Argentina vs. Germany, Mexico, Chile and what is left this year for the national team


Argentina still have six games left this calendar year outside of the Copa America with three of them confirmed and one rumored.

With news that Lionel SCALONI will be staying on until the end of the year, the coach knows that he has six games left this year, three of which will be against Germany, Chile and Mexico. Here is how it looks like for the rest of the year:

Thursday, September 5 vs. Chile: Los Angeles, California, United States

Tuesday, September 10 vs. Mexico: San Antonio, Texas, United States

Wednesday, October 9 vs. Germany: Dortmund, Germany

There are rumors that Argentina could play against Portugal in the second fixture list in October with two remaining games left in November.


  1. I have watched Argentina vs Brazil match again. What most chilled me is the team sprit they have shown on Brazilian soil. I have never seen this type of Argentina team. If they can maintain this team sprit long time trophy will come with dominance. Focus should be given on defence. Truely I don’t mind if Scaloni stay.

  2. ARGENTINA should be 1st seeking revenge today for the last two Copas.
    2nd should be pretty pissed off after their last and take it out on you know who.

    Remember how Chile tried to get Messi suspended for the qualifiers after allegedly he spat on the side REF. when he, himself said nothing happened. Off course he was suspended for 1 or two games ONLY to be reinstated when the idiots there realized there was nothing.

    Or how Mess’s family was harassed in the 2015 Copa in the stands.
    Or all their shit-talking after 2015
    I forgot the name of the person here who mentioned some years ago that Chile allowed England the use of their airfields during the Falkland war, when Brazil refused to do so.
    Funny how their Dictator from the time, Pinochet was arrested when he went to England medical help LOL
    so yes, I don’t like these #$%^&*()$%^&*(

    • To tell you the truth I don’t really care about this game I’m gonna watch it cuz of the love I have for Argentina I just wanted Argentina to be the champion

  3. Friendly Games Lineup:



    Lo Celso
    De Paul



    I know many of you are not confident on starting Paulo, but it HAS to happen. We have to make use of our best players. Aguero is a good player but I believe this lineup could make better use of our future generations and give us playing time. Also these are just friendlies so we should make use of this chance to experiment with the team. Not only is this against top level teams, but they are also looking strong potential future teams.

  4. AFA Hopefully hire a good foreign manager liker allegri or mourinho this could be the best chance for AFA to hire a worldclass coach since allegri and mourinho are available i dont think AFA should hire coach like Gallardo who did not even reach club world cup final and even though he won Copa libertatdoes twice even bauza won Copa libertatdoes twice and we all know what happened to NT during his time but who knows Gallardo might turn out different since Simeone has endorssed him for NT job and regardng coudet who has not even won one copa libertadoes but he might be a decent manager so who knows but whoever is the new coach hopefully they keep Scaloni,aimar,samuel,ayala as their assistants these guys did a decent job with NT making them reach semis while many were expecting a group stage exit

    • Foreign coach? not likely, why?
      1) Limited resource as in NO Money or so they claim!
      2) Why would ARGENTINA get a foreign manager? very unlikely.
      3) They have damn coaches, hell, how many successful Argentines currently coaching other nations? quite a few.
      There is a saying that goes something like this, “the carpenter’s door is off its hinges” they fix other team’s problems but can’t fix their own!

  5. The only possible rebuild is with the coach, the players are here already!! All these players should be on the list for Copa 2020

    Dybala 25 Martinez 21 icardi 26

    Acuña 27 ascacibar 22 locelso 23
    Parcedes 25 Lamela 27 DePaul 25
    Angel Correa 24

    Foyth 21 tagliafico 26
    Pezella 28

    Older players:
    Otamendi 31 still our best defender
    Aguero 31 still at high level
    Messi 32 Messi is Messi

    • Otamendi is not our best CB, maybe only in this Copa America groups and not regarding all our potentiall beyond Copa. He is making more and more mistakes. It’s hard to expect from him golden level in Copa 2020. There’s Cristian Romero, Kannemann, Martinez Quarta, Franco, Senesi, Barboza and few others worth of attention.

    • No no more of this bullshit! Acuña?! Only 4 defenders?! What are you thinking? We have so many defenders like Mammana, Montiel, Kannemann that are miles better than Ottamendi!

        • Beccacece wanted him so much to Independiente. Let’s see how he will do next season. He is not fast but for example Pique is similar tall and not that fast player.

          • Speed must be the reason, tall, physical, technical, good passer, not bad at defending. Colombatto is another myth for me, he seemed great at U20WC, but neither Cagliari neither other Seria A teams are interested in him, so wouldnt have been exceptional in Seria B, maybe the lack of defending skills, dont know i want him in the starting 11 on Panamerican Games to know the reason.

      • No one is “miles” better than Otamendi.

        Mammana doesn’t even start for Zenit at times at hasn’t shown much progress.

        Kannemann recently injured but should be included 100%.

  6. Extending Scalonis contract by another 5 months…hints at only one possibilty…afa using the 5 months to convince any arg league managers to take up take job as their season comes to end.

    I dont know how that will benefit arg soccer team.

  7. …………………..Musso



    De Paul…………………………Lo Celso



    what do u think?

  8. Can’t wait for new season begins, i love you wanda 🔥️🔥️🔥 😍😘 and hate scaloni if icardi was in the squad instead of wasted Suarez could have easily won the copa.

    • You are obsessed with Icardi my friend…
      Icardi has done shit for us… He probably looses his spot at Inter to Lautaro…

      Lautaro is our future striker

      • Icardi was out of form at the end of the season for various reasons, lautaro is no where near icardi label atleast for now watched first half of the last season Icardi performance for Inter specially in UCL, icardi is the best after messi without any dobut.

        • You are stupid… where was Icardi at 21??
          Martinez is way ahead of Icardi.. by the time he is 25 god knows what level he will be at… Icardi is a poacher btw.. he doesn’t suit pochettinos or gallardos style or even scalonis for that matter… stop thinking with your dick and use your brain for once… Icardi isn’t gonna be part of the Argentine team

      • this comment is gay as fuck.
        on here people always talking about players performed in the coach’s bedroom, y’all need another line cause this shit makes y’all sound really suspect…spoiled ass bastards
        never fucking satisfy, a bunch of fake ass fans, some of y’all are a bunch of flip floppers unstable ass fans, say something good today, and something outrageous the next day…i have no problem with gay people, but on here i wish the gay comments will sort of stop… if you gay keep your gayness to yourself..and on here is suppose to be real football topics about Argentina, and if somebody don’t have anything good to say about the team stfu….simple as that the horney ass dudes get the stepping…just like that

        • You fucked up the single opportunity to say something positive about people of Haiti. If you do not comment here never and don’t know context of my post above don’t pretend for morality guard especially if no single comment from you about football so far.

        • First off, its a joke.

          Second, no one should keep their “gayness to themselves”. How about you keep your homophobic opinions to yourself. Start with that.

    • It looks like our Mr. Khan is really obsessed with Wanda. Dil se ! Icardi will not be called by Scaloni or the new coach,his competitor will be Lautaro, Angel Correa, Gaich and Pity Martinez. Even Inter are offering him in the market and Wanda are hoping for next honeymoon at “an evening in Pari$”

  9. There is 1 way we can win the 2020 Copa.Use the VAR wisely. We r the Co hosters. AFA can do some arrangements for that. Same way Brazil used to their advantage we can use it too. But 1 problem Colombia is hosting some matches too, Unless we play all our matches in Argentina we won’t be able to manipulate VAR.

    Long live VAR. May be our trophy drought is gonna end. Other than that it’s almost impossible for us to win it. Without a proper coach

    • There’s more than 1 way, man :).

