Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI expected to stay on until end of year


Lionel SCALONI is expected to remain as coach until the end of 2019, which is when his contract with the AFA runs out.

For the first time in years, Argentina will have had a coach who remained as coach for more than a year. Edgardo BAUZA’s stay as coach of the Argentina national team was for less than a year before Jorge SAMPAOLI took over. Unfortunately for SAMPAOLI, his job with the AFA lasted just over a year, until the end of the World Cup.

Argentina will now be able to count on Lionel SCALONI, who had initially taken over after SAMPAOLI as interim coach back in August of last year.



  1. I will never forget Scaloni for bringing DIMaria in the game against Brazil. G Pizarro did a very poor game: Adios; Pereya did not give results: Adios: G Rodriguez for whatever the reasons: Adios: Casco, Suarez and Saravia: Adios. What is the reason behind the Dimaria? For not having enough balls to put Dimaria on the bench or not calling him I wouldn’t choose Scaloni as the Coach.

  2. Coach, please stay until WC 2022. I believe and I hope that you, your coaching team, and your squads will bring the glory for Argentina…. I know that you always learn about the matches…

    Vamos Argentina!!!

    GOD bless everyone….

  3. We all criticized Scaloni about his selections and game plan and which is true that his selection was bad and team was not playing good until the last game against Qatar. I think now he got some Chemistry with team and players. As we have seen after Qatar game with new 4-3-1-2- format, team played well and even messi was comfortable. We should give Scaloni and his coaching stuffs credit to bring this team to semifinal and hope they will beat chili and get third place.Now I hope AFA keep Scaloni and make pressure to change coaches, but Argentina need a very good Technician , who can analysis opponents, and select good players from defence to offence. If Scaloni stay, he knows what he should do now. He should pay much attention to defence and get things right. If Argentina come up with good defence they can win big tournaments. They have been losing big games because of their weak defence. Scaloni should try different players to get best defensive line up with upcoming friendly matches and Scaloni should stick with players who is playing in Europe only.

    • great post man

      I’d like to keep Scaloni as our coach the team is working now

      stick to the most players add a few good ones like Palacios Zaracho Mammana L. Martinez cb

      then let’s go and finally win something I’m hungry for a title…


    • I don’t think Scaloni will be happy being assistant to someone. On the other hand, any new coach will start over with his own plan. The chemistry will be gone first. Players will have no clue. It will be a chaos again while the qualification is around the corner.
      How about finding an experienced assistant? That role does not need to be an Argentine so we can hire some very good one.

  4. Plzz keep scaloni till 2022 world cup he is doing well and getting better and better u have to give time to settle down other ways if we keep changing manager the team will go mess plzz give him time all the best scaloni and the team..

  5. Messi knows that once he quits again there is no turning back, He can play till 2022 for us if he manages himself, by not playing too much meaningless matches even for Barca. 2022 is literally his last chance, He has to continue, Try your best to win something for the NT, Admire him for that. Hope he can win something for us.

    So the Copa Heartache is over, As expected there was no Miracles, There are no Miracles which can replace planning and better team work.Brazil was always a tough team to beat, Even more so in their Home turf. Irony is we played well against Brazil, One of the best matches Argentina played in this Copa, We were actually troubling Brazil till the Second goal. With great chances to score too. Seems like it had to end this way.

    Either we play this Player or that play doesn’t matter. No More fancy formations, Let there be a proper coach with tactical nuance.If we don’t have a system and continuity we wont ever win anything in near future, Talent itself wont win us any tournament. Talent will always be there in Argentina, but we need to have a system and above all we need a Coach with experience(Some body young too who should and must Coach us for at least 5 years) Look at Tite he had failures in the 2018 WC but still Brazil sticked with him.

    Scaloni staying till December is an Okay decision considering we don’t have any important Match this year. Only friendlies are remaining. And AFA can escape from again paying a coach huge chunks of Money for premature termination of the Contract. So this is a good idea. By December they can hire someone decent. Only issue is again Time wasting. (By March World Cup qualifiers start. So if AFA hires a new coach in December, There will be literally no time for him to test his team, He will be taking us straight to the Crunch Qualifiers where each match matters.

    What ever it is or whoever it is Scaloni is not the one, Definitely not to guide us for the next 5 years, He will get better, But not now. Gallardo, Coudet or someone with decent experience, This is the Argentine NT, There is no place for interim training, Let the Coach work with our talents and develop an identity first, Winning Copa and World Cup is another ball game. Hope AFA and Menotti finds someone to guide us.

  6. Select gallardo as a coach and scaloni his assistant..not only scaloni, his entire coaching staff.. I believe Gallardo will change the team..when he take charge of River plate the club was now the club has highest trophy under gallardo coaching…and not only that gallardo is the 2nd best coach in the world after Ernesto Valvarde..I think this the right time to give him a chance to coach national team along with scaloni..

  7. We’ve seen a few crazy decisions by AFA over the years, but this is pretty insane. The first match for a new coach will be the WC 2022 qualifier in March 2020. No wonder no one wants the job.

