Argentina’s Lautaro MARTINEZ: “It’s the most important game”


Lautaro MARTINEZ spoke about the Argentina national team and the Copa America at a press conference.

Now a regular starter with the Argentina national team, he is expected to start alongside Lionel MESSI and Sergio AGUERO against Venezuela in the quarter finals of the Copa America. Talking at the press conference, here’s what he had to say:

“It’s the most important game I’ll have been asked to play. I have always dreamt of this. I’ll try to enjoy it and give my best on the pitch. I’ll run until the very end and look to get a positive result.

“We have to continue with the same line as we did against Qatar. To recover the ball as high up the pitch and to score as quickly as possible.

“We are starting another Copa and it’s a game, we will try to come out concentrated from the first minute to be able to get a good result.”


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  2. San Isidro my friend.
    what happening in AFA is really difficult to explain you.
    what happened between Ruggeri and Menotti is mirror to what is happening behind the AFA doors.

    Billardo is “enemy” with Menotti.
    Ruggeri is Billardo s man.
    that explain to you the reason of what you see.

    i need a book to explain but really it is waste of time.
    i will tell you only this.

    everybody have personal agenda inside there.
    they put their personal interest except the good of national team.
    i am not telling you something new now.

    Tapia what to clear my friend ? he and Angelici is the one side and D Onofrio and some others in the other side. Tapia is not capable person. he have no idea how to run AFA.

    don t expect anything from him.

    anyway my friend. now it is coming the time of game.
    next days we can speak for those things.


  3. If we continue to play like the last 3 games I really want us to lose today and not get another humiliating defeat from Brazil.
    They always manage to avoid us when they are shitty and we are great.
    They avoided us in the last 2 copas, imagine what historic victories we would have had if we faced them. Or in the 2014 World Cup if we faced off in the semifinals, we could have claimed that 7-1win in their capital.

    But it’s our luck, I hope we don’t limp our way to the semifinal and lay there for them to butcher us.

    • Although, I would not be able to watch the shoot out, I would take a penalty shoot out win along with a good overall performance like Brazil last night. Most of our players scoring while Armani making a couple of saves. It will also lift a lot of weight from the player’s shoulders.

  4. Venezuela will copy Paraguay blue prints against Argentina most probably they prepare for penalty shootout, Argentina have to score early goals so that pressure completely reduced and don’t think venezuela can recover or come back if Argentina took lead, Goalless first half could be the win for them

  5. the official AfA site has now revealed the following line up




    …de Paul………………………….Acuña


    • Yep i would have gone with Lo Celso at first and subbed if not effective but hey, Acuna matata it is! Foyth and Acuna bring extra defense wihch we BADLY need.

      • I would have gone with a back 3 so that we can have both Acuna and LoCelso together. If Acuna and DePaul can play as wing backs and back track fast as the position demands, we will have 5 defenders plus Paredes to defend Venezuela’s counter attacks.

    • Doubts with De Paul on the right. He could do his best as inverted winger or more in the central position.
      Also his position covers close area to the Messi ones. We need more creativness on the left. Lautaro is not winger or somoene who will create something alike playmaker.

  6. we have to be careful yet confident and not commit silly mistakes nor give free gifts. if Venz want to win let it be a good fight but we should never let any team toy with us like in the first round. This team needs to show us their real metal. Now or never.

  7. In Scaloni and Messi & Co I trust. Vamos Argentina!

    I genuinely think THIS team can beat Venezuela, that too convincingly.

    I have a belief that this would be our best game of the tournament. Hope it turns out to be true.

    I don’t want to talk nor even think about Brazil now.

  8. With the right effort we will win handily tonight. Also I think it’s important to note how much Brazil struggled against Paraguay last night. Maybe our struggles weren’t as apocalyptic as they were made to seem. South American tournaments are intense. Teams struggle, endure, and surprise. I like our chances moving forward. I feel 2-3 goals to 1 tonight.

    • Brazil may have had to go to penalties but that does not mean that Paraguay did much against them. Look at the stats. Brazil were completely dominating. They just didn’t convert their shots.

      • You’re right, they dominated, but they couldn’t put it away. They’re a streaky team. Can put 4-5 goals away one game and then come out toothless the next game. They feel the pressure too.

          • I watched the highlights and I thought the just scoreline was 4-0. Messi and Aguero (from Messi pass) should have scored.

          • Martinez also should have scored that header and pass from the De Paul or Aguero on the right in the box for 6-0. Ota should have scored header for 7-0

            Point is QATAR would also have scored too so we cant say 3-0, 4-0, 6-0, etc. …

    • “With the right effort we will win handily tonight”

      Actually everything is possible. With this current Argentina I won’t be surprised by both win and lost. Our win by few goals is not excluded too. To win we need to play better than on any of the previous games.

      • Yes, we need to put more efforts. My view is if we put more efforts and try to play compact, should be fine. Remember last game vs Qatar, they had some opportunities to score because of our mistakes and passiveness. If they scored first, we could be fucked.

    • Do you really think now is the time to talk about players not selected?

