud luck.

  8. Argentina ‘s running ability is very weak especially paredes as a no.5 . Venezuela is another Paraguay their whole team will defense and try to fight back when our MF make mistakes. I am worry about Acuna ,De Paul ,Paredes combination . We should have foyth or Guido Rodriguez as a no.5 rather than paredes

  9. Look at Brazil’s statistics. 26 shoots 8 on target. 71% Ball control with several fast counterattack and two sides attack. That is a decent performance. They have many good chances but just wasted . Their speed and running ability are what we needed. Not to say they have a better coach

    • Stats is meaningless. Greece beat Portugal twice in 2004, also beat France in semi.

      Italy in WC 90.conceided zero in 5 and a half game, but then Caniggia scored an equalizer in semifinal second half, Italy then lost the shootout. At KO stage, statistic means nothing. Brazil.also dominated Argentina in WC 90 , but then Caniggia’s goal was enough to sent them home.

      Spain dominated Russia for 120 minutes in 2018, do they win???

  10. Actually Brazil is far more better than Argentina .Their running ability is strong. they have tactics especially second half when William come in . Their wingers are fast and skilfull which make them attack from two sides easily. The weakest link is their FW wasted so many chance . Compared with argentina. Tite is better than scaloni . Allision , defense and MF are definitely better than Argentina. I think Brazil can win by 2 goals

    • I would have agreed if you said it a year and a half back. If Tite was better than Scaloni, Brazil should have at least reached the final if WC. Brazil has an amazing squad, yet they in their best form find it almost as difficult to defeat Paraguay as we in our worse form did. We got a lucky penalty while they got it even luckier as Paraguay got red.

      At the moment, Scaloni is doing as much or even better with what he has got compared to Tite.

  11. This Brazil is not like old one but they are fast but now lets worry about our game against venz first it is not going to be easy i hope we can show some guts and play like worriers with steel bals

  12. Brazil didn’t concede so far, they are physically very strong too. That’s my worry.
    I don’t think they are great though. This team can’t beat a strong European side.

  13. The red card was BS….and the goalie deliberately didn’t stop a goal (during shoot out) and for Paraguay’s No10 to do that ……fixed!!!!! Rigged for Brazil to get to the final!!!!!

  14. Let’s beat Venezuela first, then talk semi… Paraguay is defensively a better team than Argentina. They knew how to pressure for 90 min and they knew how to defend. Argetina very shaky versus Qatar. I hope they really don’t underestimate any team from now until the final….

  15. Playing against Brazil should be a good game for us the only thing is their winger is way faster than our defense so we definitely need to stop fucking around in the back

  16. Brazil has 2 goaless game but media would still claim they’re best team on tournament while could Argentina win 2-0 , people will consider them as shit team lol

    • What I’m saying, you hear pundits and team managers saying Argentina isn’t scary, we can play Argentina…. the truth is Brazil hasn’t looked good since 2010. They are far away from their glory days as well.


    …and special tribute to our players on the bench


  18. Brazil applies high pressure now against PAR, if we make to the sec round and face them we need the perfect plan to stop their speed and physicality.

    • PAR applying high pressure too or they were in the beginning of the half and it was working. Brazil has had a couple chances but paraguay had one good too. Its almost a pretty even game. Hopefully PAR dont get tired out because thats when brazil thrives.

    • They are both playing quick and look defensively solid. Paraguay might be able to pull it off, need one quick goal.

      Either way Argentina needs to get ready for Venezuela! They will come with everything, just like Paraguay!

      We need to go with more energy and win this cup!!

    • Most of the team apply speed and high pressure nowadays; this is a challenge for Arg to select and train their players to adjust and able to cop with it.

    • Clearly the old man is laying the ground work to get rid of Scaloni.
      I can’t really blame him but the timing is bad. And you need to have someone in mind already. It can’t be a “search”

      • Scaloni is caretaker he can go
        Anytime but the problem is
        The old wants someone like
        Tata or Gallardo who plays nice
        Attacking balance football and
        He know he can’t get either of them .
        Heinze is in the list too

    • but dont you remember? Tata thinks Messi is dictator and didn’t want to join. Blame goes to messi dude 🙂

      seriously, Tata or Gallardo has to be it. I hope they make every effort to land either.