      If Scaloni hadn’t wasted so much time on dumbass player selection even though the 23 and starting 11 were quite apparent, and used the time to build chem and a system, we could have started off the tournament much stronger and possibly beaten brazil even with the nefarious calls (or lack of of them). Imagine if the core 15 played 4 friendlies together. Martinez + Messi + Aguero upfront proved to be dangerous but defense and midfield needed a lot of work and we simply started off too late.

      I’m not convinced Scaloni knows how to develop a suitable and effective system by 2020 or WC but the team showed progress and the players seem to respect him.

  10. I wish AFA get Allegri.
    We have many Serie A players so they’d easily understand his philosophy.
    He would pioneer a Messi-Dybala partnership.
    He would certainly strengthen our defence.

  11. if AFA wants to appoint new coach (hopefully gallardo or maybe even foreign coach like allegri,mourinho) or maybe a proven coach like sabella then he should be hired now and he should keep scaloni,walter samuel,ayala,aimar as his assistants and should have contract till 2022WC if not possible then stick with scaloni till 2022 WC btw is it possible to replace menotti with sabella and is it possible for AFA to leave conmebol and join uefa even australia did the same thing of joining a new confideration and somewhat improved as a result it may not sound good but this might be needed to rebuild Argentine football

    • Menotoni is Gallardo admire, i don’t there is any significant role on general director expect choosing new coach no matter who remain director menotoni or sabela hardly matter

  12. Some here have mentioned how Argentina should have played and defended better against Brazil and I AGREE A 100% but that doesn’t change the fact that things could have turned ARG’s way if it wasn’t for the obvious collusion and yes I have used that word.

    We all knew that it was going to be tough to beat Brazil at home.
    We all knew the team wasn’t playing up to par and at some point was in complete disarray.
    Coaching is NO WHERE close to any of our opponents BUT what we didn’t know that the deck was going to be stacked against them. VAR was supposed to have been the safety pin to protect against unfair calls and cheap fouls which wasn’t even used!
    Winning that game wasn’t as far fetched as many thought, who knows how the game would have turned out if the game was tied 1-1 after the 1st No PK call? The Brazilians knew they were getting away with murder and never even tried to hide it……….Alvez should have gotten yellow after elbowing Tagliafico, instead it was the other way around and only got yellow himself after taunting him as he was backing off!!!

    • Note that also. Dani Alves would been sent off as he was in yellow. Also that prick Arthur. Coz that was straight red card. I don’t get what people talking about that we can’t beat Brazil and shit. Despite all conspiracy they were sweating and needs entire America to back their ass.

      • I hope they get ZERO breaks on Sunday against Peru and for Karma to follow them wherever they go.

        I wonder how Messi feels about his Barcelona teammates …….I know he saw and hugged Neymar briefly after the game but said nothing.

        • To be fair I don’t think any Brazilian players would know that. But Arthur realized later that it’s happening so he went for Otamendi

          • Casemiro scissor cut Messi and got nothing was the most obvious one, how many yellows were given out for Messi tackles? NONE.
            Dani was giving Taglifico the hand gesture, as if he was telling him to be aware to where he is, and Arthur elbowed Otamendi like you said in the box on a corner kick and Got away with it as if nothing happened. I was thinking he was acting until I saw the replay and I cried out VAR VAR……nothing what A joke!

            the more i think about it, the more pissed off i get.
            Besides, when was the last time you saw ARGENTINA get SIX YELLOWS in one game?? ummmmm I don’t recall ever.

    • well there are reports now that 1 of the var officials who was from uruguay told the ref to go to VAR but he refused. that kinda says it all

  13. Alianza Lima, Dynamo Kiev, Rayo Vallecano, Flamengo, Velez Sarsfield, Cruz Azul, Santos, Benfica, Feyenord, Monarcas Morelia, Internacional Porto Alegre, Sporting Cristal, Portland Timbers, Universidad Concepcion, Atlas Guadalajara, Talleres Cordoba, Melgar, New York City, Sporting Cristal, Sporting Cristal, Universitario, Seattle Sounders

    these are clubs of Peru players that reached Copa final. Very little players from Europe. No single big club. This is not enough for Brazil but still you may go far without big clubs stars. There’s lesson in it you should not ignore less known players from small clubs. In Argentina case stars always will be core of the team however you can find the missing links all over the world.

    • Credit goes to Gareca, he has players under his system in Argentina big names playing without any system, lo celso>>> any peru midfilder but how he struggled for Argentina if local league player selected could have been struggled more example meza, Suarez, Argentina won matches by the brilliance of 2-3 players not a team and you should stop advocate praising local league players to win the world club big European club players playing under system is needed example France, spain, germany etc

    • Credit goes to the European Heavey system that allows European Teams the advantage to not have to travel as far as South American European based team such as Argentina and Brazil. That is a huge Convenience to both European teams and South American locally based teams such as Peru, Uruguay, Chile, colombia…these local teams have players that have played together since they were 16/17 years old…
      Argentina on the other hand have all the European based stars whom haven’t played with another other than a handful of 2 hour training sessions before a friendly where the coach calls 50 players in a year! No chemistry, no consistency no results …
      but to your point, acuña is a big part of your team and should continue to start. His transition defense is better than locelso, parcedes and tagliafico and he secures the defensive midfield, which is where ALL our goals in la copa America come, poor transition defense! All of them, 2x colombia, Paraguay and 2x Brazil! And acuña is from a small league in terms of the top 5 European giants …

    • his movements and position reminds me of batigoal knowing where the posts are without looking….thanks for sharing Gonzalo.
      how old is he anyways?

    • I think he hardly got any minutes at San Lorenzo being more of a substitute. He is 25 now, can continue with the form he had shown for Huesca. A special olayer with special instincts, so unpredictable.

    • Yes, he is 25 and never was starter in San Lorenzo, however showed some potential then. IMO this is complete striker and one of his biigest advantages is that he is unpredictable, as you guys said

      • I think he has a twin brother. There were two 17yo Avilas in Tiro Federal team in 2010-11 campaign. At least one has become a star now. He is someone who can weave some magic with his good acceleration and clinical volleys. I’m sure Scaloni has already kept tabs on him.

        • And why? Another idiot experimenting instead of build chemistry between Icardi, Lautaro, Dybala, Correas and so on, no need such players.

          • “Such players”? This is actually really interesting player. Lautaro is must but supposing that 2 strikers forward line suits us we need more interesting options here. Dybala should be in the team. Correas as well but none of the is striker par excellence. Icardi? Not sure he is best option after Lautaro. Avila looks like one of those latino wild locos matadores who can do something unpredictable. Luis Suarez is the type.

      • Yes, of course after Martinez. If formation with 2 strikers suits us we have demand for such ones now. To me Gaich and Avila are options.

        • Don’t know much about Avila but Gaich looks very promising. We could certainly use his profile.

          I know Icardi isn’t doing well but if he regains form, Scaloni should try to make it work. Icardi is easily one of best out and out strikers on planet earth right now. Its foolish to ignore such talent.

  14. Don’t know what to say. Have been waiting for over 30 years now. Not sure if I will see Argentina win anything in my lifetime. Yes, lifetime, that thought has crept into my mind. Anyhow, now about some thoughts about the game

    Argentina cannot beat Brazil. As fans we can throw as much foul languages towards Brazilians but fact is we cannot beat them (I am not talking friendlies). If Argentina has a strong team and Brazil with kids, Brazil wins. If we both are at par, Brazil wins. If Brazil is a better team on paper than us, Brazil wins. I can challenge, if we play 10 times in games of any consequence, Brazil will win 9 times, may be we win once. This has to change. We need a coach or manager who can break this spell and make it more even.

    We need something where we will not always lose to Brazil, Germany etc. They are also great teams and sometimes we will lose, but this must be even at least. Add to that we must beat other Conmebol teams most of the times. We must beat other European teams most of the times. Beat Asian and African teams all the times.