      Regarding Garay, do you know when he was called upon last time? And do you know why he wasn’t for so long? If you don’t know such things, better to keep quiet rather than complain right? That too on the eve of our crunch QF game.

  9. Well done AFA ,I always wanted them not to reveal their starting XI!!
    Go on with Attacking Approach and stop the Venezuelan counter attacks.Surely gonna succeed if we can hold off their Attacks
    Good Luck

    • hoping to see a great game today where NT will do Argentina proud. Just worried that its 90mins followed by penalty. Venezuela GK seems to be in good form. We need to score an early one.
      While its a game at a time , cant wait to see Argentina- Brazil showdown.

  10. I watched the last friendly match highlights between Venezuela-Argentina and seems like Venezuela primarily attacks from the Left wing…All of their goals were scored from the LW , where there is a no 11 playing…Scaloni should keep this in mind , I think

  11. Man I can’t stop thinking about the game! Worse thing is, I have to record bc I will be at work. I will have to refrain from all media… my family thinks Venezuela will won by a 2 goal differential…

    Praying we go with full intensity

  12. Foyth should be right back and go forward his possesion ability is good.His passing is good we need more time in opposition half so that we can score.Foyth made many crucial saves vs Qatar.Otamendi and Pezella should be CB.Tagliafico is consistently good.Acuna should start over Lo celso we need to stretch the opposition defence so Acuna is needed more.He will defend too.I think today Paredes will shine better than before he will have much freedom.
    Armani also has good understanding of game look his forward runs in the game.Good in corners and crosses.He just need to be a good shot stopper

  13. I don’t know why people are asking for Foyth again at CB. We all watched him struggling against Qatar Strikers, right ? They are with all respects to them not even in the level of 2nd division Strikers in Spain.
    And yet people want him to be tried against teams like Brazil. Really?
    In my opinion, after the Qatar match, Foyth must be the last option to try at CB role. No brainer. He was total flop & scary against a Substandard lonely striker running towards goal.
    He need time.

    • There’s basically no Alternative Pezzella has only won headers other that that he’s been bad. But.

      Tagliofico Otamendi Pezzella Foyth

      That can also be the back line.

  14. IMO the starting line up against Venezeula should more or less stay they same but the SF and F if Arg make it there should be.

    Saravia Otamendi Foyth Tagliofico
    Paredes De Paul
    Messi Aguero Lautaro

    I think Dybala from now on should be used as an impact sub coming on from 60-75th Minute. Acuna should also definently be used as a sub due to his energy and the fact that he can go up and down the pitch. Like a Matuidi/Vidal type role. Rodriguez HAS to play in the latter stages as Paredes is not enough to be the anchor in midfield. It will also give Paredes license to be little bit further up the pitch as he can be the link. After the subs the shape should look like this.

    Saravia Otamendi Foyth Tagliofico
    Rodriguez Paredes
    Messi Dybala Acuna

    Also the third substitute could be anyone but IMO that is a balanced team with 3 attacker 3 midfielders and the defence obviously. Dybala can drop deep instead of Messi so he can be abit futher up the pitch. Lemme know what u lot think?

    • Agreed with Acuna to be like Matuidi role. We formally called Matuidi position as defensive winger. His display on that position is good at Sporting. If Acuna supposed to perform like Matuidi, based on France in world cup, they must have 1 Playmaker with less defensive abilities, and 1 Water-carrier. Based on paper, France World Cup line-up from mid to forward was like this :


      But when attacking it work like this :


      And this is superbly works against our defence was. On this occasions, our forms must work on paper like :

      Acuna-Paredes-De Paul

      And when attacking it will gone :

      —-Paredes-De Paul—-

      Lautaro must work as Griezmann did, play as defensive forward. It means he must atleast breaking enemy playmaker, doing tactical fouls and unnecessary trip-on like Griezmann did on Messi. Putting De Paul behind Messi is as same as putting Kante behind Mbappe, because they have lesser defense task.
      I’m agreed with your idea but still we have difference player selection. Thanks.

      • Only when Acuna and Dybala come on. I don’t think they should start. And Guido R has to play in SF and F if Arg make it. More like.

        Acuna Dybala Messi
        Paredes Guido R

        When defending

        Aguero Messi Dybala
        Acuna Guido R Paredes.

        But when its the starting 11

        Lautaro Aguero Messi
        De Paul Guido R Paredes.

    • This formula actually inspired from Sabella in 2014: 1 of the fullbacks which can play as CB, 2 DM both can do pressing, 1 half-9, 1 winger plus 1 half 8 capable of playing on 1 side.

      Foyth as right back and Acuna as left midfielder yes, but we don’t have any DM capable of pressing like Pogba and Kante. Our DM likes to stay in their zone, which creates gap anyway. Besides I don’t like Messi completely isolated on the right, it’s a waste. The position behind the forward is a critical one which should be given to the talisman. I think after this copa, this formula can be used with Almendra and Palacios in the middle, Zaracho on the right, De Paul or Vargas on the left, Messi behind Lautaro in attack.

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