  19. @cox4
    What the hell is happening between Menotti and Ruggeri on the night before such an important match? Why all the fighting all over the news?
    Where is Tapia to calm things down? These people are crazy and can’t believe they are in charge of something important.

  20. Foyth as right back is good choice.Acuna should be selected over Lo celso.Dybla should be choosed wisely.Defence is shaky needs to work hard in there.Only Tagliafico is good so far.Pezzela needs to do better he is average so far

  21. This is what Rondon of Venezuela had to say in today’s press conference:

    “Everyone knows who he is, but we know how to play against him. We showed this in qualifying for the 2014 World Cup, if I’m not mistaken.

    “We know our conditions, our qualities and we will take advantage on Friday.”

    • He visited Jakarta, Indonesia few days ago represent Allianz Insurance Group. Congrats to Demichelis. All the best and great success in his coaching career

  22. Argentina future managers prediction by my brothers
    5.Diego Simeone
    I prefer Gallardo and Masche as our assistant coach monitoring our defense and young players

    • Gallardo no way because Tapia Angelici etc.
      Sabella because health issues will not coach again.
      Mascherano is not coach yet.
      Simeone and Pochetino will not leave the money and the glory of big European clubs to be our coach.
      maybe before the end of their careers in 20 years after.

      • Menotoni is Gallardo admire so he is the front runner for next Argentina coach, if menotoni was general director earlier then Gallardo will be selected in January instead of giving scaloni permanent basis job

        • this subject goes beyond what Menotti wants or don t wants.

          in the same time don t be so sure that Menotti will remain in his position for long time more.

  23. With all due respect to “risky” demichelles..
    But why are our mediocre defenders getting coaching jobs. Scaloni and now this…
    Yes I said risky, martin is known for a few things, good looks, above average defense and choking when it comes to big games… You can watch his national team replays as he watches attackers and misses his marks.

      • Lol csabala…. Also heinze.
        It’s hard for me to write bad about these guys cuz I grew up to them. But they have a knack for going to sleep when we reach the quarter finals.

      • Maybe FC. You have a good point.
        Let me make another point. This is the Argentina national team, not a national team without trophies and without much of a football history. All the coaches in the world,and we are hiring players who don’t have coaching experience. While other countries are profiting off argentine coaches with experience.

        • To be fair Argentina did hire one such coach that was working for Chile. He got fired. Argentina already hired Pekerman, Argentina already had a great player Maradona as coach he got fired, Bielsa has already been coach.

          Anything is possible. Caretaker Roberto Di Matteo was able to win the CL trophy with Chelsea, Zidane stepped in unproven and won a CL trophy.

          Maybe Scaloni is just what Argentina need right now

          • I hope he is what we need.
            Zidane is a different story, even as a player he had the greatest footballing mind whenever on the pitch.
            I think our last coach was good. He just tried to implement a style that didn’t work with our selection.
            Maradona is the greatest player of all time, not a great coach.
            Pekerman is a great coach who makes costly mistakes.

            I am not dissapointed in having scaloni, I am happy he is not afraid of tweaking the lineup.
            If he doesn’t work out, maybe we should hire a foreign coach that is far from our internal politics and favoritisms next time around.

  24. Brazil was eliminated by Paraguay last two copa 2011,2015 quarter final in penalty shootout if match goes into tie breaker Paraguay has advantage

  25. Changing topics,

    Am I the only one who thinks Paraguay can pull off an upset tonight against Brazil?
    Casemiro is suspended and Fernandinho is injured, so they have no DM just like us LOL
    So Paraguay may indeed have a glorious opportunity.

    Or they got no chance?
    That can be as well.

  26. There must be something really bad with AFA. We have some many good coaches and the NT is playing like shit…. Lets hope he becomes a very good coach. He was coached by Van gaal, Pelegrini

  27. News are coming the pitch condition of Maracana and Arena do gremio is not good where Argentina will play quarter final and semi final if they will go through ,ball is bouncing more than usual Scaloni has complained about it. Shame on CONMEBOL.

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