Argentina to play Chile in Copa America third place game


In a repeat of the last two Copa America finals, it will be Argentina against Chile in the third place game.

After a controversial 2-0 loss against Brazil, there was nothing controversial about Chile’s 3-0 defeat against Peru. Chile, who won the last two Copa America finals defeating Argentina on penalty kicks, lost their last two games against Argentina. Argentina won 2-1 in a World Cup qualifying game in Chile and also managed a 1-0 win against Chile, once more in a World Cup qualifier but this time in Argentina.

Argentina will still be represented in the Copa America final as Peru coach Ricardo GARECA will be the sixth Argentine coach in the past six editions to feature in a final:

Copa America 2004: Marcelo BIELSA, Argentina
Copa America 2007: Alfio BASILE, Argentina
Copa America 2011: Gerardo “Tata” MARTINO, Paraguay
Copa America 2015: Gerardo “Tata” MARTINO, Argentina, Jorge SAMPAOLI, Chile
Copa America 2016: Gerardo “Tata” MARTINO, Argentina, Antonio PIZZI, Chile
Copa America 2019: Ricardo GARECA, Peru

Congratulations to Ricardo GARECA on reaching the Copa America.



  1. The team appealed for VAR in Otamendi’s case, but the referee was not moved…so, i don’t think it would have made any difference in Aguero’s case either…the referee was obstinate and would have probably shown cards to Argentina players like he did to the coach…

  2. If I was one of the ARG players, I would have held the ball in my arms after Firmino’s goal and refuse to give it back for kick off until the ref reviews the play on VAR.
    Plan B would be to kick the ball into the ref’s face from open play right after kick off.
    Not even joking.

    • Exactly. I hoped all the players would surround the referee. Only Scaloni from sideline was shouting. If all the team surrounded him then he could give us a red card or as he was nervous, would go for VAR.

      • Yes, well said. This is one of the many reasons you are not one of the players. Shit happens in this sport. It doesn’t help to get a red card for your team mid match

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