    At this time I do not believe it has anything to do with skills or experience. Its in the head. Its like the spell Pep and Barcelona was having over Real Madrid at one time. It never felt like Real could beat Barca. Was somewhat not even worried or competitive till Mourinho came. One of my most disliked manager. But he broke the spell – mostly ugly, but he started turning it around. We need something like that to have the winning mentality. Argentina needs it now, more than anything else.

    I know we cannot get Mourinho. But something of that nature is needed now. Else, mark my words, Brazil will get 11 guys from the stands and they will beat Argentina also.

    • Agree, we need to change mentality. It does not matter if we play ugly or not but we need a revaluation in our approach to games vs Brazil, Germany and other big teams

    • I totally agree. Everytime I say mentallity and mindset are the keys and the main problem within Argentina players , many would underestimate these factors and blaming it on manager, etc etc.

      There’s a good reason why Higuain has always been scoring in major tournaments prior to the final but once he played a final, he’d miss an open goal from 5 yard over and over. You just cant pretend its only bad luck or a bad day… its mentallity. Even if we play Nicaragua or Saudi Arabia, we’re probably going to be beaten on a shootout if we play them in the final, or by late goal. This is also why Tata and Gareca are able to reach final with teams like Paraguay and Peru (which already exceeded everyone expectation) while Sampa was able to win it with Chile…. I highly doubt he’d win with Argentina even if he’s managing them in 2015 instead of Chile.

      However, its pretty obvious this time that Brazil was helped big time by the ref. Messi was able to beat their players easily but the third or fourth player will deliberately pulled him down and Brazil never gets a booking for that… our player made slightest touch and earned yellow. We hit the post twice , once before they got their first goal, second time which could have been an equalizer, Parades long strike was almost on target aswell and we actually pinned them almost the whole game…. so unlike 2007 final, this was largly down a bad luck plus home cook refereeing.

      If you notice, Brazil second goal was exactly the same as Colombia and Paraguay goals against us. Opponent just caught us on counter from the right channel and cut it through the center. Same stuff.

      Btw Mourinho head to head against Pep in his latest season with Real madrid was actually 1 win, 3 losses and 2 draw. I agree we need to have that “win at all cost” mentallity. Simeone has this kind of mentallity as a player and manager but its very unlikely he’d manage Argentina in near future.

  15. So literally there r only 4 or 5 matches left for us this year which r meaningless friendlies. And get what? we r gonna win it. So suddenly Scaloni looks Gud again. Well it’s been like that for sometime now.

    And when the Qualifiers start we will be shit again. Also the Copa 2020 may get ruined. Its a mistake of AFA as usual. Due to their own financial issues. Suddenly the Grondona Era looks great compared to what’s now, No decision taking capacity from Tapia. At least Grondona Era got us 2 World Cups and some Copas he brought in some great technicians for us like Bielsa, Pekerman, Sabella, etc etc with some flops too like Maradona, Batista etc. But that was okay considering what’s happening now. They earned money through corruption but was better in decision making.

    AFAs worst mistake was to not choose a solid coach like Gareca after the 2018 WC, who could have taken us till the next WC. Now what? we wasted 1 year and what have we achieved,? Nothing.. No clear idea of what we r playing. Of course some new players came which had to happen in time. After all the likes of Masche, Biglia, Banega etc etc can’t play for ever. Time catches everyone. So the generational change had to happen.

    Only 1 Gud thing happened was our under 15,17 and 20 looks promising.So future is bright. But our Current generation is suffering because of Shit Coaching and Tactics. It’s gonna take someone a gigantic task to make us qualify for the 2022 WC. Some coach is defenitly needed by come December. Till that let’s win meaningless friendlies…

  16. I think by now everybody who is objective knows that Brazil bribed the referee. It makes sense, imagine a loss in this game after they got destroyed by Germany in the last WC. It would set Brazilian football back 20 years if not more. Tite would have been fired, and all chaos would ensue. FIFA is so corrupt. I am sorry but there needs to be jail sentences for these people that oversee the corruption. Real jail sentences, in real prisons, so they realize their greed will destroy their lives and legacy.
    On Argentina, we have some very nice young players. I don’t know if Scaloni has done anything to lose his job. But he certainly doesn’t have any signature moments that point to anything more than a caretaker. He is not bad, but is not special in any way, shape or form.
    If Gallardo wants the job it is his. But he is a young man and he can make a lot more money in Europe. You need a guy that is in his late 50’s and that has done the Europe scene. A guy like Gallardo can follow Simeone or Pochettino in his mind and make millions. I would be happy with a guy like Bielsa or Pekerman but Menotti’s involvement for both will be highly problematic. At this point, you have way too many cooks in the kitchen and any good coach with clear ideas will want time and absolutely no interference from all the “so called experts” in the AFA.
    My bet is Scaloni keeps his job until absolute disaster strikes. Such as not winning any of the remaining games this year, an embarrassing loss, player revolt, or some other thing. Its sad that we can’t get this right and haven’t been able to since Sabella.

  17. Honestly the team improved and I look forward to them having a good showing against Chile tomorrow… if we can get Gallardo in December then do it, he is highly qualified and knows what is like to win as a manager and with la Selección Jersey.
    BUT if we can’t get Gallardo, scaloni should stay on…

  18. The question is not scaloni should stay or go, The question is why a Giant of a game like Argentina is risking its reputation with a trainee coach who is experimenting and using our NT an experimental experience to advance his carrier. We are a brand name we need an a coach with a proven record with clear ideas a coach who can adapt to his advisories and change systems on the fly during the thick of things. A cool headed coach who select players on their merit not heart.

  19. Please my friend watch and rewind the first goal and tell me what was our defense thinking. That stupid sliding attempt by paraes was laughable to say the lease. Dani alves is good but come on he is not Maradona to go pass 3 players of us like it is nothing. Defense and midfield should be asked to clarify what happened.

    • You are right… parcedes showed NO composure and foyth didn’t shift to the inside of Gabriel Jesus when tagliafico stepped up and Otamendi shifted left… basic but foyth was oblivious to his defensive duties.

      • Foyth was caught between Gabriel Jesus and another player on the left. If he tried to mark G. Jesus, the other guy behind Foyth and Jesus would be free to tap in. Foyth couldnt decide whom to mark. It was a 2v1 situation.

  20. I don’t want to lose to the $#%@#$%^&*() Chileans not tomorrow and not ever. I hope the team takes this game seriously even though nobody sees the point but just another game……..but I am curious to see how Scaloni handles the situation
    Good practice between now and the next round of friendlies.

  21. if AFA wants to appoint new coach (hopefully gallardo or maybe even foreign coach like allegri,mourinho) or maybe a proven coach like sabella but should keep scaloni,walter samuel,ayala,aimar as his assistants and should have contract till 2022WC if not possible then stick with scaloni till 2022 WC btw is it possible to replace menotti with sabella and isit possible for afa to leave conmebol and join uefa even australia did the same thing of joining a new confideration an somewhat improved as a result it may not sound good but this might be needed to rejvunate Argentine football

  22. Look at the first goal of Brasil against us.. almost it’s like Cambiasso goal against Serbia..our players are standing still almost.. no-one is disrupting the rhythm.. keeping Scaloni is a very bad choice at least considering the age of Messi.. it’s extremely painful still neither AFA not the players realising the importance of the coach..if Peru able to pay Gareca n Colombia able to pay Queiroz.. Argentina league at least more competitive than that of Peru n Colombia not able to pay a competitive and attractive salary for deserved candidates sums up the story..Messi will be 35 by 2022.. continuing with Scaloni is absolutely not advisable..of course he tried and made few positive changes.. but we need a merciless coach courageous enough to even drop Messi if situation demands..

    • Agree, common sense, if peru a financially one of the poorest countries in the world can afford a good coach why shouldn’t we get him.