    We need someone with a lot of experience. A tactician that remains calm and not a young hot head without experience. Someone with a profile like Ancelotti or Sabella. Our last successes came under Basile and Bilardo, not some young hot shot.

  8. Scaloni is staying to do what? He is out of depth with the Argentina job. AFA is really led by donkeys. Like appoint a coach with proven record coach.
    Argentina can test a 100 different lineups and still fail if the tactical approach to the game are all wrong.
    One example, one common mistake I’ve seen been repeated over and over all coaches after SABELLA do is to play with conventional wingers, leaving 2 midfielders to face a compact opposition midfield of 4 to 5 players. Another obvious problem is lack of off the ball pressure and counterattacks. Any team without those 2 elements in modern football cannot win any tournament. Attitude wise, we need a coach who demands high working ethics and responsibility from all the players. It’s very sad to see good players who can’t put together great team plays together because of there is no team spirit of working together.
    I read people here saying Pep Guardiola didn’t have prior experience before taking over at Barcelona. Pep was given the job on the basis of the way the Barça youth team expressed their football. And that’s what caught the eyes of the Barça board and offered the job to Pep, overlooking a decorated Jose Mourinho.

    Letting Scaloni stay is a demonstration of incompetence and corruption by the AFA bosses.

    • Atleast Scaloni learns from his mistakes but better options like simeone and pochentino wont leave their club,Gallardo wont be available atleast till this years copa libertadoes is over most likely ,Peru coach lost against brazil by 5-0,GABRIEL HEINZE AINT THAT MUCH EXPERIENCED(not good to replace one inexperienced coach with another inexperienced coach) according to you who should be the coach for Argentina ?

      • Beccacece (to spell correctly his name is a challenge).. he’s the man..a modern coach with reasonable but undeniable experience.. give total freedom to him.. not sure he will begin results but he will rectify few problems which remains unaddressed for more than a decade.. one example is defensive midfield..

        • They should’ve kept Beccacece on the job but they preferred Scaloni, Beccacece could’ve done better with one year , Scaloni wasted one year apart from bringing young players I don’t see anything special though I expected a lot from him.

        • I like Beccacece, but worry he doesen’t have the gravitas for the national team. Then again the old guard is gone and it should be easier to manage the kids.

    • Pep learned from Johan Cruyff. The man who changed football twice, first as a player later as a coach.

  9. Why all the renowned coaches like Bauza, Sampaoli even Peckerman failed to deliver a trophy with Argentina National team while very successful anywhere else. I am excluding Bielsa who also sucked as NT coach in 2002 wc. The point is they are established coach and they have their own idea about playing style. Everywhere else they chose players according to their plan. But when they got responsibility to lead Argentina NT side then they could not set players according to their style. Why?

    Because they have a genius called Messi. Messi requires certain type of players around him to suite his play as false 9. He needs fullbacks Dani Alves or Jordi Alba in club. Fast and aggressive. All the above mentioned coaches tried to use Messi as false 9 whereas we dont not have any good fullbacks. In 2014 Sabella first spotted that. Brought back Zabaleta and Messi played a bit deeper role. Di Maria was in his prime form from left wing. Lavezzi was there. So, Messi played well. Combined well. We struggled to score goals in semi and and final because Di Maria was injured. In the final Lavezzi was subbed off in half time for some mysterious reason and then we lost attacking instinct. We eventually lost.

    Now, we don’t have good fast wingers. Pavon had great potential but Boca ruined him by putting high buy out clause. So, Scaloni reacted in a innovative way. He put 2 quality forwards in front him. Now messi doesn’t have the burden to create and score. His duty is only to create. His front strikers would score 2 out of 5 which is a good conversion rate. He needs a DM like Busquets who can recover ball. So, Battaglia or Ascasibar is crucial. Paredes can control midfield. De Paul played box to box, has supported the DM. He is strong compared to Lo Celso and in modern day football you will need physical midfield. So, Scaloni found out an alternative system to operate with Messi. That is very important.

    When a genius like Messi is in your team you have to come with a clear mind and innovate a system. Scaloni with zero experience could do that because he did not have any system. He is learning.

    Defense of Argentina is always stricky. In the days of Ayala, Samuel we conceded 3 goals to Brazil in 2007. Bad day comes. But Scaloni was unfortunate that Kanneman got injured. He us a gutsy player. We needed his service. Foyth will develop. He will never miss any track back after the 2nd goal. These are lessons. But we must sort out RB position as soon as possible.

    IMO Scaloni did well to find out the process. He got full eleven just before copa. He has passion and mentality to learn from mistake. He will do well.

    Gallardo or coudet can’t guarantee success. Then why we should change coach? Give him time.

    • Gallardo is a proven tournament coach in the world guarantees success but they put on a good process which makes success inevitable.with Scaloni there’s no such process and Gallardo already proved himself at River that he is more than capable , at least we should bring Sabella as he recovered from illness recently.

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