  23. As usual after the tournament AFA will give a big question to all the students. Who will be the next coach ?.
    Tapia will make an interview and announce that there are 3 candidates ; 2 from domestics leaque and 1 from abroad. Do answer by yourself

  24. Sucks that my happiness from watching Argentina this copa was so short lived and lasted only a week. Haven’t had this euphoric feeling since copa 16.
    Back to reality again.

  25. River Plate centre-forward Lucas Pratto: “Argentina need a manager like Marcelo Gallardo.”

    Absolutely. The question is whether Gallardo needs an employer like Argentina

  26. Scaloni’s biggest achievement Lautaro-Aguero partnership was something he stumbled on. He didnt plan for it. He didn’t even realize it is something good during the match. He replaced Lautaro with Di Maria and took the wind out of our sails. The next day, he read a lot of newspaper and Voila! He discovered the best pairing since Sabella days.

    Who is our defensive midfielder? This was the question after the last wc. This is still a question with no answer. What’s up with the two Guidos? They were selected by Scaloni. Why didn’t they play? Instead, he used Paredes as the holding midfielder. This is the same Scaloni has been trying since his appointment. Playing Paredes in defensive midfield with zero success.

    • Why are you not give the man
      the credit that He deserves he is the one give chance the players that did well in copalike lautaro de paul paredes Foyth probably you won’t admit That even Argentina deserved to be in the final So what more you guys want Argentina has been shambolic Last few years since tata resigned.

      If wasn’t palacios zaracho and
      Battaglia weren’t injured they would
      Have gone to copa instead of Guidos and
      probably Di maria so must know lucky is
      Party of the game .

      • How do you know that no other coach would give chance to those players you mentioned? After the last wc, Mascherano and Biglia retired. So there are two spots up for grab anyways.

        Why cant you see he had a full year to prepare. Yet he needed to “understand” and “learn” coaching during Copa? How many times did he play a core of players repeatedly to develop any chemistry among them? What is our midfield combination?

        Most importantly, where is our style of play? Do we play attacking on the wing? Do we play slow build up through the middle? We dont know. All I have seen is relying on Lautaro, Aguero and Messi’s individual talent.

        • As tournament goes Argentina
          Become more a team everyone
          Including well known journalists said that.
          The point is this afa want to get
          Right this time yes they want Gallardo but He doesn’t want it as said before
          Ok you may say eduardo coudet
          And gabriel heinze as much I love
          Heinze they re not that proven either.
          By the way I’m not saying scaloni
          100 % right candidate to continue
          The job but if we can’t get the target afa Want Before September it’s better to leave as it’s

          • Plus I totally understand why scaloni
            Were keeping changing his squad or
            Lin ups firstfall Argentina produces
            A lot of players second the fucked up
            Argentina media whom overhype any
            Player who play decent game tries
            To push to play the nt therefore they put
            Huge pressure under the coaching
            Staff. So isn’t fair to only blame scaloni
            Look Argentina best manager refused
            To managers the nt from bielse to Gallardo.

          • “He doesn’t want it as said before”.. Did Gallardo say anything like this? I think River president said Gallardo wont get the NT job because of Boca-River rivalry.

        • The truth is Gallardo bielse pekerman
          Simeone pochettino and tata martino
          All of them turn thier back in thier country when it needs them Most.
          you know who I respect more is sampoali
          He had his first job in europe were doing realy well was enjoying himself he left that his comfort zone to help his country the sad
          Thing is he went there wrong time
          I wished tapia didn’t suck him .

          Imtiaz and munawar let me ask you
          Question which is bigger job arg or
          River plate especially when you won
          Everything and become the most
          Successful manager in the club history
          Plus you know that your country needs you
          All Argentina media are trying so hard
          To convince Gallardo to take over the nt
          Tapia and angelici are both said Gallardo
          Best manager in Argentina especially angelici clearly said I would love to have
          Gallardo as nt manager another fact
          Why do you think the afa saying scaloni
          Will stay till December i tell you in case
          If you don’t they know the copa Libertadores
          Will finish November so they re hoping
          It maybe Gallardo become available than .

          • Sounds like you make things up as you wish and tag them as “The truth”. Gallardo never rejected NT job. Stop making lies.

          • Dude I don’t lie never in my life
            Go and do your research
            That is not my nature
            I ask you logic question
            Which is bigger job arg or River
            The answer is Argentina
            Than why stopping him to grab it .
            You don’t need to insult me
            That is cawrdnes
            Keep dream Gallardo even if he becomes Argentina manager he won’t guarantee he will succeed.
            Everything I said only can understand people who has knowledge about football

          • Nobody guarantees success. But atleast we can differentiate between hopeless and good candidates. Scaloni didn’t have the required experience or, track record to be the manager. You are defending Scaloni while another NT candidate Garecha is taking Peru to final.

            I didnt insult you btw. I asked you nicely when Gallardo rejected NT . You replied with “the truth is bla bla bla… All of them turn thier back in thier country “….. Saying somebody said something when they didn’t – this is called lying.

          • @godin11 my mate gallardo never reject national team..every reject national team but not gallardo.. and my opinion is give the national team job to gallardo and make scaloni as an assistant coach along with aimar Samuel Ayala..

  27. Hi frnds
    Replacing Scaloni is not a must.look at last 2 games , we played as a played thr best. Scaloni developed our youngsters and integration with players superb. Slight changes in team looks grt.
    Area need to improve i think..
    Central defence and wings.&
    One skillful playmaker can end our wait …

    • This guy is good and has a great future IMO. Meanwhile Alaves has signed Ramon Mierez, who was the back up to Lautaro, Marcelo Torres and Ponce in 2017 U20 campaign. He did well in Croatia last season.

  28. IMO AFA should fire scaloni right now and should hire a proper and experienced coach and give him time otherwise scaloni will again start hit and trial method for next tournament without any tactics.
    Argentina played best Football under Tata Martino ,I stil dont belueve those idiots in AFA didnt pay him.
    Some people wants Sabella here another overrated manager in Argentina Argentina played WC final because our best players like Messi, Higuian(except than final he was superp), dimaria , Lavezzi, Di maria, Maschareno,Biglia, Zabelata,Garay, Romero were in prime and had shown fighting attitude.
    IN KO stages just park the bus and attack with Messi ,Dimaria and Higuian even messi was in the midfield most of the time, in semi final we needed penalty shootout.
    Even in group stages We could not defeat Iran that stunner from messi saved us,we needed messi’s setpiece to defeat Bosnia and Nigeria.

    • Afa paid tata martino bauza and sampoali .
      The reason they can’t hire proper coach is Non are available at the moment this
      Time they want make sure they give
      long term correct with right
      Candidates like Gallardo other wise
      They will stick by scaloni which is not
      Bad in minute.

      • “The reason they can’t hire proper coach is
        Non are available at the moment this” Garecha himself accepted he was never contacted by AFA people said he cant say no to Argentina.
        Scaloni was not bad in times we were outclassed by Colombia, Paraguay, Qatar and Venezuala yes we dominated in the match against Brazil but it was brazil who allowed us to dominate and break us in counter. And it was againt messi vs Brazil all the chances was created by Messi only. It was a no brainer to start against brazil without a proper destroyer and Foyth, we knew brazil was not going to play long balls.

        • Gallardo said couple of months ago that he was not contacted by AFA. But some mundo members want us to believe that AFA has no option other than keeping Scaloni.

          • To keep it simple , unless AFA gets Gallardo or atleast heinze NOW, we should forget change of coach which is only more disastrous for copa20. While scaloni is clearly limited in terms of competence , he has successfully injected some positivity in the team… this is the first time since Sabella we can see that. So continuing is also an option unless AFA gets Gallardo now. ( highly unlikely).

        • Argentina nt need long term manager
          I believe if Gallardo doesn’t want
          To coach the nt before September
          than is better to stay with scaloni
          and his coaching Staff
          I’m sure as time goes they will
          Improve don’t be fool Colombia
          Had to chance and they scored
          Paraguay qatar Venezuela and
          Brazil we out play them so overall
          He did good

          • Imtiaz
            At least Argentina did better than
            You were expected you had your
            Doubts about certain players and
            They proved you wrong. Anyway
            This copa was sh..t plus I don’t
            believe any nation
            Play better then arg for under caretaker

          • @Godin11
            We didnt score a convincing goal in entire tournament
            we scored 5 goals 1 was penalty, 2 was from opppsition mistake , 1 was from the individual brilliance from Kun . Where was the domination in attack . Scaloni is not the guy to guide this team.

          • Do you agree if the referee
            And Brazillian mafia didn’t rob.
            Arg would have been playing
            final on sunday .
            What more do you want
            Argentina dominated
            Brazil in thier back yard
            with experience Manager and players.

          • @Godin11,

            Who proved me wrong? Paredes? If anything, he proved me right once again. I always said he cant defend well, he didn’t. He doesn’t work or run hard enough. I saw Otamendi stepping deep in midfield and making interception when it was the Defensive Midfielder’s duty to do so. One mistake from Ota there and the striker would’ve got a free run at goal.

            I didnt see those Youtube-esque Pirlo ball from Paredes either.

            I praised Paredes’ mentality to offer the best he can despite his limitations. I still praise his input. Perhaps you noticed, when we were “out playing” Brazil, Paredes slided right in front of Dani Alvez and Alvez went on to provide an assist. When the whole team is chaos because of Scaloni’s tactics, I prefer not to be harsh on Paredes. I would include him for our next friendlies.

          • Imtiaz
            Simple question mate
            Were paredes one of the
            Best players arge had in this
            Tournament yes or no
            I don’t care if you criticize or praise him
            That is irrelevant for me

          • @Godin11,

            Mate, there’s no simple question in football. It’s not about a Yes or, no. There are factors like team tactics and midfield combination that you completely neglect. I expressed my thoughts on Paredes in my previous comment above. If you care to understand, you can.

    • Mrinal one or two guys are making lots of fake account here in support of scaloni just because they believe scalloni will give chance to their favourite players ,but these guys can’t even see that scaloni will destroy our team in long run ,yes he can stay as assistant coach but not head coach and look at our condition our players had to rely on their individual brilliance to save their ass instead of following tactics and just imagine what will happen when scaloni will be outplayed tactically in each and every tournament

    • Just read your comments that higuain was superb at wc 2014 apart from the final.Are you on DRUGS?I did not see him do JACK SHIT apart from score 1 goal against belgium in the quarter finals.Higuain could not HIT THE WATER if he fell out of a boat.That’s how CRAP HIGUAIN IS.And higuain has proven that he is CRAP, remember copa america 2015 and 2016?What did higuain do?He did JACK SHIT.And most of that team was average,biglia ,lavezzi,garay,de michellis,gago,palcios and others.Only good players were messi,aguero who only came on in final wc 2014 near the end and mascherano,zabelta and rojo and romero.Even maradona said how did biglia get in the team wc 2018?I have said many times before after 2006 wc most of the team is AVERAGE .

  29. Let’s focus on the next games and hope we can get the bronze and 3rd place. Evaluate Scaloni and his team achievement and outlook against Chile. Gareca with Peru can humiliate Chile with 3-0 ; Tata failed to do so and hopefully Scaloni can make it

    • Tata played against peck Chile team so no comparison with a team 4year ago yes if Argentinia failed against Chile when peru won then only scaloni will be blamed

      • Bhai jaan, did our team 4 yrs back is more worse than the present one. Anyhow, hope we can take revenge against the weak Chile to repay our desperate moment .

  30. And 9 players must be kept on watch with their potential replacements in brackets – Marchesin (Gazzaniga), Musso (Benitez), Pezzella (C Romero), Funes Mori (Senisi), Guido Rodriguez (Nicolas Dominguez), Pereyra (Zaracho), Acuna (Lanzini, we have enough left sided midfielders), Saravia (Montiel/Bustos) and Tagliafico (Barboza – with Lisandro Martinez as our full back)

    • All players wil be useless if we wont get any pacy and skillfull wingers to break defence lines. And we are clueless everytime we had chance to counterattack , our midfielers messi and paredes was not able to find any player in wide space duiring counterattack oppotunities in barca he has Alba and Semedo. The reason development of Pavon and A correa in NT is necessary.

  31. With the above 9 players in the core, Scaloni must drop 5 players, their replacements are given in brackets – Suarez (J Correa), Casco (Lisandro Martinez), Otamendi (Kanneman), Pizzaro (Palacios) and ADM (Pity Martinez)

  32. Scaloni has earned his right to stay. He has found an effective formation, formed a core with key players and has infused the right spirit in the squad, One that is harmonious yet has the will to take the fight to the opposition. The squad has looked better every game and that is a very good sign. He needs to consolidate the gains he has made by strengthening his squad. In my view he should now segregate his team into 3 categories – certain, on watch and discards. Lautaro, Aguero, Messi, Lo Celso, Dybala, De Paul, Paredes, Foyth and Armani are certain for me. After a long time I have seen an Argentine GK who is so composed on aerial balls. He stopped a penalty and cannot be faulted for any goal that was scored against us.

    • I so so agree with you. I am very happy with the sheer gumption we showed. We peaked at the right game and if not for the unceremonious blunders we may have had a great chance to get through. All we need is not so much changed in the first 11 maybe 1 or two. If Aguero and Messi again go missing for the rest of the year we can try lautaro and dybala for those two positions. Also make changes on the bench. We already have a fighting core in place. They will only get better with more games. Paredes was absolutely clinical. With a proper DM by his side he will be lethal. Similar small tweaks here and there and we should be fine. That said, if Scaloni decides to go back to the winger approach we will again need a squad overhaul and end up with another fresh set of faces. I am optimistic he will not. In my opinion he should only make such a tactical strategy that allows us to insert Messi / Dybala seamlessly. No more fancy stuff.

  33. VAMOS ALBICELESTE…even if AFA is planning to change the coach…please dont take out scaloni, aimar, water samuel as they can tag with the incoming coach …ive never seen a team evolve so much in a competition…yes scaloni was rotating his squad in the friendlies but this team now is coming together to play as team…some changes would be to have alex barboza or cristian romero for otamendi and lisandro martinez or foyth for pezzella….should also bring in nicolas dominguez, robertone for guido pizzaro and guido rodriguez…pavon or vargas for di maria and j.correa or a. correa or ocampos for matias suarez…ocampos could be the best bet as he’s playing for sevilla now…and a confirmed starter

  34. Experience coach can’t grarentee success but it doesn’t mean to stick with inexperience tactically week coach, Tite suddenly changed Brazil from the worst situation than Argentina, telent is also in Argentina but will be developed much better under a good coach, example how starling become world class under pep, A new Argentina project must be bulid under good coach who create team chemistry and a system which Argentina didn’t have since sabela

      • No you are missing the points , Gallardo is not like sampaoli, he won’t dismantle the team, he can be termed as a pragmatic bielsista.But it is true at times his team looks vulnerable against hienze’s and coudet’s in superliga.But whenever participated in a big match his team showed character and won .I don’t have problem with Scaloni ,he can be the assistant but it’s Messi’s final year he and Argentina deserves a better coach.

  35. This lost hurts because the mach was sold to them by this corrupt referee. Our young lions gave it all and brought the game to them. The whole Brazilian stadium shitted their pans with both Aguero and Messi chances and not been given 2 clear penalties is pathetic. How can they celebrate a fake championship brazil. Shame on them

  36. Anyone ever thought of Argentina joining UEFA? That’s crazy idea but not impossible. It’s difficult for clubs to play week in week out in Champions League or Europa League but for national team, it’s totally feasible.

    • Australia joined AFC and since then have been benefited a lot from that. I remember 20 years ago there were discussion about an open European Championship which Brazil, Argentina, and possibly USA would be invited. The smaller UEFA members were against the idea though.

  37. Anyone who is being suffering by waiting to witness our beloved team finally winning something since 1993 didn’t see something new in the match with Brazil.
    When i was a kid and too young to understant and follow football, i was hearing quite many older biased people praising Brazil but since i started realising football i immediately chose Argentina as the team of my heart simply because i never felt the same or thrilled the same by any other team. The love happened by the first sight, yes Brazil was good but Argentina was special in my point of view and for the likes of my heart and something that is special is that what concurs your heart. This is the main reason that i became a die hard Albiceleste fan and i am certain that most of the people in here if not all of you know exactly what i mean.

    But allow me to tell you the reason that i could had never been a Brazil fan. It is not only 1994 wc and 2002 wc where especially at the latter i strongly believe that Brazil bribed to win it (watch the games against Turkey and Belgium). Keep in mind that just before 1994, Brazil had 3 wcs and 8 copas, 11 senior titles in total, way below than 16 that Argentina and Uruguay had respectively, so something was needed to be done, “politics” took place.
    It is not only 1995 copa america where we were leading them 2-1 until Tulio literally controlled the ball with his hand, something that it was way too visible to everyone apart to the referee who had a very good position close to the incident.
    It is also about all these “little” calls, such as fouls and cards that are constantly awarded against us when they play them, all this constant calls that disrupt our momentum all these things that Messi is talking about. It didn’t take long for me to realise that this team is a total disgrace, full of politics and i was never going along with politics anyway.

    Regardless of our current state, i was pretty sure that they would never leave us take our chances even with VAR. Yes, the same VAR that was used every single time in all the other games, the same VAR that was used to call off Uruguay’s 3 goals as offsides against Peru, the same VAR was never used in the game against Brazil.

    But besides my frustration due to the loss, i am proud because not only we could look at them straight at the eye but we even were superior to them, these pathetic sissies usued all the dirty tricks they could for not being humiliated by a new inexperienced Argentina which didn’t even have a propper experienced manager on the helm. But i have to acknowledge Scalloni’s efforts and i give him my total respect. He is a promising but young inexperienced coach, i would prefer a more experienced on the helm but keeping Scalloni as an assistant.

    Sorry for the long post, my intention was not to cry out as a bitch, but i am a man who speaks directly from his heart and i felt to share my feelings.

    And something last: I have big hope and admiration for the young lads, not only for their talent but their character as well, Lautaro is really something, and we have to improve, being better and better in order not only to beat them on the turf, but being strong enough for not even being stopped by their dirty politics either!

    • Like wise @waveride. It would not feel that bad if we had lost in a fair game but that was a conspiracy in a highest order. So shame that FIFA still quiet. This game should play again. It happened in another part of the continent then why not here. I have high hope about this squad. Scaloni has my respect too. If Gallardo doesn’t come then I don’t mind Scaloni as Pocho and Simeone is just a dream we can’t afford. Scaloni still Missed one of his big Pieces in puzzle was Palacio. I believe given time he can do even better too.

      • They should disqualify Bz immediately and stop them from playing internationally for 5 years so they will never bribe a referee again. It is criminal. Argentina should play the final vs peru

        • Why don’t we put a petition up? We should file a case against the referee in international sport court as soon as possible…

  38. First teo match i was too critical for scaloni and it was purely based on our performance. But today iam very happy to see the team grow and stunned the so called set brazil.They where cowards and defending like some asian teams. Iam happy to see argentina fight for equaliser rather than getting panicked which we usually did for last 2.5 years.This game may be fixed i doubt it most but with some luck we could have progressed.Fyoth shouldnt have stopped till the ball os dead and with some defensive reinforcement this team could be world champions.
    Positions to improve
    Lm or lw if de paul plays lw then we should have a good rw

  39. Most of the home teams get advantage, it’s natural even Argentina got help in 1978 against Holland. South Korea in 2002.its gonna happen again and again. Nothing can be done. It’s marketing ploy too. Anyway that don’t change the fact that Argentina was poor in the Copa.

    Its a work in progress. Some coaches can speed up the process of rebuilding. Some can’t. Unfortunately Scaloni comes with little experience. He is not someone who can guide us for next 5 years. He may eventually be a Gud coach. But not now.

    • True bro, especially SA. My apologize, we did the same thing before. Do look back how Arg under Menotti win against Peru in 1978 WC.

      Agree Scaloni need to enriched his CV before taking the N/T Job.Thanks.

      • Every pundits around world agree
        That was clear penalties and var
        Should at least review both
        Arge were robbed no question
        It’s scandalous

        • What does FIFA do in this situation?? that’s what I want to know.
          Forfeit the win? suspension from future tournaments? deduction of WC qualifier points? or Nothing!!

    • I don’t want involve politic here but Bolsonaro is fucking fascist on every aspect of his politics. Not surprised here.

      • Why don’t AFA take a strong position in such situation? Like, threat to leave conmebol. Conmebol will be crippled somewhat if Argentina leaves. Or anything else. But, AFA should show some guts to stop such refering against us for good.

  40. Only Scaloni has gut to bring Young blood. And install team sprit. Before him many good coach coached arg but failed to deliver. Because they never allowed proper time. Rushnes killed Argentina. What they achieved in last 3 decades. It’s all about immature fans and media. They think arg is the only competitor to win every single trophy. They should understand you can’t win every tournament. There are teams too. Target one and give time to a coach.

    • If scaloni was coach before world cup he also can’t drop masche, biglia, romero even he don’t have guts to drop dimaria Aguero in copa, it’s common with passing time generation changes and new players came any coach after 2018 call up new players but a world class coach bulid a team and system, there was no need to call up Aguero and Dimaria suddenly on copa which relacts team chemistry, scaloni wasted 1 year and failed badly.

      • Many football pundits praised Scaloni’s decision on di Maria, Aguero, Otamendi. Called a mixture of youth and experience. Actually it was necessary you should transit a team smoothly. Nor a big thrash could happen. That could downgrade team morality. By the by where is your 2018-19 captain lifting the trophy? Be realistic.

        • You didn’t understand my point, Aguero should have called up during friendlies too not directly in the copa

  41. I’d be happy with the following players


    L. Martinez
    ?? Left Back backup

    G. Rodriguez
    De Paul
    Correa A

    Correa J

    What do u guys think what to change??

    • C Romero >>>> manama and baraco, sosa, N Perez should very introduced in NT very soon. Sad but Argentina have to move from Aguero in order to build team chemistry prior to 2022

    • I don’t see any wingers from your squad. I think Argentina needs pacy and creative wingers to win competitions and beat quality teams. I don’t know why you include benitez as third keeper. He should be the starting one and Rulli should be our third goal keeper. Rulli is a below average goalkeeper.

    • barboza for mamana in defense and I would also use claudio bravo from banfield for Left back position…for midfield we could nicolas dominguez for guido …as for the forwards i would say lucas ocampos for j correa as he covers defensive side too and he is strong on headers in the box..other then that your selection is spot on…benitez should start as our GK

  42. For all Scaloni supporter my simple question, is it good to continue with inexperience coach who is tactically week for long term when better coaches are available? yes with the time scaloni will learn but is Argentina NT is a joke who is going to be run by a learning in progress coach then what is the fault of the coaches who started career with mid table club to develop as world class manager, i support henniz and see as next big thing in football as a coach. Look at Tite track record Brazil sudden turn out happen in 2016 after Tite took charge before Brazil situation even worse than Argentina, Paraguay and Bolvia beat them but now unbeatable against South american team. Look at Gareca, under him peru qualified for world cup after more than 3 decades and on the verge of winning silverware, Argentina have much better talent but continuing with medicore coach will harm NT, Sampaoli should have been given one year more to evaluate but didn’t, staying with one coach for long time always benifit team but the coach have to be tactically strong build a team under system which scaloni can’t or never will be otherwise Dimaria Aguero never called up copa who had not played a single match after world cup. Scaloni wasted one year, failed to build a team, system and chemistry between players so i don’t want it happens again as well as menotoni also don’t want either

      • Sticking with scaloni isn’t solution at all who don’t have tactical knowledge, a good coach is required for long term doesn’t matter big name or small name but plan and system is more important

    • For once in your life you need to stfu.
      Scaloni this and that you are the same person who called Sampaoli a bald idiot and what not. First you support them and when they fail you criticise them and come up with a new name. People like you put unnecessary pressure on the team when they don’t need it.
      Scaloni is inexperienced so what?? He has learnt and grown with time. World class coach u say? Well world class doesn’t guarantee trophies.. not to forget we all started somewhere with 0 experience. Scaloni has improved yet you have a problem. If the AFA really needed to change coaches then it was after 2018 WC, now is clearly not the fucking time. Joachim low had very little experience I mean the teams he coaches were mediocre before taking over the German NT. Let’s say that experience still helped him but he was nothing close to World Class when he took over the German NT. Just give Scaloni time. The team needs our support at such a time not criticism.

      Scaloni isn’t perfect but he is working his way to being a very good manager. His defence is weak and he is fully aware of that, with time he is gonna fix that problem as well in sure of it.
      Yes I agree Otamendi Di Maria and Aguero shouldn’t have been called but it was necessary and it made sense because in such tournaments especially you need that experience and it helped. The next friendlies are in September and we are looking forward to it.

      As far as Gallardo is concerned then can someone tell me who he is and why they keep talking so much about him like he’ll come and win everything just cause he succeeded at club level. That guarantees nothing. Bielsa is one of the people who changed football forever yet couldn’t do anything with Argentina. Gallardo doesn’t guarantee anything. Scaloni has done a fantastic job and we better stick to that man. Changing managers again and again is the main reason for our downfall.
      Bauza also won everything at club level in South America is im not wrong, just like Gallardo but what happened when the NT signed him up???? Tell me
      Scaloni is the way forward until 2022 that’s it!

  43. It’s shame for us that a coach like Carlos Bianchi never got the role Of DT for our national team.
    I will emphasize Gallardo .why ? Because he works with the phychological t aspects of the game which no other managers in the world does.

    We need a tournament coach and Gallardo fullfills that.

    • Exactly mate.. Carlos Bianchi was far better coach than bielsa pekerman on that time but he didn’t get chance from AFA…that’s very unfortunate…

        • Lol dude you are one delusional human. Icardi didn’t do anything. He missed sitters. We know you want a taste of wandas cunt that’s why you’re here sucking Icardis dick all the time. He hasn’t proven himself so yes he ain’t saving no one.
          Martinez is the future and we will find someone to replace Aguero. It could be Icardi or someone else. Someone like simeone for example.. He got the same hunger and passion like his dad..

        • Honestly, aguero and lartauro are currently better than Icardi. I had high hopes for him and wish he comes back stronger to the NT.

  44. While its very unlikely, Gareca would be my new hero this year if his team could stop Brazil.

    Its hard to believe that Argentine managers always does really well when managing another national team. In last 8 years, we’ve seen Paraguay and now Peru reaching Copa final under Tata and Gareca . These teams are nowhere as talented as Argentina. Sampaoli even lifted Copa with Chile.

      • Sampaoli chosen Argentina at wrong moment, he didn’t have enough time and Tata is born loser even failed with barca to win anything which messi do every year therefore failed to win with Argentina golden generation not surprising at all, before 2016 biglia-masche-higuain-dimaria etc are in their prime

    • 2014 WC qualifiers where 7 out of 10 South American countries were coaches by Argentines.
      You spoke about Tata and Sampaoli, Pekerman who made Colombia competitive the second he took over and Now tata again with Mexico>>>>>>they love him there and will probably crush the U.S. in the Gold Cup this Sunday.

      Go figure, the huge expectations of winning with ARGENTINA while other countries are happy to get whatever they can.

      • Sure, the high expectation is one of reason why Argentina always fail in big matches. Its either losing a final or losing to big teams like France, Brazil or Germany in round 16, QF or semifinal. Same story over and over. Higuain missing those sitters in 3 finals shows the preasure that our players has compare to other teams.

        This is the reason why I think I’d like to see Messi and Aguero retire from the NT. I know that wont happen in near future , but Messi status as best player in the world only add a big burden and more preasure to himself and to the national team as a whole, that’s a fact.

    • Before the 2015 Copa,Sampaoli was never highly rated and the same thing could be told in Gareca situation.These other nations had the guts to give lesser-known argentine coaches the job and their decision paid off.

  45. READ THIS:

    You guys that are saying to sack Scaloni are idiotic. This whole coach drama started in 2015 after Tata decided to leave. He knew he was in for a ride if he stayed due to all the corruption. So a couple coaches later we have Sampaoli who threw away his perfect job at Sevilla and came running when he heard our call. What did he get? No time to make a squad and lots of criticism. Now we have Scaloni who came and heard our cry and now we are giving him the same thing. If we had given Sampaoli time after the world cup, he could have seriously made this team god like. It took a while for him to make Chile and Sevilla good, but in the end they produced results, while we were here begging for coaches but when we get one we expect IMMEDIATE RESULTS. Well guess what, now that Scaloni has had time, the squad is improving almost EVERY game! If we change him now, that will throw of the balance of the team. Tactically, that is our worst move possible. After all this do you think any coach WANTS TO COACH US? NO! Fuck you Gallardo, fuck your Pochettino, fuck your Simeone! They all know better than to throw away their million dollar jobs to come running to coach for a team with a fanbase and media attention like ours. Every day there is criticism for someone in our team. So right now, our goal should be to build from where we are!

    • Scolani has evolved tremendously during this Copa and we have to give him big credit . The first 2 games, there’s no pattern in our play, midfield was nonexistent, so did the attack. The team looks like they just gathered in previous evening and go straight to the tournament…. yet by the third game, we’re able to create plenty of chances and started to scores. Even in semifinal, we’re pinning Brazil all day and they just ride on luck plus big help from the ref to avoid conceiding goals. Obviously our defence has yet to be fixed and improved. Colombia, Paraguay and Brazil scored the same exact counter attack goals that started from the right side. This better be fixed soon or it doesnt matter who we play, they could easily scores against us in same way within their first 2 chances.

      Also, Scolani had finally grew some balls and he shows his “true Argentine” character when we played Brazil. We didnt see him gesturing and argueing like that in all previous games.

  46. I don’t know what to say that hasn’t been said already!

    For a lack of a better word, we need a coach that PRODUCES results, whether its Scaloni or Mickey Mouse……….we need to start friggin winning.

    WHAT I DO NOT WANT: AFA dicking around wasting time when time is limited with qualifiers and Copa America!

    • I believe he ain’t a real fan either..
      He’ always asking if there are girls here…
      who cares it’s about Argentina football team…

    • Joke, Heinze is a two-faced fool, so we will play with second divisions players…great…and why? Velez plays zero matches till Primera start, from Libertadores or Sudamericano teams more acceptable, with these tendencies our Preolimpico and Olimpico (if succeed) team will be weak too.

  47. No one in here can say without any doubt Scaloni will not deliver sooner or later. Just like I cannot to say the opposite. As far as we have seen a shade of something promising he should be given more time. The spell till end of the year he got from AFA is exactly reflection of their hopes and disappointments: Scaloni didn’t won anything but game by game we saw progress, most importantly against strongest opponent as well.

    AFA think like we can’t fire him because at the end of the day he was not that bad starting almost from scratch. Scaloni introduced succesfully few young players. Still he has strong support.
    On the other hand this is far to be perfect and we are in point when he could still prove to be someone completely incompetent.

    This moment is damn hard to verify real quality of Scaloni. For the reason he is given some time (with possibility of prolongation I guess) but not much. So please stop present the situation with white and black colours. No one knows ATM.

    We should rather think twice before throwing out another coach after less than one year in charge. No coincidence that most vocal agitators in this direction are in here those ephemerid members.

    Of course there are names like Gallardo, Beccacece, Coudet and Gareca. Everyone of the four is exciting option IMO. Really exciting. Still you should remember Bauza just like Gallardo won Copa Libertadores twice while Martino reached Copa America final just like Gareca.

    • @gonzalo-pity-martinez partially I agree with u but if scaloni fails still December then no body will take the charge of this national team because qualifier will start from march 2020 and those 3months from December is not suitable for any new coach to build the team.. so if scaloni do good or bad till end of the qualifier he is our coach..

    • Yea, we created plenty of chances against Brazil, hit the post more than once plus getting robbed by the ref throughout the game. However, Scolani needs to fix the defence really soon cause like it or not that’s the weakest part of this team. We conceided 5 goals and 4 of them literally came in the same fashion, a counter attack from the wing. I mean its obvious its not just Brazil that could damage us this way, since Colombia and Paraguay already did the same exact thing. 4 of the goals we conceided in this tournament started from the right side, crossed it to the center and that was it. If we play Uruguay , Chile or Peru, they’d easily damage us the same way.

      Since there will another Copa within a year, we dont actually have much time. I really dont think replacing Scolani would be a good idea. I mean if we replace him in the end of this year, there would be only 6 months left before the next Copa at home. 6 months is incredibly short period for national team, probably only 5-6 matches at maximum. It would be another chaotic period like Sampa’s day.
      Unlike in previous Copa, our players clearly didnt take this lost with their heads down… you could see there’s fire on their eyes when we played Brazil.

    • For major success continuity is must. Look Germany after the historical exit from group stage of world cup, still they kept low. Imagine the situation if it were Argentina case. ARG supporter is the most patience less I know. That’s why there trophy drought continues. You have to understand that not only ARG plays football, but also others. They also demand trophy. Only fools expects trophy in every tournament and at the end gets nothing. Unfortunately this is the case of Argentina now. You have to understand you can’t win every tournament. You have to target some. Stop change coach after failing a tournament. Give time to a coach and wait for your time to win something.

      • Yea, everyone seems to be freaking out everytime we lose in tournament. Spain exited at group stage and round 16 in last 2 World cup and their fans or media never ever claim that they’re going to be doomed for the next many years. Spain has to wait forever to even win their second Euro and their first and only WC in 2010…. even after 4 years of good results (2008-2012), Spain is now back to bottom in terms of major tournament achievement, but I dont see everyone losing their heads when teams like Germany or Spain put a disasterous peformance.

        Netherland and Italy didnt even make it to WC in 2018, can you imagine if Argentina didnt make it? Messi will probably get a death threat and the team bus will get stoned lol

        When Argentina lose, everyone would bash the manager & the players and says we wont even qualify for next WC, what a joke mentallity.

        Earlier, I also criticized Scolani alot but he showed alot of improvement in past 3 games and to have such improvement in middle of major tournament isnt an easy feat… especially when 80% of the squad are young players that never play competitive matches for Argentina.

        There’s no world class manager that can guarentee a thropy when it comes to national team. Its different case with managing a club when they could train with the players every single day for the entire year and could competiting for at least 3 different thropies every year.

  48. It will better if AFA appointed Sabella to replace Scaloni at least until the end of Dec to rebuild the team. As he is available and have lot experience or make him as technical director. Other wise it will be too late to search and find the right coach. Doubtful Gallardo will leave River and Heinze as well not experience yet. Forget Simeone and Poche or Pekerman and Bielsa..I do hope that AFA will be looking for foreign coach this time… day dreams hahaha

    • Removing Scaloni will bring too many changes to the main team and will throw off the team balance. Scaloni’s team is improving almost every match!

  49. We want scaloni to stay with argentina he is doing well and stick with one manager if we keep changing manager the team will go mess again plzz keep scaloni to 2022 world cup pllzz

  50. I am very happy for argentina fc and messi what they done its getting better and better but at the end Brazil vs argentina match was bulshit decision from the referee n we played very well but I am very happy with argentina fc and want scaloni to stay with the Argentina fc team plzzz

  51. I have to give credit to Scaloni for calling out the corrupted Brazilian puppets after the match. This was the biggest robbery I have ever experienced in live television.. Argentina had no chance of winning that game with corrupted son of btch at the helm. Argentina needs to reinforce their defense entirely if they wanna be the dominant force in the world football. After Saturday’s game against the Chile, Argentina should axed out Di Maria, ota, pezella, acuna, Guidos, Suarez and other useless players who don’t show up for national team for good. Now, Its the time for Argentina to start giving chances to the talented young player who are regularly playing in Europe. The only players that I want form local leagues are Barco, Thiago Almeda, Nicolas D from Velez, Matías Zaracho and Palacios, but they need go to the Europe as soon as possible to get more experience in top competitions. Only Messi and Augero should continue from previous generations..

  52. Scaloni will be sacked after copa, he isn’t menotoni choice and no top coach take Argentina duty in 2020 when World cup Qualifier starts and copa america after that without any friendlies, in mundo there is Article Sampaoli to stay as Argentina coach after world cup, rest is history

  53. Why all the renowned coaches like Bauza, Sampaoli even Peckerman failed to deliver a trophy with Argentina National team while very successful anywhere else. I am excluding Bielsa who also sucked as NT coach in 2002 wc. The point is they are established coach and they have their own idea about playing style. Everywhere else they chose players according to their plan. But when they got responsibility to lead Argentina NT side then they could not set players according to their style. Why?

    Because they have a genius called Messi. Messi requires certain type of players around him to suite his play as false 9. He needs fullbacks Dani Alves or Jordi Alba in club. Fast and aggressive. All the above mentioned coaches tried to use Messi as false 9 whereas we dont not have any good fullbacks. In 2014 Sabella first spotted that. Brought back Zabaleta and Messi played a bit deeper role. Di Maria was in his prime form from left wing. Lavezzi was there. So, Messi played well. Combined well. We struggled to score goals in semi and and final because Di Maria was injured. In the final Lavezzi was subbed off in half time for some mysterious reason and then we lost attacking instinct. We eventually lost.

    Now, we don’t have good fast wingers. Pavon had great potential but Boca ruined him by putting high buy out clause. So, Scaloni reacted in a innovative way. He put 2 quality forwards in front him. Now messi doesn’t have the burden to create and score. His duty is only to create. His front strikers would score 2 out of 5 which is a good conversion rate. He needs a DM like Busquets who can recover ball. So, Battaglia or Ascasibar is crucial. Paredes can control midfield. De Paul played box to box, has supported the DM. He is strong compared to Lo Celso and in modern day football you will need physical midfield. So, Scaloni found out an alternative system to operate with Messi. That is very important.

    When a genius like Messi is in your team you have to come with a clear mind and innovate a system. Scaloni with zero experience could do that because he did not have any system. He is learning.

    Defense of Argentina is always stricky. In the days of Ayala, Samuel we conceded 3 goals to Brazil in 2007. Bad day comes. But Scaloni was unfortunate that Kanneman got injured. He us a gutsy player. We needed his service. Foyth will develop. He will never miss any track back after the 2nd goal. These are lessons. But we must sort out RB position as soon as possible.

    IMO Scaloni did well to find out the process. He got full eleven just before copa. He has passion and mentality to learn from mistake. He will do well.

    Gallardo or coudet can’t guarantee success. Then why we should change coach? Give him time.

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